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Rue, two

Alright folks. So i posted the first page of the RUE Mag Article two weeks ago as a teaser, but i kinda want to go into detail about it. what? i like to talk show off my friends.

Ok. So up there on the left (in the middle) is my LA best friend, Corbett with her best friend, Anne and her husband, Andre on the other side of Corbett.  Corbett is who I hang out with every day in LA, besides Brian.  

She and her husband Leigh live stumbling distance away (like 2 blocks) and they are a huge reason why we like LA now.  

She has an awesome blog,  Girl Domestic, that you should check.  Catherine styled Corbett in Lauren Moffatt, who I lerve.  

That wallpaper is insane. I love it so much. Its from Kremelife, in a custom color.  Normally it comes like this:  

 But after the turquoise on my wall fiasco, i am even more convinced that i can’t handle dark colors right now, so I had them reverse it, which they were and are super happy to do.  Her patterns are rad, original, local and super unique.  I still love looking at it everyday.

The guy on the right holding the invite in a very mischievous and almost creepy way is Ian.  And the suit he is wearing is his own, from a thrift store, and we call it the colonel sanders suit ( of Kentucky fried chicken fame) but sometimes I forget what its called and I just call it the chicken suit.  which is confusing, but not all-together unfunny.

Clark Kent up there on the right is my husband, Brian. I know. He’s cute.  Catherine, from The Life Styled, styled everybody.  It was the first time that Brian wore a bow-tie and now when we are at the flea market or thrift stores he is obsessed with finding the perfect bow-tie.  

About the props.  I knew that I wanted to do something super colorful with a lot of energy.  I have a huge prop closet full of tabletop props that are currently being packed up to ship to storage (I will be doing tablescapes in my show and still styling some stories here and there, but for now i’m kinda retired when it comes to food stories).  It was a mix of mid-century and antique, with a lot of pattern.  It was totally messy and completely my style.  

And I love the food still life that David shot.  Marissa Lippert was the chef and food stylist, and it was DE-EFFING-LICIOUS.  

For even more of the story ( I left out the photos of me because, well, you’ve seen enough of me lately) and to read the rest of RUE which is awesome, click here

 Oh and I want to start doing a song of the day everyday, but does anyone know how to do this without this huge icon being on my blog? God, it pains me how stupid i am when it comes to computers.

Anyway, i love this song by Ra Ra Riot, song name ‘Oh La’.

it’s awesome

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