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Summer Is Coming…They Said As They Drooled Over Emily’s Life-Changing Swimsuit

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Happy spring folks! Now that it’s after the vernal equinox, we’re basically required to talk about it as often as possible until it gets so hot, we just roll over into complaining about it instead. Example: After a big ole sunny tease of a weekend (last weekend when it was 85), we were immediately brought right back to reality with the need for sweaters and umbrellas. WEATHER TALK IS FASCINATING, HUH? Anyhow, a happy bright (SPRINGY) spot in our week was the celebration of three EHD team member’s birthdays and us reaching 780K Instagram followers (THANK YOU!). It was great because we were finally ALL together. With all the recent shoots, we’re all damn near strangers with half of the team being out of the office multiple times a week. Needless to say, it was a very happy reunion. 🙂 Speaking of birthdays, what we have decided to do for birthdays is buy a pretty vessel and fill it with compliments we all write to that specific person. It’s the BEST and makes everyone feel so good. We can’t recommend this enough for any person you need to get a gift for. But enough about our lovefest, let’s get to our links…

Now that we are seeing the first signs of spring and summer is nigh, Emily has found what sounds like the sisterhood of the traveling one-piece swimsuit. She describes it as the best swimsuit she has ever owned and is worth every penny. It slims the waist, has great chest support and shows just the right amount of cheek. Plus, the fabric around the bum is laser cut so it lays SO nicely and doesn’t create any unwanted bumps. Everyone in the office wants one now. 

We know that the world has been raving about it nonstop but it’s for good reason: Shrill on Hulu is everything the world needs right now and Aidy Bryant is a shining beam of light. Do not miss this.

Now that EHD book #2 is fully underway, Velinda and Erik (the book styling assistants) have been finding some amazing new companies. Let us introduce Filling Spaces. They design everything in Portland, Oregon, and are dedicated to fair wages and comfortable working conditions for their artisans. It’s a good, conscious company that creates beautiful work. We are really loving this pouf. 🙂

The parenting book, How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen: A Survival Guide to Life with Children Ages 2-7 by Adele Faber and Julie King is Emily’s new favorite. It’s a lot of stuff she already knows but man, to be reminded of the tricks and tools to make parenting less agonizing and more ENJOYABLE is always such a good thing. They have a new version specifically on how to talk to little kids so they will listen and listen so they will talk. The original however is a parenting classic/staple.

Emily’s other favorite parenting book is Now Say This by Julie Wright. She is endlessly fascinated by the fact that men don’t really read parenting books, and would love to ask the audience if their partners do. Brian will read any article that she sends him and he likes her to give him the Cliff’s Notes of the books, which she thinks is great. But she finds it so interesting that reading up on how to raise children seems to be a female sport/hobby despite the fact that modern millennial men are so involved. LIKE, SO INVOLVED.

Speaking of Emilys and parenting (well…cat parenting), Emily Bowser is a cat person (that is the understatement of the year). She literally owns a meat grinder because in her less busy life, she made them raw food. You read that right. But she also loves having things shipped to her because she’s busy (lazy). Smalls, a REAL cat food company, is great because they walk you through a short survey to figure out your needs and then they will text you to make sure you’re ready for a new shipment and if you need anything adjusted. Her cats love it and the packaging is also amazing and totally recyclable.

Michael was recently was served an ad for the cutest jacket but it turned out to be a fancy brand and cost THOUSANDS of dollars. And so instead he found something VERY similar in style from H&M…for only 50 bucks! Yay!

Arlyn lives in a super long, kind of narrow apartment with thick plaster walls from the 1920s, i.e. a home that was not made with wi-fi in mind. She tried extenders, getting a new router, and the only thing that helped was the Orbi mesh system. It’s pricey, but she says it’s honestly some of the best money she’s spent in her new home.

Time for a home tour, no? San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, is one of Jess’s favorite places in the world. So when this stunning home tour by designer Michelle Nussbaumer popped up, her heart basically stopped. It’s colorful, rich, full of vintage and highlights the design essence of that magical city.

Magical city to a magical skirt. Sara is in love with this leopard print silk number from Urban Outfitters. In her opinion, it’s the best dupe for the Réalisation Par skirt that’s been all over the interwebs. She loves it just as much as the $200 version.

Ever since Bowser got everyone in the entire office into Enneagrams, Grace has been loving reading articles to see what it says about her (she’s a 6). This one about the best morning ritual for each type was a fun read. 

FRIENDLY PSA: Serena and Lily is having a crazy sale where EVERYTHING is 20% until TOMORROW. These are a few of our favorites: This hanging chair, this throw pillow, this throw blanket and this wallpaper.

Arlyn really connected to this article about JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) and all of us are here for it.

When Ryann stumbled across this date night idea, she asked herself Is there anything more LA than this? It’s a curated date night for two that apparently ends in being serenaded by a famous musician. Created by one of the producers of The Bachelor (WHAT?!) and Ashton Kutcher. But don’t worry, if you aren’t in LA, Airbnb experiences are all over the world and you should definitely check them out.

Need some amazing feel good empowering music? Look no further than Lizzo. Jess can’t turn her music off and has been non-stop dancing around her apartment.


In the spirit of our compliment-filled week, we wanted to give you all some because why not…

You are beautiful inside and out.

You have the best taste in blogs.

You are strong.

You are incredibly supportive.

You have great feedback (but seriously).

And you are appreciated (and not just by us).


Have a great rest of your weekend and dance around your living room. See ya tomorrow. xx

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3 years ago

Hey! I really love this blog and have enjoyed the new link ups a lot. But, having a swimsuit described as the ‘sisterhood of the traveling pants of swimsuits’ and then seeing that it only went up to a size 12 was kind of a bummer.

3 years ago
Reply to  Katrina

Agreed. Was sad to see a “slimming” bathing suit modeled on a tiny model too, and then that paragraph followed up by the Shrill rec. Seemed a little tone deaf!

3 years ago
Reply to  Katrina

Why was it a bummer? There are plenty of clothes and shoes I see that don’t have my size. So what? It’s not like this is the only swimsuit for sale on the web. Not every post has to appeal to every single reader. Sheesh.

Wouldn’t life if a little less stressful if, next time, rather than complain … we all just … let it go?

3 years ago
Reply to  Samantha

because sisterhood of the travelling pants is literally about a pair of pants that fits EVERYONE. I’m all for not letting the small things get to me, but it surprised me too that the “swimsuit for everyone” is not for 70% of American women.

3 years ago
Reply to  Katrina

To be fair, the company’s Instagram account did have a plethora of different body sizes/types represented in the swimsuits… I get it, especially as a pregnant woman right now when nothing looks good on me, but it seems like the swimsuits fit more than the average model.

3 years ago
Reply to  Katrina

I’m six feet tall and no item of apparel that’s ever been highlighted on anyone’s blog ever comes in my size. Unless it’s a “tall blog”, and then there’s like ten total things to choose from on the entire world wide web. I literally have maybe two swim suits to choose from if I wanted to get a one-piece. It sucks but clothing is just not in line with most bodies.

3 years ago

I need to know everyone’s enneagram number STAT. Is Emily H a 3w4? (That’s my best guess). I’m either a 2w1 or 1w2.

3 years ago

Filling Spaces is going to make a dent in my bank account. Cool find.

Deepali Kalia
3 years ago
Reply to  Christa

Thank you team EHID you made our day!

3 years ago

Are there really people who have $230 for a swimsuit?!?! My budget for swimsuits is $40 max

3 years ago
Reply to  Sara


Natalia Saddi
3 years ago
Reply to  Sara


3 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Ditto. Well – max budget about $80. $230 is nuts

Paula Carr
3 years ago

Now that Michelle Nussbaumer room is MY style.

3 years ago

Aaaw this was such a sweet read! Glad y’all had a fun, celebratory, compliments-filled week and thanks for sharing with us 🙂

3 years ago

The dads and parenting books thing- HA! YES! I like to think that my group of friends and I are a group of cool, modern, feminist Christian women, and our husbands are all rock stars- seriously great, involved dads. BUT none of the dads want to read parenting books like us gals. What gives?!

3 years ago

I’m so over swimsuit brands that only use size 0-4 models for their marketing. Over. It. Those pics give a person zero idea what it might look like on a different body type. Hire some women with curves – they’re not hard to find.

3 years ago
Reply to  nicole

There are swimsuit brands that use models with the body type you want shown. Why are you demanding this particular brand cater to you? So how will thin women ‘have an idea what this might look like’ if they ‘hire some women with curves’?

3 years ago
Reply to  Sandy

Hi Sandy,

A lot of brands now a days are including a range of models in all sizes on their sites (Madewell, Everlane, JCrew to name a few), so it really isn’t too much to ask. As a size 8-10 I find myself shopping more on these sites than places that only show size 0 models.

3 years ago

I LOVE “How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen” Too!!!!! I am lucky enough to live near Julie King and I bump into her at the gym all the time. I have sought out her local workshops so many times. She is the best and from her I have learned so much. FYI she does online, live, Skype-style workshops. They are definitely worth it. My husband does not read parenting books, but I have found that he observes me after I try new techniques or go to a workshop and if what I am doing obviously works, he magically “adopts” the new trend. If I told him to do something, he probably wouldn’t do it. Now, he just sees what works and does it. About the swimsuit–how is that the “right amount of cheek”? Is it just me or is anyone else pruding away from this bottom hanging out trend? I’m in shape but naturally curvy and I don’t want my bottom hanging out. I CAN do it, but I just feel too exposed. Why can’t I find a full butt coverage string bikini like Roxy and all other brands used to make in the 90’s? It’s all or… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

Yup! And it’s even worse when there’s a seam down the butt crack. Wtheck?! I was @ Target the other day,.saw a giant swim suit poster…and at first thought, “oh nice!! They showed her stretch marks….oh wait, that is A LOT of butt cheek.”. Ive been buying coordinating athletic shorts to wear with my tankinis bc I need my butt to stay covered and can’t find a suit that suits!

3 years ago

I really love these link posts, but may I make a suggestion for better readability? Perhaps you could try a bullet point format, with the link first, and then all the annotations? I don’t always have time to read these word for word, but would love easy access to the links. : )

*Emily’s fave swimsuit
Alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the text down here.

3 years ago

if i want to buy one parenting book for my 6 year old which one would you recommend to start with? the original, or the little kids one?
Great post btw. thanks.

3 years ago

Finally, someone mentions that reading parenting books falls on the female! My partner is the same way – he’s all for becoming more knowledgeable about parenting especially with a 2.5 and 4 year old. But he has yet to read a book even after I’ve suggested them. I have read a few parenting books, but they are a struggle for me to get through. So I decided I’m not reading another one until he’s ready to!

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