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A Rummage Sale Reminder

***UPDATE! The sale will end when the inventory is gone. The good stuff WILL go early! We suggest getting there by NOON as we might be packing up by 1pm. See you Saturday!

Ok folks, we are 4 days out from the ‘Let’s Rummage for Good’ EHD Rummage Sale and we are PSYCHED. Think flea market + service project in one highly energetic fun day. I gave you some sneak peeks the other day of just a FEW pieces that I have to sell on my insta story, but we have a lot of good stuff for sale and would love to see you there.

I wanted to do this reminder blog post not only to remind everyone that it’s happening this Saturday, March 3rd from 9-4pm with (early bird access ticket holders/donaters from 8-9am. More on that later) but also because we have some amazing additions to the sale I couldn’t wait to tell you about.

But first a recap of what we are doing:

Our annual studio sale is always PACKED with awesome stuff and even more awesome people (you, our readers) who are excited to give happy new homes to stuff we can no longer store or have used in shoots too many times, or just don’t need.

So we decided to put on even bigger, better studio sale and found a non-profit to partner with who would get 100% of the profits from the sale.

Enter Pen & Napkin, the non-profit we’re teaming up with for this epic sale. They are my dream non-profit and I hope to do something like what they do in the future because it’s so awesome and helps so many people.

Emily Henderson Rummage Sale Reminder Post 7

Pen & Napkin is a non-profit made up of volunteer designers who fully furnish homes for families who are transitioning out of homelessness. Catie (the founder and president) told me that thousands of people transition out of homelessness and move into homes or apartments with no furniture – aka, usually just a mattress on the floor. And 50% of these people find themselves homeless again within 1 year. BUT, almost 100% of people who transition into homes that are furnished do NOT become homeless again. If you ask me that’s pretty remarkable. We know the power of feeling proud of your home, let alone the comfort that you receive in having a nice place to sit. Add kids to the mix and yes, it greatly impacts the lives of the families, and thus our future world.

Next, the BEAUTIFUL venue.

Now that we have a smaller office in a non-conducive location for a rummage sale we needed a dope venue. Enter The Ruby Street, a seriously beautiful venue in Highland Park, owned by Zach and Lourdes.

Emily Henderson Rummage Sale 16

This renovated church is now an airy, bright, and modern space. It looks like the perfect spot for an intimate wedding, small conference, creative workshop, or even a non-profit rummage sale (lucky us, right?). The photos are very pretty but don’t do it justice. I guess you’ll just have to come and see for yourself:)

Emily Henderson Rummage Sale 41

On to our new collaborators.

I really wanted to make this a super fun day for everyone (that means the kiddos too). Now I know most kids just love shopping with their parents (HA!) but we thought having games in the outdoor space would be a great way to help them help you shop till you drop. Enter Joymode.

Emily Henderson Rummage Sale Joymode Grid

I didn’t know about them until our amazing event coordinator, Gina brought them up as an option to rent fun games from. They generously are donating their ‘Giant Games’ experience for the sale. Think Jenga, Connect Four etc. It’s going to be so fun. But they have so many varied ‘experience’ options where they give you everything you would need. Some experiences are activities like an ice cream making night or a camping trip with all the essentials (tent, sleeping pads, stove included). Guys they even have a Bachelor Finale Night experience. Sign me up! Joymode’s mission is to help you do more (and have more fun!) while owning less. That is something I think we all can get behind. The only bummer is that they only rent out to the Los Angeles area (currently). But for those of you who do live in LA, Joymode is offering $25 off your first rental. Here is the link🙂

Okay, so we all know things can get chaotic quick with a lot of people so the resisterhoodLA has graciously volunteered their services for the ‘fun management’ of the sale. They will be helping mainly with the games from Joymode. The resisterhoodLA is a group of volunteers that partner with LA non-profits to curate volunteer opportunities. They make it very easy to volunteer and empower people to engage with a variety of non-profits doing incredible work in Los Angeles. In their words, it’s like a ClassPass for volunteering. What an amazing resource when so many of us are trying to figure out ways to help more.

Emily Henderson Rummage Sale Reminder Post 2

Last but not least THE FOOD.

Emily Henderson Rummage Sale Reminder Post 5

Peaches’ Smokehouse and Southern Kitchen is our food truck! I haven’t tried them personally but after looking at all the photos of their food my mouth is watering just thinking about it. All their food is made from scratch with, in their words good, honest ingredients. They also use organic, seasonal produce and humanely raised meat for their BBQ and burgers. I plan to be first in line.

Here are the details again in case you needed a refresher:

When: This sale is happening Saturday, March 3rd,

Where: The Ruby Street, in Highland Park (6408 Ruby Street, Los Angeles 90042).

Parking: Just an FYI no one is allowed to park on The Ruby Street’s block. That’s Ruby Street between N Avenue 64 and 65. People can load after shopping but can’t park while they are shopping. Anywhere in the area else is fine. Just watch for the parking signs:)

What time: The sale is going to start at 9am and go until 4pm (unless we sell out earlier than that – typically things go in the first 3 hours, but we always get a last surge of people that grab all the steals). Early birds can come at 8am (see below on how you become an early bird).

What we need: Anything gently used or new that you don’t need. For this sale we are only selling items that can fit in a car – aka no large pieces of furniture. We’re looking for clothes, home goods, art, books, etc. All in excellent/good condition. It could even be a lotion you got for Christmas that you never opened. ANYTHING that you would buy at a garage sale basically, but that is not broken and is still in good saleable condition. But if you have items of large furniture that wish to donate please email Catie and Ellyn directly at and they can arrange pickup. Those items will likely go straight into a home in need.

Who: YOU, US, EVERYONE. (but sorry no pets allowed)

Donation Drop Off Time: Friday March 2nd from 2-6pm. This is when you will get your early bird ticket for the sale. If you can’t drop off yourself but you have bags and bags of great stuff then email and we will try to arrange pickup. Obviously, use your common sense and don’t make this pregnant mom (she has a 3 year old, too) come and pick up 1 bag of t-shirts just to get an early bird ticket.  But if you have a few bags of great things to sell then between her team and our team, we can try to come pick them up OR you can drop them off at our East Hollywood office or Catie’s home in Los Feliz. Ideally, we’d wait til friday but I also know that 2-6 are working hours and hard for people to get away.

Also you guys are seriously amazing because we are all set for volunteers! Thank you so much for those who reached out and for those still interested we are happy/sorry to say we are full in the volunteer department. But if you want to come early and shop, then donate and you get a ticket.

It’s really going to be a perfect day, and we can’t wait to see who shows up and I’m so excited to see how much money we can raise for Pen and Napkin, and thus how many lives can be changed.

Not to oversell too much but I’ll go ahead and say that we have a good sale full of GREAT things. Target has already donated so many awesome pieces left over from the spa event we threw. We are still open to companies who have goods from last season or samples. We can pick them up (in LA) and I’ll give call-outs on social during the sale. Also obviously any other bloggers or designers can get in this action. Pen and Napkin are a registered 501 non-profit and they can give you a proper tax write-off.

It’s all about using the power of social media and this blog for good, and I think this is going to be SOOOOOO GOOOOD.

Are you as pumped as we are???? Are you coming??

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5 years ago

This is such a great idea – I live in a Canadian “big city”, Edmonton, and this idea plants a seed….maybe we need to start something like that here! Those stats are compelling; thank you for inspiring us all to CARE more about the communities we are in and good on you on focusing on the LOCAL!

5 years ago

Being a Virginia girl, I am so so bummed to be missing this!

5 years ago

ROAD TRIP from Portland!! My friend Amber and I are helping set up Friday and shopping Saturday! We’re sooo excited to help with this great cause!

5 years ago
Reply to  Kristine

WOW! Can’t wait to have you there. xx

resisterhoodLA - Mary
5 years ago

Excited to support such an AWESOME idea. Love when people use their super powers for good. 🙂 Looking forward to Saturday!

Mary / resisterhoodLA

Sandra Fox
5 years ago

Not sure if I can come Saturday, but we’ll be there on Friday to drop off items!

5 years ago
Reply to  Sandra Fox

Thank You! xx

5 years ago

Such a great idea! Quick question – do we get a charitable contribution receipt for donations (aka, for tax deductions?).

5 years ago
Reply to  Lena

Yes, they are all setup and should be able to provide you one with your donation. Email with any other question you might have and Jess from our team can get them answered. xx

5 years ago

Oh.. those are really some awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing. I was thinking if you get time to visit here on my website 🙂

5 years ago

I don’t want to assume – will credit cards be accepted or is it cash only? Thanks!

5 years ago
Reply to  Stephanie

Both are accepted! xx

Kim Miller
5 years ago

Emily, I’m on the opposite side of the world! Actually just the country but it may as well be!
Can I purchase via online any of your items show? Even bid???

Thank you!

5 years ago
Reply to  Kim Miller

Unfortunately it is only in person, but you will be there in spirit. xx

5 years ago

Hi Emily,
Yay!! This is so fabulous! I’m hoping to make it and have lots of stuff i’d like to donate, however I’m 1 1/2 hours away (in Palos Verdes Estates) and can’t make it up there on Friday to drop stuff off. Any chance I can come extra early on Saturday with my stuff in tow? I’d hate to make someone drive all the way out to my place to pick stuff up. Any chance you’ll be selling any of the incredible décor pieces from your previous home, that i’m not noticing in your current home..(.ie: the gorgeous string art wall hanging you used to have in your living room;)??? So looking forward to this!

5 years ago
Reply to  Suzanne

Hey! Shoot an email to Jess who is managing all the pickups could let you know if this is maybe possible. We do have a few vintage pieces from my old home that are going to be in the sale as well as a bunch from my new home but sadly that string art piece won’t be there 🙂 xx

sonja teri
5 years ago

We’re gathering tons of Framed Artwork @posterchildprints. See you Friday!

5 years ago
Reply to  sonja teri

Yay! Thank you so much, can’t wait to see you there. xx

5 years ago

Will there still be games for the kids since it’s going to rain?

5 years ago

I love every thing about this event except it’s not in Seattle. Where I live. Please have someone posting on your Instagram account during the sale so my envy shoots up sky high.

I also have my right arm broken in three places so my husband would have to drive. If we leave right now, I might make it in time… maybe not.

So everybody else, please go and buy a bunch of cool stuff for a great cause.

5 years ago

I’m so excited! Can’t wait to rummage and help support a great non-profit!

5 years ago

I really wish there had been warning that standing in a long line outside was going to be part of the deal. Trucked my whole family out. We were not prepared for the weather or the wait. So infuriating to spend all that time in the car and then we turned right back around. I’m certainly glad to see the Day is clearly heading to be a success – I wish the best for the non-profit and the people they serve.

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