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I may have lost it.  why? because i think i’m going to wallpaper a wall in my apartment with this pattern:

Now, now listen. I know that I want something crazy, bold, big, exciting, etc etc, and yes I may get sick of it in 2 years.  BUT, i don’t think we’ll be in this apartment much more than three years (unless I can be convinced that a baby can sleep in a walk-in closet and still grow up to be a normal sun-loving child).  So, is it a waste of money if I can’t take it with me to my next home? probably.  But i’m bored.  and I looked for fabrics that I could  cover my walls with instead (check out four posts ago) but I couldn’t find any that had the same drama and impact that weren’t $97 a yard.  I’m going to look at it in person today and if the colors are right, i’m going for it.  Just one wall – er, two.  And if nothing else it’s going to be super exciting for a while….
Here is why I love it:

It’s a take on a traditional pattern while being super large in scale, making it more current.  The colors are bright, and unless i find out differently in person, they will work well with the whats happening in my living room (although below is living room 1.0, i just rearranged it, added this enormous 4×6 foot vintage swiss flag – a red cross, basically, and edited the art/added a couple more – and yes that is popcorn ceiling, i don’t want to talk about it).  Also, as much as I love a a pretty neutral pattern, the space that i’m putting it in gets almost no natural light, so i think it would look dead and flat.  The wall i’m wallpapering is around the corner from this room, fyi.  It’s the entrance wall into the kitchen and would go up and over the large doorway.

Here are the backups:
Love them both.  I love that this chinoiserie is almost like a mural, but it’s a bit periwinkle for me (I think. i’m going to look at it in person today) and might be almost too matchy with my rug.  the green Susan Hoodless one, is amazing, but the scale is a bit too big for the space and its metallic amazingness would get lost with the little daylight situation.
opinions?? on a scale of 1-10 how fast should Brian buy a2 strait jacket for me?

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