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Some Outdoor Furniture Picks

Thank you so much for all the how-to suggestions. It’s like doing 1/2 of the work for me. Now if i only knew how to use my new fancy camera (or was a normal person who read instructions…..)

In other news its perpetually summer in Los Angeles. When i first moved here from New York i was so bored by it, and now i love it.  Although you NEVER know what month it is, which is a strange feeling.

 My back yard is dying to be re-landscaped (pics to come, but trust me, its sad) and furnished so its on the brain.

I’ll probably end up going with vintage because thats how i roll (and there is a lot of awesome vintage outdoor furniture in Los Angeles) but for those of you who don’t have quite the access, here are some of my favorite online AFFORDABLE outdoor furniture picks.  

This set from West Elm is totally challenging my vintage desires. It’s just so goooood:

Or Here:

It’s half classic windsor chair, half mid-century and for outdoor furniture? its dope.

That bench is supreme ($329) and could live in an entrance inside as well. Link HERE. 

Lets talk more affordable, Ikea:

$59.99 Link, HERE.  These are inspired by mid-century folding chairs, that i love.  Two of these, with a drum table in between them and call it a day.  A summer day. 

Also, i love this chair inside:

I like this one, too for a more comfortable option, but not the biggest fan of the color of the resin rattan:

But for $89.99 you can paint that.  

How do you paint something for outside, you ask? Prime the hell out of it, and then use EXTERIOR paint. I know. Seems way too obvious. But i had to do some outdoor makeovers on a $1000 budget so i wanted to paint terracotta pots a fun color that would last outside. 

So i called my contractor and was like, “What, oh what, do i use to turn interior furniture into exterior furniture?’ and i was expecting a long ass answer about using oil based paint, sanding between coats, sealing with 4 coats of polyurethane and letting it cure for like 4 weeks.  

Instead, the answer was ‘Buy exterior paint.  Then paint it’. (Yes, you should prep it by priming and sanding ideally, depending on the surface). 

So picture this chair in a kelly green, hot pink or navy.  Now you are talking.  Link HERE. 

In general i like most of ikea’s outdoor furniture and for the price, its pretty tempting.  But i need to move on, this isn’t a sponsored post after all.

Oh, you are very cute.  It’s from Gallant and Jones, and the frame is $115, while the fabric sling is $330. But she is pretty adorable, and yes, less affordable but that is a very unique showstopping colorful fabric for that price. That particular pattern will always provoke good memories because i used it in the Glass House challenge on design star as fabric on the walls.  You can also buy its buddy:

OH, but i just found these two patterns as well:


Oh mah goodness you are very, very cute. Those pink and white stripes kill me, and i always have a soft spot for anything ‘retro tropical’ (which is why Florence Broadhurst is my favorite wallpaper designer ever).

Link for both all HERE. 

My inner cape codian prepster is loving Lands’ End updated classic adirondack chair in bright colors:

They are $250, and they have accompanying ottomans and also come in yellow and red (and smaller kids versions, too).  Link HERE.  

I shall sit in these whilst wearing tartan, unironically, and sip Sloe gin fizz’s.  

For a cheaper version (that doesn’t quite have as good of a shape) check out Cost Plus’s:

 $99.  Obviously its a massive savings, which is good, but it’s a ‘you get what you pay for’ kind of situation.  

They also have this chair, which is pretty adorable for $16

Stick four of those around a fire pit at a mid-century house and boom.  Cute and Chic. I do want to see this in person to make sure its not really cheap looking, but from a distance the shape and color are good.

And always a favorite, $180 from Two’s Company

One of thse is going inside at the lake house, by the way.  Nothing says ‘fun, casual lake house’ like a hanging chair.  Link HERE. 

Lastly, i love the color of these green outdoor chairs from Crate and Barrel.  $199 each.

Look at it inside, too. 


I started shopping for rugs, but got overwhelmed  – there are a lot of good rugs and lighting out there right now for outside so i’ll do a seperate post for that. 

Meanwhile i really want to be here:

Or here:

And here:

Or here:

I mean. 

Question to you:  How do you feel about outdoor furniture inside?  Obviously it has to be the right piece, but i’m pretty pro it…Especially if its vintage wicker/bamboo or metal.  (i’m not talking sofas, just pretty chairs or stools….)



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