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A Roundup of Affordable Sectionals


Photo by Sara Tramp for EHD

The sectional has long been a place of design-contention in every home when it comes to picking out and purchasing product for the room. Do you include a sectional in the design of the room to create a cozy lounge area that you just want to relax into every time you walk past? Or do you nix the sectional idea and design the room with a sofa and a pair of chairs so the room feels more formal and structured? Our answer… both. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. There are so many good sectional options out there now that give you the comfort you want while staying stylish.

family room sectional sofa blue curtain sconces
Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

Sectionals got a bad reputation after years and years (the 80’s and 90’s) of product that came out that seemed to have way too much stuffing, little curves and out of proportion parts. And it wasn’t just the sectional, read through this post which calls out our number one design mistake of “the generic sofa”. But retailers got the clue and have since been introducing more slimline, sleek and well-proportioned additions to the lineup. With all the options out there you can now find a sectional that can work into the design of just about any room no matter how formal it needs to be. They also give you the option of a little more seating without having to over-furnish your room with a bunch of chairs which makes them great for small spaces. See, the sectional isn’t so bad after all.

pink curtains living room modern pop
Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

But while sectionals have become more appealing on the eyes, they can be less appealing on your pocketbook unless you do quite a bit of digging. And while if you do have the budget you should invest in a piece that can work for many years, not everyone is ready to invest in an expensive piece or has a large budget. So we decided that it was time to do a bit of digging ourselves and roundup a collection of sectionals all online for purchase that are budget friendly. Yep, that is right, 32 budget-friendly sofas all under $1500, with 14 of them coming in at under $750. A lot of these come in a handful of different colors so if you see one you like but are looking for it in a different color then click to see the other options that they have. And just as a reminder these roundups are clickable, so when you hover over the roundups you can now click through to each specific product.

1. Navy Modern | 2. Tomlin | 3. Mid-Century Modern Light Grey Linen | 4. Monterey | 5. Mendosia | 6. KIVIK | 7. Hambrick | 8. Faux Black Leather | 9. Large Navy | 10. Grey Reversible | 11. Grey Futon Sectional | 12. Perrault | 13. VIMLE | 14. Linen Fabric Sleeper Futon

1. Ronda | 2. Inside + Out | 3. Plateau 2-Piece Chaise | 4. Chamberlin Recycled Leather | 5. Ptolema Mid-Century Modern | 6. VALLENTUNA | 7. Bobkona Belinda | 8. Eddy | 9. Selenan | 10. Beckham 2-Piece | 11. Danyel | 12. Pardo Small | 13. Trapez 2-Piece Chaise | 14. Merian Modern High Back Linen | 15. Bickel | 16. SODERHAMN | 17. Chiltern Modular | 18. Lungo Contemporary Fabric

Although all of these stylistically get an A+, we haven’t been able to try out a lot of them in person. So let us know if you have tried any of these yourselves and can give an honest review of how they have held up.

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As a designer, I must say that I am cringing at this post. I would 75% of the sectionals posted above won’t last 3 years. The seat cushions will sag, the fabric will pill and separate from the cushion, the fabric will fade or stain very easily, and it will look like crap very quickly. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! If you are going to cheap out, cheap out on a coffee table, lamps, throw pillows, etc. But PLEASE, don’t cheap out on such a large investment piece that you and your family’s butts are going to be sitting on You will regret it. Plus, almost all of these are made overseas with poor quality materials. Sorry to be a bummer, but I am getting so annoyed at clients who think a $1000 sectional will last them 10-15 years….9 times out of 10, it won’t. And where’s the savings if you have to buy another sectional in 3 years (plus the environmental aspect!)?


But… what if you can’t afford a $2,000+ sofa? Emily didn’t say any of these sectionals would last 10-15 years. Frankly I think that’s asking a lot of any sofa that gets a lot of use, at least in my experience. I don’t think this round up is for someone who has a giant budget, but if you only have $750 to spend and you need a sectional you might as well get a stylish one (assuming it is also comfy)!


I tend to agree. Might be better trolling secondhand stores and Craigslist to get better quality on a more limited budget. The fact is, big furniture is expensive. Some good stuff can look good for years — but even mid-range (like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel) can be hit-or-miss in terms of how good it looks after a few years.


I actually bought a Room and Board couch when they were essentially a catalog about 14 or 15 years ago and it’s totally stood the test of time. Fast forward about a decade and we were looking for a bigger couch and I felt like their quality went totally downhill (aka the “Jasper”) and couldn’t commit becuase I was scared of spending multiple $$$ and not being satisfied.

I like the look of the “Sven” from Article and some other ones from Interior Define, but then you see all these Instagram pictures where the back cushions have become totally wrinkled and saggy — not the look I’m going for whatsoever.

I would rather spend $2- $4k and get a couch that lasts than $1.5 – $2k on one that dies after a couple years, but it seems like if so much is now produced offshore is quality compromised everywhere? I don’t know even where to look? I’m not near ABC Carpet. Clad Home? Argh….


hi! I got the Scott sectional from Apt2B. It’s made to order in Los Angeles. My dogs lie on it and I have a toddler and it looks brand new after one year, so far I’m super happy with it!


Oooh! Thanks for the rec!


Bought an Article Sven leather sofa and YES the back cushions sag so much, it’s crazy. It looks really messy and disheveled, even after just 6 months of very minimal use.


I have the Sven from Article and was worried about the saggy cushions (as seen on Instagram) – but I’ve found that the cushions just need to be turned around every couple of days and they look all fresh and smooth! Very happy with it, though I’ve only had it 6 months.


Just because items have a low price point doesn’t automatically mean they are cheap or have poor quality materials. I bought an ikea karlstaad sectional in 2011 for which I paid less than $1500 that is comfortable and still in awesome shape–despite having a dog and newborn at the time who is now a rowdy 6 year-old boy. It is an L-shape plus a chaise and I’ll more than likely replace it with the updated model when the time comes. The cushions and pillows are still firm, the fabric (removable slipcovers) looks nearly new with no pulls, tears or fading and the frame is still in great shape. Sure, some people want (and can spend the money to get) a sofa that will last 10-15 years, but I don’t think that was the point of this post.


Not everyone has a lot of money to spend. And there are situations where you might not want to lay out a huge sum of money even if you can–it’s for a secondary home, you move a lot and it doesn’t make sense to invest in something that might not fit in a new space, you have a zillion kids and pets (this is me) and know they will destroy it. We have a sectional that was just over this $1500 limit and it is actually pretty good quality. The cushion covers are washable and it doesn’t look nearly as bad as I expected after three years of HARD use.

Lauren K.

I disagree, not all of us are ready to invest in a big expensive sofa, especially if you are still living in an apartment like I am and want something stylish while not breaking the bank. I know one day I will invest in a piece but for now this is perfect for what I need.


I would tend to agree a lot of times you get what you pay for but the thing about cost is it isn’t always indicative of how long it will last in the world of sofas. I have a $600 couch from 10 years ago that apparently was super well made next to a $4,000+ sofa from less than 6 months ago and the $600 couch is in some ways in better condition than the super expensive one of which I’m waiting to hear back on a replacement for.


I agree with you that you get what you pay for, but not everyone wants or needs a sectional/couch that will last them 10-15 years. Over a quarter of the US population rents, and the average tenant in a single-family home stays for just three years (I couldn’t find a number for multi-family homes or apartments). Assuming someone rents five single-family homes over the course of 15 years…is the same sectional/couch going to work in all of those houses? Maybe! Maybe not!


Agree! I have no idea what the quality is for a sofa from Amazon… and there is no way to try it out in person. Id be worried I would spend more money in the long run replacing it. Id rather a round up of furniture you have actually tried out and know it is worth the money- even if you only have under 1,000 to spend.


We got the ikea karlstad sofa in 2013 and it’s still in great condition…surviving 3 dogs (who are allowed on it) a toddler, and a soon to be newborn. The cushions still hold up really well and we love being able to throw the cover in the wash. We will invest in something nicer once the kids are older and the dogs are gone but you can definitely get your $$ worth from a cheap sectional. In fact, we have a beautiful leather restoration hardware sofa that we recently moved downstairs because we are too terrified to damage it.


As someone who has worked in the design field for years, I am cringing at the snobbery of this comment. Design should not be only for those who can afford to drop thousands or more on a sofa. Should someone assume a $500 sofa will last a lifetime? No.
But that also doesn’t mean that someone has to drop a mortgage payment amount on a sofa to meet your standards.

I think Emily & team did an amazing job rounding up beautiful options that are affordable for those who can’t or don’t want to spend a huge amount on a couch.

From a 29 year old who is starting over & just decorated her entire new apt for under 3k using Emily’s beautiful work as inspiration. (And a $300 sofa that looks great, thank you very much)


And then there is the environmental impact of every purchase we make – the use of our precious resources and the issue of disposal, because eventually everything we buy needs to be disposed of. I see so many pieces of cheap furniture on, thrift stores, dumped in empty lots and no one wants them because it is so cheap to buy something new now. We purchased a Mitchell Gold sectional 12 years ago that was far from inexpensive that is still going strong – the cushions are still holding up as is the slipcover. While I see other sectionals that I would love to have in my space, I will make a new slipcover for this one because it’s still good enough. It was an investment piece for sure.


I tend to agree, however, my irritation is that these are mostly ones with a chaise on them. After having 2 sofas with a chaise AND kids, that chaise will fail long before the rest of the sofa and you’ll have 1/2 that looks great and the other 1/2 looks used and abused. So I’ll never buy another sectional with a chaise feature.

I think if you can’t afford a new sofa that is durable, then buy used – there are tons of good options on Facebook Marketplace, Craiglist, estate sales, etc. Patience is the key here – know what you want and what you’re willing to pay and it’ll appear! But also, look at the reivews…for instance that cute blue one on Amazon, has no reviews, and they only have 4 left. But I am curious about Amazon’s new Stone & Beam furniture line – free returns within 30 days is impressive.


To me, this post is awesome, and I beg to differ with Jamie in regards to my own family’s needs. First, we have two young kids and a baby on the way (plus a cat!) – we absolutely aren’t looking for a sofa that will last 10-15 years. We need something that can get spit-up on and cat-scratched and hopefully last us 5 years. I’ve tried looking on CraigsList for a sofa but it hasn’t worked out for me in my local area (plus, my cat will destroy pretty much all previously loved upholstered furniture, presumably because the previous furniture owners also had a pet and my cat is a very dominant fellow whose sense of smell indicates that he is not the first pet to ever sit upon said furniture). True, I could buy a very nice new sofa with Sunbrella or Krypton fabric or a slipcover, but I’ve done some experimenting and dried Play Doh still won’t come out. Second, speaking only for myself, “If you are going to cheap out, cheap out on a coffee table, lamps, throw pillows, etc.” is somewhat misleading. I’ve had an inexpensive coffee table (actually two), inexpensive lamps, and inexpensive throw pillows… Read more »


I’m a designer as well, and this type of commentary drives me crazy. What do you expect someone to buy if they can’t afford a $7000 sofa? In an ideal world would we all afford the best quality items? Yes. But this is reality and many of us cannot do that. I’d love to have a really nice sofa (or bed, or dining room table, or … insert furniture item here), but I have two kids and a mortgage and bills. Also – most people don’t live in New York/Chicago/LA with access to stores with nicer items at an affordable price point. I live in a small midwestern city. 95% of the furniture for sale anywhere within 100 miles is traditional, shabby chic, overstuffed, pretty basic/generic stuff. The closest IKEA is 3+ hours away. The only places in town with anything remotely modern are Target (it has about three modern-ish items) and Sofa Mart (two modern sofas in the entire store, one of which we bought). Our thrift markets and local Facebook Market is full of the same generic overstuffed furniture I can find in retail stores. So if I want something with some style that fits my budget, my… Read more »


I agree with both sides of this argument. Not everyone can afford or wants to invest in a sofa that costs many thousands of dollars. But I also don’t think it’s design snobbery to be concerned about a designer recommending furniture that is so low priced it can’t be likely to last more than a few years. Personally, I have a sectional that held up great for about 5 years and then went down hill fast. For an active family of 4 plus golden retriever, it just took this long to show its limitations. The EHD team is not a consumer advocate group and can’t possibly test out everything they recommend, but I sure wish there could be some sort of audience pollling in place to rate some of these sofas. I used to love reading/relying on amazon reviews, but lately they seem suspiciously rigged to me. EHD obviously has a large following. Maybe there could be more “ask the audience” posts for product reviews?


I think there have been some really great points made on either side. I just wanted to throw in my own point that a cheap sofa isn’t necessarily badly made. Ikea’s Ektorp sofa has a 10-year warranty and when I bought it right after college for my first apartment it cost $399 for the white slipcovered couch. Fast forward 12 years and we just put it in our basement, mainly because grubby toddler hands are terrible on a white couch. It is still comfortable and structurally sound. Was I ready for a new couch long ago? Yes, but it just wouldn’t die. I replaced it with the Sloan Sectional from Interior Define, at a mid-range price point. We got it on sale for $2,400 (my living room is large). I could have spent more on a sofa but I have kids and a dog and I don’t want something so expensive I have a heart attack everytime they go near it.

Mary Grace

Agreed! My grandmother always said, “I can’t afford cheap!!” I am renovating my house so I do a lot research before I buy. Today’s consumer market is made up of cheap materials already starting at high prices that manufacturers make to be disposable. Very frustrating. The better quality items are going to be 25% – 50% more money, but in most cases, it will last you 15-20 years. If you are looking for long lasting products, do your research and save up. Don’t throw $1,500 at a sofa every 3 years. It might be more cost effective and cheaper over time to buy the more expensive but better quality sofa upfront. I bought from for my sectional. Only had it for a few months, but they have reasonable prices for the quality you are getting.


Jamie’s comment is snobby but I want to share what I’m getting… I’m very excited about my new sectional that should be delivered on Saturday.

$1800 normally, I paid less than $1000 before taxes and delivery fees ($1200 ish all in) — plus it’s at Macy’s, so I could go sit on it first. I am very hesitant to buy a couch online because comfort matters a lot to me. Still not the highest quality sofa, I’m sure, but my budget was about $1500 because we just bought a house and most of our money went to that! If this lasts for 7-10 years, I will be happy.

I WANTED the Cloud Couch from Restoration Hardware but somehow don’t have $10k to spend on a couch that my cat will scratch up and I’ll spill wine on.

Maybe to YOU, a couch is an investment piece. To me, it should be beautiful, comfortable, and eventually replaceable.


im over here with my 7yo ikea karlstad still going strong *shrug* Most people in america dont have upwards of 1500 (if not less) to spend on sectionals.


We just bought a sectional from Interior Define and love it! It’s a little more than the sectionals in this post, but we bought during their Black Friday sale so got a great discount. I was really nervous about getting a sectional that we hadn’t seen in person, but after reading a ton of reviews and other blogs, and because of Interior Define’s return policy and amazing customer service we took the leap. It’s gorgeous, really comfortable, seems very well made and like it will hold up to our toddler and her friends. (fingers crossed). Added bonus that we could configure it to the exact dimensions we needed for our strangely sized basement. Here’s the one we bought if you are interested:


Thanks for letting us click on the photo and go to the link! Way easier than remembering the right number and going to the list below. Love your website, and love these round ups! Not everyone can afford an uber expensive couch, and these photos get my mind thinking about different options and websites.


This is EXACTLY what i have been looking for! With three (very) small children, I want inexpensive, but attractive furniture now. At these prices, i’ll feel OK knowing they will get beat up, spilled on, etc. And I’ll still achieve the look i want in my room… And i’ll have an excuse for a room refresh when i have more to spend on nicer furniture. I’d love to hear from anyone who actually owns any of these!


This post is so helpful and I agree with the other readers. Not everyone is ready (or can) invest in a sofa so for those of us looking for stylish options that fit within our price range this is just what we need. Clicking through all of these now 🙂 Thank you for including both the high and the low in your roundups.


I’ve been waiting for this post and while there are a lot of good options, nothing is really calling to me. I’d be up for another level of more expensive/higher quality versions. The sectional in Corbett’s living room (the top photo) is gorgeous and is a great size (these dinky ones with just a chaise smashed on the end are often too petite even for my tiny living room) but it is $7,600! There has got to be options in the $2,000-$3,000 price range which, while expensive, is still doable for two-income professional households like mine. Sorry to complain and obviously I can do the leg work on my own – just wanted you to know that there are folks in your audience craving less budget-focused round ups.


Agreed. That’s my price-point, as well.

On a related note: Does anyone have suggestions on where to read reviews on durability of sofas? I want a sectional that looks stylish while also having cushions and fabric that will survive three kids + friends. I appreciate the design aspect of these sofas, but I wish I could find a site that provides a round-up on durability.

We actually did a kid friendly sectional roundup last year. Here is the link! xx


This is an awesome roundup. Thanks for linking to it!


In that price range, I’d head straight to Room & Board. We’ve been really happy with the style and quality of ours. Mitchell Gold is also supposed to be good quality.


You can check out, joybird, interior define, apt2B
There are some good options there and, although all of them are online stores, return policies are good and color selection is big. I will be looking at one of those sites for my sofa replacement (2-4K) THere are also reviews etc.


If I could do a public service announcement against buying a sofa online, I would!! It’s one thing to order from a Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel after you’ve visited a store and sat on it, but I will never just order a sofa ever again based only on customer reviews. Two years ago I ordered a custom made sofa from the now out-of-business Thrive furniture. They were in CA, I’m on the East Coast, so I only had customer reviews to go by. I loved everything about the experience – the eco-friendly made in the USA manufacturing, the custom upholstery options, the fact that they sewed my name into the tag. I loved everything about it EXCEPT the sofa itself, which seems to be made of the hardest surfaces ever invented. It is supremely uncomfortable. Every review I read declared it the most comfortable sofa ever. I made a HUGE mistake with that one. Everyone who visits my house compliments me on it. The mid-century lines! The wood frame/legs! The vibrant blue linen upholstery! I always just think, yeah, just don’t sit on it! My point is, when it comes to just going on reviews to make this… Read more »


I feel the exact same way about Ikea. I see stuff online & bloggers or pinterest users raving about something and then see it in the store and it’s just crap – especially their sofas, they’re so hard! I find that Ikea furniture is very much a build it and leave it sort of thing. I bought a daybed, was gorgeous, worked like a dream. Sold it and it literally crumbled when the couple was moving it to their trailer. They weren’t as careful as they should have been, but I was shocked at how delicate it was. If they bumped something bolts literally ripped out.

Christine Schwalm Design

One thing I’d say about buying a sofa online after checking it out at the store–see if there is a way to give the person who worked with you in store (explained all the options, construction, etc) credit for the sale. I used to work in retail furniture sales on partial commission. It was always a bummer when I’d spend an hour or so working with clients to pick out a sofa only to find out they bought it online and I lost any chance at the commission I should have earned. Also, buying through the store helps ensure the it stays open. If you want to be able to touch and feel the items (and that’s always a preference for an investment item like a sofa), help the physical stores stay open and profitable by giving them the sale. Otherwise, over time, corporations look at the cost/benefits of keeping that location open and may decide to close it. Full disclosure, I still work in the housewares department for the same company.


Where are the sectionals from in the styled photos you posted? I may have missed the link on those. I love the one in photo two and three. I just bought a sectional for a project on Monday and was struggling. One thing that came up while picking it out was I wanted the stock fabric because I happened to love the color and feel but the sales guy talked me out of it because he told me it wouldn’t stand the test of time and would pill really bad, which I was thankful for his honestly (at least I hope it wasn’t honesty vs an upsell haha-it seemed genuine). Have you done a post talking about fabrics on couches and what will last longer, etc, etc? Would love to see a post like that if it hasn’t been done and if it has how do I find it?!


I bought a Lee Industries apartment sized sofa 3 years ago. Paid just under $2000 for the sofa. Made in North Carolina I believe. Terrible couch. The slip cover doesn’t fit correctly. Never has. I was sent a replacement and same deal. The back cushions sag terribly. I ended up going to JoAnne’s to get filler material for the back cushions. I was smart and had the bottom cushion made as one cushion. This cushion does look good still. But I am so disappointed in the rest of the couch. Going to have a new slip cover made, and the lady is going to re-make the back cushions for me. My Lee chair has held up better than the sofa. But it certainly should since I paid over $1000 for the chair. No children. Just single me until my boyfriend moved in in December. The couch was trashed way before then. Certainly should have held up better. So money spent, does not always equate to quality. I should have just kept my too big couch, and had it recovered. It was a beast in the quality department.


Where is the large-scale art in the second picture from? I’m looking for something just like that for my home. Thanks in advance! 🙂


Click on the EHD link under the photo and it will take you to the original blog post about that room. In short, it’s a commissioned piece from Rebecca Atwood. I think it’s lovely too!


I have #16, the IKEA Soderhamn, and while the back cushions are kind of oddly far apart so they have gotten mushed a bit over 4 years of daily use, I have to say… that thing is kind of the best. It’s as deep as a twin bed with the back cushions off (secret guest bed!), the fabric (dark gray) cleans easily and honestly looks new despite the best efforts of 2 impolite cats and a baby who is now almost 3, and the structure itself is holding up fantastically. I’m a designer, and generally a fan of splurging on such a large item as a sofa, but this sucker is solid. We snuggle into it many times a day. I have been pleasantly surprised.


We LOVE our soderhamn sectionals!!! Amazingly comfortable for lounging, look great, slipcovers are perfect for a house with small kids, and price point is fantastic. We have a Scandinavian modern look and these are perfect. We now have three!


We just got the Burrow sofa a few months ago and so far it’s holding up really well. We don’t allow our dogs on it because they shed like crazy but the material is super stain resistant. It is ideal for a space where you can put the back up against a wall since it’s a flat pack item that comes in pieces but the really cool thing is the fact that you can change the size and layout as needed if you move.

Wendy S. Munsell

I bought the 125″ Ikea Vimle with a chaise last October. So far so good! It’s held up to a household with loads of grandchildren that visit and the chaise has become my favorite spot to curl up. The sectional has temporarily replaced quality leather couch in the living room because I wanted something that could take a beating and would comfortably seat many people at one time. I love the clean lines and think it was a smart purchase for this stage of my life. I appreciate this round up while also understanding that the quality of each product is going to vary


i’d love to see more true sectionals sometime – ya know, where there’s an actual arm at both ends of the ‘L’ and the whole thing has a back. imo you only showed 2 real sectionals. all the rest were sofas with ottomans. they don’t make for comfortable/cozy seating for more than 2 people! who wants to sit for any period of time without being able to lean back?


I’ve got the Ikea Nockeby (~$1k) and have had it for over a year and it’s held up wonderfully so far. I’m very particular with quality, and this one is really good. Aka it doesn’t look shitty in person. I have the one with the chrome legs and it looks good in person as well. Also, you can always switch out the covers as well with something like Bemz.

HIGHLY recommend. It’s so so sooooo comfy. Throw in the ottoman and you’ve basically got a big ass bed in your living room 🙂


It’s amazing how strongly some folks react to design posts. I don’t completely agree with Jamie the designer since it may not be everyone’s priority to spend thousands of dollars on a sectional and I think quality can be found at all price points. And personally, I would hesitate getting a used sectional because I would worried about bed bugs or other things that my mind can imagine and get carried away with, but if that’s not a concern, vintage could be great (biggest example is Emily’s blue velvet couch). I have an IKEA sectional and love that it’s configurable and the covers are removable/washable. Thanks for the roundup team EHD, I’ll def refer to it if/when I upgrade.

Katelynn Ansari

Loving the blue one from Wayfair!! I definitely can’t wait to splurge on a couch when we’re in our house


Oooh what are those plug-in wall sconces with adjustable rails in that second photo? Exactly what I’ve been looking for!


I really appreciate this roundup. More money spent doesn’t always denote long lasting. I have a $700 sectional from World Market going on 3 years and I have 3 children. I don’t have any lumps, the pillows still fluff out nicely. The only reason I’m looking for a new sectional is because I want a different color. I’m definitely bookmarking this round up.


Agree! I have no idea what the quality is for a sofa from Amazon… and there is no way to try it out in person. Id be worried I would spend more money in the long run replacing it. Such a great post to know different useful information.


A couch with a chaise is not a sectional.


I’m reading this while sitting on my 8-year-old IKEA Kivik sectional (number 6 on the Under $750 list) and it’s just as comfortable as the day I bought it. It was starting to look a little worn, so I was considering investing in a new sectional, but talked myself into a new cover instead (only $150). BEST decision. It looks and feels brand new again. So that’s one I’ll definitely vouch for!


Agreed! The Kivik is amazing. The memory foam makes it SOOOO comfortable.


Man!…..Those annoying footer ads are back and they slow things do….w…..wn!


We have the IKEA Vimle sectional, and it’s been excellent. Sturdy, very comfortable for lounging, nice fabric (with slipcovers!), and looks great. Add some cute pillows and a throw, it looks even better.

With two young kids, I need a sectional that isn’t so expensive that I’d freak out every time the kids eat on it/jump on it/draw on it, etc. If I had a fancy Room & Board sofa, I’d be constantly stressing about keeping it looking pristine. Not worth it.

Much-needed post — thanks, Emily!

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