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Another Problem SOLVED: The 4 Prettiest/Best Ways To Charge Your Devices On Your Nightstand

Since this is my first time having nightstands in 10 years, I got to experience another exciting thing, figuring out how to manage my charging cords in an aesthetically pleasing way. This might not be an issue for most of you because your cables are very easy to manage…or maybe you keep your devices in another room because you’re SUPER disciplined. But if you’re like me, needing your phone next to you, and having to think this cord issue through a little more than the average person, then this post is for you. Why do I have to think it through? Well, I don’t have any outlets behind my nightstand or bed. The closest one is on a side wall thus forcing me to show about 5 feet of a cord. Naturally, I wanted the prettiest cord option possible that also gave me the plug options I wanted (3-pin plugs and USB ports), one that would sit nicely behind my nightstand, and not cost too much.

So since I was already searching for the perfect extension cords, I started thinking about the other options we have for “electrifying” our nightstands in the prettiest/smartest ways and I came up with four:

Cut A Hole In The Back Of Your Nightstand Drawer

photo by kaitlin green | from: farmhouse primary bedroom

This is potentially the least expensive option if you already have the tools! Let’s say you have an outlet behind your nightstand but would prefer not to see your cords at all and want your device hidden in your drawer. All you have to do is cut or drill a hole in the back of your nightstand. I’m considering doing this with a large drill bit so it’s just big enough to just stick my iPhone charger through it. That way I can practice putting (and keeping) my phone away and have one less cord to look at on top of my nightstand. Emily is very much in favor of doing this and has on most of her nightstands. So that’s option #1.

Say No To Ugly Cords

So while I respect if people don’t mind a plastic cord extension cord, personally I avoid them. Fabric-wrapped cords are SO much prettier and I think less of an eye sore when there’s no way of hiding them…unless you want to paint a plastic one the same color as your wall and attach it with cable clips. But the cords might need to be replaced eventually which could cause more headaches. Since I have to have an extension cord that goes from the middle of my side wall to behind my bed, I wanted a fabric-wrapped cord. I tried to find an affordable white one but all the white ones had a lot of gray in the herringbone pattern so I opted for a gold one. But since I needed to plug in my lamp on the other side of my bed I went with a white and gray one that had a few USB ports. I had some cord length issues to deal with.

3 Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector Indoor Outdoor Extension Cord | 3 Outlet 3 USB Surge Protector Extension Cord

The ones above are the actual ones I bought! The functions, colors, and details (like a flathead plug) were what I needed and wanted. But I found more great options in case mine aren’t right for you:

Brown & Gold Wall Outlet Extension Cord | Flat Plug Extension Cord | 4′ 2 AC 2 USB Extension Cord Dark Heather

I love this chocolate brown cord! It would blend in so nicely on dark floors (but is a showstopper on its own) and has two plugs and two USB ports. Then the square flat plug cord would slide beautifully under your bed or nightstand and not only has 3-pin and USB ports but also two USB C ports for the newer iPhone cords. Then my final pick for our neutral-colored section, this dark charcoal cord is so pretty and would be perfect in a dark-colored room (also peep the flat plug head :).

Fire Resistant Martha Fast-Charging Smart 2-USB Extension Cord | Niko Power Pendant

Ok, now these two are meant to be seen and are priced higher for that reason. So if you can’t avoid having your plugs on display (or like it that way) then you can treat these extension cords like decor! I love that light blue one so much.

Try A Pretty Wireless Charging Pad

Ezra LED Task Lamp w/ Wireless Charger Gold | Single-Device Charging Tray | Single-Device Wireless Charger

But maybe you just want a pretty charming station to sit on top of your nightstand to easily charge your device(s). If that’s the case, then I am a big fan of these three options! That lamp is the perfect secret 2-in-1. You get a cute lamp AND a charging pad. Done and done. But maybe a pretty leather tray would really up your nightstand style. I say go for this Courant charging tray. They are the prettiest on the market and come in a bunch of colors/materials if this leather one isn’t quite right for you. Actually, that little linen charger on the far right is also Courant and is so simple and chic (well, for something electronic:))

Let Your Nightstand Do All The Work

One of my biggest curiosities on this topic is charging nightstands. They seem so practical in a 2024 world and yet the options are currently pretty minimal. These are nightstands that have power strips built into them with a cord that goes into the wall. Sure, there are some on the market that have wireless charging pads built into them but not only did I not find any good-looking options with those but that seems like a technology that could be outdated sooner rather than later. I at least feel comfortable with the ones that have just regular outlets and USB ports. But that’s just me!

I’m sure more will continue to pop up on the market, but for now, these are the ones I thought were pretty options:)

Anton Solid Wood Charging Nightstand | Mid-Century Open Nightstand

The one on the left is definitely the closest one to my personal style. It’s a little chunky (love those legs), is in a pretty wood tone, and has a drawer. The power strip is on the top of the nightstand, in the back, under a lid that opens up. It has two plugs and two USB ports. The other nightstand is also a great one! A classic mid-century modern style with those really cute micro knobs I love so much. The power strip on this one is located on the back of it and also has two plugs and two USB ports.

Quinn Charging Nightstand | Cayman Charging Nightstand

But maybe you like a little more glam? The cutie on the left has a power strip on the back of the top under a lid that opens up. Then the California Casual nightstand on the right has that slightly more visible power strip on the shelf. But that can be visually blocked easily by a couple of books or a decorative box:)

Keane Espresso Wood Charging Nightstand

I love how modern yet traditional this one is! Very chic and could work with almost any style. And what I also love about this nightstand is that the power strip is in the top drawer. But what’s additionally cool is that the back of that drawer has a hole so you can choose to keep your device in the drawer or bring it up on the shelf or the top. That way you can use your phone in bed without having to keep the drawer open. Win-win!

Nightstand with Charging Station | Rattan 2 Drawer Nightstand with Charging Station (Set of 2)

The first thing that is cool about these nightstands is that individually they are all under $100! Secondly, they have that great cane detail if you are looking for something more organic and casual but a little extra special. Both power strips are on top for very easy access if that’s also something you like. Very hotel chic:)

So that’s it! As always hope this was helpful if you’ve been searching for pretty extension cords/charging nightstands or at least got you thinking! Let me know if you have any other “seemingly simple” everyday design agonies you want us to tackle.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Design by Arlyn Hernandez | Styling by Emily Bowser | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: 3 Years In The Making Then An Unexpected Move: Arlyn’s Bedroom Reveal Is A Lesson In The Beauty Of “Unfinished” Design

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Leigh H
14 days ago

This is great! Thank you. Can you do a lightbulb post? Perhaps with a cheat sheet chart we can download or snap a photo of. Lightbulbs are soooo overwhelming. Also maybe a best house plants – diff. heights, diff budgets, how to use in design, etc.? Last one, not ugly ceiling fans, it’s not optional in Georgia. THANK YOU!!!

Cici Haus
14 days ago
Reply to  Leigh H

Ditto this request (also in Georgia – hi!!)

10 days ago
Reply to  Leigh H

the ceiling fans have been stymying me for YEARS!!!!

14 days ago

I highly recommend the Sleek Socket!

14 days ago

I have a cute wooden box that holds my devices. I drilled a hole in the back and have a USB charging hub inside.

14 days ago

Thanks, Jess! Does anyone have experience with the Courant products? They’re gorgeous, and I’m tempted, but especially for the small one, the reviews in the Target link are pretty awful!

14 days ago
Reply to  Sara

i have a few of the trays featured above! they’re about 4 years old and they’re still good as new – my only complaint was that the customer service was so bad. so i would 100% buy more for gifting, just never directly from the brand! ha.

i do wonder if a lot of the comments may be user error – a lot of cases aren’t mag-safe and so they won’t allow the wireless charge to pass through. an easy fix depending on how annoying your case is to remove! overall i’m a fan.

14 days ago

I love the idea of hiding chargers away in a nightstand but my recommendation for guest rooms is to go ahead and put one of those multi-plug units out in plain sight on the nightstand unless you want your guests finding dust bunnies while they’re crawling around trying to find that outlet behind the bed!

14 days ago
Reply to  sheila

Such a good point! I am going to order something now!

14 days ago

Now if someone could just find a way to disguise my hideous cpap machine! That’s what I really need.

14 days ago
Reply to  Emily

Have you ever investigated oral sleep apnea appliances made by a dentist?

14 days ago
Reply to  hickenack

I have one of those and it works great. It did take some getting used to but I’ll bet a cpap does too.. So easy to travel with.

14 days ago

These posts are so helpful! Would you consider doing nightstand solutions for storing and hiding bigger items that need to be plugged in? My husband needs his CPAP machine and I’m racking my brain trying to find a stylish way to store it.

13 days ago
Reply to  dawn

Does it need to be plugged in while storing? My partner keeps theirs in the nightstand drawer and it sits on top while in use.

14 days ago

Maybe EHD can attend next year and share? I went this year and it really was informative and mobilizing. I met a metropolis writer at the event so you can read more when they post an article

14 days ago

Hi! Could you give some suggestions for phone charging solutions on kitchen countertops – they look so messy Thank you!

13 days ago
Reply to  Sara

Someone above mentioned drilling a hole into a cute box to thread in the charging station and thus hide the devices, and I do this all over my house! I have boxes, cute vintage baskets with lids, and “cord-control” boxes from Amazon. (I even have my FIOS modem and internet booster system stuffed inside a faux-wicker basket with a lid so it can hide in plain sight under a side table.) Anyway! Maybe you could try a box/basket you like that can permanently sit on your counter that holds a multiplug plus cords plus plus devices?

14 days ago

2 things – Have you considered just installing plugs behind the nightstands? Is there a reason to not do so? And just before Christmas I got “Amberlyn 2-Drawer Nightstand with Built-In Outlets and Solid Wood Legs” from Wayfair for my mom because it matches her 1960s bedroom suite wonderfully. The top shelf is less deep than the drawers because it has a false back to conceal a multiplug & space for cords. It works very well to conceal both cords and cpap machines. It’s my favorite charging setup yet.