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Styles suggestions, please?

So i mix a ton of styles on the show.  Everything from ‘atomic kitsch meets industrial’ to ‘global boho meets mid-century’ to ‘scottish country meets southern belle’ to ‘hollywood regency meets country club chic’ to ‘art deco meets 70’s glam’, etc etc.  and its kinda important not to repeat.  But truth is here is a lot of women want global (moroccan-y awesomeness) or traditional, the men like mid-century or rustic, and a lot of people just want a pretty version of pottery barn.  I like doing all of them truly, sure some more than others (the one i finished last week was tropical beach meets classic urban man and i LOVED how it turned out.)

But my question to you, dear loyal readers, is what are you dying to see?  is it more stylized interiors or more liveable pottery barn like interiors?  or a mix of both?  I want to do the widest variety of interiors possible to keep the show exciting each week, and i need help with brainstorming styles. Sometimes even the styles that i tend to not like, like ‘tuscan’, for example are actually a super fun challenge because i truly believe that any style can be cool with the right shopping and styling.  

So bring it on, list em on up…and we are still casting so if you or someone you know has a wacky style (seriously, the cookier the better) PLEASE audition.  (LA area, only unfortunately). 


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