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5 Fun & Unexpected Summer Office Outfits (Surprise It’s NOT All Chambray)


I’ve changed. It’s a summer fashion post, where I embrace the colors orange (!) and brown (!!), with white pumps and only one piece of chambray (besides jeans) so it’s basically as if you don’t know me. I don’t even know me. I even have an outfit I call “The Closer” because well, it’s what I’d wear to close a deal (which comes in handy as I have two massive pitches next week). But dressing yourself for work in the summer is hard. It can be hot (although raining while we were shooting—thus the frizzy hair, but when is it not??) and while all I want to wear is maxi dresses, it’s nice to feel pulled together and look like you care. If there is one message you want to send to your boss every day let it be ‘I care’.

Now everything is from Nordstrom, my not so secret, secret shopping weapon, so you’ll see a mix of splurges (I think Ulla Johnson is going to bankrupt me) with some more affordable brands. I have a ton of on-camera shoots coming up, so I justify the splurges (can I get through one post without apologizing?) but hopefully there are some pieces that you are into, too.

summer outfits
blazer | shirt | jeans | shoes

Up first is my brown/rust/clay blazer/wide leg combo. I know that I swore off high-waisted-wide legs (due to my short torso situation), but then I found these which have this magical cuff at the bottom that is strangely stiff and architectural. Because their proportions are so wide they trick the eye and kinda make you look smaller if you are into that. They are stretchy and comfy, not stiff so they are great weekend pants, too. (You know how I feel about weekend pants).

The jacket is oversized and a linen blend that is super easy to throw on and those mules are about as leopard as I’ve ever gotten (but VERY open to animal print right now and about to jump in fast and deep).

summer outfits
blazer | shirt | jeans | shoes | sunglasses

Meet “THE CLOSER”. It’s a modern power jacket, with modern pumps and white wedgie jeans (with no holes as to look super professional and POWERFUL). And why do sunglasses make you look like you don’t give AF? Also, does anybody else’s father or father in law make the ‘do you need to borrow some money to buy new pants?’ joke when you wear jeans with holes? So I figured it was high time I bought ONE pair without holes (plus this is the new trend – no holes, by the way via Who What Wear and Manrepeller). These are VERY good and since they are Levi’s they aren’t a fortune. They have that modern straight leg that everyone is talking about and are stiff while still being comfortable (if you buy the right size, I think these are 27s whereas the 25s that I can barely squeeze into make me worried about the future of my lady parts).

summer outfits
blazer | shirt | jeans | shoes | sunglasses

That girl is smiling WAY too much to close a deal. If one wants to be perceived like a bad-ass, one has to act far cooler.


summer outfits
jacket | top | pants

OOh …  she’s got a secret. Perhaps it’s that Wranglers are back, which I didn’t see coming but I suppose Levi’s paved the way for the even more utilitarian denim brand. On the top of my body, you have my summer denim jacket (that cinches nicely at the waist) and a VERY cute blouse.

summer outfits
jacket | top | pants | shoes (similar)

There is a lot of detailing on that blouse that I love – the little princess sleeves, the victorian ruffle around the neck, the stripes that aren’t too busy. It’s a great one for work, too as it has a lot of life and fun without being too crazy busy.

summer outfits
top | pants

Next up is my usual ripped denim + white victorian blouse + nude shoe combo.

summer outfits
top | jeans | shoes

The jeans are Levi’s Wedgie and are stiff enough to really keep you locked in, in a good way. I’ve been donning those shoes for a while and love the height they bring, while still being very comfortable (they come in five other colors as well).

summer outfits
top | jeans

How sweet is that top? It has so much pretty detailing and so easy to throw on an look like you care, but it’s actually super comfy.

Lastly, my splurges.

summer outfits
top | shorts | shoes (similar)

I bought this shirt for the press party I was hosting for the Atlanta job, but then I jumped in a pool, fully clothed at a friend’s birthday bash (along with many other people) the weekend before and couldn’t wear it because it had to get dry cleaned. But it’s such a special shirt and one that I will wear at nearly every special occasion for the next year. It’s fancy so it’s not really a day time shirt, but I could see wearing it to an extra special meeting (ooh, maybe I’ll wear this to the pitches this week with white pants?).

The shorts are ridiculously cute, flattering and make me feel really good. You know I love a short, but these are awesome because they are beyond my typical ripped Levi’s shorts.

summer outfits
top | shorts | shoes (similar)

Now depending on your job, you might not want to wear such short shorts with high heels to work, but I love this outfit for a daytime work event, of which I have a lot.

There you go guys. Some of my summer favorites (for work) from Nordstrom. One of my go-to stores for, well, almost everything.

In other news, while I was doing this I realized I couldn’t add clothes without releasing some. So instead of donating to a thrift store, I’m going to be selling everything online (Poshmark, likely) in hopes that it actually reaches a person/body who will wear them and not just sit in a Goodwill or landfill. Profits from the sale of my clothes will go towards the Flash Makeovers that we do for families transitioning out of homelessness (and if you want to donate more, head here and be sure to watch social this week as we have a big install on Thursday and Friday with the reveal next week).

Happy summer fashion. And should I keep those fancy shorts for my fancy day-time occasions????

***Photography by Veronica Crawford for EHD, styling by my amazing friend Suzanne Thune

****This post is in partnership with Nordstrom but all words, designs and selections are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands we love that support the blog.

For more of my favorite fashion, head to the Fashion & Beauty section of our Shop page. We’re adding new stuff to that every week!

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Adorable adorable and cute and fun and great. You’re gorgeous! My style is completely different and I still love these posts (which is saying something for a sponsored post!). Thanks for doing you so well.

Auburn Daily

Same! Totally different style (and Ulla Johnson’s stuff looks AWFUL on me though evidently that doesn’t stop me from continuing to try it on) and yet I love these posts.


Thumbs up to every outfit here. It’s a great mix of pieces that don’t all look the same. You know, I resisted the wide leg trend myself for a long time but just found a pair that I think actually look good on me. I haven’t taken the plunge yet and actually worn them in public but soon!

I love these fashion posts!

go for it. plunge, plunge, plunge!

Loveley of

i love a lot of these pieces, ESPECIALLY the fun denim shorts at the end. i want them!

Samantha Zutler

Keep the fancy shorts! And these are my favorite posts on your blog. I usually buy at least half of the pieces, and am slowly refining my wardrobe thanks to you – if that makes you feel like you need to apologize any less. 🙂

ha I just might. and glad to hear you love these posts. they’re really fun to work on, too!

Samantha Zutler

I love your blog, but this is the only regular feature I track. Every Saturday morning I check! Part of what makes these posts so compelling is that they are attainable – some spendy pieces, some not, everything sorta goes together (especially if you like chambray 🙂 ), and the clothes aren’t too precious or “styled” – all of the reasons that fashion blogs can be intimidating!


I love every single outfit!

Mariya |

so glad to hear! thank you


LOVE that last top! I’d love someone to do a “the look for less” version under $100 🙂


Hi! Could you please mention the name of the blue clogs you have on? Thanks!


Although I always look forward to your fashion posts, I especially loved today’s ! My professional dress code is a bit dressier than yours, so while I admire your shredded jeans, I would never buy them. But today’s outfits: wow! So many of these pieces would be happy in my closet! You look great in all of them, but The Closer is my fave! Keep these stylish and professional outfits coming!

thank you! xx


It’s very nice to see you go beyond chambray and blue! I super love the first look with the clay linen blazer and wide-leg jeans, the “Closer” look, and the fancy top and jean-shorts the best of all.


Love the blue top, love the fancy jean shorts but don’t love them together. Too froofy and try-hard. Blue top and white pants. Simple top with fancy jorts. Love those shoes for either combo!

Jamie S.

love all of these! and please sell me all of your old clothes.


Hola Emily !!! Me encanta …todo lo que haces!!!


Love these looks, but I’m baffled- is it an American thing to wear long sleeves and jackets in summer? I’m in Aus, and it would be too hot & sweaty to wear long jeans, layers, jackets etc.! I love the shorts though!!


I’m right there with you Kristie. I know it’s gorgeous every day in Cali but here in Missouri it’s over 90 degrees in temperature AND 90% humidity daily from late June-early September. I might be able to bring a jacket to wear IN the office, but no way am I wearing it outside or in my car.


Lovely, Emily! Again, as always, appreciating your love for all things beautiful (and your hilarious antics) while simultaneously giving back in some form. Love it. Admire it so.
X, F.

Regine from The 256 Project

I love the short-sleeve blouse, shorts and platform shoes combo!

Kim R

What is the name brand of the royal blue suede sandals ( with cute shorts) in the last photo of this blog ?
Love them!
Fabulous taste!

Susie Q.

What makes your wide leg jeans so flattering and cute is that they hit your leg right above the ankle, whereas on me they’d hit mid-calf. I love your fashion posts, but I have to remind myself that what looks good on you may not look good on me, sigh!! I like the fancy shorts–they remind me of something you could buy at Benetton or Esprit back in the late 80’s 😉

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