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7 VERY Cute Summer Outfits I Wore For My Last Target Shoot And Highly Recommend

Last week we had a big Target fall shoot so per usual I shopped for wardrobe to wear in the photos/video and also per usual I found some VERY, VERY VERY cute lightweight summer pieces at Target right now. I had to bring some options to set and while I only wore two outfits for the shoot I wanted to show you everything else I got and loved. Also, this is not at all sponsored. I just thought since I had them for the shoot, I might as well show you in case you are in need:)

Blouse | Pants

That shirt is SO CUTE and I definitely kept it. It’s got my name written all over it. The collar, the sleeves, the seam details – it’s a solid blouse that is awesome. The pants are actually shockingly good (for being high-waisted and pleated) but I’m not selling them well in these photos. I don’t really need slacks right now so I ended up returning them, but for those of you looking for more business casual I found the cut very flattering and cute. Plus the rust is a fun and slightly unexpected color.

Blouse | Skirt

Here we have a solid chambray blouse that is a bit oversized in a good way, and with this awesome gingham skirt that I’m wearing right now. I’m wearing a small in the skirt and it doesn’t cut in AT ALL (such a pet peeve of mine). It’s so easy to wear, cute to tuck in, and I can even wear it over a bathing suit -it feels that casual and easy.

Blouse | Jeans

Another great summer blouse (for $20) with cute eyelets and ruffles and just easy and breezy. This one is more see-through FYI, but I just found it so easy to wear and casual.

Blouse | Jeans

I couldn’t decide which would look better on camera – blue or white and they didn’t have either in small so I got the white one in XS and the blue one in a Medium and loved both. The blue one is oversized but still so cute and easy to wear.

Blouse | Jeans | Shoes

Those are my summer jeans that I wrote about last week – a couple times actually. They are EXTREMELY comfortable, have a cute cut, nice wash and they are the jeans that I dig out of the laundry every time.


How cute is this dress??? Mallory said it was a bit baptismal and she’s not wrong (I likely have an attraction towards it because of it). I’m certainly not innocent of wearing many a sister wives’ dress, that’s for sure. The sleeves are so cute and the skirt is lined (YAY) so no slip needed (I can’t own anything that requires a slip because I won’t ever wear them).

Dress (unavailable online)

I did NOT predict that this would look good on me – I thought it would go pretty “maternity” (and it is would be a great maternity dress) but it doesn’t. It drapes well, ties nicely in front, has sweet buttons and those big sleeves obviously are so cute. I wore it this weekend because it is VERY easy to wear, lightweight (it’s getting very hot here) but still looks like I’m trying.

Head to stories to see what else I tried on that I didn’t buy. And remember – buy what you need:) But if you need some lightweight, easy to wear, and very affordable cute summer clothes I can honestly recommend all of those above. xx

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24 days ago

Hi, you are the cutest. Obsessed with the last rust colored dress, any chance I could get more information about it? Determined to find it 😩. Thanks, Marushka PS. Very sad to see you leaving LA💔

24 days ago

I. Wish. Target USA. Would. Buy. Out. Target. Australia.
Your Target is fab.
Ours is crap.
Boom! 🎭

23 days ago
Reply to  Rusty

I hear you Rusty! As a recent expat to Oz from the US and a Target obsessed one at that, it’s just not the same.

23 days ago

I bought the white shirt and the blue shirt because they are adorable and because they came in XXL. I hope they keep expanding their larger sizes!

23 days ago

You look beautiful in the white dress. Hope you kept it and will wear it often. Very flattering.

23 days ago

Cannot wait for the the puffy sleeve trend to die and be buried.

CS in DC
23 days ago
Reply to  Sev

No way! Puffy sleeves 4eva!!!!!

23 days ago
Reply to  Sev

Yes, please…
A nightmare for broad shoulder gals with DDs! Send high waisted pleated pants to the morgue as well. Really, all high waisted pants. Ugh, there is a reason they went away the first time.

23 days ago
Reply to  Sev

I admire them on some people (like Emily who is able to pull them off) but I have flashbacks to my Junior High prom whenever I try on puffy or bell sleeved tops. Just too much fabric for me. Life is complicated enough without worrying about my sleeve getting caught in my car door…!

22 days ago
Reply to  Sev

They look cute imo but I almost always need a sweater or blazer in AC for warmer weather and obvs in colder months too…and I can’t figure out how to make that work with puffed sleeves.

23 days ago

I love and place a lot of trust in EH and this is the only blog that I read the posts, scroll all the way, click on the links and try the products. I know that you/Target can’t satisfy everyone, and I hope you’ll forgive my venting my consistent frustration with Target for some years now. I love seeing the fashion on EH; I love that her style preferences differ from mine, and that Target has a robust women’s department that caters to many styles. However, in the last 5-6 years I have not been able to buy a single article of adult women’s clothing from Target because the sizes have gotten bigger. As a smaller-statured person (5’4″, 105 lbs) I am swimming in their smallest adult sizes (when I can even find them in stores). In fact today, I tried on a cart full of apparel, and walked out with nada, all because of fit issues. I know it wasn’t always this way because I have some gorgeous pieces from Target’s past designer collaborations that fit perfectly. I am 100 percent in support of offering more inclusive sizing, especially for individuals who are looking for sizes larger than the… Read more »

23 days ago
Reply to  LMH

Thank you for saying this- I am 5’0
tall, 100 pound and small boobs so for Emily to wear an XS top is disappointing for me! She looks amazing! But I can barely fit any of it. And I know,I am small but inclusive sizes should include the opposite direction! Yes,I can purchase items in the girls section but my woman’s body is still built differently and obviously the styles are different.
I also wear a size 5 shoe and can’t buy any woman’s shoes from them but I can from Zappos,Nordstrom’s, etc but would like to have target as an option. They moved their size 5 to girls styles only.
Le sigh! I know I am preaching to the choir!
I feel your pain!

23 days ago
Reply to  Dena

I feel you Dena. Just because kids’ clothes fit me, doesn’t mean that should be my only option to purchase off the rack. Also (a bit of a soapbox here) but I think that sizing that ventures into 0, 00, 000 *cough J.Crew cough* is like literally being told my body is equal to nothing, and even less than nothing. I know this is bigger than one brand, but I really think there is something invalidating and possibly unhealthy about how brands treat small sizes. I also realize that women of larger statures may feel the same way, especially considering the stigma that fashion once placed (and still does) on larger physiques. It’s annoying and it’a wrong. I’m sorry you deal with this too, if we ever bump into each other in the Cat & Jack section, we can laugh/cry together.

21 days ago
Reply to  Dena

I too basically stopped reading when I saw Emily wore an XS. I have a LOT of thin privilege and It’s still much easier for me to find clothes that fit than for some of my larger friends, but I wish they would keep the same smallest size and just make more larger ones.

23 days ago
Reply to  LMH

I think some of this is that styles in general have trended towards loose fitting/oversized, so pretty quickly us shorter people are swimming in fabric. At 5’2″ and 140 lbs (though in high school I was about 100 lbs and remember how tough that was too), I’ve always had to be careful to try on Target clothes before buying unless it’s something super easy to fit like a t-shirt, but with covid last year the dressing rooms were closed and I basically gave up. I bought one pair of linen shorts with a smocked waistband assuming that shouldn’t be hard at all, and my normal size medium was so oversized (both long and baggy) that I passed them to my 5’8″ 160 lbs cousin who now is 4 months pregnant and still wearing them. That’s just crazy – she usually wears XL shorts. Other cheaper clothing stores have this issue too, but I agree, it’s still frustrating to see Emily wearing an XS top and have it still look loose because then there’s no hope for those of us that have smaller chests. Not Emily’s fault at all, just commiserating with LMH!

23 days ago
Reply to  Jessie

Thanks for commiserating with me. There’s so much to love about Target—the price point, the diversity of styles, the right mix of casual/work appropriate, etc. So it’s an even bigger disappointment that all of this cute stuff just isn’t an option for me.
Jessie, you’re right that recent trends have gone toward flows, looser, more voluminous styles, which can overwhelm a small frame, but there’s a difference between styles that look bad on small statures and styles that are obviously made to not fit small statures. Target (IMO) has chosen to neglect smaller statured women in their apparel manufacturing process. It sucks, and I wish Target wasn’t represented as this “accessible” apparel option when it just plain doesn’t work for a whole demographic. I understand EH has a strategic corporate partnership there, so these posts aren’t really guided by what’s good for readers, but just maybe the acknowledgement that it isn’t as inclusive and accessible as it is portrayed would be nice.

23 days ago

I have the blue shirt too and it is so good! I wish they would make more blouses and dresses with big collars! 😍

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