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The Cozy House Slippers We Want To Buy Right Now

I kind of hate to admit it but I am a shoes-on-in-the-house kind of person. I don’t know why I am like this. I guess it could hearken back to growing up in a shoes-on household, where my parents didn’t drill into my brain to immediately take my shoes off as soon as I walked through the front door. But I want to change! I love the idea of having designated house slippers so I don’t track dirt and debris into the house and so I can feel cozier. Quick aside: I recently bought Crocs when I was at Disneyland because it was raining and I needed shoes that could get wet (I don’t recommend buying them at the most expensive place in the world btw, but it is what it is). I never thought I would enjoy wearing Crocs but now I wear them around the house every day to the point where they sort of act as slippers for me. But the problem is, I wear the Crocs outside to walk my dog so they are outside shoes too, plus I wouldn’t describe them as “cozy”. IT’S NOT THE SAME! So, to hopefully change my ways, I am vowing to become a house slipper person right here and now. I think my wood floors will thank me for it. So to begin, I asked Mallory and Caitlin (two vocal slipper-wearing people) what slippers they actually have and love:


Women’s Wicked Good Moccasins: Oh, hey, I’ve had these slippers permanently attached to my feet since March 12, 2020, and I WILL NEVER TAKE THEM OFF. (Well, not these exact ones, but this style -while my mom started gifting me a new pair every Christmas in 2017 or 2018, the transition to working from home full time REALLY solidified their place in my daily wardrobe). They have super solid soles (so they’re great if you need to make a quick run outside to the garage or trash can), they’re toasty and soft (obviously, I mean…look at them), and the support is pretty unrivaled (in slippers that I’ve tried, at least). My favorite part is how well they conform to my foot, though – they mold perfectly to the shape of your arches and toes (so when I’m home in Delaware and I try to wear my mom’s, I can tell that they’re hers!). They’re not too hot in the summer, even in my 90-degree apartment, they never make my feet feel sweaty or uncomfortable, and they don’t smell bad despite me wearing them non-stop (like, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week when I’m home – I wish this was a joke, but it really isn’t). I know I’ve written about them on the blog before and I’ve highlighted them in every gift guide I’ve ever written, but THEY’RE UNBELIEVABLE. I literally will not walk barefoot in my apartment anymore and I’m thrilled to slide into them every time I come home, which has been awesome for keeping more floors a little cleaner. I WILL NOT STEER YOU WRONG, I SWEAR. If you only consider one of my recommendations in 2023, THIS IS THE ONE. I love them so, so, so much.


UGG Coquette: Let’s chat about UGG slippers for a moment – I’ve had these (in chestnut) for YEARS. Probably like 6 or 7 years to be exact and I STILL wear them every day (speaking of, it might be time for a new pair). They last forever and are so comfortable, plus I love that they have a solid sole so you can take the trash out or run to the grocery store in them (I don’t always go to the grocery store in my slippers but hey it’s nice to have the option). They’re splurgy for slippers ($120) but they last so long it’s absolutely worth it.

Wool Knit Slipper: For the more affordable slipper option, I was gifted Nautica slippers once and THEY ARE SO SOFT I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. The sole is less sturdy than the UGG slipper sole but for $9, I’d say there are no complaints here. They’re lightweight so they’re more house slippers than grocery store/errand running slippers (which is not a con since that’s what most people use slippers for, I just thought I’d let you know lol). If you’re in the market, these are awesome and SO AFFORDABLE.

To add to their list, I found these highly-rated, cozy slippers that have piqued my interest:

1. UGG Classic Slip-On: I’ve only heard great things about UGG slippers and I love the all-black look of these.
2. Women’s Wicked Good Clogs: These L.L. Bean slippers look extremely comfortable and durable and I am really into the shape and color.
3. Women’s Cable Knit Gripper Slipper: You already know we love Bombas socks so I am pretty interested in trying these slippers (I love that they have a grip sole).
4. UGG Maxi Curly Slide: Here is another highly reviewed UGG slipper and as far as house slippers go, these would be perfect (because I do worry the hard sole slippers would tempt me to wear them outside…).
5. Women’s Luella Scuff Slippers: Emily recently bought these and says they are SUPER comfy, and the leopard print is pretty dang cute.
6. EMU Australia® Shearling Jolie Slippers: I like these Madewell slippers as a less expensive alternative to the UGG slippers.

That is all! I hope this short and sweet jaunt helped anyone who is looking for good, quality slippers right now. Thanks for reading and happy Friday! xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Kaitlin Green


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64 thoughts on “The Cozy House Slippers We Want To Buy Right Now

  1. I have a pair of adidas sandals as house shoes. They are washable (v important) and I can wear cozy socks to turn them into winter slippers. I found that fuzzy slippers last me one season because my feet sweat too much. Plus the sandals are perfect pool shoes in the summer!

    1. This is me too. I’m in Texas so fuzzy slippers can be too warm at certain times of the year, but man do I LOVE the Wicked Good Moccasins in the winter!

  2. Going to be “that Canadian” but I’ll never understand wearing outdoor shoes indoors. It just doesn’t seem that….clean. In elementary school, we had a second pair of shoes, and had to switch to indoor shoes after recess. My theory is that so much of the country has snow in winter, and you aren’t going to wear boots inside. I’m a barefoot person for indoors myself though lol.

    1. I’m a college professor; the first few times my kids came to work with me, they were confused about where the students kept their indoor shoes 🙂 (They also wanted to know where the playgrounds were!) I think the snow has something to do with it, but I also think it’s cultural. My family and most of the people I know are shoes-off. But my father tends to keep his shoes on (although not at houses where that’s not the norm) but wears rubber covers over his shoes outside when the weather is sloppy.

      1. Also, it always feels like an extra layer of intimacy when guests bring their slippers with them in the winter 🙂

    2. As a NYer, I agree. Sidewalks are subways are DISGUSTING, we take off our shoes at the door!

    3. I am American but completely agree. My husband and I also prefer the LL Bean moccasins Caitlin mentioned, but when getting a new pair, we transition the old pair to outdoor slippers and then use those for trash runs, grocery store trips, etc. I would much rather wear designated outside shoes and know my indoor slippers are clean and fresh!

  3. I got a pair of Geisswein slippers during the height of covid and they are the best! The insoles conform to your feet like Birks, the slipper itself is wool so it is somewhat odor resistant, and if you take the insoles out you can wash the slippers!

  4. I always was a barefoot indoors girl UNTIL I got plantar fasciitis. Now if I go 20 minutes indoors barefoot, I’m in absolute pain. I live in Florida so my entire house is tiled, other than area rugs. I purchased a pair of Vionic slippers. They are amazing! Whether I’m cooking, baking or cleaning, I can be hours on my feet with no pain. Highly recommend Vionic slippers.

    1. I was going to say the same thing. Taking your shoes off is not so great when you have foot problems. Vionic slippers are the best though if you need arch support, which most of the slippers listed here do not.

    2. I was also going to suggest Vionic slippers because they offer so much support. Even if you don’t have foot problems, it’s good to have support if you are inside all day.

    3. Me too 🙁 bums me out bad when I know I’m going to a shoes off house. I follow house rules, but I go into saying to myself, “well, this is going to take 3 weeks of recovery for one night of visiting.” Plantar fasciitis hurts BAD. I’d go barefoot all the time if I could, but just can’t anymore. So all of us “shoes on” peeps arent dirt bags. We’re just surviving. (I wear birks inside my own house, but the family member I visit is anti ANY shoe at all, indoor or out)

      1. Agree, it always annoys me when people insinuate if you wear shoes inside, you’re dirty. Some of us have legit medical issues that require shoe wearing!

        1. Disposable shoe covers. Here in Sweden when entering a dentist or doctors office there is a basket with shoe covers that one is required to put over shoes and a basket where you put the used ones when leaving.

      2. I hear you on the foot problems! I decided long ago to be proactive and have taken to bringing a pair of supportive house shoes to anywhere that I think might be shoe-free. Haflingers are my personal favorite for supportive slippers. They have some that are more “shoe-like” and some that are more traditional slipper style, but all have good arch support. Foot problems are no joke!

      3. I had very serious plantars for 3 years and needed very cushioned shoes so I get it. We are a shoes off household and I think your family member is being unreasonable and should give some if you wore inside shoes that were never used outside. Barring that would that person be ok with shoe covers like they wear in hospitals? As an aside, I finally found the physical therapist of my dreams and she had me do a series of stretches mostly involving my legs and shins and something called “calf flossing”. It took months of doing them every day but my plantars have gone away and not come back for a decade now. I wish I could show you all the regimen to see if it would help!

      4. We’re a shoes off house and my MIL has medical issues with her feet, so she brings her house shoes with her. I wouldn’t think most random guests would bring their house shoes, though, so I try to be understanding (and flexible) about some folks wearing shoes inside. Our youngest still crawls some, so I’m REALLY not fond of shoes in the house.

        And another Vioinic wearing, plantar suffering gal here. In fact, my MIL and I both have Vionic slippers. 😀

    1. Nailed it. I was like “how are Glerups not on here?!” Living on the Canadians west coast (same as PNW) you need a cozy slipper and Glerups were the best I’ve ever had. They can feel kind of scratchy at first but get soft quickly. So warm and great support.

  5. House shoes for life! I live in New England and require warm and cozy slippers. Like Caitlin, LL Bean is my go to. I love the bootie style of these guys:
    Again- an investment but the cost for west for me makes it worth it.
    In the summer I were my plastic Birkenstocks as my summer slippers and they are very comfy.

  6. For house shoes that support my arch/can make a trip to the backyard or down to the mailbox, I love my plastic Birkenstocks (the Arizona EVA). Super lightweight, easy to slip on and off, and they come in a billion colors.

    For true indoor slippers, Target makes an $8 version of those bombas slippers that is hard to beat. I like slippers you can still wear when you’re curled up on the sofa (hard to do when there’s a true sole, which feels too shoe-like to tuck up under your tush), and these fit the bill! Looks like the latest pairs are a faux fur, but I scooped up several plaid flannel ones around the holidays that may be floating around a clearance section near you. Link here:

  7. LL Bean wicked good moccasins are my go to. I have vionic moccasins too, but I love my LL Bean slippers.

  8. I am very cheap, in general, but I broke down and bought a pair of the Ugg loafer slippers earlier this year, and it was the BEST decision. I wear them every day and look forward to getting home to them.

    1. Thank you! I always think of the Eighth Generation slogan when I see people referring products that are “native inspired” — “better to buy from inspired Natives than ‘native inspired’.”

    2. Literally had the link ready to go and comment on these as well. I LOVE my Snowy Owl mukluks in grey (Got them on sale from a local shop years ago). Yes they are pricy, but there are sales throughout the year and honestly, so worth it. I’ve owned mine nearly 10 years (before they came waterproofed and the price went up) and they look NEW. A few caveats – they are natural shearling and rabbit fur, so dogs love them (store carefully) and vegans hate them. I respect anti-fur arguments, but these are one of the few areas where fur makes sense to me. Another caveat, they can run a little too warm if you are in an overheated space or try to wear with socks or tights. I have always lived in the north, Michigan and now Minnesota. I consider these my ‘dress boots’ and are as apres ski chic as a flat lander can get. I recently got a pair of online Boston Birkenstocks as a house shoe. But the Manitoba’s are the bomb.

  9. The Ugg Ansley slipper is also a fantastic option if you want support on the back of the ankle and a slim profile. I couldn’t decide between the wicked good moccasin and the Ansley so I got the wicked for me and the Ansley for my mother in law. Having seen both I would probably go for the Ansley for its more minimalist profile, but I love both just fine.

    FYI Ansley is available in women and men’s sizes and I got the Ansley for my husband one year for Christmas and he loves them so much we got them for his brother as well. A great gift idea for the hard to shop for guy in your life.

  10. For people who need arch support: I got the Chaco Revel slippers for Christmas and they are awesome. Same footbed as the sandals and the wool keeps your feet toasty but not sweaty. They’re on sale right now! I just bought some to gift my MIL. 🙂

    1. These are also my favorite. I need arch support and fluffy slippers are just sweaty and a horror film after one season! For the summer I have a pair of the Chaco slides in white–keeps me from wearing them outdoors.

  11. I have had the UGG slippers for several years, too and can attest that they’re great. I got them as a Christmas gift and I’m glad because I never would have bought them otherwise.

  12. My husband loves his Halflinger wool clogs. It supports his arch and keeps his feet warm.
    I personally prefer bare feet.

  13. I prefer felted wool slippers. I’ve found Glerups to be the best after trying a few brands. They are more durable than the Ugg slippers I used to wear, which always ended up with my toe through the top or the sheepskin lining worn down. I don’t wear them outside. I have a pair of slip-on shoes at each door to run outside when needed (Adidas slides are my favorite for this purpose). Here are the Glerups I have, although they have other sole choices if you want an indoor/outdoor option.

  14. Here’s my protip for slipper-wearing: have two pairs, a nice pair of indoor slippers and a cheap pair of outdoor slippers from Amazon (anything with a solid rubber sole). Keep the outdoor slippers by your front door; if you have multiple doors that you use frequently, maybe get multiple pairs of outdoor slippers for each door. My indoor slippers never, ever touch the outside ground even if I’m just making a 1-minute run to the garage or trash can. I can keep this habit because it’s super easy to slip my feet from indoor-slipper to outdoor-slipper for those quick errands, rather than stopping to put real shoes on.

  15. I have the EMU ones (although I bought them from Aritzia, not Madewell) and absolutely love them! 100% worth it, even with the Canadian conversion rate.

    For years I thought I just wasn’t a slipper person (I had a pair from Muji before) but these changed my mind. Not sure if it’s because they’re so cozy (I don’t need to put on socks first thing anymore) or their hard sole, but I actually get excited to wear them, where as before I always had to remind myself to use mine. And I say this as someone who was always resistant to indoor shoes, despite having grown up in an Asian household where wearing slippers is the norm. Turns out I’m not anti-slippers after all, just to the ones we had!

  16. Haflinger wool slippers are the best! The offer arch support and come in soft or harder cork soles. they breath well so you can wear them year around. Plus the ones with dogs on them are so happy!

    1. Another vote for Haflinger wool slippers. I don’t like the furry ones (it’s a smell issue). But not only are the Haflingers breathable, they are also supportive and super cute. The ones I’m wearing as I type have fabric sewn on top in the shape of coffee cups.
      I always maintained a no shoes in the house rule when my kids were growing up, to keep the dirt from being tracked into the house. And the kids learned to follow that rule. I was always kind of proud when my son would bring his high school friends home to play video games and there would be 7 or 8 pairs of huge sneakers by my front door. 🙂

    2. The best! I have a shearling lined pair that are super cozy. I use them as my indoor shoes (for pain-related reasons being barefoot is a no go). I checked my email and I got this pair in 2012 hahah, no sign of slowing down. I think of them as my winter Birkenstocks, but they have held up far far longer than my birks.

  17. I’m usually a barefoot girl, but now that I have bursitis in my right heel (from an unfortunate ATV accident in Greece) . . . I often have to wear some footwear indoors.
    Here are some that I love:

    1. Birks – either the regular Boston clog or the Zermatt shearling slipper clog of theirs. Five Flex-pays at HSN:
    2. Glerup boot slippers with the rubber bottom:
    3. These awesome GENUINE shearling scuffs (UGG-adjacent) on sale for $19.99 at Lord&Taylor:

    Your tootsies will thank you!

  18. In Canada, it is customary to take your shoes off at the door and either go with socks, barefoot or slippers. I just hit 50; years and years of going barefoot on hardwood and tile in my house have finally caught up with me. I need something to wear indoors. I have tried all different kinds of slippers and the best ones I have found are also the least expensive! From Costco, the Nuknuk slides have a very slight wedge heel for support, they stay on your feet despite being mules, and are very cushy, cozy and warm but not too hot.

    1. I love those Costco Dearfoams Ugg type slippers. They were a bargain at $US9. I bought them as stocking stuffers for my extended family members and everyone put them on immediately. Personally I love buying a new set a slippers every season so I don’t spend a ton on them.

  19. A couple of years ago I decided to “invest” in a good pair of house slippers. I bought a pair of Haflingers and loved them. When it came time to buy a new pair I bought the same brand. Unfortunately both pairs got a hole in the toe. After doing some research I bought a pair of Kyrgies (wool slipper like Haflinger but cuter and more comfortable…and no holes!) Highly recommend!!

  20. Please don’t wear outside shoes inside or slippers outside!! Think about where you walk and where other people walk. And then imagine tracking that all over your house. 😳 yo I see rats running on the sidewalk. No outside shoes inside. To lighten this dramatic comment, highly recommend do not sit on my bed in your outside clothes by michelle Robinson hilarious and thought provoking.

  21. Glerups! Best slippers ever. I think the box comes with a warning about addiction! They are felted wool, so warm but never sweaty. Expensive, but I got mine Christmas 2019 and they are in great shape after A LOT of wear (pandemic, working from home). You can get rubber or leather soles. Mine are leather, but if you want to dash outside with them on (sounds like you do Emily) then I would probably recommend the rubber soles. Great colours!

  22. I use Easy Spirit sneaker mules as slippers. I put Aetrex arch supports in them that feel kinda like leather. They last me about a year or so before the mules kinda lose their oomph.

  23. All this talk about germs etc…… one of the main reasons why people get sick so much is because we’re not ‘playing in the dirt’ anymore.

  24. Ryann, I grew up in a shoes-on household, too, so I know what you mean! I have in recent years made the transition to wearing a designated pair of slippers inside. My feet get cold! I have had a couple of pairs of Mahabis, which I currently wear, and I love them so much. They are wool, and I love that. You can wear them as shoes outside, but I keep mine for inside except for the occasional venture onto the porch or driveway.

  25. I live in Maine where weather dictates a no-indoor-shoes lifestyle. I keep a few pair of my LLBean slippers and Birkenstocks (for all seasons) by the door – super easy on-off. Most people in my life here in New England are pretty accustomed to this practice. If I am attending a special occasion-event at a home, I will carry shoes in my tote to change into when I take off my boots. I just cannot imagine bringing the world’s germs into my house from the soles of my shoes. I do have a dog, and her feet get rinsed in the sink when we return from walks. My previous, larger dog also got rinsed in a bucket on the front porch. It seems like a lot of work, but the floors stay much cleaner and my house seems a lot less germy to me. The key is getting those comfy house shoes set up and not stressing too much when people do leave their shoes on. I just get the mop out after they leave.

  26. I have always been a barefoot inside person. (Although my parents wear shoes inside — why?!) However, I developed plantar fasciitis when pregnant with my second child, so walking barefoot is NOT a good idea anymore. I HIGHLY recommend Vionic slippers for anyone who needs arch support. I like the thongs because I don’t enjoy hot feet, but there are also slides and a more shoe-like slipper. Just give your feet a few days to adjust. A pair lasts about a year and a half. I throw them in the washer about once a month with no issues.

  27. Highly recommend these Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons. They are fantastic. In summer I bring them camping for an easy slip-on for late night bathroom runs. They wash easily and if you do run over to the neighbors or something, they have a sneaker feel so people aren’t quite sure if they are slippers or shoes. Love for going down to lobby for coffee in a hotel.

  28. We all wear Uggs slippers at our house in the winter and go barefoot or wear Chaco flips in the summer.
    A friend once bought several pairs of inexpensive washable slippers in various sizes and whenever she hosted our girlfriends, we’d find a pair that fit. It was a nice touch.

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