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Style stalking….Scott Horne




Oh look who’s popped by.  Why if it isn’t Scott Horne and his portfolio.  He’s one of my very best friends in the world. And an awesome stylist.  You might recognize  his work most from Blueprint magazine, or practically all Proctor and Gamble ads (all the good ones).  He’s kind of the best.

What’s that you say, Scotty? Really??  Well, that would be lovely.  Scott has graced us with an interview, everyone.  How special.  I’ll play ‘me’.


Me:  Hi Scott.
S:  Hi.
Me:  So I see in  your portfolio that you styled a shoot with Laura and Jenna Bush. how great!!!
S:  Uh, yea…
Me:  did you make any Bush jokes?
S: No, I try to not talk politics at work.
Me; No, not Bush, stupid…….bush
S: Stop.
Me:  She’s pretty hot though, huh?
S:  Which one? and it doesn’t matter, I’m gay.
Me: Yes, Gay for Jesus, who isn’t?
S: This is annoying.
Me: No, but seriously would you do her?
S: Fine, you’re a child, but I’ll play along, which one, Laura or Jenna?
Me:  Gross.  You’re really sick.  (Ahem) Regardless.  My readers are always asking me as a prop stylist how do I keep it all together?  How do I balance work, my maid, my multiple full bank accounts, etc, etc, etc, etc.  I guess what i’m asking is:  Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
S: Oh, this.  Right.  Fine.  Will you make fun of me if I answer?
Me: If you answer Jacob.
S.  wow. Did you get your interviewing skills from Dick Cheney? This is stupid.
Me:  Thanks so much Scott!!!! Such a pleasure!!!

But seriously, Scott is the best.  You’d be lucky to have him.





pretty pretty pretty pretty.

Oh and he’s AWESOME to work with, a regular riot. I heart you Scotty, and your pretty pictures.


Here’s my first post about Scott.
Top pictures I don’t know who shot, Scott do you? The last three, I think are by the awesome,  Kate Mathis, and not sure about the Bush’s.
oh and Scott had nothing to do with that interview, and probably soon nothing to do with me.

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