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The Link Up: The Self Tanner That Replaced Emily’s Spray Tan, 3 Dresses Under $35, & The BEST Gardening Tool


design by katie monkhouse interiors | photo by margaret austin

Happy Memorial Day Weekend folks. Hopefully today you are able to celebrate (or not celebrate) in whatever way feels right to you and keeps everyone protected. And if you are interested in some great sales, we rounded up all our favorite one’s happening right now. Okay now here is what EHD has been loving this week:

If you want to see a beautiful house then check out this one designed by Katie Monkhouse Interiors. It’s both earthy and modern and while we think the bedroom above is our favorite room, the study is also a stunner.

From Emily: “I had to quit my love affair with my local spray tan machine 2 months ago, which was painful, but have finally started lathering up with this at-home backup. You HAVE to buy the mitt, but once you apply evenly and often I/you can get that golden natural look that frankly I had no idea how much I was missing. Starting last week I applied twice a week and while the vanity shame was high, I felt better. happier. strangely even healthier.”

Also from Emily: Like the former Pacific Northwest Family we liken ourselves to be, Brian bought the kids their first official hiking shoes, and let’s just say it’s all they want to do now.

If you haven’t heard, some very exciting design blog news happened this past week with two of our favorites. Apartment 34 is BACK! After a brief hiatus this year, Erin is back blogging and with a beautiful new site to celebrate. And speaking of a site redesigns, Sarah Sherman Samuel also debuted her newly designed site. We are very familiar with how much work goes into a redesign (it’s no joke). So we wanted to give a big congrats and that we can’t wait to fully dig in.

From Sara: I FINALLY got myself a set of good baking sheets. I’d been using a cheap small set for the last three years, and I can’t believe the difference these new ones make. No warping, even baking, nice and big, and two for only $20. I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to make this jump. And now all my silicon liners and pre-cut parchment sheets (SO much better than a roll) fit like a charm. O and coincidentally Jess also bought these and loves them just as much. We are at the point where we don’t even need to speak to purchase the same items.

From Mallory: I’m desperate for a summer dress that I can wear at home during the work day or on the weekends. I found this dress for $28 (it’s 50% off) and she might be the one… but I’m trying to do ALL my research, so I’m debating if I should get this one instead (it’s $27). Which one should I get? Also as a bonus, I found this cute and casual little black dress with buttons for $11 (78% off) while doing said “summer dress research” that I’ll also probably get because it’s such a good deal.

This home tour is so dreamy that you’ll wish there were more photos to stare at. If you love a Victorian meets eclectic modern style, you will be obsessed just like the rest of us.

From Ryann: Remember when I said in this post that I was praying that these jeans would go on sale?? Well I have since decided to access the smart part of my brain to see if I could find a similar pair on my favorite luxury consignment retailer, The Real Real. Turns out this was a very smart decision because I found these Moussy jeans for half the price. These aren’t the exact ones I want but I have faith that they will show up on this site one day and I will be thanking myself for buying second hand instead of splurging.

From Jess: My father has basically become a professional gardener now. At least four times a week we eat something from his vegetable garden and his flowers are frequently displayed on the dinner table. When I was thinking of a link this week he said, “Jess, this is the best gardening tool ever. When I tell you it’s good, it’s really f*$&ing good. Can’t you tell from my yard?” He rarely gives out that kind of adoration for things so I knew I had to tell you all about it. So, if you are a gardener, an aspiring gardener, or have a relative (cough father’s day will be here in a minute) this is THE TOOL you or they need. Plus it’s only $36 and is likely on sale this weekend:)

From Julie: If you are in need of a dose of nature like I am then check out this video, “This is not a beautiful hiking video”. It’s all about a personal journey of hiking The Pacific Crest Trail and it was posted in 2017 about one week before I attempted thru-hiking the trail myself. It’s beautifully shot, truly inspiring (makes me cry every time I watch it) plus it’s over 9 minutes of pure nature.

Also if you are wondering about what Memorial Day sales we think are this year’s best then head to our big ole post about it🙂

That’s it from us for now. We are out of office tomorrow, but be sure to come back later today for Emily’s updated swimsuit post. See you then. xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Katie Monkhouse Interiors | Photo by Margaret Austin

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I don’t see a link for the gardening tool and now I’m really curious…

This glitch might be the death of me! Here is the tool:

I used it yesterday and he’s not kidding it’s awesome!


link for the garden tool PLEEEEASE. I’m dyying to know.


What’s the best garden tool ever??? The suspense is killing me

Suspense over and so sorry!

Jeffrey C

Clearly the absence of a link (at least as of 7 a.m. Eastern on 5/24) for the f*$&ing good garden tool is a cryptic signal telling us that the best tool for a successful garden is … wait for it … one’s imagination.

Well-played. Well-played indeed.


Haha. But for real, please link the gardening tool.

We are STILL trying to figure out our mysterious link disappearing act! So sorry and here ya go!

Heidi L. McCuddin

I would love to know about the gardening tool. Link?

Molly H

— Lovely posting with lots to check out, which keeps me off the news sites, which keeps me healthier and happier and less stressed. — Tanning cream: whether it’s from a booth or self-applied, you are applying very strong chemicals to 90% of your body’s biggest organ, your skin. So said my doc when I started coming up with mysterious ailments and my health was in jeopardy. I went cold turkey whiter than white and realized how much those chemicals were making me feel yucky. Actually, bronzing powder can be artfully applied to face, neck, arms, legs if you are wearing short pants. Gives you a sun-kissed look as if the sun had actually hit the top of your arms, etc. Yes, if you are wearing white pants you will need to scrub inside of bottom of pants to get out the powder that eventually wears off, but I’ve never had it stain anything–unlike self-tanners. I’ve worn in past summers and no one is the wiser. I like Pacifica’s “Sundreams” bronzer duo for the face and “Whatup Beaches” by Elizabeth Mott for body. Plus, I crack up every time I read the label on the second one, so an added… Read more »


I don’t do tanning, but burned myself as an Aussie surf chick back in the day. Yes, it’s weird!
I wonder about effects on hair follicles from tanning chemicals, now you’ve said that…hhhmmmm….


I need to see this gardening tool!!


The link worked fine for me and as a guerilla gardener, it looks totally fabulous!!! I agree with your dad and it’s obvious from just seeing the pics!


Eeeck! The Memorial Day sales post doesn’t exist! (At least that’s what it says when I link on it!)


Same! Would love to check out the sales, but can’t access the post.

hmmm it seems to be working on our end. Maybe try now?


It’s down for me too! Sad!

i texted jess! we’ll get it back 🙂


Doesn’t work for me either. Tried both chrome and safari. Says “not found”.

ah just fixed!!! Should be up and running again 🙂

Rhea Bailey

Where’s Veronica been? Is she no longer on your team?


I’m super excited about the precut parchment and that gardening tool looks like my dreams come true!

The video of the PCT hike was amazing! One of my friend’s teen daughter is planning on doing the hike next spring after graduating early from high school. I hope COVID-19 doesn’t ruin her plans.


I really appreciate all of the new content the EHD team has been providing! Especially during these crazy times.
As a longtime reader (Brass Petal!), though, I gotta say I miss hearing from Emily; her posts seem to be somewhat infrequent, and she doesn’t seem to engage in the comment section as much as she used to. Just an observation from a longtime reader. Thanks again for all your hard work.


Let’s remember the meaning of Memorial Day…It’s to honor those lost in battle. So perhaps “celebrate” isn’t the best choice of words. Not being snarky – just a gentle reminder of all the fallen heroes we remember today. 🇺🇸 😢❤️


Re: dresses – anyone have suggestions for casual machine-washable midi/maxi dresses with pockets? In my dream world, there is a store called Pockets! and every single dress/skirt/romper has pockets

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Have you all considered making the links to the cool products more prominent? When I’m scanning the post, I find it hard to see the links…And am often too impatient to dig through the paragraphs and all the writing. What about bullets instead of paragraphs, and put the links in a dark color?? It feels like a disconnect between the teasers on instastories which are minimal text…then you get to the blog and you have read through so much text hiding the good stuff. Whine whine. 🙂

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