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Drew Michael Scott’s DIY Packed Kitchen That May Have You Designing Your Own Range Hood

If you don’t know already, Drew of Lone Fox Home is an incredible DIY content creator whose work is extremely inspiring and entertaining (you must check out his youtube channel!). So, when he reached out wanting to write about his recent kitchen makeover that he renovated alone, we of course said YES PLEASE. So please enjoy and make sure to follow him here if you don’t already.

When I purchased my 1929 Spanish Revival stacked duplex, I opened the two units together which left me with two kitchens. The bottom kitchen was untouched with original tile and the top had undergone a recent renovation and no original character remained. Since I wanted to use the top floor as living space (the bottom is more of a workspace) that is the kitchen I decided to renovate first.

This was the first project I undertook with an extensive demo, and I loved the creativity that it offered me. I decided to open the wall from the dining room into the butler’s pantry with a large arch. I also decided to convert the butler’s pantry into a coffee bar by removing the doors on the upper cabinets and lining the back with marble remnants from my countertops.

The cabinets were brand new with inset doors, so I opted to keep them. I knew I wanted the countertops to be the main focal point, so choosing my marble was a priority. I browsed a few stone yards until I found a Calacatta Monet slab that I loved. The marble had a really interesting grain pattern that would scare a lot of people, but I had a vision and fell in love! I asked my countertop fabricator if I could place all the templates with him so I knew my vision was being executed perfectly. He even suggested we create a sink with some of the offcuts and I thought that was just a marvelous idea. I didn’t even know an integrated marble sink was something you could do… let alone with a garbage disposal.

I knew I wanted to go dark on the cabinetry for a more unexpected moody vibe for my kitchen. I went with Van Buren Brown from Benjamin Moore which I pulled directly from some of the marble’s veining. For the hardware, I chose unlacquered brass handles from Rejuvenation, which I thought tied in well into the Spanish style of the home. When I first shared the cabinetry the response was actually not as positive as I thought! A majority of the Lone Fox fam was preferring the white cabinets over the brown as it let the marble shine. However, I had a vision and knew a lighter plaster on the upper halves would brighten it up whilst adding some subtle movement.

Before applying the plaster I built a range hood from some 2x4s and a vent hood insert that I purchased on Amazon. The fireplaces in the home are what inspired the initial shape which then was tweaked a little to something I felt was more current. This was a different DIY for me as I’ve never really built something into a home that serves a function. Those types of projects always scare me a little and I almost just purchased a prefabricated range hood but felt making my own would be so much more rewarding. It 10000000% was and the range hood was finished in the same plaster that I used on the walls. I wanted a stone-like finish across the walls and ceiling and opted for Meoded’s Tonachino Firenze, which was tinted to a color you can now request as “Drew’s White”. Meoded actually named the color after me, haha! I couldn’t believe it when they mentioned it.

The application of plaster on the walls is pretty simple and very satisfying, however, the ceiling is a whole other story. I used a metal trowel and burnished the plaster onto the walls and under all the archways as well. When it came time to do the ceiling, the plaster was falling and dripping over EVERYTHING. It was getting pretty messy and half the product ended up on the floor, but once everything had a second coat it was perfect. I had some paint matched to the same color as the plaster and painted the can light inserts for a seamless finish.

I actually opted to do the tile floor last and the only reason was that it took about 2 months for the tile to arrive. I ordered from Cle tile and these are the pantry paver tiles. I laid them in a traditional offset brick pattern but the square shape of the tile creates more of a cobblestone look. This was also my first time ever tiling anything in my life but it wasn’t hard at all! I actually found the range hood to be trickier than the tile work in this space. We got a tile saw from Home Depot and I cut all the edge pieces whilst my friend Justin laid out and measured the cut pieces. After 3 days of constant cutting and mortaring, we let the floor fully harden for another 24 hours before piping every joint with grout. Piping in the grout is something you see more in masonry work, but I wanted the floors to have that aged authentic look to them, and giving the grout a “hand-done look” adds to that effect.

After three months of work in the kitchen, it was starting to take shape. I had this exact kitchen in my head since day one and it was becoming a reality! I hung two antique sconces that I sourced from an antique shop in Pasadena. I’ve been extremely into more gothic-style Spanish pieces and love to juxtapose them with a softer material like marble. I mixed metals throughout and knew copper would be a big element in the kitchen. I just love the warmth copper gives a space. After gathering everything I’d been collecting for this space it was time to style. In the coffee bar, I set up the new espresso machine which ties a bit of the stainless steel you can see in the fridge and range. I almost forgot to mention how incredibly stunning the range I got for this kitchen. She was found on Wayfair and I got the range in just a month after seeing ship times of over a year at other stores.

The open shelving was stacked with glassware, copper pots, and antique treasures collected from flea markets around Los Angeles. In the main kitchen space, I added more of your quintessential kitchen items like a mixer, bowls, and canisters along with some of your not-so-usual kitchen finds like a gothic spike hanging candlestick holder! You can also find a lamp on one of the counters. The kitchen is one of two complete rooms in my home and I must say it’s currently my favorite. The brown cabinets were such a great choice and every day I see this kitchen in a new light that makes me fall in love with it even more. It’s been about a month since it’s been completed and I’ve noticed myself cooking more, making coffee of course, and enjoying the early morning sunshine. When I shared this space on my Instagram the response was just incredible. I’ve never had so many kind comments and messages about a project I’ve done! The breakfast nook is a work in progress, but I plan for the design to accompany the kitchen. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the house turns out! 

*Design and photos by Drew Michael Scott of Lone Fox Home

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1 year ago

As an long time follower of Drew it is a pleasant surprise to see him pop up on another of my favorite design destinations on the internet, style by Emily Henderson! It’s great to see this blog continuing to expand its contributor voices and roster of talent showcased here. As for Drew, I’m consistently impressed by the level of DIY skills and design sophistication that he has shown, and appreciate his commitment to honoring the historic character of the Spanish Gothic revival style of his 1920’s home.

1 year ago
Reply to  Colin

I totally agree! I’m also a very long time follower of Drew and seeing his style and skills evolve over the years has been incredible. He works so hard and really pushes himself out of his comfort zone, he’s endlessly inspring. Thanks for sharing his amazing kitchen!

1 year ago

I love this (what an amazing job!) but I’m really struggling to get a sense of the layout from the pictures. A floorplan (nothing fancy) would be so helpful in fully imagining it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cece

Here’s a “before” video tour of the upstairs that includes the kitchen (if the link works for you):

1 year ago
Reply to  Cece

Cece, found this floorplan in one of his videos. Two amazing things not mentioned above about this kitchen:

  1. He used TuffSkin over his marble to protect it (see it installed in this video
  2. He bought the diamond window grilles on etsy and added trim to transform his basic white casement windows.
1 year ago

Gorgeous! One of the best kitchens I have ever seen. The drama of the stone is something I don’t normally love, yet here it is perfection. I may rethink my own renovation!!

1 year ago

Gorgeous! The details shine, and I love the brown cabinets! I can’t imagine them any other color!

1 year ago

This is gorgeous! And it’s so nice to see my favorite youtuber join forces with my favorite blogger!

1 year ago

Love that marble! And the floors! The cabinets are a little too much like early 2000’s Pottery Barn “Espresso” color for my tastes. Although perhaps that’s because that’s where and when I got all my post-divorce furnishings LOL.

emily jane
1 year ago

Absolutely fantastic! And wow,,.. Oh, and also: a gorgeous example of the the magic of staying true to the vision in your head. Inspirational (I would say “AF” but it’s too early ; ).
Thank you!

1 year ago

Obsessed with this project! And so impressed with Drew’s DIY skills. Def made me wanna learn how to tile!

1 year ago

I’ve shared Drew’s miraculous makeover of a Billy book case so many times. He is truly talented!

1 year ago

Can somebody help me understand how the range hood buttons are accessed when covered completely? I see this everywhere and I absolutely love it, but my mind cannot figure it out. I use my hood… I cook a lot, so I need access. Is there some sort of remote control that I don’t know about? I really want to make a cover for my hood, but I am utterly stumped. And this is a gorgeous kitchen! So glad you went with the brown…super cozy/warm.

1 year ago
Reply to  Christina

I think the buttons/knobs are accessed underneath?

1 year ago
Reply to  Christina

There are range hoods that are made to be recessed, and I imagine that’s what Drew used in this kitchen. Mine has a remote control, and maybe there are some that have buttons on the underside. If you want to get creative, you might be able to make a custom cover that sits a little proud of your hood, to allow space to reach up and touch the buttons? Not sure what safety factors might need to be considered there, but wishing you a lot of luck creating something lovely!

1 year ago
Reply to  Christina

We built a custom cover around a very basic exhaust fan with the standard buttons on the front. We just built it a bit larger than the hood itself – maybe 3/4 inch all around – enough room to reach our fingers up and control the buttons. It requires turning our heads and looking under to see which button we’re hitting, but really not a big deal. I do it several times a day; we cook a lot too. Maybe someday I’ll get around to my original idea of installing some “braille” on the buttons so we can feel which one our fingers are on – – my idea for that was to use an old-school dyno label maker “–” and “0” and “X” on the most frequently used buttons (low fan, high fan, and light).

1 year ago
Reply to  Christina

I have a recessed range hood and the knobs are underneath! Very easy to access.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

Lovvvve that the cabinetry was reused in a fresh, new way!
The veining is a bit in-your-face for me (like on Wit and Delight), but I appreciate the overall vibe of the space.
Love the floors!!!

1 year ago

So inspiring – I love when people show us that it IS possible to execute a beautiful, high-end vision without crazy resources, expensive general contractors, etc.

1 year ago

This kitchen is absolutely stunning! The vintage sconces, the perfect marble- its swoon worthy!

As an obsessed follower, it looks like the picture of the new range didn’t make it into the blog (the picture above shows your old slide in) and that beauty needs its moment to shine!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Lea

I was confused by this — because the range is mentioned in the write up — and then clicked over to his instagram and saw the new one. It’s very pretty!

1 year ago

So good. 😍

1 year ago

Quick note: the marble off-cuts used to make the sink was referred to as a “marvelous idea”.
Was it an editorial choice to not use the VERY tempting pun option of “MARBLE-ous idea”??? I can’t be the only dork that thought this??!?
Jk, obviously 🙂
On a more serious note:
What a beautiful and impressive renovation. You took something generic and impersonal and turned it into this beautiful, soulful space. Such lovely, thoughtful, and artistic details. Truly well done!

Tina Brown
1 year ago

This kitchen remodel is wonderful! so many nice, tasteful touches. Not my go to style, but so well put together!

1 year ago

Love the warm homey vibe of this kitchen! I also DIYed the range hood and open shelving in my kitchen and the sense of pride I get is palpable even years later

1 year ago

Loved seeing Drew featured here! He has done some amazing makeovers on his old place but it’s great to see him branching into more and more difficult DIYs and watching his style evolve. So talented!

I’d also love to see a feature from XoMacenna, another YTer – she’s friends with Drew – who is redoing her 110 year old Texas cottage by herself. From demo to finishing the most gorgeous kitchen and guest bathroom. You need to see it!

1 year ago

DREWWWWWWWW! I have followed him for so long delighting in his fearless design process and crazy natural DIY skills. Every thing he touches becomes elevated and fresh with so much creative genius. He is humble and delightful human to watch on his YouTube channel which is a truly professional production.

His huge and amazing first homeownership project is such a delight to virtually partake in. I thank him for candidly letting me accompany him on this stage of his journey.

I also thank everyone at Emily’s for introducing our devoted followers to a bright star.

1 year ago

So refreshing to see something different – the brown may not be what I’d do, but I LOVED the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

1 year ago

Love love LOVE. Gorgeous. And so much more character than the previous version. You have a great eye for styling, too.

1 year ago

Beautiful job!

1 year ago

I know it is a really good design when it features a style and elements I would never personally use, but I still love the final product. That’s the case here. So well-executed.