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5 Non-Model Women Tested Summersalt’s Swimsuits – Here Are Their Reviews (And No Photoshopping, Ever)

A few months ago we planned our first international team retreat (per my “HR requirements”) and the timing worked well as 10 days before leaving we got pitched the opportunity to try out some Summersalt swimsuits. Now, despite how much “swim-fluencing” we seem to do over here, we are similar to most human women on the planet and don’t jump at the chance to wear a suit on the internet in the middle of the day (without photoshopping, of course). But they/we all love Summersalt, how they fit, and the timing felt perfect. So I pitched it to my team (or moreso Caitlin pitched it to us all) – while we are in Mexico, we’ll rent a dope house, I’ll buy their professional spray tans (some of them their first!), they’ll all make additional vacation dough (in the form of a bonus), get free great suits (duh), and I promised them early in the day margaritas (clutch). This was not a requirement and they could even back out after the shoot if they weren’t comfortable with the photos (and still keep the bonus, I seriously didn’t want anyone to feel pressured – this is NOT A NORMAL PART OF THE JOB). But since most of my team knows Summersalt intimately they all said they were up for it. WHAT A WILD AND FUN JOB WE HAVE 🙂

Y’all. The EHD team all looked so stunning, so empowered, and we honestly had SO MUCH FUN (shout out to Kaitlin Green who really knows how to make us all feel so comfortable in front of the camera in what is typically a very self-conscious situation). What I loved even more was how much our team hyped each other up – everyone constantly telling each other how hot, beautiful, stunning, and snatched they looked. Positivity abounded. Sure it could just be me wearing a couple of suits for a review post like this, but everyone felt it was important to show multiple types of bodies and how the suits look on them in different styles and sizes. (Also that odd texture on my left thigh is the water reflecting on my leg – see? no photoshopping:))

So before we go into our cute suits, a huge shout out to the beautiful Jess, the stunning Gretchen, the gorgeous Mal, and the ravishing Caitlin – AKA the EHD team. WHAT A LUCKY LUCKY LADY I AM.

Emily (Me!)

I was up first and started slow with my new great cover-up, part of Summersalt’s collab with L.L.Bean (I ordered the navy because the white can get stained from my perma-spray tan). This cover-up is a short sleeve, but a long button-up with pockets and not very see-through (so yes, I could easily wear it on a hot day just around the house or town). The gauzy material is really nice.

The Cloud Gauze Midi Dress Cover-Up (in Deep Sea) | The Ruffle Backflip (in Summer Berry & Spritz)

I ordered The Ruffle Backflip in the Summer Berry & Spritz colorway which has cute little sleeves and a V (but not too deep). I ordered a 6 and will size down next time (it was a bit big on me so if you are in between, size down). But it’s still double-layered which is nice and the color and ruffles were so cute. My knockers were knocking that day.

The Ruched Backflip (in Bay & Seaspray)

I also ordered The Ruched Backflip in size 6 which was a bit big too, but still so comfy and I loved the wide shoulders. It feels almost like a tank top so easy to wear with shorts without feeling super exposed.


The Ruched Backflip (in Sea Urchin)

Look, Ma—I’m on the cover of Sports Illustrated!! Well, at least this beautiful Summersalt suit and international shoot made me feel like I was! What I was worried would be a nerve-wracking experience ended up being so fun and freeing. And it didn’t hurt that I felt SO GOOD in this suit. I hadn’t ordered from Summersalt before so I wasn’t sure how it would work out for me, but I’m declaring it now—this is my suit of summer! I ordered The Ruched Backflip in Sea Urchin and I am just so happy with how it looks on my body, a sentiment I unfortunately don’t say enough. The best way I can sum it up is I just felt COMFORTABLE. I really love the look of the wider straps and where they fall on me. And the front (and back) scoops just enough where I still feel “ooo la la sexy” but still covered up in all the right spots.

The Seascape Sweetheart One Piece (in Sea Urchin) | The Ruched Backflip (in Sea Urchin) | The Sidestroke (in Sea Urchin)

From Mallory: Summersalt suit review here we GO. I ordered two suits – The Sidestroke in Lava (see below) and The Seascape Sweetheart One Piece in Sea Urchin (see above). I was pleasantly surprised when I slipped these puppies on how supported and snatched they made me feel. There’s extra padding for the girls so there’s a good amount of support if you’ve got larger ladies or a little extra bump if you’ve got smaller ones (me). The neckline on the sweetheart is so flattering and I loved how this suit looked with this white button-down and a gold necklace or with a little scarf tied around the waist. All in all it nicely sculpts without being uncomfortable and is super versatile for summer vacays and beyond!!

From Jess: I LOVE this suit and it is probably my favorite of the two I ordered. The wider shoulders almost have a shoulder pad vibe (which if you know me, is MY LOOK) but also it’s just sexy (I mean, you saw it on Gretchen too so case closed!). I feel very chic in this style and love it in black:) Oh, and I totally agree with Em that you could easily throw on some jean shorts to hang out in or walk around town on vacation. You will feel cute.

From Caitlin: It’s what you’ve all been waiting for: an average woman, sitting in a swimsuit! (Stone-cold sober, too! And I lived to tell the tale!!! It’s The Sidestroke, and my full love letter and size details are below.) I did want to offer an analogy, though: have you ever worn a bridesmaid’s dress that makes you feel terrible? It’s uncomfortable, it clings, you’re hyper-aware of your least favorite bits…well, these Summersalt swimsuits are on THE TOTAL OPPOSITE END of that spectrum. There really is a suit for everyone – and more than that, those suits will leave you feeling confident and (dare-I-say?) maybe even joyful! I just love these shots of Mal, Jess, and I – we’re 3 dear friends, in 3 classic styles, with 3 different bodies, but we’re all having a blast together. And that’s kind of what summer’s all about, you know?


The Cloud Gauze Boxy Cropped Button-Up Shirt (in White Sand) | The Sidestroke (in Lava)

Okay now jumping to this little red number. Well, I’d like to first address that I used an AD magazine as a prop (obviously we love design around here), but that’s neither here nor there…we’re talking SUITS. I’ve worn The Sidestroke in White Sand before and really love it but I was shocked to realize I love it in Lava EVEN MORE. This color makes me so happy and is such a fun little pop for summer. I paired it with this gauzy button-down cover-up top (which is so universal) and some red tassel earrings to match the suit. The back detailing really elevates this one piece and it’s again sculpting but not uncomfortable. I highly recommend this guy – especially in red!! 🙂


The Silky Luxe Short Effortless Shirtdress Cover-Up (in Cloud White) | The Perfect Wrap One-Piece (in Olive)

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I almost didn’t participate in this shoot. I haven’t been feeling super confident, am dealing with some ongoing health stuff, so being in a swimsuit was not at the top of my list of dream activities. I say this not to harp on my insecurities (very boring and dumb) but because it ended up being not only the most fun day, but I really did feel great in my suits and would absolutely recommend them. I ordered a size 10 in both of my suits which felt true to size. I really loved this tone of green and the wrap detail made me feel good. Also, my girls were really out. to. play. which isn’t my typical vibe but I wasn’t mad about it either:) I also want to say that this coverup is a dream! 1000/10. It’s similar in style to the one I got a couple of years ago, a long button-up, but this version has a belt. The fabric however is the same light and almost silky material that is SO soft and drapes so pretty. I’m in a small here because we were told they run pretty big but I do think I would have liked a medium because I prefer an oversized coverup look. But that’s my preference and the small did totally fit. So size down if you don’t want any oversizing:) 

The Sidestroke (in White Sand) | The Cloud Gauze Wide-Leg Pants (in Deep Sea)

Are you having swimsuit anxiety? Are you feeling nervous about finding the perfect fit? Does it all feel a little too overwhelming? THE SIDESTROKE IS YOUR ANSWER. Believe me – I’m wearing a wet, white swimsuit on the internet. And I’m eating! Do you know how much trust you have to have in a white swimsuit to shoot it wet? (I did also stain it with watermelon immediately after these were taken, but it came right out in the wash – another point for Summersalt!)

Seriously, though – I’ve tried a few of Summersalt’s suits at this point, but I just love the fit and compression of The Sidestroke. There’s surprisingly great support (36F reporting for duty!) and I really love the way the pleating gives some nice shape, too. And for the record, my suits have held up incredibly to water – the EHD team will confirm that I had to be dragged out of the pool for the shoot – and my older suits still look like new. I was in between Summersalt’s sizes (16 on the boobs, 16 on the butt, 10 on the waist), but ended up ordering a 12LT and the fit is perfect (just a touch of extra length for the assets, you know?).

And I’m totally obsessed with the weight and breathability of the cover-up set, which I maaaaay have worn on a party boat in Cabo last weekend with Mal and Gretch. My only note here would be to size way down – I originally ordered an XL in the top and bottom, but thankfully the Summersalt team advised me to grab both in a medium! I’ve literally never sized down for anything in my life before (“HA,” I chortle, when I read advice to size down) but this is the lone exception. I thought that the white suit and navy pant made a pretty cute outfit, too – WHO IS GONNA INVITE ME TO A 4TH OF JULY PARTY? (I’m wearing this.)

Em again! Y’all. The EHD team KILLED IT, we had so much fun, we felt so supported by each other and perhaps altogether we can highlight the beauty of all of our bodies, our collective curves need to be celebrated. I’m happy to say that a good suit sure can make us all feel confident and empowered. Thanks to Summersalt, again, for helping us have such an awesome swim experience. And feel free to hype them all up even more in the comments. They are not only talented, creative, motivated, and beautiful but doing this and do it with such confidence takes a level of bravery that very few people have. HELL YES.

If you’d like to see all of these suits in one place, the Summersalt team has created an easy-to-navigate landing page featuring all the products we tried right here. They threw in a discount, too! Use code EMILYH10 to take $10 off any order over $95. Cheers to a happy, comfortable, self-confident summer. xx

*Photos by Kaitlin GreenA HUGE THANKS TO KAITLIN! She’s our honorary team member and didn’t want to be in front of the camera (although she looked stunning in her Summersalt suits), but made us feel so beautiful and comfortable. Thank you, K. We love you. 

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5 days ago

Wow! You all look absolutely AMAZING! So much shiny, glowing gorgeousness and looking so comfortable. I think that is the thing that always makes everyone look their best – being COMFORTABLE!

Also, whilst we know we *should* be always happy in our own skin, that’s not how we’ve been socialised as women and girls so big big thanks for being leaders in helping us all towards actually feeling that.

On another comfort note, I’d love to know about the torso length of the suits? Long torso here and I find it hard to get one piece suits to fit properly.

4 days ago
Reply to  Ellie

I have a long torso and the long torso summersalt suits are great for me! Highly recommend

5 days ago

You guys are the absolute best! Everyone is gorgeous and the images are just amazing. I am going to Hawaii this summer with my family and have been *dreading* the swimsuit search deeply, but I this post is incredibly encouraging! You all look beautiful, and I appreciate all of the honest suit intel.

5 days ago

This was a lot of fun to read. Y’all look amazing!

5 days ago

Way to go team. Love seeing such unbridled confidence and beauty. Your happiness with yourselves and each other shines through. Got turned on to Somersault by you all a year or two ago and I love my suits. Thank you

5 days ago

You are goddesses. And I hope you know how meaningful it is to see normal women on the internet. So. Much.Love.For.You.

Elizabeth Sims @calafiahomedesign
5 days ago

This shoot just goes to show that rigid beauty standards are so lame—all of you are just so vivacious and gorgeous! Truly, you all look so beautiful. What a feel good accompaniment to my morning coffee!

4 days ago

Thanks team for doing the real work—my decision paralysis, lack of local options to try on, and hatred of shopping for swim suits in general means this post is really helpful. What a fun, positive round up! You all looked so happy and amazing! Love how supportive this group is.

4 days ago

Everyone is stunning!!!

4 days ago

**Huge rounds of standing applause!!!** I have always been both impressed and inspired by your annual swimsuit posts. The bravery cannot be underestimated. On the surface, it’s a great service showing all these suits. But on a much deeper level, it makes me love our female bodies, in all their gorgeous colors & sizes, that much more. Here’s to us and all the judgers can just suck it.

4 days ago

Love Em’s hat. Can we get a link?

4 days ago
Reply to  Carey

I think it came with the house!

4 days ago

You all look fab! But why do we never address the real elephant in the room of bathing suits?? That’s right, I’m talking pubic hair. Why do all suits require you to shave or modify it in some way, even ones that are supposed to be “inclusive” like these??

Please for the love of god give me some boyshort bottoms! I just want to be able to go swimming any time without any beauty routines beforehand.

4 days ago
Reply to  Mara

here here! i now wear swim shorts that look like biking shorts, and sometimes swim leggings from Lands End, along with a long-sleeve swim shirt. way less sunscreen and way less skin cancer risk, and i’m always comfortable. let’s normalize this!

4 days ago
Reply to  Mara

Amen! And you gals all look lovely, happy and beautiful. Great photos also.

3 days ago
Reply to  Mara

Yep I just started going into the swim shorts with a bikini top realm. It’s one thing to do maintenance for a pool day with drinks etc, but I’m not doing enough to make a random splashpad weekend with kiddos at eye level to that area a good idea lol

4 days ago

What a great selection and wonderful photoshoot! All of you look amazing!

4 days ago

Thanks for the review! I love SummerSalt. I ordered the side stroke previously based on your gushing reviews and was surpised that there is no padding – I felt the nips were on display :/. Nobody has mentioned it here so perhaps it was only a problem for me. Just FYI though for anyone who might order one.

3 days ago
Reply to  Val

A great solution to this for all bathing suits: CAKES Body nipple covers! They’re game changing, for swimsuits and many other clothing situations.

4 days ago

You all look absolutely spectacular. WOMEN! So gorgeous. Congratulations. And thank you.

4 days ago

Y’all look mahhhhhvelous! I love seeing swimsuits modeled on real bodies.

4 days ago

Gorgeous! You all look so happy.

2 days ago

My knockers were knocking! Emily ;D !!
Thank you for sharing, girls! Lovely!

1 day ago

To the ladies that wore the backflip swimsuits, did you find the straps slid down?

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