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Studio Sale


It’s time. The ‘Every Other Year Studio Sale’ is happening next Saturday, September 19th in Eagle Rock (LA). It’s a lot of stuff leftover from projects, shoots, DIY supplies, baby boy stuff, clothes that I fear will never fit me again, etc, etc, etc, even some larger vintage furniture. It’s a lot.

A lot of the smaller/best vintage stuff will remain on The Flea, but there is still A LOT more to sell – I’m so overwhelmed by “stuff” that it’s slowly making me MAD. You’ll meet “Purging Emily” and she practically gives things away (although I’m having my team help me to price things accordingly).

To get the details on the sale, and a to see a sneak peek into the larger pieces of vintage furniture I’m selling, sign up for the newsletter and then email this link [email protected].

To sign up for the newsletter follow these steps


Since they are bigger I wanted you to have some advance notice so you can measure, plan and arrange delivery. If you are SURE about a piece and can pay in advance, you can pick up before Saturday – but no pre-studio shopping. Otherwise bring cash, some shopping bags and some body gear. We’ll provide the mimosas.

See you all next saturday. xx



Fin Mark


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I’m so excited about this! I just moved to a new apartment and it was just waiting to be filled up with Emily Henderson pieces. YAy!!!!


Im reading this from my comfy bed here in Kuala Lumpur.. How I wish to be there & enjoy those awesome pieces;)


A while ago you said The Flea would be updated on Labor Day week, but I didn’t ever see it happen. Did you change the date and I missed it?


Wondering too. 🙂

Same ! There were a few items in the preview I loved…


Alison Brislin

Have just moved back to CA, in Highland Park.
Perfect timing for this sale!


There is no sidebar on the mobile version of your site, and a newsletter sign up “box” does not appear at the bottom of the page on mobile, either. I also can’t get one to show up by requesting desktop version. Can you include a direct link in your post?

Why can’t I live closer to you, this looks amazing!!


I rarely regret living on the East Coast, but right now…

On a totally unrelated note, watched “Frozen” on the weekend (NOT the Disney version) and your doppleganger was starring….Emma Bell. I kept saying to my husband, “She looks just like Emily.” Freakin tense movie.

Brittany Fish

Just signed up for the Newsletter! Was the info already sent out?? Hope I didn’t miss it!


I still haven’t received the info, and I signed up yesterday…will you send details closer to the day?


This is so exciting! Can’t wait to be inspired! Thanks for doing this.

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