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Welcome to the post all about our future TV room. It’s not much now. BUT ONE DAY SOON it will be a cozy, intimate, moody room where we cuddle to watch TV and take afternoon naps. Because this room is so small, we decided it was a fun place to take a few risks, and trust me when I say we’re getting RISKY. But first, let me walk you through the room’s history…

Sara Moto Listing8

This is what the room looked like when we bought the house, back in October 2018. There was a single bed in one corner, and it felt a little depressing. But those two big windows were pretty awesome and I knew this could be turned into something cool.

Sara Moto Listing9

This room was added as a strange little addition either shortly after the original house was completed or sometime in the ’50s. We’ve gotten differing answers from different people and haven’t really done the research to find out the truth. Regardless, it was done in a baffling way that created a deep, sharp angle in one corner of the already long and narrow space which had be turned into a closet (below).

Sara Moto Before18

When we decided to reconfigure the layout of the house a bit, we had to make a big decision about this area. Technically, it did count as a bedroom. It had storage and two forms of exit (a window and a door). Apparently the bar is pretty low these days. But the only entrance to our master bedroom and bathroom was through the kitchen, which was not only weird but used up a decent amount of kitchen space in an already small and narrow kitchen (can you sense the theme of our house?). So we made a decision that I know not everyone will agree with, but was the right one for us: We closed up the entrance to the master areas from the kitchen, turned that space into a master closet, and opened up an entrance to the master from this small addition room, turning this “room” into a pass-through space. Already the layout feels so much more functional for actual life, resale decisions aside.

House Renovation History

The truth is, having that third bedroom on the listing when we sell the place would definitely make it more attractive on paper. But once you saw the space in person, you would be BUMMED. On the other hand, all the renovations we’re doing (central heating and AC, new hardwood floors, renovated bathrooms, updated electrical and plumbing) will be FAR more attractive than one weird “third” room. That’s our thought process anyways. It also provided a great solution to our TV problem. This house was built in an era when TV was not everyone’s nightly ritual, so the living room really lacks a good piece of real estate for it. We were going back and forth about where to put that huge thing until we realized we could just…put it in another room. Sure, moving the TV into a smaller room means we’re not going to be hosting any huge movie parties anytime soon, but 99% of the time it’s just Mac, me, and the cats. Now we can have our living room laid out for entertaining and hanging out with friends, and our TV room as a cozy space to cuddle and binge Outlander.

Tv Room Timeline

It’s also going to serve as a bit of a library. I’ve always wanted a library, just like in Downton Abbey. A room where, on a rainy day, I can go lounge on a lush couch reading my regency romance novels until I fall asleep to the sound of the pattering rain outside all afternoon (not that there are many rainy days in LA, let alone ones on weekends when I have nothing else to do). This room is going to be my mini Downton Abbey, done Craftsman style. It’s not a big space, but we’re going to shove as much moody old library into it as possible.

The first issue we needed to address was that sharp corner now that it was no longer a closet, and I came up with what I think is a pretty genius solution (if I do say so myself…which I do). We’re going to build a cabinet and bookshelf in that space. The cabinets on the bottom will use the depth of the space so it’s not wasted but keep it all hidden behind cabinet doors, while the shelves on top will give the room that library vibe. It will also serve as a method to flatten that area out without putting all that wasted space behind drywall. I did the first rendering on InstaStories, and I’m proud to say it’s the version I showed Velinda to help her understand my idea:

Bookcase First Design

You can totally understand what I’m explaining and would know exactly how to build this, right? HIRE ME FOR YOUR RENDERINGS. Sadly, this is not what we passed along to the cabinet builder. Velinda took this idea and ran with it, making it her own and bringing in a lot of nice details along the way. As well as adding things like “measurements” to the rendering *eye roll*. But you’ll have to tune into the post she’s writing about it to get the juicy design details. All I can tell you is that it’s going to be amazing, and there may be a hidden whiskey bar in the works (if we can swing it—literally. UGH, you’ll get this joke later if we can pull it off). Then I’m going to fill those shelves with my vintage oil paintings, vintage books, and vintage objects.

It’ll look something like this…

Sara Moto Progress32

The next thing we’re doing to make this old library-inspired space feel cozy and moody is going for a monochrome look. It’s very much a trend right now, but one that I’m fully behind and excited to explore myself. And this room feels like the space to do it. We once wrote a post over here about why you shouldn’t paint your small rooms white, so I’m using that as my hard evidence to go dark and moody in this small area.

Bookcase Inspor Grid
Image sources from left to right: Livingetc Magazine | Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Tessa Nuestadt | Craftberry Bush | Mia Ahlskog

This means the shelves, molding, cabinet doors, walls, window and door frames, baseboards, and back door will all be painted the same color. EXCITING! We haven’t yet decided if the door between the master bedroom and the TV room will be painted this same color on the TV room side yet, and here’s why. If we DO paint it the same color, it would create a very seamless monochrome look in the TV room when closed. But because the door will swing into the bedroom, when we have it open instead of having a pretty stained wood door swinging inwards toward our bed we would have a dark green rectangle sitting inside our room…but not painting it on the TV room side and instead just staining the door does rather disrupt our monochrome lewk on the TV room side. Happily taking opinions in the comments below.

We also haven’t yet decided on what color to do, but there are some strong contenders (all from Sherwin Williams, because looking at more than one paint deck is emotionally exhausting for me):

1. Foxhall Green | 2. Olympic Range | 3. Rookwood Dark Green | 4. Rookwood Shutter Green | 5. Jasper | 6. Roycroft Bottle Green

Paint caterpillar at the bottom so you can really see how all the greens differ…

Paint is one of those tricky things that you really have to try in a room, and stare at over the changing light of the day to make a decision about. Our walls don’t have plaster on them yet, but I already have all my paint samples. So as soon as those bad boys/walls are plastered up, I’m going to be painting big swatches of each above color and then spending an entire day sitting on the floor of that room just staring. I want something deep, rich, and green but not swampy and not so dark that it appears black. It also has to compliment our couch, which is a slightly teal velvet. It’s going to be a tricky tight rope to balance on, but that’s what makes it fun.

And now, so you’re all on the same page as me and my brain (aka Velinda), here is the current TV room mood board:


Sofa from Article Modern | Rug from Neon Dove (Vintage) | Leather Pouf from Lulu & Georgia | Table Lamp From Target | Roman Shade from Decor View (Custom) | Ceiling Light from Schoolhouse Electric | Side Table from Chairish (Vintage) | Paint from Sherwin-Williams in Rookwood Shutter Green

This isn’t 100% complete because we are trying to source a lot of vintage for this room, and that takes time. But the vibe is there. Right now I have Rookwood Shutter Green as the wall color and I love it, but the computer screen can vary greatly from a real wall. We do have that couch (from Article Modern in Pacific Blue) already sitting in the back of the house awaiting its new home. Will we have TWO velvet couches in our home? Yes. Is this a good idea? YES. I have no evidence that disputes this, and it turns out performance velvet is actually a very pet-friendly fabric. You won’t be able to see both couches at the same time, so we decided that it wouldn’t be an issue (and by “we” I mean me). The vintage rug is from Neon Dove, and was a gut reaction order several months ago when I didn’t even know where it was going to go yet. We’ll be installing custom blackout Roman shades from Decorview in a dark charcoal fabric on both the window and back door (for optimal TV watching ability). And I just made my first ever Chairish purchase by way of that little side table. It’s a vintage French piece, currently painted a gray-blue. But we’re going to paint it black and polish up the hardware to bring in a lot of old-world charm in a cool way. Plus, the drawer will provide remote storage in this no-coffee-table room.

Why no coffee table? Because this room is too narrow for both a couch AND coffee table. We’re opting against a coffee table and instead bringing in our leather pouf for feet resting, and our vintage side table for drink resting. Speaking of TV and narrowness, what is our plan for the TV? This single photo really sums it up:

Design: Shanti Crawford | Photo: Heidi’s Bridge

It’s going to take some behind the wall electrical cord configuring and running, but we want to keep that wall as minimal as possible. Just the TV, wall-mounted, and a small custom-built shelf for a candle and some tchotchkes. We have one of those smart TVs that already has all the Netflix/Hulu options built in without requiring an AppleTV or Roku. But there are three things we’ll have to run to the TV: the power, the internet, and our PlayStation (which is how I play all my Harry Potter DVDs). The hope is to run all those wires behind the wall and either over to the side of couch or into our new cabinet. It’s still a work in process, but we’ll get there.

We’re going to be installing recess lighting on dimmers throughout the back part of the house, just like Em did up at the mountain house. But we’ll also have a ceiling light and fan, sconces on the bookshelf wall, and a table lamp in the corner so there will be lots of options for soft, cozy lighting. And we’ll be getting rid of the door between the dining room and the TV room, so it’s just a clean pass through. You’ll be able to see the living room and dining room from the back of the TV room and vice versa, so it was really important to Velinda and I that all three of these spaces feel like they can relate to one another. Even though this room is going to be dark and moody, the living room is going to pick up its green vibes through the couch and rug. And we’re bringing some dark hits into the dining room to help transition from a bright white space to a moodier one.

Sara Moto Progress40

And that’s where we’re at! There’s going to be a LOT of work going into the room over Christmas break but hopefully, by February of 2020, I’m in this room living my moody romantic Downton Abbey dreams.

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  1. THAT sofa!!!

    1. Agreed!

      1. This must be my favorite post because I love EVERY SINGLE photo. Your room’s gonna look fantastic I love the direction you’re taking it!

  2. I love the look of those plans! I say paint the door green as well – when it’s open, you’ll see the rest of the room from the bedroom as well, so I don’t think it’s going to look too incongruous.

    1. This exactly.

    2. Alright, that’s 1 vote for painting the door!

  3. Paint colors I liked: 6, 2, 4, in that order.

    1. Agreed!!

  4. Would a pocket door work for your bedroom door? Then you wouldn’t have to see the dark color of the door in the bedroom when it’s open.

    1. I was thinking this as well, or perhaps engineering the door swing direction?

    2. Seconding this. Something “barn door-esque” or pocket door would really open up the space and make it a smooth move through.

      Alternatively, definitely agree that having the door swing from the bedroom into the tv room is the better alternative. They’re hinges after all! They can be moved!

    3. Pocket doors are magical, but you need to rebuild the wall to accommodate them. The track has to sit inside the wall, and it ends up a few inches wider than a standard wall construction. Not easily done as a retro-fit. The open door (tucked inside the wall) may also interfere with where the TV wires are intended to go. Similar space-issues for barn doors.

    4. I was thinking of a pocket door as well! But perhaps the placement of pipes and electrical in the wall makes installing one out of the option?

    5. We installed pocket doors in the bedroom for the both the bathroom and closet, but unfortunately aren’t able to do so here (due to bathroom plumbing on the left hand side and cabinet on the right hand side.

  5. Very excited for this! LOVE those inspo images and your plans for the built-in cabinetry. I agree with your layout changes, too – sometimes you have to look beyond what looks good for resale ‘on paper’ and do what works best for you and how you live. Can’t wait to see the result!

    1. Thank you!

  6. Yay Sara’s house!!! What a pleasant surprise this morning.

    I like the more “muddy” colors for a good Downton Abbey vibe so my vote is either foxhall green or rockwood dark green!

    1. I really like Foxhall too!

  7. My husband and I just moved and are doing something similar! He’s a gamer, and I didn’t want to constantly battle the “stuff” that comes with that, so we turned our third bedroom into a rec room with his piano as well. Deep Navy walls, TV in a large closet. We have to add bookshelves, but we love the space, and I love that the TV is truly hidden.

    1. Mac is also a gamer (both PlayStation and PC) 🙂 The front bedroom is going to be his office where he can set up his desk and PC.

      1. I don’t know how much you’re gonna touch that space, but I would really, really love to see that!! My partner and I are slowly updating our office and the inspo I could find was all kinda ‘meh,’ to be honest. Our office is the small second bedroom, and our desk and chairs (we just upgraded to an Ikea countertop for our desk, I’m actually really pleased with it) takes up a solid third of the room

  8. Love the new layout–it makes so much more sense! And I like colors #4 and 6, in that order. I would not paint the door. I just don’t think it will make much of a difference and it will be nice for when you eventually want to change the wall color. And you will want to change the wall color eventually–human nature!

    1. That’s one vote for stained wood door!

  9. 1, 3, and 5 will be too warm/jarring against the sofa I think!

    1. I think you’re right, but we’ll see once they’re all up on the wall with the sofa against them.

  10. This is going to be awesome! Tiny nook rooms are kind of the best.

    1. Cozy, right?!

  11. Gorgeous and a great, practical use of the space. It’s for you NOW, so do what you need! Future buyers will figure it out for themselves, too. I’d add a small furniture piece between the door and the sofa… catch keys, etc for coming and goings through that door, and to give that side of the sofa a drink / popcorn / teacup / whiskey spot!

    1. Oh, maybe something super skinny huh? Good idea…

  12. A pocket or sliding doir would solve your issue and create additional space where a normal door would require swing space. Then you could paint each side whatever color you like! 😊

    1. We’re not able to add a pocket door there 🙁 but that would have solved that issue!

  13. Love the moody look! And making the corner into a bookcase is amazing. A bigger space behind would make a sweet secret door. (Let us know if you need help sourcing the books. That’s our true love.) Enjoyed this post!

    1. Hopefully we can pull it off!

  14. Regarding the bedroom door: I’d switch the orientation so it swings into the TV room. That way, you have more bedroom space and you can paint the one side of the door with no problems!

    1. It can’t really swing into the TV, otherwise it would either swing into the TV or into the bookcase, where as right now the plan is to have it swing into an unused corner of the bedroom. But something to think about.

  15. Great ideas! Can’t wait to see the finished room.

  16. I vote to paint the door green. Also, have you considered removing the exterior door? I noticed you already have two doors to outside so do you need a third?

    1. We hadn’t! We’re actually thinking of removing the door in the kitchen, as this back door is way more useful!

      1. I had the same thought of removing the exterior door. An exterior door into a cozy, library-esque room just doesn’t seem to jive. But you always have to balance practicality with aesthetics, so if you use this door more than the kitchen door, perhaps it doesn’t make sense to remove it.

  17. Loving it so far can’t wait to see Sara!

  18. I love the monochrome look for a tv/library! I hope you will be adding some nice moldings as that is what makes the example rooms really work IMHO.

    1. Yes!

  19. I would do either a stained wood door that complements both the green paint and whatever you do with your bedroom, or, as someone else mentioned, pocket door!

    1. Ok another vote for the stained wood!

  20. I love this! I also just ordered a second velvet couch for my home. I am getting a beautiful green sectional from Rejuvenation to replace loveseats that have been over-loved by my dog and are pilling significantly. Velvet rules!

  21. Well, this is hilarious. We took a small, mostly useless 4th bedroom and turned it into our TV room. We had an odd angled wall that was original to our Victorian home and straightened it by turning it into a built-in bookcase. And then I painted the entire room a monochrome dark, dark green color and bought the same sofa you’re considering but in grass green. Its primary use has been binge-watching Downton Abbey, so we basically have the same room.

    1. WHO ARE YOU?! ARE YOU ME?!?!?!

  22. Very excited for this space! I love the den idea!

  23. Pocket door for sure. As I was reading your explanation of whether to paint the door or not, “pocket door” popped into my head before I even finished the paragraph. If it’s a door that won’t get closed very often anyway, the TV room would feel like part of the master suite without the visual presence of a door, creating more of an open concept between the two rooms. If you want to separate the two rooms or want to feel the moodiness of the TV room alone, simply slide the door closed. I also love your inspiration photo of the TV wall with the floating shelves. Excellent use of space in a small space!

  24. We have SW Jasper in our bedroom…I really love it…it’s almost black in some lights and green in others. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  25. Paint the ceiling the same as the walls!!!! It’s the best, coziest possible move for a dark color. I cannot recommend it enough.

    1. Yes! We will be 🙂

      1. There’s a gif I would normally post here of Snoop grooving himself backward through a room full of dancing people.

  26. I love this plan! My color choice is Rookwood Shutter Green. And a dark room is so cozy. In my last house, I had a dark bedroom and loved it.

    As for going from a 3-bedroom to a 2-bedroom, you made the right choice. The new configuration is so much better. I live in an old house and old neighborhood, and we looked at a lot of houses with funky additions, and they are a turn off. I know multiple families who love old houses and would prefer a nice 2-bedroom over a funky 3-bedroom, so with all your upgrades, I don’t think you’ll affect resale. Plus, I know many people with small kids would love that extra living space.

    I can’t wait for the final reveal!

    1. I feel the same way, but always reassuring to hear it from someone else too

  27. I love the rendering for this space! I can’t wait to see it all come together!


  28. This layout makes so much more sense – honestly when you have buyers walking through and it’s a nonfunctional bedroom there are negative “bait and switch” type feelings associated with the house.

    “It’s *technically* a bedroom” is so aggravating when you’re looking at houses!

    Confused about the original layout – there were two bathrooms for a one bedroom house…?

    1. So, no, there probably weren’t. BUT There was SOMETHING there (we think), maybe a laundry area? And at some point it was turned into a bathroom because when gutted the back part we found all the plumbing fixtures for a bathroom, but they were OLD. It’s a bit of a mystery.

  29. This layout makes a lot of live-able sense, I totally get it.
    Seriously how could you not use it on a daily basis as part of your living space, instead of an occasional guest bedroom, with a likely closed door most of the time?
    Great call! Excited to see it developing. Thanks!

    1. *hands up in the air emoji*

  30. This was great fun to read. I think about painting our home office, which has a cozy sofa, something dark. But I lack the nerve. (Our whole house is painted Simply White, including doors and trim.) Love pretty much every idea and paint color you posted. Also, that pic of the pensive-looking cat is adorable 😉

    1. Our living room and dining room are painted Simply White!

      1. Then I REALLY can’t wait to see how all this turns out. Simply White is great in our rooms that have a lot of light, but elsewhere it can be a little cold. Was surprised so many “experts” call it a warm white. But it’s pretty versatile and especially nice with greens

        1. Wow I feel the same way, I often (mostly at night) wish we had gone with something warmer like “White Dove”

  31. Another bite for a pocket door! It will solve your problem AND give you more space. Hopefully it isn’t too late.

    1. It’s too late!!!!!

  32. Ooooh, I’m so excited to see how it turns out! I love moody, dark colors and would LOVE a room like this! That is the exact sofa I picked out for our front living room, but hubby vetoed it. 🙁 But we got the same couch in tan leather, so I still like it.

    1. We had the same couch in tan leather too! It’s gone to a good home though (my brother’s to specific), and we’re going round three with this velvet version. I don’t want to sound like a crazy person, but I’ve now gotten that sofa THREE times – The full size large leather for our old living room, the loveseat size in leather for my moms living room, and now this loveseat size in velvet for the TV room 🙂

  33. my vote: paint the door!

  34. I vote for Rockwood Shutter Green (#4) and painting the door that color as well!

  35. How would you describe that side table? It’s what I’m looking for in a nightstand and knowing the best search terms would be super helpful!

    Also, we just painted our bedroom all (baseboards etc included) dark blue and left the doors white because they are almost always open and it works

    1. I honestly just searched “side table” on chairish, etsy, and craigslist and went through every single page (with a price filter, and free pick-up/shipping filter).

  36. Are you painting the ceiling? I hope you do.

    1. Yep!

  37. Not too make this any harder than it already is but please try a sample of
    SW really teal 25% darker.
    I think you would still get that dark moody color you crave but it may go better with the beautiful sofa.
    Looking forward to seeing the reveal on this as I have a house with a teeny tiny bedroom that needs to find it’s personality with a new paint job and function. I am considering making it a large walk in pantry as my kitchen doesn’t have enough storage and I could also store some craft supplies in there.
    I hadn’t thought beyond white for it’s new color but now you have me thinking otherwise.

    1. Ahhhh I forgot you can go lighter or darker with paint! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

  38. Can’t wait! Yes to all of it! Also this made me LAUGH: You can totally understand what I’m explaining and would know exactly how to build this, right? HIRE ME FOR YOUR RENDERINGS.

    1. I’m cheaper than Velinda! And your cabinets will be far more creative (I can’t promise functionality)

  39. If the door is wood and kind of caramelly in colour so it picks up the tones in the pouf and the art and the rug – then I say leave it (or find a cool old wood door to use). But my first thought when you mentioned library was to use/make one of those cool pseudo hidden bookshelf doors. I think Home Depot even sells them.

  40. Don’t paint the door! It’s going to look incongruous in your bedroom. A stained wood door reads as it’s own thing; it doesn’t “belong” to either room. And will you be closing that door when you’re in the TV room anyway?
    I also vote for a small drinks table on the other side of the sofa.

    1. I feel like I’m starting to lean stained door too…

    2. I agree that a rich natural-wood door, especially an antique one, would be perfect in both rooms and add to the old-world feel you’re going for. That will give you the opportunity to do some more fun shopping around!

  41. Vote for staining the door. I think it could look weird in the bedroom painted green and I bet you’ll have it open more than closed. Love the cozy monochromatic look you are going for!

    1. It will surely be open more than closed!

  42. Your color choice was my first choice too! And that sofa, oh my, that sofa. Tres jealous! Love the built-in cabinet idea too. This whole little room just rocks. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  43. Absolutely love it, and I think your plans will help resale, not hurt it. As for the door color… if it would be stained a medium to dark color I don’t think it will matter between painted and stained. Maybe think abt which would bug you more – one stained door in an all green room or one green door in a non-green bedroom. Either will be a fine option. I’m guessing you are going to build a bookcase that swings out and maintains the closet space behind it? I hope so because otherwise you’d have to get on hands and knees and crawl through the cabinet doors to access the space behind! I LOVE watching this process.

  44. Love this. I vote for a stained door–it will look like it belongs to both rooms, without trying too hard.
    I painted my bedroom a deep gray (BM Deep Space) because I work night shift, and wanted a cave. I LOVE it. I did paint the trim white–pretty happy with that decision as well. One thing to think about–my painter suggested painting all the “wall acne”, i.e. light switch, outlets, cold air return (everything but the smoke detector, which is clearly labeled “do not paint”) the same color as the walls, which really helps unify the small space. Recommend it, especially if you are going for a total monochrome feel.

  45. Please tell me there will be a secret compartment , (since you don’t have space for a secret room). I saw a false bookshelf in a historic house museum in Salisbury Cathedral Close. It actually hid a bar, but I’ve seen then as hidden doors. You NEED this for Downton Abbey vibe.

  46. Really cool! I can’t wait to see the finished room, although I first read “moody library” as “moldy library,” so I wasn’t quite sure about the vibe you were going with. 🙂

    Love the moody colors. Is there a particular reason that the door has to open into the bedroom as opposed to into the TV room? But if the stain on the door is dark enough, it’ll probably still blend and maybe tie into the book case?

    In any case, this is a GREAT idea. My great aunt had a wonderful old Spanish style house in West L.A. that I lusted after since I was a small kid (sadly, it’s long since been sold), and they had a small bedroom that they used as a TV room (with a leather pouf even back in those days!). I thought it was genius.

  47. Looking good so far! I don’t think you should make choices based on a ‘future buyer’, this is your house to enjoy now. The way I think of it is this: I haven’t bought my house as an investment, I have bought it to have a home I love and make it my own.

  48. Excited to hear your green paint choice as I have that exact sofa and have been looking at similar greens!

  49. Downton Abbey is great and all, but I caught the HP reference, and so I’m going to go with that. This room will be like your own House common room at Hogwarts. I’m digging it. I vote paint the door.

  50. love everything about this project!! Can’t wait to see the finished results.

  51. We had a weird basement door dilemma and had a Carpenter friend make a folding door for it. It’s pretty simple and when folded out, it has the same frame and molding to match all the other doors in our home. It sounds odd, but it looks seem less when closed and almost disappears when open bc the colors continually match the correct wall sides.

  52. Yes! I want a room like this. So cozy.

    The darker colors let your eyes rest.

    This is what I envisioned for Emily’s
    room. ( current play room)

  53. This renovation is one of the favorite things I’ve read on this site! It’s so refreshing to see a project unfold with a more ‘normal’ budget. While I love looking at the design of high end homes, it is nice to see more design for people not in the top 1% income group . I can’t wait to see the finished rooms! Love what I’ve seen so far.

  54. I wondered if you’d considered relocating the master tub during the bath remodel and then reconfiguring that space as entrances to the master and the 3rd bedroom? You’d have your 3rd legit bedroom…

  55. Paint some green design on that door to the bedroom that still allows the beautiful wood to show too (maybe something geometric and asymmetrical?). BAM! Art door complementing the moodiness of the TV and looking like a badass giant rectangular piece of fine art decorating the inside of your bedroom

  56. #4 would compliment the “slightly teal couch.” A clash would be distracting, and predictably mean a new couch purchase in the future, or s repaint. As a survivor of painting a room to match a couch, it’s better to get a wall color you love than worry about matching couches. If the couch clashes, relocate it.

  57. Love the direction! So you really need a door into the room from the kitchen? It seems intrusive in the photo.

  58. def paint the door – the grren will still make sense when its open since you can see into the room and it will be easy to just repaint or sand and stain later if you change the tv room up

  59. Stain the door because wood colors and dark green are SOOOO complimentary. It will be like a piece of sculpture, which will save it from annoyingly not matching the wall. If it’s a totally flat door, maybe consider replacing with a door with molding/detailing? Probably can be found at habitat for humanity or other scrap exchange-type place.

  60. Not sure your still reading all these comments but I just had another bedroom door idea. I went to a bed and breakfast that had an adorable old door to the bathroom. It was double doors, chippy old wood… just really special. Thought you might be able to adapt since you seem to appreciate old things.

  61. I would totally paint the door the same color. It will look so great to not have a distracting door while you’re in there. And when the door is open to the other room, it’ll be a fun little hint as to what’s in the other room!

  62. I would have closed up the outside door too! You have an exit from the kitchen. Loosing a bedroom in a small home can be tough but, this is the best solution for this building. In looking at the 1921 layout – as a Historic Preservationist – I’m sure the bathroom behind the kitchen was added later. It was probably a small service porch off the kitchen and the bathroom was added later. Small homes of this era only had a single loo.
    Super excited to follow along on your project.

  63. I am so excited about your paint color! I was actually getting frustrated with this site for all the white walls. I thought maybe this was a SoCo thing (Northeast here!). I love playing with bold, saturated colors for walls. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  64. I’m only like halfway into this, (and I’ll finish reading in just a minute) but have you thought about maybe doing a barn door and eliminating the swing altogether? You could even tweak the bookcase design to allow a pocket for any door encroachment.

  65. 4! Looks great.. can’t wait to see how it turns out

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