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Shopping With Emily: Give Me That!

Guest Blog By Orlando

Dear Emily’s Readers,

Thanks for letting me come on the blog and blog about the stuff I shop for with Emily. This is my first week entering this blogpost myself, so please excuse any formatting issues (i.e. HUGE pictures). Emily and I have been having a lot of fun shopping for our clients and below are some of our favorite finds.

The first finds are all from the vintage stores on Lankershim in North Hollywood, which you can find on Emily’s Shopping Guide.

This chair is for our bachelor pad. Probably going to in a reading room. When Emily and I shop, we often ask ourselves “Would you have this in your house?” and we only buy it if we would want to take the piece home. Both of us love this piece so if the client didn’t like it by chance, we’d be fighting for it (Emily would win). $200.

This campaign console has great hardware. And a terrifying paint job. $125

We liked these mid-century bedside tables for our bachelor, but they were a little pricey for us. $800/pair.

Emily bought this adorable elephant for her daughter’s room. Who doesn’t exist. For more information on this disease, go to (Just kidding that’s not a real website). $125.

This mid-century dresser was impeccably lacquered and was SO chic. I never use red but seeing this made me want to bring it in somewhere. It’s so pretty and dramatic. $1200.


A glamourous credenza. Love.


This credenza was only $125. We almost bought it but it had a slight warp to it. But I still wanted it a little bit. Sometimes I’ m too much a sucker for a bargain. 

As soon as I saw this I knew there was no question that Emily had to have it. I mean, it’s a gorgeous brass trunk table. What’s not to like? Emily practically skipped down the street holding hands with this thing once we bought it.

Hay, Desk. What your name is? $800.

Simple mid-century credenza. I can’t remember the price but I think it was around $500.

This looks like a typical mid-century chair, but the scale is what made it cool. It’s large and in charge and ready for you to come lounge in it and read your latest book club book (which, sidenote, I’m totally behind on). 

I thought these two chair were pretty adorable.

This adorable lacquered dresser was $1200. I want to be an adorable lacquered dresser that costs $1200.

How cute is this bedroom set? It’s, so, like “Valley Of The Dolls.”

We got this leather desk chair for a client. It’s so comfy and warm. $250.

Hey! Little ship! Sail on over to my house!

I made my way to the Long Beach Flea Market on Sunday. Sadly, Emily couldn’t come because she had a family function to go to. Thus, I spent the whole time crying and walking up to random blonde girls, asking them if they’d like to shop with me. They all said no. And it was raining. It was the saddest day of my life. Aside from these finds…

We looked at this bench here a few months ago and it was still for sale. We both love it but the only thing is that it’s SO long. Someday, we’ll have a client who needs an uberbench. $300.

I love this screen, and wish I had something in my apartment I wanted to hide so that I’d have a reason to buy it. $125.

Check out this delightful chest! Totally rad hardware and $35. Yes!

This was my favorite piece of the day. It was $300 and it’s likely going next to the fireplace in a clients gorgeous living room. I am keeping it safe and sound in my apartment right now, giving it complements and making sure it’s happy while it waits for its home.


For some reason I’ve been thinking about file cabinets a lot. They came up a few weeks ago so I’ve been wondering if cute ones exist. Every time I see a cute one my life feels more rich and meaningful. $100.


I took this picture because Emily has a cat named Bearcat. Sometimes when I visit her apartment she screams at me for not paying enough attention to Bearcat, who likes to sit on your computer whilst you work. So adorable/inconvenient.

The following find was the crowning achievement of the day. I found these adorable ladychairs for my apartment. I kept changing my mind on them. Wondering if buying them would accidentally turn me into an actual woman. But in the end I bought them because A) they are cute and B) they were $200 for the set. 

I plan to reupholster them in grey linen to make them slightly less girly, but they’ll always be a feminine shape. Which is kind of okay with me because I have so many sharp masculine lines in my apartment. And on my face.

Here are my new chairs in their new home. Enjoying the view over Laurel Canyon Boulevard. I’m, like, so happy.

I hope you enjoyed this shopping trip. I’m going to go makeout with my new chairs now.





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