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TGIF and a few personal updates …

Lets hear it for the weekend, folks. I want to play hookey so bad today and I realized it was because last weekend I spoke at Americasmart in Atlanta on Saturday so I didn’t really get a day off the last two weeks (except flying, which doesn’t really count).  Which reminds me, any of y’all going to the Vegas mart on the 29th, i’ll be speaking at 10am for the ‘First Look’ panel. COME!!!!!

Meanwhile I have the long 1 hour ultrasound today that measures every toe of my growing baby, so I might be spending the day after that just shopping for future toe rings, who knows.

Or i might just do this:

In case you think this is a picture of Bearcat (who is a ‘she’) trying to strangle me and the baby, its not. Nor is it an intentional selfie although i realize that it totally is. But instead this is a demonstration of how we sit. She puts one paw around each side of my neck, burrows her head in and purrs so loud I can barely hear the episode of ‘Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis’ that i’m watching. The happiness she brings me is insane, which you can clearly see on my face. I can’t imagine how this is going to feel when its my baby boy … and ..  now ….i’m … crying. I can’t believe I have to wait 5 1/2 MORE months for him!!! The guinness book of world records called and they told me that my pregnancy was indeed the longest pregnancy in all of history. Congratulations to me.

The mood swings have stopped, thank god. I feel like I wasn’t properly prepared for the level of irritability and Six Flag style Rollercoaster of sadness and happiness I would feel in the first trimester. But now the happy tears just flow constantly, like the true emotional freak that I am.


Meanwhile Brian and I are trying to buy a house, like, TODAY. So follow along on my instagram with the hashtag #ehhousehunting and check out what we are leaning towards.

But it is totally terrifying. Despite having a career i’m totally proud of, Brian and I aren’t Scrooge mcDucking it over here in money.  L.A. is REALLY expensive and experiencing a bit of a real estate mini bubble. All the houses even in the ‘up and coming’ neighborhoods (and you know what that means …) are going for wayyy over asking with cash offers, and we don’t exactly have $600, 000 save, so competing is difficult. I can’t spend another year renting, and certainly not in a house where the landlord has told us we can’t do any updates. Idiot. I could add so much gosh darn value to this house it would be stupid.

Anyway, wish us luck.  Little Charlie (Or Oliver, or Starke) really wants me to be able to wallpaper his nursery.  Speaking of, check out this nursery that i’m almost done with:


Obviously the client wanted a less ‘baby’ nursery than most. That wallpaper is ridiculously awesome (drawn by the 8 year old son of the designer HERE). We need to add some color (i’m thinking blues and ochres) but we are getting there. Little Charlie/Oliver/Starke is VERY jealous already. I’ll blog about all resources when its finished, this is just a little sneaky peeky.

Have an awesome weekend, you guys. I hope its filled with flea market finds and mimosas. For me, i’ll be having ‘Mom-osas’, which are decidedly less fun, but Charlie/Oliver/Starke wants me off the sauce for another 5 months – he’s super lame like that. Oh and I forgot to tell you, HGTV’s new online wellness channel is documenting the pregnancy. We just started shooting and The Hendersons get very ‘Real Parents of hipster Silverlake’ on you.  Expect lots of belly footage, candid talking about fear, parenting, doula interviews, weight gain talk, nursery talk and yes … the live birth …. Apparently my lack of privacy and decorum is hitting an all time high (or low) these days. So far its crazy fun and totally on our terms. Hopefully its something that you guys enjoy watching (not out yet, i’ll let you know) and that we love having as a family.

And i promise to use the word ‘journey’ minimally, if at all. I accidentally used it once already, and immediately slapped my own face.




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