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A Roundup of Last Minute DIY and Thoughtful Gifts

The holidays are right around the corner, which I feel like we have been saying for the last 12 weeks what with all the holiday decor going up so early this year. But, to be precise we have exactly 11 days til Santa comes to town and although we all had high hopes of starting early this year for those special gifts that can’t exactly be purchased last minute from the store, time has flown by and there are still a few on my list that I need something for. Today we have rounded up a gift guide for said gifts. These are the types of gifts that have a little bit more to them than just something in a box. Maybe it is a thoughtful “spa day at home for mom” or a sentimental “magnet set with photos of the kids for grandpa” or a meaningful “DIY chai mix and mug for your friend”. Whoever may still be on your list that needs a little something special – we have you covered today. For the majority of these gift ideas below we have paired up an already existing DIY that we loved with something that can be purchased to add to it to make it feel a bit more special (all which will arrive in time for Christmas).

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1. DIY 3D Planter + Rubber Leaf Plant – We love this DIY 3D planter by Almost Makes Perfect that could work for basically anyone on your list and with Amazon’s new plant service we have the delivery of the plant covered for you too.

2. DIY Pop Up Photo Box – Perfect for those grandparents that you only see once a year, or that mother that is constantly asking you for more photos of the kids. You can use picmonkey to format the photos and then get them printed at your local drugstore.

3. DIY Pickling Kit Gift Box – Such a cute idea for those people in your life that like to can. I am not one of those people but I know those people and man do I love their pickles.

4. Ceramic Mug + DIY Chai Latte Mix – We found this mug from Workday Handmade which is so cute and feels a bit homemade and then paired it with this DIY Chai Latte mix which is such a yummy treat for the holidays.

5. Journal + DIY Color Block Pencils – I am not a journal-er (anymore) unless you count blogging 5 times a week as an ongoing journal. But I did grow up journaling everyday and would love to get back into it. I know my parents still do and I love the thought of making these pencils with the kids and then sending them this together.

6. DIY Mini Spa Kit – There is no one that wouldn’t be into a mini spa kit.

7. DIY Herb Salt – For those chefs in your life, I love the idea of some homemade herb infused salts. It is so easy and such a sweet gift.

8. DIY Speckled Dish + ‘Mama’ Necklace – If anyone gave this to me (Brian) and said that he made it with the kids and then had this necklace in the box with it I would be one happy (albeit crying out of happiness) mama. They also have a  ‘sister‘ necklace which would be such a cute gift for a sibling.

9. DIY Scented Candle + Match Striker – Making candles scares me a bit, and seems somewhat hard but from what I have heard it is actually really easy. I love these ones which have printable labels for the jar. They also come in a few different scents to suit whoever you are making it for.

10. Wooden Serving Tongs + DIY Plant Dyed Fabric – I have been eyeing these wood serving tongs from The Citizenry for some time and pairing it with some handmade and plant dyed napkins would be such a sweet gift for someone who loves to entertain.

11. Cutting Board + DIY Hazelnut Spread – You had me at homemade Nutella and I love this board which elevates the gift a bit.

12. Pillow Sham + DIY Lavender Pillow Spray – I know a pillow spray sounds wonky and a bit weird but I got some in my recent FabFitFun package and I have used it every single night and even if it doesn’t actually make me sleep better I love spraying it on my pillow. We paired it with a set of simple quilted shams.

13. DIY Wood Magnets – A simple idea but one that feels so special. Giving these as a set with some prints that you format on picmonkey and then print at your local drugstore would make any grandma or grandpa SO happy.

14. DIY Herb Garden Starter Kit – I (as you know) have zero green thumbs, but I love this little starter kit that you could give to someone that is a bit more plant friendly.

15. Nicely Noted + Brass Pen – This company recently sent through samples of their cards and I LOVE their business idea so much. Basically it is a monthly subscription where they deliver you a set of letter-pressed cards, envelopes, and vintage stamps based on the season. So rather than constantly having to go out and find a card you have them ready to go with stamps and everything. The only thing missing is something to write said card with, which is why we included a pretty pen. This would be perfect for your mom that likes to write thank you notes and never misses a birthday.

16. Sea Sponge + DIY Eucalyptus Peppermint Shower Steamers – Basically a bath bomb but for those that hate baths. You can use them in your shower and they foam up and give off the essence of whatever you put in them making the shower a heavenly experience. I for one would definitely be into getting this gift.

17. Waffle Robe + DIY Bath Salts – We covered you with the shower lovers on the last one and this one covers those that love baths. The robe is a bit more expensive but if your mom or dad love to spend time in the bath then this is a gift that they will love and is worth the extra bucks.

18. DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub – Simple packaging and a lavender sent make this something that anyone would love.

19. Chatbooks – Their service is pretty amazing. They automatically build books out for you from your instagram feed and then print them and deliver them to an address you provide. Once you have 60 photos in your social feeds (insta/fb) they will populate a book for you, send you an email that it is ready and then you can pop in within 3 days and delete any that you want or add captions before it is sent out to you. So for your mother-in-law that is ALWAYS asking for more photos of the kids think about getting her a subscription to these books which will do all the work for you and feels special all year long when they arrive.

20. DIY Terracotta Painted Planter + Succulents: It might be the mom in me but I love the thought of the kids painting me some pots and then filling them with succulents that we then take care of together. Not only giving me something that feels special but letting them give something that they feel proud of and get to see everyday as we water it and take care of it.

Hope this list helps, and if you have any questions on any of these or have any other thoughtful last minute gift ideas that we may not have thought of let us know below in the comments!

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6 years ago

Thanks to all the articles that you serve. I must recommend your website to friends. Good Luck

6 years ago

Loving all your gift posts! I just made candles for the first time for Christmas gifts and it was SO EASY! I bought a $10 mini crockpot from Target, put a plastic crockpot liner in it, and put the soy flakes in there to melt. From there, it was easy to pour the melted wax into my containers and cleanup was a snap 🙂

6 years ago

Those speckled dishes are so cute! Friend gifts, check!

6 years ago

I am always looking for awesome diys so this is the best! Thanks and happy holidays EHD!

6 years ago

I could use that spa kit after all the holiday stress, im gonna treat myself

6 years ago

Because of you I’m kind of obsessed with match holders/strikers, so I’m excited to see #9! I mean, it’s a little pricey for me, but how cute AND practical is that?? And such a great gift combo with a homemade candle.

I would also love to make #13 and receive #15 (excited to learn about that company!). I don’t think I need to use these ideas for Christmas this year, but totally pinning for the future.

Happy Holidays to you and your team!

6 years ago

You are reading my mind! I was trying to think special gifts I could make for my family. Thank you!

6 years ago

These are sooooo cute!

6 years ago

Thank you for the goodwill of Emily

6 years ago

Also wanted to mention that Chatbooks auto-populates from your “Favorites” photos on your iPhone as well. I don’t post a lot of pics of my baby on social media but I am able to “heart” a photo to add it to “favorites” in the iphone albums and chatbooks still makes the books. It is so easy to use and super quick too! Perfect gift for family members 🙂

6 years ago

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6 years ago

This lists is so amazing and thoughtful. I love the diy mini spa kit. Thank you for the ideas.

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6 years ago

You have always been kind and generous, but today your gesture was awesome. Thank you.

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6 years ago

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