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by Emily Henderson

First off:  The Holiday Special is re-airing wednesday at 1pm on HGTV. All y’all who missed it need to record or watch it.  If you want. 

Second:  I need an intern in New York to help on a house i’m designing here – picture taking, shopping, sourcing, running errands, doing research.  10-15 hours a week for the next 3 months probably. email:  Orlando@stylebyemilyhenderson.com your resume and relevant work experience.  To start asap.

Third:  I love New York, but my god the subway at 6pm is hilarious.  I totally forgot how annoying it is to be carrying 4 bags whilst being shoved into a metal oval with a bunch of other sardines.  But i love it. 

Fourth:  i’m shooting the amazing Scott Horne’s apartment tomorrow for my blog.  I love him, he’s a style genius, and one of my best friends.  

Fifth:  We are taking on 2 more houses in  L.A. before we got back to shooting so if you in L.A., are easy and fun to work with, email lana@stylebyemilyhenderson.com. This is not for the show, this is people looking to hire me to design for them through my design company.

Sixth:  Just got my hair cut and colored by Cristophe at Serge Normant in New York so if you are looking for a total pro that has good taste and will give you strong opinions about what you should be doing with your hair – and then make it happen, call Serge Normant (John Frieda) and book him.  No, he didn’t ask me to do this nor is he paying me. I’ve been going to him for years – making sure i see him every time i’m in New York and crying when i have to find someone in LA who always gives me Jennifer Aniston circa ’97 hair.   

Seventh: what a lame blog post, i know. But its so hard to blog whilst traveling.  No one in New York has good wi-fi and i’m busy as hell.  But its good to be here, indeed it is. 

In other words, normal post tomorrow.  But must go out and eat good food and hang out with good friends now.  I have priorities, yes i do.  Headed to Fedora in the West Village.  Not, however, wearing a fedora unfortunately.  

Speaking of fedora i’m obsessed with Downton Abbey and I simply must start wearing more hats.  And speaking with a british accent. Aso, if you want to intern as a handmaiden i would accept that.  Putting on my own shoes now seems like a peasant thing to do.  

And email me any fun NYC stuff happening this week or this weekend. And if you have tickets to the broadway play ‘Book of Mormon’ i will personally give you a two hour foot massage. I played the piano for 15 years. I  have EXTREMELY strong fingers.  Little musclular sausages, really.  Enticing trade, no?


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