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The 13 EHD Opalhouse x Jungalow Collection Picks (Spoiler: A Trend Prediction Is Confirmed)

You might already know, but the one and only Justina Blakeney has just launched another Jungalow collection with Target’s Opalhouse. Needless to say, it’s fantastic. Every time I look at one of her collections, I think “I need more color in my house” because joy is the only way to describe The Jungalow style. Now, this list was painfully curated (we’re trying to get better shorter lists) so I have chosen 13 of our favorites. But you need to go check out the whole collection. Justina said her inspiration was “Sacred Garden”. There are just too many gems and the inspo is wonderful clear in our first pick.

Maddalena Mushroom Stool

When I first saw this mushroom ottoman I gasped. Not only is it the cutest (and also comes in rust), mushroom decor was one of our 2022 decor trend predictions. It. Was. Validating. I think it would bring in the perfect amount of chic whimsy to any room.

Cinque Terre Primitive Stone Accent Table

I love a unique side table and this one really fits the bill. I also think this one could work beautifully in almost any style of home because it’s simple enough but will add quiet texture and sculpture.

Paradise Leaf Embroidered Velvet Lumbar + Embroidered Floral Square Throw Pillow

Justina knows textiles and I love so many from this collection. The richness of that green velvet has my eyes feeling very relaxed in the most luxurious fashion (plus you know how much we love lumbar pillows). Then that floral pillow just makes me happy. The colors, the flowers, texture are all so good. How cute would this be in a kid or teen room? To be fair it would also be great in an adult’s room.

PET Tufted Rug

Tell me this rug doesn’t make you smile. It’s impossible. A sun rug only makes sense as a circle and this is by far the best one I’ve seen. If you aren’t into the yellow but love the design then you are in luck because it also comes in black. This is another piece that would be so sweet in a kids’ room but doesn’t scream “kid”. That being said it could also happily live in an adult’s room or even office.

Sepulveda Mixed Material Dining Chairs

I meeeean… mixed material is right and we love it. That rattan accent is so good and while cream upholstery is a bold choice for a dining chair, I get why they chose that because it’s real pretty. Oh, and they come in counter height barstools too!

Palermo Desk

I love the dark wood, the rounded one side, the half-circle knob accent, and the TWO storage areas. It’s just a really great looking desk that is both simple and special (the EHD magic duo)


Real-life mood boards are coming back people. So why not get a really pretty one like this guy??

Burlap Petal Floor Lamp

Now let’s talk lighting as Justina designs GREAT light fixtures. Petals as light shades are also becoming more popular so this is a slam dunk if you are into that look. Its got texture coming out of every inch (the pole is rattan-wrapped).

Rope Pendant

Now for this pendant. If you are a lover of organic, textured design then this rope pendant is right up your alley. It’s another simple but special piece that you don’t really notice until you do. It’s then you realize how it makes the room feel more special.

Acrylic Drinkware Set

I have to admit that outside of maybe the mushroom stool, these acrylic cups are my favorite. I love the colors (especially the blue), the shapes, and that they are practically unbreakable. Sadly I have almost too many outdoor-friendly so someone please enjoy them for me! (Only if you need them though:))

Melamine Dinner Plates

I just think these plates are so pretty. I also am of the belief that there is no same in the everyday melamine plate game. Sure, they are ideal for the outdoors but they can also be used every day. Especially when you have kids (or clumsy adults) in your house.

Tall Tapered Basket

There was zero chance of getting through this post and NOT having a beautiful basket on the list. Look at that shape and detail?! That is a basket that was meant to be seen. I love the handles and the three different weave patterns. Form and function, baby!

Well, that’s it for this collection. What did you think? Buying a mushroom stool?? We decided it would be really fun for the next week or so to do short posts in the afternoon calling out our favorite products from the current Spring 2022 collections. We are design lovers after all and even if we don’t need anything, we love to window shop:) See you tomorrow.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: via Target

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2 years ago

Holy Three’s Company! Come and knock on my door. Sorry, most will have no clue what I’m referencing but i’m getting major childhood flashbacks with half of these.

2 years ago
Reply to  jules

Hahaha, you read my mind! Hello, ’70s – early ’80s! Maybe if you didn’t already live through it, it seems fresh and cool, but… I’m just not ready to go there again.

2 years ago

I think you mean no “shame” in the melamine game, with which I agree! This collection is so strong. Great job Justina.

2 years ago

Hoping to grab the basket, the cups and the table version of the lamp. Justina gets me.

2 years ago

I think part of why I love Justina’s style is that it looks both effortless and happy. At a time when I’ve probably never been more stressed, pass me a refreshing, brightly-colored, indestructible glass, please :).

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago

I actually found Emily and EHD via Justina, aeons ago!

I LURVE 💗 Justina’s jam, yet now I’m financially knee-capped, I can’t buy most of it, plus a lot of Jungalow items don’t ship to Australia … and (as I weep about it aaagain), Aussie Target is NOT the same! Just the name and symbol.🤐

My style is eclectic with a dash of boho, with antiques and French provincial added in to boot! LOL.
I love colour, but not in an ‘acid-wash’ abundance, and my home is filled with my own art, ceramics, textiles, paintings, mixed media…having done many years of art and design at uni, plus a few ‘proper’ artusts’ works inherired from my parents.

I neeeeeed to frame some more stuff now that I’m free to be me… this got me thinking!

2 years ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

Rusty, it’s funny you found EHD through Justina. I think I found Justina through EHD!!! I found Emily from seeing Emily win the one reality competition show I’ve ever watched!!!! LOL

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago

Aaaand …. let’s remember that Jungalow is planting trees linked to purchases!!!
Way to go, Justina and team! 😊

2 years ago

LOVE mushrooms in home decor!!

2 years ago

kinda feels dated already. very 60s / 70s boho .