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When it comes to ordering flowers for someone who isn’t local to you, our options these days are pretty limited: 1) Pick from a selection of online retailers who seem to over-promise with highly photoshopped photos that are pretty ugly in the first place – full of TIGHT red roses, the likes of only Chris Harrison, or 2) Find a local florist and trust that it will be both beautiful, affordable, and alive when it reaches the recipient. Most of the time people opt for #1 out of ease, but the flowers just aren’t pretty. It’s like these companies strip out everything that is actually pretty about flowers, with nary a flower “arranger” in sight – or at least one with good taste.


Six weeks ago, after I had Elliot, a nice company (Loom Decor) sent me flowers (not shown here) from The Bouqs Company, a new online floral company, and they were so pretty and simple. So, when they reached out to do a post I thought, YES, the world deserves to know. Here’s their deal – pretty flowers, in pretty packaging, with a large selection, and affordable pricing.



But what is a flower post without some tips on how we style them?

Here’s what to keep in mind: 1) Use a selection of flowers at different stages of budding. By this we mean use some that are still buds, some that are starting to bloom, and some that are fully bloomed. It creates the best arrangement and also prolongs the life of your arrangement as they continue to blossom.

2) Let your flowers breath, and don’t be scared to show a little stem. Some people clip all the stems so short, and stuff them in so tight that there is no room between flowers. Individual flowers are beautiful, so let them be beautiful, quantity is never better than quality in this case.


Don’t worry I haven’t sprouted man hands post pregnancy, nor am I donning men’s sweaters these days. Those hands are Brady’s and isn’t he doing quite the fantastic job at showing us how to play with our flowers.

Not only does The Bouqs Company provide beautiful flowers, but their packaging is nothing to be ashamed of either. No weird glass vases, no bad cheap bows, just simple craft paper with a nice label.


They cut their flowers the day that you order them, package them up, and send them off to you to ensure you are getting the freshest possible arrangement. When you open up your flowers, they truly just need a quick trim to fit your vase or vessel, and are ready to go. There is no terrible cheap baby’s breath everywhere, or bad fillers to try and fill out the vase. They really are well curated and arranged blooms.


Thank goodness someone in the flower game is finally introducing some interesting arrangements at affordable prices. I literally refused to send flowers before because they would embarrass me (which is absolute snobbery, I realize).

Fun fact: The Bouqs Company’s flowers are grown on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador, which we have been told means the flowers get more sunshine and mineral rich soil, but beyond that it sounds kinda cool that you just gifted someone flowers from a volcano in Ecuador. They are also shipped directly from the farms to you, which means the flowers don’t spend the first few days in a warehouse awaiting shipping and slowly dying. On top of all of that, they grow all of their flowers at eco-friendly farms that follow strict responsible farming practices and are 3rd party certified by Veriflora and The Rainforest Alliance.

It is really a win-win-win for you, the flowers, and the farmers.


This lovely lady seems to be enjoying the new fresh flowers just about as much as we did. Not to mention the flowers seem to give her forehead a nice yellow glow.


Our friends over at The Bouqs Company have been kind enough to send along 20% off of your first order (expires next week) using the code: GETBLOOMS, so get to it and give them a try. You and your special someone won’t regret it.

A big thanks to The Bouqs Company who we partnered with on this post, which allows us to continue to create original and fun content for you guys. Which arrangement are you fond of? Do you prefer the more iconic, classic and simple arrangements like the first one or something a little more exotic and playful like the second? Also do you prefer my hands or Brady’s? I kid, don’t answer that, if you all agree on Brady’s hands he will promptly be fired and I will crawl into a dark hole so no one has to see my hands ever again.

*Photos by Jess Isaac


Fin Mark


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E E Faris

I have ordered bouqs flowers both for friends and for myself. They are beautiful and fresh flowers, everyone has loved them.

I just discovered The Bouqs recently and am smitten. I agree completely about other online floral delivery services – their arrangements aren’t pretty or modern in any way (so basically unusable). A company shipping beautiful, simple arrangements was definitely needed. I can’t believe they come straight from the volcano to the recipient! Pretty awesome.

Ugh, why are those online shops SO bad? Love what the Bouqs is doing!

Really lovely and I’m totally convinced to use them the next time I send flowers. You’re styled settings also make those beautiful flowers pop even more.



Coupon code didn’t work. Is anyone else having that issue?


Oops. Never mind!


I love bouqs – found them last year and have used them several times.
I know you were paid for this post, but you might also want to check out They offer interesting, unique arrangements from local florists for delivery in various major markets across the country (shop local in one online marketplace). Basically, addressing the same pain point (ugly floral deliveries) with a different business model.

where is that coffee table from? i’m about ready to sell my soul for it…already searched your blog. can’t find any info on it. oh and the flowers are beautiful too.


Yes!!! I’m dying to know too!


Floral arrangements are the easiest way to add a pop of color to your home. And there are numerous color combination that will suit every interior design.


Oh, I love the second one! After checking their website, I might have to add them to my list of flower providers. My favorite, and usual go to, for flowers is You should check them out!

Even one (real) flower can make a world of difference in a room. Very beautiful! I really love the yellow because you don’t see those often (or ever till now)


It’s such a bummer to see you aligning yourself with a brand that flies cheap blooms in from half way across the globe. They may be cheap but the environmental impact is not. In CA you can opt to use a convenient and affordable company with US grown product like farm girl flowers. Or better yet put in a tiny bit of legwork to find a quality brick and mortar flower shop in your own community. I’m really surprised that someone making a living as a stylist would endorse this product that completely cuts out a huge field of floral stylists just to save a buck. Bummer move, Emily.

Great tips and also very fresh flowers!

Beautiful flowers!


This was a great post! Totally relevant and I think I can finally order flowers again (for me and for other people).


Emily it seems like pretty much every single other post you do is a sponsored one these days! And are the store tour ones sponsored too? I love your blog, but it’s beginning to feel like one long advertorial, rather than a style blog!


P.s. I know you do have to do them, but it does feel very ott at the moment. Cup of Jo is a really good example of how to do sponsored well in a way that doesn’t feel super pushy, or parroting “key messages”. Sorry to be so critical, but it is stopping me from wanting to read your blog 🙁

The pictures are really beautiful though!


I was in Ecuador this year on vacation with my parents and am SO glad you posted about this company. Now I can send my parents flowers that aren’t generic rose bundles and also support a business from a country we really loved. thanks emily 🙂

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