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Setting the Table with Parachute’s New Table Linens

My love of washed linen started when I was 23 as an assistant stylist working for Martha Stewart and it is just as strong today. Well, one of our favorite bedding companies, Parachute, has entered the tabletop game and they are killing it with their first tabletop linens collection. We styled out two different tablescapes in my dining room for your viewing pleasure.

But first, a lecture on linen. Not all linens are the same – some never really get soft and some will get soft in the middle but super wrinkled and crinkled on the outside – in a way that is ugly and you need to iron them. For magazine food shoots I’ve ironed 2,970 napkins in my life but do you think I’m going to iron my napkins at my house???? Of course! Right after my sheets! While the soufflé is cooking! These linens are higher end and more expensive than most big box stores, but they feel and look like they’ve been washed 50 times. They don’t get deep wrinkles, and instead just lay in the most lovely way. I think we steamed out the middle crease of the placemats because they came folded, but everything else looks just like this right out of the packaging.

Ok, lets get into it. First up is a more “casual” dinner party setting:


I have a lot to tell you about the furniture (post coming soon, we are backed up on posts!) but we are here today to talk about these pretty linens.


We went with placemats and linen napkins, but no runner or tablecloth (you kinda have to choose between runner and placemats unless your placemats are a totally different finish or round). Their whole collection is super neutral which is easy to mix with other neutrals or more muted colors.


I’m pretty obsessed with this whole vibe and now that we have a house that is so good for entertaining I may even have a dinner party at some point in my life. Due to the having two young kids thing I probably wouldn’t use these on a daily basis, but I sure do love looking at them, and the fact that everything is machine washable makes it very family friendly.

We kept the centerpiece super simple, with just varied clear bottles and wildflowers. My friend Scott helped style because, well, I am slammed and he did a great job pulling together my vision (per usual).


The stripe and gray combo is simple and classic, and styling the napkins to fall over the edge is always a favorite of mine as it adds dimension, texture and interest to the whole table. If you are into the look of this setup, then we have pulled together a “get the look” below. But keep scrolling for the second table setting.


1. Water Pitcher | 2. Drinking Glass | 3. Salad Plate | 4. Dinner Plate | 5. Soup Bowl | 6. Ceramic Bowl | 7. Linen Placemats | 8. Linen Napkins | 9. Cloche Bud Vase | 10. Vardagen Carafe | 11. Tessa Vase | 12. Wood Handled Flatware

Next up is a more formal dinner party, with more linens from their new collection.


I never want it to change. Here’s a secret – I kinda thought I didn’t like tablecloths anymore, I guess because they seem like work (you usually have to iron them) but the quality of this linen really only requires that you throw it on and the texture adds so much warmth. It’s like you are all of the sudden in the French countryside.


We chose some more formal dinnerware and flatware (both antique silver) and paired these more decorative style glassware with them. Rather than using full sets of silverware we mismatched all the silverware which gives it a collected and casual look so that it doesn’t start feeling too fussy. It also is a fun idea for parties as you can gradually add to your collection when you pick up a few new pieces at the flea market or thrift store and as long as it is all one color it will work together.


While I have my upholstered dining chairs that I LOVE, the look of mixing these chairs is so compelling and tempting to me. It just feels so unique and happy.


The napkins are a colorblock combination of their pretty tonal neutrals – so the whole collection really works together and can all be mixed and matched.


I want to eat at that table, assuming someone else is doing the cooking.


Their linens are beautifully made and are spun in one of Tuscany’s mills by artisans who have been weaving linens for over 80 years so you know they are not only high quality but are going to get better and better with age. If you have ever tried their bed linens then you will know how soft and wonderful they are. They also come preshrunk, and are Oeko-tex certified (meaning no harmful toxins or softening synthetics are used in them). We had so much fun playing with them and creating these two very different looks for you, and if you are into either of the looks then be sure to click through for some of the items that we used to help you get ready for your next dinner party.


1. Decanter | 2. Ceramic Candlestick Holders | 3. Linen Table Runner | 4. Linen Tablecloth | 5. Linen Striped Napkins | 6. Salad Plate | 7. Dinner Plate | 8. Vintage Flatware | 9. Serving Plate | 10. Bud Vase Trio | 11. Drinking Glass | 12. Wine Glass

***Photos by Tessa Neustadt

*And I know you are all dying to know where other things came from (update this week!) but real quick – dining chairs from Candelabra, pendant from Rejuvenation, curtains from Calico Corners and cabinet from Target.

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6 years ago

I LOVE that you have the mismatched chairs with the table cloth one!

I think the upholstered chairs are fantastic, but was obsessed with the idea of mismatched chairs. If only you had storage room to save them for when you want to use a table cloth!!

6 years ago

FYI the first set of cutlery is a knock off of a classic Dansk design.

6 years ago

Wowwww, how beautiful. And relaxed and no ironing. In love!

6 years ago

Emily, I know this post is about Parachute (and man their linens are absolutely gorgeous and you all styled them perfectly), but SERIOUSLY… your etsy dining table and Rejuvenation pendant are SPOT ON. Loved this sneak peak.

6 years ago

I think the first look is more my style but I love the bold stripe napkins in the second look. For anyone who loves the china in the second look but can’t swing those Kate Spade prices, you can get 8 placesettings of Mikasa Cameo Platinum china, the exact same look, for $200 on Amazon.

6 years ago

Lovely tables! I love the shape of those soup bowls in the first, casual look. Any chance of a source for them? The link leads to a Target bowl of a very different and ordinary shape.

6 years ago
Reply to  Sheila

I agree! I would love to know where to find those casual soup bowls too. The shape is very different than the Target ones listed.

I wish I could reach through the computer and touch them – they look so soft! I’ve been meaning to update some of my table linens. I’ll have to give Parachute a closer look. Thanks for bringing these great brands to our attention!

6 years ago

i feel like a dinosaur here but i was taught not to make flowers or other centerpieces so tall the people across the table can’t see each other. i realize this is a photo shoot set and not an actual dinner party but sometimes the cognitive dissonance between what works, and is civilized/respectful, for real life and what doesn’t makes a real difference to me.

6 years ago

I love both of these so much, the first is so summer and happy and I can’t wait to steal a few of these beautiful ideas. Going to have to grab myself some of those beautiful napkins.

6 years ago

I love this table inspiration.. please do more of these, they are so helpful when it comes time to set the table for a party and I need a little bit of inspiration from the experts.

Karli N.
6 years ago

OMG. Just when I thought Parachute couldn’t get any better they go and introduce table linens that look so soft and perfectly wrinkled. Going to have to head over and look at everything. Thanks for the inspiration!

6 years ago

could you please tell me where i can get the ACTUAL bowls in the first picture – not the ones from target that are not at all graceful.
thank you!

6 years ago

Where did you find that beautiful dress?!

6 years ago
Reply to  Beth


6 years ago

Love this! Could you please share where you got the dining room table?

6 years ago

wow ….. that so lovely

6 years ago

Any coupons to use for the parachute site, having been such a big fan of their linens hearing from your blog 🙂

6 years ago

Love the formal dining setting and linens. The look is attractive and inspiring for future dinners to aspire.

6 years ago

thanks to you … i have more ideal about its

6 years ago

i will share this post to all my friends

6 years ago

Their whole collection is super neutral which is easy to mix with other neutrals or more muted colors. I like

6 years ago

I love, love that glass cabinet!!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Karen

SAME! I looked for it online but couldn’t find it. Any chance you could share a link to it? I remember watching your Instagram story where you were setting it up and fell in love with it!

6 years ago

Need of Galaxy S9 edge.

6 years ago

Love the setup! Love the color of the napkins! Perfect!

6 years ago

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6 years ago

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6 years ago

Wowwww. So beautiful! Lovely tables

6 years ago

so beautifull