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Team EHD is OOO

Well, folks, we did it. While I never saw myself running a company, do you want to know what is possibly the best perk of being boss? Being able to make the executive decision to give your team next week off…including myself. The EHD office is shut down. Everyone has been working so hard, trying to meet the Portland and mountain house deadlines, and keeping up with the blog, while perpetually understaffed, therefore probably a little overworked but doing it all with a smile and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for them (especially the “work hard with a smile” part because mom guilt + employee guilt = meltdown city for someone like me who, simply put, cares a lot about the happiness of others). A few months ago, shit kinda hit the fan with work—both renovations demanded some seriously long hours and traveling for the design, styling and photo team, which left the editorial team doing more work with fewer hands in the office. So in July, I said that once the Portland project is on the market and shot, and we’ve finished all our partner shoots due in September and if we can be prepped for the first week of September, then the EHD office will close and everyone will have some of those sacrificed hours back. AND WE DID IT. They absolutely deserve it and since I was approaching (ha approaching…) burnout, I knew that I probably wasn’t the only one (although I am the only one with kids as of now).

But don’t worry. You are not without content next week. We have posts all week that might not be the first time you’ve seen them, but we are presenting them to you in a new way, plus you might have missed them anyway.

I might be on social media. I might not. It’s my birthday so maybe I’ll pop in and say hi. I will be writing a lot for this next part of the year (fall and holiday are INSANE) as it’s my favorite thing to do, and doing it with a clear mind without the other distractions of work, in the morning before kids get up with coffee is kinda a dream. But there will be no conference calls, text chains about what tomorrow’s post is, or late night edit requests before we publish. YAY TO THE EHD TEAM FOR BEING SO GOOD THAT YOU GET A WEEK OFF FROM WORK (…AND ME).

And we are coming back with such great content the first weeks in September. The Portland reveal. Three more I Design, You Decides. And some fun content about how my style has evolved and changed, and where its headed …

My head is gonna get so clear. My kids are going to get so squeezed. We rented a mountain cabin near our cabin so we can play in the woods and hang out on the water because that place does something magical to my soul. It’s my spirit place. I am bringing up the tub of photos, artwork and cards that we’ve collected for our kids the last four years and girlfriend is going to get her scrapbook on. We might even pick berries and make jam. It’s like I’m re-enacting my childhood, except I’m the mom now and we aren’t Mormon (oh dear, I started going to a different church…not ready to talk about it yet but stay tuned). So funny how we do that. We parent how we were parented. Full stop, which can be good and bad, obviously.

But come back next week for some new takes on our original content, and I’ll see you on the 4th. And thank you all so much for reading, following, commenting and supporting. As much as I appreciate my team, we all know that we wouldn’t be here without you. So THANK YOU. Big digital kisses to all of you. Have a lovely end of summer, from the EHD team. xx

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5 years ago

Good for you guys! You’ve earned it. Enjoy every second.

5 years ago

This is SO well deserved and such a good call, Emily. You put out amazing content every day – I am grateful to you and your team for brightening up my morning!
Have a wonderful week! XO!

5 years ago

Ahhh! Your business is taking a Founders Day break! HBD Emily! Enjoy the respite everyone!

5 years ago
Reply to  Tiffanie

I love this – Founder’s Day! Yes, thanks to EHD for all the beautiful posts and design you all bring into our lives!

5 years ago

Congrats and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

Yes! This is so good for all of you! Enjoy!

Victoria Sandoval
5 years ago

Yes. Yes. Yes. Good for you for prioritizing what is important. EHD health and sanity > new blog posts. 🙂

Megan Lec
5 years ago

PORTLAND REVEALLLL! So glad you all are taking a break and so excited for all the reveals to come!

Jennifer Gumbel
5 years ago

Good employees and good boss.

Also, yeah for dipping toes in a church waters.

5 years ago

So happy you all will get to relax and take care of yourselves. You all bring so much inspiration and joy to your readers and I think a lot of us think of you all as friends! Enjoy your much deserved time with your fam!

Karen T.
5 years ago

Yay! So well deserved! Enjoy the time with your kiddos!! 🙂

5 years ago

Have a wonderful time EHD Team. So deserved!

5 years ago

Way to go! What an accomplishment – I love it when I hear a boss TRULY appreciate their employees and respect their time like you have – they/YOU deserve some time off! Everything is looking amazing and I love checking in and reading about the progress here. Enjoy your time off!!

5 years ago

Have a wonderful family vacation; yeah for kids getting squeezed! And as a grandmother who reads God’s Word and doesn’t mind others knowing I follow Jesus, I am so glad to read you have started attending church (hopefully with those precious children!)! We all need to know and feel God’s amazing love and grace, especially in these crazy times!

5 years ago

Enjoy your time out of the office! I hope you can disconnect from work as much as possible!

Paige Cassandra Flamm
5 years ago

Have an awesome time! You guys work super hard over there!


5 years ago

Have a wonderful holiday!!!! You deserve it – your blog is the highlight of my morning at work. Tea+EHD=HAPPY.

And I hope your WHOLE TEAM has a wonderful well deserved week off, you are CHAMPIONS!

Julie S
5 years ago

Yay Emily!!! Way to go. Margin and rest is HARD to build into a life, especially for someone who does what you do and has the sociable personality you have. Great job team EHD these last few months! I would have been ok with total silence for a week, though you are one of my most looked forward to blogs, but clearly you are super awesome to have worked up something for the week off. Thank you 🙂 Emily, I hope you are blessed with peace and restoration, and soak up the goodness of family and pine trees every day you have!

5 years ago


5 years ago

Congrats to the team and to you for a well-deserved break!

I am SOOO curious about your church experience/religious leanings. I’m an agnostic Christian and I find people’s spiritual journeys so fascinating, no matter where they lead.

5 years ago

Good for you! You are a good mommy and good to care for your employees so well also! Enjoy.

5 years ago

This is so good to hear! ❤️

5 years ago

All of you go get your vacation on. We’ll be here when you get back. And don’t think we need blog posts every single day. We need a break now and then just as much as you do.

Julie P
5 years ago

So happy for you guys! Go unplug!!!

5 years ago

Good for you!! Enjoy the break and your family!!

Jill Valeri
5 years ago

Enjoy your time off and breathe deeply.

5 years ago

Great decision! Enjoy!

5 years ago

Knowing you are giving and receiving some well-deserved R&R does my heart good.

Also, Happy Birthday Emily, a little early.

Amber Sewell
5 years ago


Diane Grantham
5 years ago

Hard honest work can pay off in so many ways. God bless you all. Have a best of everything kinda time.

5 years ago

With both of you smiling in this picture, Elliot looks like your mini-me. So cute.

5 years ago

It may shock you to hear it but I bet your readers think (often) that you should all TOTALLY HAVE A BREAK!!! The content is so so incredible – “Just HOW?! How do they do it?! Are they superhuman?!” So appreciative of all you do, but rested heads make better content anyway!

5 years ago

Thanks, keep writing

5 years ago

Great one, I found your website perfect for my needs. It contains wonderful and helpful posts. Keep up the good work.

5 years ago

You are so talented. I believe that EHD will achieve much success.

Lisa Hamel
5 years ago

Good for you on all counts!

On the church mention, I think that’s awesome. I am LDS, and I know various people who were raised in an LDS home, but left the church as adults. Too often, it seems people in that situation feel if they leave the Mormon church, they have no choice but to leave God too. It’s so sad and untrue! Religion and spirituality are deeply personal, and in my opinion, so essential to a full life. I hope you find the right fit for you and your family, whatever shape it takes!

5 years ago

I’m so glad you are all getting a refresh!! Time moves so fast and time with family is the most important! I’ll be unplugging with my hubby of 30 years, my little sis and big brother in Oregon where we grew up!! First Eugene, the coast and then Hood River!! Enjoy your time!!

Julia Olson
5 years ago

I have loved and followed you for so long! I’m a post Mormon girl too (who just left the church a year ago) but trying to make it work in a mixed-faith family here in Utah (my husband still attends the Mormon church). We just moved into a new home and I came to your blog today for some design inspiration and saw you briefly mention your Mormon background. I have been struggling to pave a new path for myself and our family and now you have not only inspired me with design, but in life as well. 🙂 Thank you forever!

5 years ago
Reply to  Julia Olson

Oh my gosh. And most importantly THANK YOU. You each bring so much peace, creative inspiration, and happiness to my life. You will truly never know how many people you reach. Thank you ❤️

5 years ago

Happy birthday, em! We are fellow Virgo’s (and birthday girls in the next week) and though I seldom comment, I *SO* get your nature (as much of it — happiness of others included— is mine too). As a former entrepreneur on sabbatical while I have and take care of my small kids, kudos for giving your staff and yourself a break! BRAVA to your vision of your week and your s p a c e. Brava!

I’ll be so pleased to catch up on what I’ve missed and see what you’ve created once you’re back. Xoxoxo Sar

group d
5 years ago

You all bring so much inspiration and joy to your readers and I think a lot of us think of you all as friends! Enjoy your much deserved time with your fam!