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by Emily Henderson

This was supposed to be your standard ‘I’m pregnant and here is what I’m putting on my body’ post but I just left the doctor’s office who confirmed that this little girl is still breach (which I didn’t really announce because I figured she’d turn on her own and I wasn’t worried about it). Many of you might know that if she remains breach that I’ll have to have a C-section and the truth is I’m strangely fine with it.


Do I WANT surgery? Obviously not, but I don’t really want a super painful vaginal birth either. Both have their pros and cons. The point is that I don’t really care how I get this little one as long as she is healthy. I used to hear women say that and not really believe them because it’s just such a generic thing to say. It’s like when people get back from traveling in France and you ask how it is and they say, ‘Oh, Europe is just so amazing. You have to go!!’ and then you think, can you just say something, ANYTHING original, please? But its 100% true. Drugs, no drugs, natural, adoption, water, C-section, surrogate, moon birth, etc, the fact that women care about it so much has always kinda baffled me when most of the time you can’t control it and then its over and its no longer important (not surrogate or adoption I realize that is a whole other special experience). Maybe its a product of my mom having 6 kids, all different births (well, I think all drug-free because it was 25 years ago) and ultimately the only thing that matters is that you leave the hospital with a healthy little life.

But it still bears talking about. So, I will.

The plan is next week (at 37 1/2 week) my doctor is going to try to turn her. He says that it’s either really easy to do or it won’t happen at all. He says it’s about a 30% chance of success. If she doesn’t turn next week then we’ll schedule a C-section for the following week. I am what they call a ‘fast birther’ because Charlie came in just a few hours (don’t hate me). But that could be really dangerous with a breach baby because if I go into labor really fast I guess the umbilical chord can prolapse through my cervix then all sorts of actually very risky things can happen – especially if I can’t make it to the hospital in time. That’s not happening. I’m scheduling a c-section asap.


I almost think that something is wrong with me because I’m not bummed – It’s not like I’m psyched for a C-section but it means the end is so near and I can kinda plan for it. If she doesn’t turn the C-section is scheduled for October 15th. THE FIFTEENTH. I could have this baby in 2 weeks!!! My doctor was very impressed with us because Brian and I both were just even – keeled. He said, ‘Wow, you two have an extremely healthy attitude about it’ and he followed it up with ‘Its a celebration, it’s about the health of the baby, so kudos for not making it about you’. I hope that didn’t come off self-righteous. I think I’m just proud of us for rolling with the punches.

My recovery with Charlie was not bad at all. And while I know that this will be more intense we also have more help. We’ll have our nanny to help out and grandparents around so while I, of course would love to get my ripped 6 pack of abs back asap and not go through a surgery, I’m not going to be home alone trying to tend to a toddler and a newborn alone. I realize how lucky I am, I promise. I’m also just trying to list the positives to the situation – or the lack of negatives, I should say.


MAN. 37 weeks ago it was all so daunting. The length of time it takes to properly grow this alien is so long that to have it now within 2 weeks is spiking my serotonin in the best way. Bottle up this drug and sell it because I would pay 100$ for a pill that would make me this excited. I think there is something of a relief about not having to go through the unimaginable pain of childbirth. It was certainly a beautiful experience and I wouldn’t change one second of it, but it hurt like hell … if hell were like 10, 000 serrated knives being stuck in all your organs at the same time. For this birth I was going to play it by ear again – if I had time to get an epidural light I would, but if I didn’t have time I obviously wouldn’t. I didn’t have time last time (I’m lucky, I realize) and while its impossible to conjure up the reality of that pain, I remember it well enough. And I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it.

I think that one of the main reasons that I’m not bummed out is because I did have that birth. I had that birthing experience and now I get to have this experience. I feel like it’s another mini adventure that I didn’t expect I would take but I’m down for it. That is to say that if you are in my position and you don’t have the same attitude because its your first baby and you really wanted a natural birth, then don’t feel bad. I realize that this kind of optimism probably comes with a second birth.

But if you think I’m going to google C-section for any reason you are DEAD WRONG. It’s not that I don’t want information, I just don’t trust the internet to give me anything that will make me feel better than this, and instead I trust people I know who have had one – my friends, family and you guys who must be relatively normal to read this blog. I’d love to know all of your experiences and any tips you have for both preparation and recovery. But if you have a harrowing experience or your sister died or the baby lost a limb, keep that shit to yourself.

Has anyone successfully flipped their baby in the 37th week? I think I’m going to give acupuncture a shot because, well, why not? But I’m curious if there are other tricks that won’t make me go mad but could possibly help. A friend of mine told me to ask for the minimal amount of anesthesia and to make sure that I still have a birth plan, which hadn’t really occurred to me. Another friend told me to make sure that I control the music or else they could be playing alt-rock or something not so soothing for my little one. Any experiences/stories and tips that are helpful would be good.

With that – get the look!!! Sorry, we had already prepped out this post as a normal fashion post and it seemed silly to delete this, although it feels even sillier to include this, now. It’s like – I’m getting a C-section in two weeks, look out that bracelet on sale!


1. Necklace 2. Dress 3. Cuff 4. Shoes

But seriously those shoes are EXTREMELY comfortable. The dress is hanging on for dear life (it’s not maternity but works and is flattering).

Photos by Jess Isaac for EHD.  testtest

  1. My husband is in Anesthesia and at his hospital (where I gave birth but no c-section) they do quote gentle c-sections if permissible. It allows the mom to experience and witness the birth a little more if desired + skin to skin in the OR. Something to think or ask about maybe!

    1. YES! Ask about the option of a gentle ceserean. My practice offers them and it’s an excellent thing to do if you have a C. My first was an emergency C and not having the skin-to-skin immediately after was torture. If baby brother turns out to also be a Ci am thrilled to have the gentle option.

  2. Seriously! Cutest pregnant person ever! You look so amazing!

  3. Good luck Emily.

    I had 2 C-sections. First one suspected at 38 weeks (baby had not dropped) and then done after I went into labor (20 hrs of it) at 41 weeks. Second one was suspected and then scheduled 8 days before my due date. The second one was night and day better following. I thanked my OB (2nd baby in diff state) for being so good at C sections and he laughed that it might of had to do with no labor.

    So hopefully that will help you afterward. My Mom even talked about how much better I was 2nd time around, said I wasn’t hunched over for a week. 🙂

    Both of mine were considered (at the time, don’t know if terminology has changed) Cephlo Pelvic Disproportion, meaning big heads and small hips (which is crazy if you knew me).

    Same concern about cord — they told me to get my butt to the hospital if my water broke. Don’t do all that “take your time if you aren’t in labor, take a shower” BS.

  4. I had a successful version at almost 38 weeks. She flipped quickly and easily, though it was uncomfortable when it was happening. The worst part of the whole experience was no food or drink for the entire day, but I knew it would be worth giving a shot. My water broke a week later I think, and I was able to avoid the c-section. Good luck!

    1. I also had a successful version at around 38 weeks. We prepared for the possibility of actually going into labor as a result of the turning, but it went smoothly. They gave me medication to relax my muscles, and with ultrasound guidance, my doctor and a nurse got my son turned on one try. Then they gave me a great giant elastic band to wear that helped keep him in the correct position. I sometimes wish I still had it to wear to hold everything in! Good Luck!

  5. I had an emergency c-section the first time, and a planned c-section the second time. The planned c-section was so much better! They give you the good drugs when it’s planned. 🙂

    Yes, I was hoping for a VBAC with the second, but when it didn’t look like it was going to happen, I just said, “Let’s plan this shit.” Like you, I just wanted my baby in the least stressful way I could have it, and c-section it was.

    If one of your nurses doesn’t bring it up while you’re in the hospital, ask for one of those belly binder things that holds everything in. It makes moving around much more comfortable after the surgery.

    1. This is like, word for word what my comment was going to be! The scheduled C-section was soooo much better than the emergency. You get a full night’s sleep the night before, the whole thing is over pretty quickly, you get the right mix of drugs that won’t leave you feeling like a train hit you, etc.

    2. Oh yeah – the belly binder is a MUST. You can’t laugh without one. The one they give you at the hospital, though, might not be that nice. You might want to spend $30 of your own money for a more comfortable one 🙂

    3. Yes!!! Thank you for sharing this encouragment….this is what I’m hoping for! Finally threw in the VBAC towel and was like “let’s get this on the calendar”. 3 1/2 weeks to go….

  6. My first (I have four.) Turned at 36 weeks on her own. I did some yoga poses and shined a flashlight at the bottom of my belly at the advice of friends. I’m not sure if it helped, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. My Dr. at the time agreed. I totally would have opted for the C section had she not turned. My mom, had 8, and the first was breech and the last was a c-section. She advised the c-section over a breech delivery. Good for you for keeping the happy focus. And best wishes in the coming weeks. 🙂

    1. The flashlight at the bottom of your belly is FASCINATING and hilarious. I’ve never heard of such a thing (no kids) and now I really want to know if it works!

  7. I had a successful version at 38 weeks. The doctors were able to turn the baby on their first attempt and it was pretty cool! I had an epidural for the version (I believe they said it was associated with higher success rates) and was not uncomfortable during the procedure but was a bit sore the next day. I expected that it wouldn’t work and after it did was like “Oh man, now I have to go through labor!!” Best of luck!!

  8. Ask your doctor about a family centered C-Section (skin-to-skin, they drop the curtain enough for you to see your baby ‘birthed’–from atop that ball of a belly it will look the same to you as a vaginal birth ;~).

    Also, check out spinningbabies.com, there are GREAT resources for turning a breech baby. While C-Sections are a good alternative to a vaginal birth (and DO result in the ultimate goal of a healthy baby) there are COUNTLESS maternal and child health benefits to being able to birth vaginally (good bacteria exposure to the baby which helps them fight disease and reduce rates of asthma, oxytocin production in the mama helping to increase milk supply, etc. etc. etc.). SO MUCH LUCK during this exciting time!!

    1. I second Spinning Babies!

    2. I third spinning babies!!!

    3. Yes – spinningbabies.com! My daughter (born Saturday!) was transverse until 39 weeks. She turned on her own, thankfully! I used spinningbabies once I was actually in early labor that kept stalling. It was very helpful 🙂

      1. another shout out for spinningbabies! my daughter was transverse at 35 weeks, and within a week of inversions, head stands in the pool, and acupuncture, she was head down (of course, that also meant that her very developed head was pushing on my bladder, so i basically peed my pants for the next month!) tmi, yes. but something to look forward to if she turns! 🙂 good luck emily!

    4. Yes to spinningbabies!!! It really does work!

    5. http://Www.spinningbabies.com !!! Please go there if you haven’t already.

  9. My last 2 were breach, one turned on his own. The other was externally turned one week before birth, and he turned right back around. They turned him AGAIN, vaginally, at the onset of labor. He literally turned again, cord prolapsed, etc etc. I did finally deliver him naturally, but the upshot is, I would C-section that shizz if I had to do it all over again. It was my 4th delivery and it was beyond stressful. Thank God he was fine. Good luck! It will all be fine!

  10. My fourth baby was breech and kept flipping back and forth. I had had three extremely positive vaginal deliveries and wanted a fourth so my doctor flipped her around 37 weeks. It took seconds for him to do it and she didn’t flip back! I was a great candidate for this with a very flexible uterus after 3 previous large babies. Good luck!

  11. I didn’t have a breach baby but I had an unplanned C section. He was bigger than they thought and got stuck (first baby). And I will tell you, the C section was not that bad. Heard so many bad stories but honestly I was just so happy to have a healthy baby. The recovery was not that bad either. The not driving for 10 days part was the worst for me because I was stir crazy. A C section won’t be that bad especially if it’s planned. I labored half the day and pushed for an hour and a half and then had to have a C section.

  12. For our first, a c-section was the absolute last thing I wanted. My husband and I both cried after my doctor came in and said that after 20 hours of labor, reaching 10 cm, and 2 hours of pushing, baby girl still wasn’t coming and a c-section was our only option.

    As scary as the first unplanned c-section was, my recovery was actually great. My mother in law, who had 2 c-sections almost 30 years ago, was SHOCKED that I was walking around the next day. In fact, we’ve scheduled our 2nd little girl’s c-section for early January if she doesn’t come before.

    One of my friends said with childbirth, you’re either “messed up” down low or in your stomach–either way there’s recovery and lasting side effects. From what I’ve heard from my friends, my lasting side effects are minimal–I can still jump on a trampoline, haha!

    Good luck–I’m praying for a very medically boring delivery for you, whichever way she ends up coming out.

  13. i don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies. but i wish you and baby grrrl the very best, lovely charlie and brian a painless transition. and as you know, you are what you think. positivity rules.

  14. All the best to you and your family, sweetpea! xox

  15. My baby was transverse (sideways, not upside down, but still a problem) until sometime during transition. I went into labor at 33 weeks, so no one had bothered to get worried about it yet, and by the time my husband mentioned it to the nurse, she had turned head down and was well on her way. They did make me labor laying down on my left side the whole time (which sucked – all I wanted to do was walk!) because they could tell her head wasn’t engaged early on.

    I understand that you don’t want to risk it with such a fast labor history, but it’s certainly possible for a baby to turn late in the game! Best of luck, and I can’t wait to see your new little cutie.

  16. My baby was breach, too. I went to a chiropractor at 37 weeks and while the adjustments were a bit intense, it worked, and our son was successfully turned without the manual version and NO PAIN. I’ve heard the external cephalic version procedure is pretty uncomfortable.

  17. C-sections are the way to go. I had 3. It was easy and a lot less stressful. Recovery is not bad at all, you will bounce back quick after the first week and you get to have someone take care of you for a bit while you recover. You will do great!

  18. I had an emergency c-section. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be (besides the fear.) We had some complications with my baby after the birth so he went into the NICU, but the birth itself and after wasn’t too bad. Even when they “massage” your stomach afterward I was expecting a lot of pain, what with all the staples etc. All I have to say is the drugs they give are worth it. Don’t try to tough it out, take what they give you and every day after is substantially better. It is major abdominal surgery, but really it’s surprisingly easy to get through. Just my 2 cents.

  19. Hi Emily. I’m a long time reader of your blog, but this is my first time commenting on anything. You look great!

    I had my baby girl seven months ago via C-section and she had been breach as well. I am also a fast birther-I did not even think I was in labor when I went into the doctor’s office first thing in the morning, and I was already 5 cm dilated and 100% effaced. I was scheduled to have acupuncture the day after she was born to try to turn her. If that didn’t work I was going to try the “version” where the doctor would try to turn her. She came early and fast so those things never happened! However, I have heard good things about the acupuncture.

    I was pretty bummed out about the c-section, as I wanted to have a birth with minimal interventions. In hindsight, I can say that you are absolutely correct–all that matters is a healthy baby. Anyways, I second your friend’s advice to get the minimal amount of anesthesia. I had general and it was hard not seeing my baby girl until after I had woken up-I had a sense of disconnect because I didn’t remember the birth at all. After surgery, the best thing that worked for the pain was ibuprofen and Toradol (which is basically IV ibuprofen). I took some Percocet, but the combo of hormones and narcotics made me feel like I wasn’t myself and very out of it. And honestly the ibuprofen and toradol worked way better for the pain.

    When I have a second child, my only option is to have another C-section. Where I live, they don’t do vaginal birth after cesarean. And I’m totally OK with that. Part of it is that I know what to expect, because I know I’ve been through it before, and that I could handle it again. Another part of it is that all that matters in the end is a healthy baby and a healthy mama, and however the baby comes out to arrive at that point is just how it’s going to be.

    I wish you and your family the best in your experience. What an exciting time for you!! That baby is lucky to have such a stylish mama–can’t wait to see what you do with her nursery!

  20. My son was breech to. To make sure before setting the C-section date my Dr. Ordered an ultrasound. Amazingly he turned during the ultra sound. The technician was amazed and kept doing the ultrasound until he was fully turned!

  21. I am currently about a month out from having had a c section after a longish labor and several hours of pushing. My biggest piece of advice would be to take all the medications they give on the schedule when they give them, I kept thinking it was overkill that the nurses were waking me up at 3am to give me Tylenol, etc but staying on top of the pain is important. Because of this I found any pain from the actual incision to be pretty minimal (the spinal headache I got from the epidural was another story but it thankfully passed after a few days). And don’t try to go home early, again, take advantage of the nursing staff! Overall, a week after the birth I was feeling close to my old self, just had to take things a little slower in terms of physical activity, a pretty good exchange for a healthy, happy baby in my book. I do think it helps to have an open mind about how the birth goes down. I also read “Labor Day: True Birth Stories by Today’s Best Women Writers” which covers a broad range of birth experiences, plan or no, very comforting when you’re anticipating the birth or just recovering from it.

    Congrats on your little lady showing up soon!

  22. Wanted a hippy natural birth for all 3 of my kids, but ended up with C-sections for all of them. :/ My best advice (if you can stomach it) is to ask the doc to lower the blue curtain a bit so that you can be a part of the “birth.” We did this for our second and third but not our first and it made such a big difference. Having your body numbed and then a curtain up so you can’t see what is going on and there you are just staring at a ceiling or an anesthesiologist and then suddenly someone hands you a clean baby all wrapped up – it’s all a bit mind boggling. It’s like I never really felt like I “birthed” our first. With the curtain lowered a bit, you don’t see the actual surgery (but Brian can if he wants) because there is this huge bulging abdomen in the way of your view but you get to see this gross little booger of a baby come up into sight and then it makes sense that she came out of you and she’s yours and it’s lovely. Have them bring her over so you can see her before they clean her up and give her a little nuzzle. You have to stay in recovery so you and Brian have to decide if he should stay with you in recovery or follow the baby and go with her. Whatever works for y’all – but just know you have to make that decision and be prepared.

    Also…get up and walk as soon as you can after the surgery – like that day. My recoveries were really pretty stinkin’ smooth and my doc accounts that to me getting up and moving around.

    Enjoy the world of new baby bliss! One of the best things around.

  23. My first was breech until 38 weeks. I did acupuncture (the weirdest experience in my life!) and then my midwife tried to flip her before my scheduled version in the hospital. She managed to turn her a bit and then over the weekend baby flipped completely. Went to the doc appointment to confirm by ultrasound that she was in fact head down. Yay!!

    But I get what you mean with kind of being relieved about the possibility of having a c section. My second was born in 3 hours (with no drugs) and my first thought once he was born was “there’s no way in hell I am ever doing that again!!” And a year later I feel the same way. Definite pros and cons of being a fast birther.

  24. I’m a ‘fast birther’ as well. My first was born ~4 hours after labor started and only 40 minutes after getting to the hospital. No IV, no pain meds, no nothin’ – just showed up, put on a gown and pushed out the baby. The second time was pretty much the same, only we didn’t linger at home as long after labor started, and I had my son 20 minutes after getting into my labor and delivery room. I cried when they told me I was completely dilated and there was no time for an epidural. It’s like saying, ‘hey, we’re gonna run you over with a bus, and then back up and do it again, but just relax and breath!’ Fortunately, the second one came quicker than the first so although it was every bit as painful, the pushing didn’t last as long!!

    I wish you a very smooth, easy, and HEALTHY delivery no matter how it happens! And please soak up every precious moment with your sweet baby girl. The newborn baby stage goes by SO MUCH FASTER the second time around!!! I think the busyness of having an older child in the house distracts from the new baby and before you know it, the new baby is crawling and all grown up!! :'(

  25. Yea, possibly only 2 more weeks!! I have no advice about child birth since I do not have kiddies … but, I was one of those stubborn breached babies causing problems before even coming into the world, and we are awesome, haha 🙂 Sending positive thoughts your way!

  26. I had two C sections, one emergency caesarian after 20 hours of labor due to fetal distress, and another one planned because F that. Recovery for me was fairly easy. The worst is the first week and it gets a lot better quickly after that. I wish you all the best in the birth of your baby girl and your recovery!

  27. My first was breach until 38 weeks. I went to the chiropractor weeks 35-40 for the Webster maneuver, couldn’t even tell you what it was but it didn’t hurt (like I hear a manual version does). I also sat on the floor so my hips stayed above my knees (so no sinking into a comfy couch), I laid upside down for a bit each day by placing an ironing board perpendicular to my couch and laying on it (to disengage the baby and encourage her to re-engage correctly) and held music and a flashlight at the bottom of my belly and cold peas at the top each night (theory is baby moves head away from cold). Something in there worked because she did turn and I was able to birth vaginally. It was A LOT of work – but I really didn’t want a C-section so I thought it was all worth it. That’s just me though, ain’t nothing wrong with a C-section. I am pregnant now (37 weeks too!) and this baby is head down and ready to go and I am SO THANKFUL! Best of luck for your labor, however it happens 🙂

  28. Hi Emily! I had 2 healthy vaginal deliveries, and then my 3rd was breach up until a week before my due date. I had an appointment to have her turned, but when I went in for it they found out she had turned on her own. I’ve been told the turning is very painful but I didn’t even notice when she turned on her own. I was also strangely l excited about the prospect of a C-section- a new experience and you can schedule it! In the end I had another vaginal delivery which was fine too. Always with drugs for me though. Might as well enjoy the process. 🙂

  29. Congrats on what’s–IMHO–the right attitude! You want to take care of your daughter (and you) in this situation, and ensure that she is born healthfully and the least traumatically as possible.

    I know someone who just kept updating her goals all the way through her labor: First, to have the baby at the birthing center, with no drugs. After 12 hours of pushing, she needed a little something for pain, so they moved her to the hospital, so her new goal was to have the baby w/out c-section, but after 21 total hours, the doc said “let’s do the c-section, before the baby’s truly in distress” All along, she knew that having a healthy baby was the important part, and she and her husband kept their wits about them through the labor and didn’t cling to any details other than their son!

    Good luck to you and Baby Girl; I’ll be sending smooth easy thoughts for both of you over the next few weeks! xxooMar

  30. Emily,
    I have never had a baby but wanted to wish you the best! Good luck with your new bundle of joy.

  31. SO Refreshing, I loved reading this! My husband and I felt the same way as folks in our family were so upset by the C-Section potential…who cares, you just want that baby out in the healthiest way possible. Why stress about something you have no control over, especially when the result is so amazing & wonderful! Best of wishes to you, and kudos on your positive outlook!

  32. I’ve never had children, so I can’t really relate to your concerns but I can wish you lots of best wishes and happiness on the (future) birth of your daughter. x


  33. A c section is not that bad, I promise you. I’ve had other surgeries and they were much harder to handle – maybe it’s being completely asleep vs the epidural that helps so much??

    Anyhow you’ll be back on your feet in no time. I feel like you don’t even really need pain medication much after the first two days, walking it off helped.

    Also DONT LAUGH, or if you do grab a pillow and brace that belly, that mess is what hurts and I love to laugh.

    Best wishes 🙂

  34. Oh, Emily, I’m wishing you all the best and can’t wait to meet your baby girl. I turned a breech by doing somersaults in a swimming pool at 37 weeks…yes, this was suggested by a midwife. Glad you’ll have lots of good help either way.

  35. My experience is almost exactly spot on as yours. I delivered my first vaginally, although I did have an epidural. Epidural that blocked, in which I went from feeling nothing one minute to feeling a 10 on the pain scale and needing to push. It was also a really, really fast delivery (just under 20 minutes of pushing).

    With my second, my daughter was also breech and at 37 weeks, my doctor attempted to turn her. He tried twice, but she moved back every time and he didn’t want to attempt again due to safety concerns. I don’t mean to discourage you by sharing that, because my doctor told me he had been able to successfully turn babies in most cases. What I can tell you about that experience was that it was less painful than I expected. Going into it, I heard all sorts of horror stories about the pain and I think I worked myself up so much that dare I say, I was pleasantly surprised (I never should have Googled it). Don’t get me wrong, it hurt. And it hurt bad. But if you can deliver a baby naturally, epidural-free, it will be a piece of cake :).

    Ultimately, I had to have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks due to the caution of not going into labor on my own and my first being such a fast delivery too. I was pretty bummed about it because I was worried about the recovery, milk supply and most importantly, missing out on that birthing experience. My first hurt like hell, but it was still a beautiful experience that I remember vividly despite it being almost 5 years ago. For a c-section, I pictured this sterile, cold, operating room where I wouldn’t be able to hold my baby immediately. And that was all true. BUT, hearing her cry, seeing her and watching my husband hold her for the first time, are still beautifully etched in my memory, and none of the rest of it mattered. Like you said, a healthy baby is what was most important. Leaving that hospital with my new daughter is what I needed, the rest didn’t matter.

    And dare I say my recovery with my c-section was about 75% easier than my vaginal delivery with my first? I much preferred stitches above than down below ;). I think the big difference was that I didn’t labor so the soreness of that was non-existent. For the woman that have to labor and then have an emergency c-section, they are my heroes :).

    Best of luck to you as you enjoy your last couple weeks of a family of 3! Whatever the outcome of the version and delivery, you’re life is about to become abundantly blessed with the addition of your baby girl!

    P.S. I love your blog 🙂

    1. Sending good vibes! Every mama and baby are different, but I found floating in the pool, or laying in bed, visualizing delivery useful.

      I did it for a week or two before my due date, like 10ish minutes once a day. Not like images of the labor (oww) just sending peaceful, calm, safe, and relaxing messages to my baby and myself. Like “You are so strong. You can do this. Remember the feeling of strength when you —. Feel that moment again. See? You have that inner strength to bring this baby safely into the world, too.” I would visualize my baby preparing to enter the world and tell her it was time (she was late, but came just before the scheduled induction). If you’re open to it, maybe try to have a series of internal conversations with your baby about flipping?

      For me, the visualization was amazingly helpful. It didn’t work in the sense of eliminating complications or making delivery less painful (ha! I threw down f-bombs like crazy pre-epidural and we had some super scary moments). But, it helped me feel powerful and capable to overcome the complications that arose, even though I couldn’t control or change outcomes.

      You’ve got this!

  36. I had 3 csections. They were all reqlly great experiences because they were planned at 39 weeks. My last one was a “natural csection” Google it. There is a youtube video of it. My Ob put my son dirctly on my chest immediately after he was delivered. He stayed on me the whole time. It was the best feeling ever (since I had not had that with the previous 2 births). I would also suggest you wear an abdominal binder at all times for several days. It provides great support. Make sure you walk and move a lot after the surgery to prevent your GI tract from going to sleep (which can happen from surgery). Definately take a probiotic and eat yogurt. They routinely give an antibiotic during the csection and this can throw off your gut bacteria, leading to yeast in your breast. If you breastfeed, it is extremely painful (I had it happen twice). Oh, and take your pain meds around the clock for the first few days. You will feel wonderful with them but if the pain gets ahead of you, it takes a little longer for the meds to work. I used to be a surgical nurse, so I saw this all the time with patients. Good luck!!

  37. I haven’t had a child yet (actually I still hope I can conceive at 40) but I want to say how refreshing is your attitude! No drama, just wishing for a safe, healthy delivery for you and your baby. Way to go! Best wishes to you all!

  38. First – you look great! I’m glad to hear you aren’t bummed about the c-section. My second baby was breech and I tried chiropractic, acupuncture and the doctor tried to turn her – no luck. I did make it more about me and was disappointed about having to schedule a c-section. So I try to think about the pros – I knew which doctor would deliver the baby, I could arrange for childcare in advance, and in general I was less scared about the whole “having a baby” thing because I had done it before. One of the weirdest parts of the c-seciton though was scheduling the date. It just seemed odd that I was picking my child’s birth date. Too weird so I made my husband pick! Best of luck!

  39. Emily, You want to visit a chiropractor and have them do the Webster Technique. Your pelvis is likely out of alignment restricting baby’s movement. Here’s a link to some info: http://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancy-health/chiropractic-care-during-pregnancy/

  40. I had two c sections, with my second one my oldest son was only 20 months old and I walked in from the hospital and picked him right up! not a great idea but he said “uppy” and he was my baby!

    good luck momma!

  41. We like to call it a vaginal bypass. I had two. My babies weren’t breech, they just wouldn’t drop; they were all up in my grill/ribcage. I had to wear this corset thing high up on my belly for a few days, then doctors getting aggressive with some external pushing and manhandling; I was ready to hack that kid out of there myself.
    Your attitude is perfect. I, too, was puzzled by the hyper focus on the birth. It’s like getting all fixated on exactly HOW we’re going to pick up Aunt Myrtle from the airport, instead of the fact that she’s going to be staying for 18 years and what are we going to do with her once she arrives?? Shuttle, taxi, magic carpet – whatever.
    You’re going to be gorgeously fine. Your little nugget is going to be even more gorgeously fine. I just couldn’t be happier for you!

    1. This is freaking hysterical and so true!!!

    2. I’m stealing several of these phrases for my own use. Awesome.

  42. My last baby was transverse and I turned him through acupuncture (moxibustion) and the suggestions on Spinning Babies. Although, frankly, 37 weeks is a bit late for some of those techniques. Baby is bigger, with less room to move, and sometimes quite settled where she is. That said, kudos to you for having such a healthy attitude about it!

  43. Lovely post. Great attitude, at the end all that matters is that you and your baby are healthy.
    Since you’re in LA, you might get referred to Dr. Berlin’s office. He’s a chiropractor that specializes in pre-natal, he works on opening hips and helping turn babies. I tried that during my first breach pregnancy, but my baby didn’t move. The second time I had a breach pregnancy I didn’t even bother trying to turn my baby. A scheduled C is a great way to go for everyone’s sake. Sure recovery takes a little longer, but you are young and fit and will bounce back quickly. I actually love my scar. It’s a reminder of what I went through to bring my boys into this world. Good luck and make sure you get up on your feet ASAP after surgery. It will hurt, but those early first steps make a huge difference.

  44. Hi. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with monochorionic twins. My first birth was a planned c section as I had a condition which meant my daughter had to be delivered at 36 weeks and she was breach so they didn’t want to induce me. I have to say the c section went wonderfully well. My husband and I joke about it being like a spa day. It was so calm and all the medical staff were wonderful. We were booked in to be the first c section of the day so I was able to have a nice sleep the night before and we could spend a whole day with our daughter without being sleep deprived. I recovered very well from the operation and was up and moving about as normal the next day. When I found out we were having twins this time and my consultant advised a c section again I was a little disappointed as when I found out I was pregnant one of the things I thought was that I wanted to do it “right” this time, however like you I was surprised how calm I was and just accepted his opinion. All we care about is getting these babies here safe. My top tip is to try and get an early appointment for the operation it was lovely to be able to spend the day together. It also meant we could plan our families visits. Also don’t worry if after delivery you have a lot of uncontrollable shaking. I was told this is quite common but hadn’t been told about it before and it was a bit scary. All the best to you and your family.

  45. That dress looks gorgeous! You’re getting so close!


  46. I really like your positive attitude about the whole thing. It is so sad that others totally judge you based on your birthing plan, etc… The overall goal is a healthy baby, so go for it! Never had a C-section with either kid, so I can’t pass along any wisdom. However, I saw your Target commercial last night and you looked so adorable. That plaid dress was so cute on you. Best of luck!

  47. i had 2 scheduled c-sections (first one not by choice, 2nd one by choice) and I will say it was not that bad. I did do a ton of research at the end so I would know what I was in for and I think it helped prepare me for the pain. The biggest tip that I saw was to walk as soon as possible and as much as possible and I think that alone helped me recover quickly and pretty easily. Good luck!!

  48. I had a went to a chiropractor who did pregnancy massage three times a week for two weeks to prep my kid to turn in my belly, since he was breach still at 38 weeks. When we went in for the flip at the doctor’s office, it hurt like hell with all those hands on me, but then the boy flipped and everything was fine two seconds later. It might not work for you (the numbers are low as you point out). but still no harm in checking out a chiropractor that specializes in stuff like that. You are gonna be fine, whatever the outcome!

  49. My son didn’t turn until after I had been in labor for an hour or two. I don’t understand this whole “OMG-BREACH!” when somebody isn’t actively in labor. Although in your case it makes sense with the whole “fast labor” thing.

    My first was an emergency c-section after 19 hours of labor, and that was *awful*. It wasn’t just the c-section, it was all the bad stuff going on combined with exhaustion and a c-section. No bueno. My second was planned, and it was night and day compared to my first. I was absolutely terrified going in, but it was so much easier it was almost ridiculous. The recovery was also a million times easier as well.

    I wish you luck on the baby-turning, and an easy-peasy birth!

  50. I went in for a version at 38 weeks, and my girls had flipped on her own. I was ready for a csection, but they can flip really late!!

  51. I have my hysterecomy booked for October 13th, so I’ll be thinking of you on the 15th. I might be as excited for my surgery as you are for yours!!! (Crazy…but different strokes…) Good luck!

  52. Hi Emily! My daughter was also breach, and I ended up having a planned C-section. It was/is sometimes weird to me because I never went into actual labor and never “pushed,” but I was okay with the reality of it once I found out. I considered doing the version, but my OB told me it was about a 30% chance it would work, and it seemed like a serious procedure, so I ended up choosing not do it (although my OB didn’t push me either way). The doctor who would have done it (with my OB there, just in case we needed an emergency C-section due to the baby’s hear rate) told me it was not painful, but I have since met other women who have done the version and said it was really painful (and it didn’t work for them). I also read that acupuncture can help, but I never did that either. I had a similar attitude for the C-section that you have, and I think that it’s a really healthy view. I just wanted my daughter to be born healthy! I would suggest reading through something about the C-section (like the section in “What to Expect when you’re Expecting” that pertains to C-sections) since it helped me know what to expect, although I agree I wouldn’t just blindly google C-sections. Also, discuss with your OB about skin to skin. They were able to bring the baby up to me just a few minutes after she was born (if it was even that) and my husband was next to me the entire time. One last point would be that the recovery was worse than I expected, but honestly I don’t think I had any idea what to expect for a vaginal birth or C-section. I have since seen this post C-section underwear, and I wish I had known about it before! My low-cut underwear hit right at my incision, so I ended up wearing the weird hospital underwear for way too long so I wouldn’t have any pressure on my incision. I will definitely be buying some of these for my next pregnancy!
    Most of all, good luck! you’re going to have a daughter in less than 2 weeks! 🙂

  53. You look beautiful! I am two weeks behind you emily, but may even have my baby before you. (i am in hospital with low aminotic fluid-but baby is fine) this is my third and is breech too…so it will be a csection. (I doubt he\she will turn with low fluid)
    anywho, my first turned breech at 38 weeks and i did ALL of the tricks/wives tales to no avail. Then we did the version (turning) I actually filmed the 30 minute procedure and edited it down to a few minutes (turn your volume down)


    it was painless..but there was pressure. baby turneed easily, but as soon as doctor let go baby turned back to breech. after that i was 100% fine with scheduled c section and it was a BREEZE ..recovery too (they GLUE you shut-so amazing!) I realize everyones expereince is different, but it is nothing to worry about. and you are smart not to look on internet! i have been doing that as i sit in the hospital…and i have to stop my self.
    if you want to see a few beautiful (but graphic) pics of my breech c sec it is also on the link above. good luck.
    my due date is nov 2 but i am hoping i can hold out until october 15th like you!

  54. My son flipped on his own right around 37 weeks. I did a lot of cat/cow yoga moves, not sure if that helped or not, but might be worth a try. I ended up with a c section anyway, though, after almost 48 hours of labor. So… good call on just going with the flow! I had a VBAC with my daughter, which was amazing, but a planned c section also would have been better than what happened with my son.

    Best wishes!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of your baby girl.

  55. Thanks for sharing this; I’m glad to hear someone so positive and zen about a c-section. I had a c-section last year (40 hours after being induced. nightmare.) and although the prospect of that happening had freaked me out throughout my pregnancy, it really wasn’t a big deal in the end. Like you, I just wanted both that amazing baby and I to be healthy and was so happy in the end, even with a catheter in me and tubes in my arms. I might have been lucky, but my recovery was really not that lengthy or difficult, and the scar, while not pretty, isn’t heinous. Besides, it’s in a spot where really only you and Brian will know it’s even there. The hardest part for me was hearing words of pity from friends and acquaintances and feeling little bit like I failed at childbirth, even though it was done to save lives. Literally. It took a little bit to get over that feeling of failure. You’re going in with such a zen attitude and understanding of why is wonderful and surely will prevent that sort of feeling!

    Man, what I would give for those hormones again!

  56. If you’re going to try acupuncture, consider also chiropractic (the weber technique). Bag of frozen peas or peppermint oil at the top of your belly where the head is can be effective also. Don’t take your friend’s advice about “light” anesthesia though…you want to be wide awake but NUMB! Oh, and I had a baby turn herself at 37 weeks, so it may happen on its own! Good luck to you!

  57. I’ve had two sections – one unplanned, one planned. Most important thing for a quick and successful recovery is to give yourself time to heal. It’s a lot tougher when you have a little one at home. I was very strict with my lifting restrictions the second time (no lifting my older child) for 6 weeks and recovery went MUCH smoother.

    Good luck!

  58. My daughter was born via c-section. I was all about “whatever we got to do to get this baby here healthy” and that ended up being what happened. My only regret is that they rushed her off to the nursery right away with my husband following and I just sat there in the OR getting patched up and like an HOUR later they wheeled my baby in to me on a cart. I felt very disconnected and thought “what if that’s the wrong baby” – of course she’s a clone of my husband and wasn’t. This time around I’m delivering at a different hospital whose policy is that the mom gets to hold the baby on her chest in the OR and get wheeled back to the room like that. So my only advice would be to ask about that policy – can you hold the baby right away. It’s my only regret.

    Good luck on the delivery!

  59. I’ve had 3 c-sections. For me the pain was never much of an issue, I had more issues with nausea right after each c-section and had to have a lot of anti-nausea meds. Definitely get up and starting moving as soon as possible, even if it’s just to hobble to the bathroom. On that note, make sure they don’t leave the catheter in for too long, like longer than 24 hrs or so (sorry if TMI). I totally second the earlier comment about using a belly binder after you’re home, and if you care about the cosmetics of the scar I highly recommend using silicone gel strips… I’m very scar-prone and those worked wonders for me. Good luck!!

  60. Hi Emily, You look great! I’ve never commented before, but I wanted to let you know that my breech baby turned right around the 37 week mark by doing acupuncture and lots of front and back inversions (google “breech baby inversion”). I still had to have a c-section at the last minute, but it wasn’t bad. You might want to see if they can drop the divider, or put up a clear one just as they deliver the baby. My husband took pics and they are a bit gory, but so amazing! I’m glad I have them. Luckily they were able to hand the baby to me pretty quickly and we were wheeled right to our room. The hardest part about the recovery is how many restrictions they place on you for six weeks after.

    Also, this might be worth looking into- http://goo.gl/zYozcV My little guy has reflux and digestive issues and I often wonder if that would have helped. An infant probiotic is also a good way to introduce good bacteria early. Good luck!

  61. Emily, so proud of you for your happy, positive attitude! I have 3 precious daughters, all born via C-section, and of course if you asked me before my first one I would have told you C-section was out of the question! Of course it’s not what most people choose but in the end, who cares as long as you and your baby come home safely? I had great experiences all 3 times and you will do great too, no matter what happens. Best wishes for your family!!! Can’t wait to see the little miss!

  62. You look beautiful! I am two weeks behind you emily, but may even have my baby before you. (i am in hospital with low aminotic fluid-but baby is fine) this is my third and is breech too…so it will be a csection. (I doubt he\she will turn with low fluid)
    anywho, my first turned breech at 38 weeks and i did ALL of the tricks/wives tales to no avail. Then we did the version (turning) I actually filmed the 30 minute procedure and edited it down to a few minutes (turn your volume down)


    it was painless..but there was pressure. baby turneed easily, but as soon as doctor let go baby turned back to breech. after that i was 100% fine with scheduled c section and it was a BREEZE .
    …recovery too (they GLUE you shut-so amazing!) I realize everyones expereince is different, but it is nothing to worry about. and you are smart not to look on internet! i have been doing that as i sit in the hospital…and i have to stop my self.
    plus with a planned c section, you can just get a spinal block -which wears off pretty quickly and doesnt make you groggy. with my second I was laboring with an epidural for hours and then had a c sec and i could barely keep my eyes open afterward. that sucked.
    if you want to see a few beautiful (but graphic) pics of my breech c sec it is also on the link above. good luck.
    my due date is nov 2 but i am hoping i can hold out until october 15th like you!

  63. I had a c-section with my first baby at 37 weeks due to pre-eclampsia and for me, it was really no big deal. The best advice I got was to get up and move as soon as you can (like within hours) it’ll make a big difference in your recovery time.

    I didn’t “get to” labor at all and I likely never will, but I was fine with it too. My OB came in after the operation to check on me and told me, “in case you ever feel robbed of your birth plan or blue, please be comforted knowing after seeing his head and shoulders and it was clear that baby was never getting out any other way.” So bonus for not having to find that out the hard way!

    I have a beautiful, healthy 12 week old boy and I didn’t have to change a diaper for a whole week (I couldn’t bend over far enough to reach him in his bassinet without pain so my husband did them ALL)! Also I highly recommend keeping an ice pack on your incision site the first couple of days. One other tip, that may be TMI…ask for the stool softeners early and often (some hospitals dole them out as SOP, but at mine you had to ask). By 2 weeks I had no discomfort and by 3 weeks my incision was fully healed and I was back below my pre-baby weight, so all told I felt pretty lucky.

  64. I just had my first baby via a medically necessary c-section four weeks ago, and overall I have to say it was a great experience. We got to know the exact date she’d be born, I finished up work projects, my husband and I stocked up on food and snacks, we had a couples spa day the weekend before, and had a fancy dinner out the night before she was born so we could enjoy our time as a couple before we became a family of 3. And once she was born, we got to spend 4 nights in the hospital which was wonderful to not be kicked out so quickly, my doctor could check me, and her pediatrician saw our daughter every day. If I could give you any advice, I would highly recommend asking your doctor about a “family centered” or “gentle cesarean.” We were able to do skin to skin contact in the ER (which meant so much to me to have my baby on my chest as they finished the surgery) I got to see the baby coming out, and I very much felt like a part of our daughter’s birth. Oh, and they are serious when they say don’t get behind on those post-surgery meds!

  65. A co-worker recently said that doing handstands in the pool (at her doctor’s recommendation) turned her baby to vertex…

  66. A co-worker recently said that doing handstands in the pool (at her doctor’s recommendation) turned her baby to vertex. She said everybody thought she was weird but she didn’t care – because it worked…

  67. For a different complication (Placenta Previa) I too have to have a C-Section for my second, which is also scheduled for October 15th. I’ve known for awhile a C-Section was my fate with this one after having a natural birth with my first and I too feel the same way. So happy I got to experience natural birth and am at peace with having a C-section with my second knowing its what’s best. Thank you for writing about your feelings in this situation as I know no one else who has been there. Fingers crossed that baby turns, but if not you’ll still be getting a healthy, baby girl in just two weeks!

  68. I had an emergency c-section after 30+ hrs if labor. The c-section was the best part of my labor and delivery. If you’re delivering at Cedars, they have top notch anethesiologists. I had an excellent doctor who was a phenomenal surgeon. They had me walking around the first day. Drugs really helped. The recovery was not as bad as I thought it would be. Most of my pain was from pushing for so long. I live in Nor Cal now and I have had lots of people tell me “I’m sorry” when they hear I had a c-section. I’m like what are you talking about it was amazing! The anethesiologist was awesome and told Peter to pop his camera over the curtain right when the baby came out and we got an awesome picture. Neither of us particularly wanted to see over the curtain but thats a very personal choice. The only downside is that my arm was kinda numb and I was scared to hold the baby, especially since I was knocked out from 30 hrs labor. The only weird thing was how cold I got from the anesthesia but they wrapped me in these super oven warmed towels. I was able to breastfeed a few hours later.

    My baby is happy and healthy. I had her in probiotics since we had the c-section. I’m due in Feb and don’t want a VBAC! My daughter was nearly 10 lbs and I know this little boy is going to be big too.

    That belly wrap thing is helpful. You can’t drive for awhile. Your scar may twinge and you might have numbness for awhile but it does get better. I’m more terrified of episiotomies than c-sections! Good Luck with whichever path you end up on!

  69. I love your attitude about the whole thing. I felt the exact same way. Had an emergency c the first time, then planned the second time. Both super easy recoveries, all things considered. Haha I even got a blowout the day before the planned one 🙂 I highly recommend the bamboo belly bandit – sooooo worth the money and way more comfortable than the ones the hospital gives out. Wear it as much as you can stand it for the first several weeks – I swear it helped flatten my belly and gave so much support, like it was holding me together.

  70. One of our close friends had a breech baby for their second and they tried three times to flip her and when they went in for their c-section they had a last minute ultrasound which showed the baby was head down. They sent her home and she delivered vaginally the next day!! Good luck to you and yours.

  71. My two were C-sections, but they were emergencies and not planned for or wanted. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I can say the recovery wasn’t terrible. If I have a third (totally not sure I want that, but hypothetically speaking), it will be a planned C-section and that sounds downright pleasant in comparison. 🙂

    I agree with those suggesting a “natural” C-section, where you get skin-to-skin right away and baby can nurse while they finish you up. I didn’t get to do that, but I wish I could’ve!

  72. My sister recently had her baby flipped in the hospital at 37 weeks. It had turned breach within just a couple days before she had to be induced for another reason, and the doctor there manually pushed that baby into the right position. It wasn’t terribly comfortable for her, but it worked! She was told that not all doctors are that skilled at it though, and that not all babies turn.

  73. Hello from a follower in Malaysia!

    As long as baby and mummy’s safe and healthy, it’s ok any which way the delivery is done. Just enjoy the ride!

    My first was breach and delivered by c sec and I just gave birth to #2 naturally in August. Every journey is unique and teaches us not to be too in control of things. Some things in life are out if or hands and it’s how we respond to those curveballs that truly tells the story.

    Have a safe and happy delivery!

  74. My little dude was so comfy (and big) that I had to be induced. Labor was progressing nicely and then bam, brick wall. Why you ask? Because of the size of his head. (Uhhh, say what now?) My doctor, bless her heart, let me push for about 30 minutes and then told me it was c-section time. My birth plan was the epidural soooo I’d already had that. Not sure what it’s like scheduled but honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal for us in that situation either. You do what you gotta do, right? I wish I wouldn’t have been as drugged as I was (remember I’d had an epidural hours earlier so they had to double dip I think) but all in all? Out came that beautiful boy and all was right with the world. All 10 lbs, 22″ and huge head of him. Good luck, sister. It’s going to be great! Oh and PS – I’m a huge advocate of acupuncture so I say go for it. I swear it got me pregnant in the first place. (You know what I mean.)

  75. Three C’s under my belt and no problems. It will all be good. Minimal anesthesia? Not sure about that advice. Mine was an epidural and after my first one, they went to hand me the baby and I couldn’t move my arms. I told them and they said, oh we will turn it down a bit and literally in a minute or two I could fully move them and hold him safely. Get the level they recommend!!

    My first was breach but I don’t remember anyone telling me (12 yrs ago), but he was 10 DAYS LATE! and I don’t think my body would have ever given him up (no noticeable contractions, other signs minimal). So 14 hours after being induced I’d made no progress and the baby was showing signs of stress, so… Cesarean. That was a surprise, but I was too tired & ready to be too worried.
    Third child: I was friends by then with my OB and she had her good friend (one of the other partners) assisting. I will forever remember them talking about how that morning the other OB had tried to get her 6 year-old to wear something appropriate to school. It was fun girl/Mom banter. Meanwhile my husband about fainted because the curtain that shielded us from viewing the surgery wasn’t positioned well and he said he saw more of my insides than he ever thought he would.
    Recovery will be okay (our hospital gives out cloth rice bags that can be heated and are awesome during initial recovery). But ask them what you can do to prevent your scar from itching. That is key as it heals completely it will itch and that can about drive a person mad.

    1. Please delete the long and repetitive posts! It was slow to post and I didn’t think the link was working. My apologies!

  76. Three C’s under my belt and no problems. It will all be good. Minimal anesthesia? Not sure about that advice. Mine was an epidural and after my first one, they went to hand me the baby and I couldn’t move my arms. I told them and they said, oh we will turn it down a bit and literally in a minute or two I could fully move them and hold him safely. Get the level they recommend!!

    Recovery will be okay id you get up and around fairly quickly. Our hospital gives out cloth rice bags that can be heated and are awesome during initial recover. But ask them what you can do to prevent your scar from itching. That is key as it heals completely it will itch and that can about drive a person mad.

  77. So cute and so close! First things first, you are wearing a great necklace in your Target fall entertaining video. Wondering about the source.

    Three C’s under my belt and no problems. It will all be good. Minimal anesthesia? Not sure about that advice. Mine was an epidural and after my first one, they went to hand me the baby and I couldn’t move my arms. I told them and they said, oh we will turn it down a bit and literally in a minute or two I could fully move them and hold him safely. Get the level they recommend!!

    Recovery will be okay id you get up and around fairly quickly. Our hospital gives out cloth rice bags that can be heated and are awesome during initial recover. But ask them what you can do to prevent your scar from itching. That is key as it heals completely it will itch and that can about drive a person mad.

  78. My baby boy flipped into the breach position at 37 weeks. Because he wasn’t getting any smaller, they scheduled a version for the next day. I wish I had had time to try something natural, I have heard swimming, the down dog yoga position can help turn them. Anyway, we did have a successful turning of the baby and he was born a couple days later (at 8 pounds! so glad he didn’t stay the full 40 weeks). Good luck to you.

  79. I just had my first baby via c-section 7 months ago. My girl turned breech at 34 weeks and I did everything under the sun (except a version) to spin her: accupuncture, moxibustion, ironing board, flashlight/music, hot/cold, flips in the pool, yoga positions, hypnosis… kiddo didn’t budge. I wanted to try a version, but my husband said no as something felt off to him. Baby was born via scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. Turns out, her cord was incredibly short and that is why she wasn’t turning. Our doctor said a version likely would have led to an emergency c-section.

    Our birth experience was great. Ask if you can do skin-to-skin right away; my daughter was on my chest while they were still finishing surgery. I also strongly recommend baking lots of brownies or cookies to bring to the hospital and hand over to the nursing staff–being nice upfront will really pay off! Recovery was also easy, but I believe that’s because I really didn’t push it. I know it would be harder with a toddler in the picture, by try your best to take it easy!

  80. Thank you thank you! Women really need to focus on the baby and not the “birth experience” which can sometimes, unintentionally, be contrary to the baby’s needs. You’re not upset because your priorities are straight and you haven’t drank the anti-c-section kool-aid!

  81. Great attitude! And wow, that’s a $12 dress!?! I want! The shoes are beautiful.

    I wouldn’t consider yourself unlucky if you get an epidural. I considered myself extremely lucky for mine. I’ve known mothers who’ve paid thousands out of pocket for one. I know some would rather have two hours of searing pain but not me. I’d rather labor longer without pain or without hours of it, at least. I’ll take novocaine for dental work, too. I heart Anesthesia.

    Good luck!

    1. I think she just meant she was lucky it was so fast!

  82. I just had my first baby two weeks ago by C section. While I had KNOWN what an amazing experience my natural childbirth would be at a beautiful birth center, it did not end that way for me. I’m so thankful to have this perfect, healthy little girl nothing else matters. My surgery was such a relief after such a long and painful labor, and after being worried about our baby and myself. It was quick, easy (you just lay there :)) and the hospital was super great about bringing her to my chest right away and helping us start to breastfeed as they sewed me back up. Now after two weeks I am feeling closer and closer to my usual self and since you aren’t supposed to lift things heavier than your baby it is a good excuse to do nothing but hold that sweet little being and soak up all of their itty-bitty-ness. Good luck to you and congrats!

  83. I tried to read through all the comments to see if this had been suggested already, but with 3.5 and 2 year olds, I didn’t make it, so sorry if this is a repeat…I am a natural childbirth educator and my rec is to find a hypnotherapist who will do a baby turning session with you. Manual version has about a 30% chance of working and (most importantly) lasting while hypnosis has a 50% chance of working and lasting, with no discomfort. Additionally, you’ll feel so great afterward. Spinningbabies.com was already mentioned is an awesome awesome site. Super user friendly and great advice. Good luck and keep up the good attitude. It’s truly the most important part.

  84. i did the acupuncture to turn a breach baby but the specialist ob i was seeing sort of poked at the baby with the ultrasound and he was like “there, she turned”. so hope it’s that easy for you and whatever the direction of baby may you have an easy, quick birth and recovery!!!

  85. You may not get all the way down to reading this BUT I have had both experiences and I’ve LOVED them all. I did not like being pregnant at all but I am so lucky to have had two wonderful birth experiences. The first with my son I was induced and had a v-delivery with an epidural. The second I was pregnant with twins and decided early on I was good with planning for a C-section. My water broke late one night and I labored to 9cm with no pain meds (because it was happening fast – not by choice!). I was perfectly fine with the C-section because I knew the girls would be out FAST and that was my goal. We were in the hospital 3 nights (plus the night before when I was in surgery) and I was on pain medication through an epidural then prescription pain medication the whole time. I stayed really on top of taking my pain meds and I think that really helped with my recovery. When we got home I went straight to Tylenol just because I didn’t want anything making me more tired than the twins would and I felt pretty good within about 2 days of getting home! With my first delivery my body felt almost back to 100% a day or two after getting home also and I also then only took Tylenol. That is a really long comment. All that to say – I had the same approach was you, I was not married to any one specific way, I’ve been induced, I’ve had an epidural, I labored naturally for a while, I had a c-section, I recovered from both and I survived. You have a great attitude and I promise, that’s all you need! Best of luck!

  86. We attempted a version at 38 weeks with my second, also breech. First baby was a totally normal vaginal birth. The doctor couldn’t turn my son and we later found out at my scheduled c-section that he had the cord wrapped around his neck, eek! They had done an ultrasound before they started the version and everything looked good, so that was surprising. I think if the turning isn’t quick and relatively easy, it’s not going to happen. They worked on my belly for about 5-10 minutes until I said enough. I know people who have had great success having their babies turned and it was pretty clear from the beginning of the version that it was working. Sooooo my only advice is if it seems like it’s not working, stop!! Definitely try acupuncture, heard amazing things! Good luck, either way I’m sure you’re in great hands!!

  87. I’m glad that you are so positive about the possibility of a c section, but saying that after the birth the method “doesn’t matter anymore” stings. As someone who had to have a c section after 40+ hours of labour, I was not only devastated but traumatized by the birth not being what I wanted (all natural, no drugs). So while I applaud your attitude, for those of us who have been forced into unwanted c sections some of your comments are hurtful.
    That being said, good luck! C section recovery (the physical at least) wasn’t bad at all. Emotionally it was a very different story (for me at least).

  88. Emily you are an awesome mom. Such great perspective! You will do well no matter what happens. I’ve had natural, c-section, v back. All brought healthy babes but I wish I could go back and erase the guilt and just enjoy. Just one note about the outfit–you look beautiful (of course) but you forgot to put your pants on! If you sit or move I’m afraid we would get an eyeful!

  89. Good for you and Brian for feeling so comfortable and positive about this whole thing. My first baby was breech. We tried acupuncture and moxibustion with no success. Though I wasn’t game for the doctor trying to turn her, mostly because of the low success rate but also because they knew she was a big baby and it was unlikely. So I had a C section and man I am so glad I did. I got some heat from some people who said I should try to deliver breech. NO THANK YOU. What we didn’t know until that day was that my 8lb 4 oz baby girl (I’m 4’11”!) was frank breech, so head and feet up … butt first! I’m pretty certain trying to deliver that baby would have led to C section anyway (or much, much worse). The recovery is no walk in the park with a C, obviously, but you’ll be great. The best advice I got was to walk around as soon as I got feeling back in my legs and the catheter was removed. It was a snail’s pace, but my body recovered quickly and easily. I’m now due with my second baby in 3 weeks and he’s in position so we’re going for the Vbac! We shall see, but I figure whatever happens happens and I just want a healthy baby to bring home, just like you. Good luck either way, mama! It sounds like you’re in great hands! xx

  90. You look so adorable at 37 weeks!

    My second kid was very large (over 10 pounds) and so she was born by planned c-section. It was a bit of a relief because then we could make concrete arrangements ahead of time – what time to drop off my first born with the grandparents, and who would stay with him the following nights, what day he would come meet his sister, etc. So that aspect was really nice.

    My one piece of advice: after a c-section you won’t be able to pick up anything heavier than the baby for about 6 weeks, and that includes Charlie. So train Charlie now to climb into the car seat, into his high chair, maybe even into his crib. That way if you are home alone with him (or him AND the baby) you won’t be hampered by that.
    Good luck!

  91. My son was breech from very early on and never turned. I opted not to have a version but did try acupuncture, the Webster chiropractic technique and a bunch of crazy stuff from spinning babies, but nothing worked. In the end I had a scheduled c section and it was the best experience I could have hoped for. The fact that it was scheduled made it a very calming experience. My doula was allowed to come into the OR after my husband went with our son to the nursery and it was immensely helpful to have someone there to talk to and distract me from the whole putting everything back inside process.
    Without a doubt using a belly binder and special c section underwear helped my healing process. The binder gives you needed support and the special underwear has a kind of microbial patch inside that prevents pants from rubbing up against your scar and to promote healing.
    Best of luck to you!!

  92. You are absolutely adorbs! I hear you on the frank breach deal. My first was and never turned and instead of trying to turn her during labor I chose to go into surgery fresh as opposed to after laboring. The end result is the same, a beautiful baby. I am glad to hear your good attitude about it. Best wishes!

  93. I’m not yet a biological mom (I’m a step mom) so no birthing tips but I just wanted to say you look RADIANT and so happy and I’m sure it will all go well. Can’t wait to see your new little one!

  94. OH man. I totally agree with you about the birth not mattering as much as a healthy baby. And to give you some context I am very into everything in life being as holistic and natural as possible. I really bought into the whole “magical birth” experience. (My mom is a doula) I had a birth center birth for my first and a home birth for my second. tgey we’re great births. Except they still hurt so, so badly. And it didn’t feel magical at all. I was still pushing a very large body through a very small and sensitive place.
    I came to the conclusion that it’s just like marriage – if you make it all about the wedding you are going to be sorely disappointed, but I’d you focus on the rest of your life that comes after, then you will have so much to be grateful for. Do whatever birth gets you a healthy baby. It’s the rest of the babies life that matters, not the birth!

  95. I really appreciate this post. As an adoptive mother, I just really appreciate that our kids find their way to us in all sorts of ways. I am also baffled by how rigid people can get with their birth expectations. I wish you all the best in the upcoming weeks. And thanks for your refreshing post!

  96. Hi Emily,

    Staying calm and going with the flow is the best way to handle this situation. I have always said it doesn’t matter how the baby gets into this world, as long as baby and mom are fine. I had one unplanned and one planned c-section. Planned are the best! Recovery wasn’t bad at all.

    Good luck in the next few weeks, and I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your baby girl. It’s been a pleasure watching Charlie progress from a gorgeous baby to a handsome little boy.

  97. This is the right attitude. No point n stressing over something you don’t have much control over. I had all three of my kids via c-section (the first one was an emerg. the second and third were scheduled because I didn’t want to risk anything with a VBAC). The first c-section was the hardest in terms of recovery, but only because it all came as a surprise. Still I was up and walking around the block within five days, and on longer walks not too long after. The second and third c-sections were a breeze, or as breezy as any major surgery can be.
    The only thing I would tell you is to get as many snuggles with your toddler as you can before the c-section (if you end up having one). You won’t be able to pick him up for about six weeks after the surgery and that was a very tough rule for me to follow. All the best for a safe delivery no matter how it happens!

  98. I’m so excited for you, Emily! Even a little envious, which is totally bonkers because I have 6 children. I need help. Anyhow, I had the first three naturally, (well, naturally as in out of my lady part, not as in without an epidural) the last three I had c-section. Two of my c-section babies were breech. I opted not to have them turned in my belly. It just seemed like a weird concept to have them manipulate my belly in such a way that the baby turns, in addition to it not being a guaranteed success. I’m not against it, it just wasn’t my jam. All 6 of my births were slightly different, but all equally special….vaginal and cesareans alike. Healthy baby….happy family…..you have the right idea.

  99. I had a scheduled c-section at 37 1/2 weeks. Late preclampsia and then a frank breech baby. My doctor was realistic and said the baby is it going to turn at this point – he gave us a 5% chance. Also, once preclampsia sets in – it’s game over. I cried for a day and then I was fine with it. I realized I was mostly scared of he surgery part and that turned out to be the easy part! Our doctor was wonderful. I know it’s not the same for everyone, but my recovery was not painful and relatively quick. I have to say I did have lots of help from my mother in law who is a former midwife and of course my husband. Help is key when you have a c-section (inability to hold the baby a certain way) and get up easily to change diapers. Also, since I couldn’t do skin to skin with my baby right away – they held him up to my cheek, they simply gave him to my husband for skin to skin. He carried him back to the room while they wheeled me back in and then I had skin contact with him. It was a total of about 2 minutes. Our baby came out healthy, happy and weighing an even 7 pounds. I would not have changed a thing. Definitely get a breastfeeding pillow that is comfy to wear during healing. It helped with breastfeeding since I couldn’t hold him a certain way due to the incision. Best of luck! You have exactly the right attitude for it 😉

  100. Yes! I had a successful version with my oldest daughter at 37 weeks. It was painful, I won’t lie, but not nearly as painful as the actual birth. Good luck – you can do it either way!

  101. Checking out spinningbabies.com Method can sometimes turn a breach baby.

  102. Em, I have no advice for turning this little lady, but want to say — holy hell, check out your gams! Your legs looks amazing!

  103. There have been so many good comments you probably wont’ even reach the end, so it seems silly even responding BUT I just wanted to add in one other thing. I need to caveat this with I am NOT the person that tells the drs what they should be doing. I go with the flow and had the same attitude when I was told my son was breech…my goal was to get him out-end of.

    Because I felt like I should at least do everything I could, I tried spinning babies, ironing boards and webster technique at the chiropractor for several weeks with no luck so was scheduled for a version at 38 weeks. NYU does epidural versions as they seemingly have more success, but it also means they are done in an OR and you’re all prepped in case something goes wrong that they can intervene and get.that.baby.out. Anyway, I don’t know if it will be the same in LA as it was in NY, but you aren’t a priority for the OR as obviously other women are, so while we were scheduled for a morning we didn’t actually get a slot until 7pm. I couldn’t eat or drink 8 hours before the scheduled appointment so it ended up being over 16 hours without any food or drink (yah and 38 wks preggo). When they gave me drugs, I got SO SICK. I was shaking violently, being sick all while strapped down, so much so that after the three attempts where they called it and said they were concerned if they tried any more there was a risk they would have to open me up there and then and take him out, my reaction was ‘so..take him out now because there is no way in hell I’m coming back to do this again’! Btw, the poking and prodding didn’t actually hurt at all, it was just my reaction to the drugs, which were a lower dose of the c section dose.

    Long story shortish, I went into labour three days before the schedule c section and told anyone and everyone at the hospital about my adverse reaction to the version drugs and they pumped me full of fluids and changed the drugs a bit and it was soooooo much better! Bit of shaking which is apparently normal, but no sickness and other than being slightly ‘boring’ just laying there and feeling a bit disconnected from it all, there was a healthy boy at the end of it. IT was nothing like the version.

    I don’t tell you this to scare you but to give you a bit of advice that if in the past you haven’t dealt well with drugs, or if you dont’ have water/food for ages waiting to speak up because there might be something they can do and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a traumatic experience!

    Good luck and best wishes (thinking about all this as I’m now 3 months preggers with my second has me all excited/scared again!)

    1. Wow, I had the same reaction to the epidural during my (vaginal) delivery and it was one of the worst parts of the experience for me. Thought I was alone!

  104. I wholly agree, whatever way the baby comes out that leaves you both healthy is all that matters. I had to have two c-sections and the best advice I have from my experience is to start walking as soon as possible afterwards, even though it will be slow and painful. Also, getting off the heavy pain meds as soon as possible (the third day the last time) made me feel like a normal me again sooner. With my first, I took the heavy meds for a couple weeks and just felt terrible. Second go-round I decided to not take them and just did advil/ibuprofen and it made a world of difference. Good luck to you whichever way she comes ?

  105. I ended up having an emergency c-section (just a few weeks after you had Charlie!) and was up and about in days and felt pretty much back to normal. It was hard to sit up for a few days, but that was it. I had a Bellefit girdle and that helped A LOT. I cannot sing the praises of that thing high enough. Best wishes to you, whatever happens. Can’t wait to see your new baby girl.

  106. I had an emergency c-section with my first (after laboring) and then VBACs for my other two kids. Hands down the easiest recovery was from the c-section for me. Yes, you are in pain the first week, but they give you lots of drugs and everyone is very helpful. By the second week I was up and taking long walks with the baby strapped to my chest. In contrast, I had weeks and weeks of pain in areas that you do not want to have pain after the vaginal births. I had to do physical therapy after my third for months (he was 10 pounds, so yeah). Anyway, planned c-sections are not bad and you are so right–the most important outcome is healthy baby and healthy mama. Good luck to you no matter how she gets here!

  107. I saw someone comment on this already, but it bears repeating; ask for the belly binder. It helps a ton in just feeling more supported and held together. Also, and this is important–STAY IN THE HOSPITAL AS LONG AS THEY LET YOU! I have had three kids, all c-sections under varying circumstances. The first time, I went home as soon as they’d let me (husband wanted to get out of hospital and I didn’t know any better yet). It was overwhelming and uncomfortable, and I wished I had kept the help and “ease” of the hospital for a bit longer. Second child, I went home asap b/c I had to share a room. Enough said. Third time I stayed for 3 or 4 days (it’s a bit foggy at this point), and I was so happy I did. More quiet bonding time with the baby (you will have plenty of time to share with the rest of your family but those first few days are so precious, especially with a toddler wanting your attention.) And it is just so much easier after a c-section to have the help of the nurses, the bed that raises and lowers, and no expectation to get out of your pajamas. Finally, take a lot of pictures, video, and prepare ahead of time to try to remember as much as you can immediately following the birth. I had a lot of trouble with anesthesia, so maybe my experience is different, but I found that even though I thought I was “with it” after the birth, I hardly remembered anything later, and when you are in recovery, you don’t get many pictures. My memories of those first few hours are almost non-existent and it makes me sad to this day. Maybe if you prepare for that possibility ahead of time, it might make a difference? Anyway, best of luck to you!

  108. Jenny Komenda over at Little Green Notebook had similar trouble getting her little girl to turn (around 38 weeks, I think?), and on the advice of her readers took a warm bath and she turned on her own! I can’t find the link to her post thanking readers for that suggestion, but I’d look up exactly what she did, my memory may be fuzzy.

    1. Hey Emily & Laura –
      I was immediately thinking of Jenny Komenda as well. Here’s the link to her latest birth story. Side note – she’s a fast birther too.

      So exciting!

  109. This article is equal parts humor and helpful techniques with a heavy dose of hilarious wive’s tales:


    Good luck Emily!

  110. I’m just a week and a smidge away from my due date with my first, and while I’m definitely thrilled the baby is currently the right way up, I’m almost envious that you might get a set date to meet your baby girl! The anticipation of knowing I could basically go into labour any time in the next 3 weeks is driving me mad – plus I really want to avoid an induction if it’s possible, I’ve just heard so many horror stories.

    But I think you’ve totally got your priorities right – healthy baby first! How she gets here isn’t the important part, what matters is that it happens safely and you get to go home and start being a family of four 🙂

  111. So happy you are almost a mom again! I’ve had two c-sections (first was emergency after 36 hours of labor and some pushing), and second was scheduled. I can say with certainty that delivering via c-section is still awesome. You CAN feel the baby come out. It’s a pressure sort of feeling, like getting a tooth drilled. But still phenomenal. Even with the first one when I really didn’t get to hold him until later after I’d slept and he’d been checked at the NICU, that first meeting was just as amazing as meeting my second child straight from the womb.

    I’m sure and your girl will do great. As I recall, it’s a pretty quick procedure. The recovery isn’t too bad as long as you stay ahead of the pain by taking your meds as scheduled (don’t skip!) and making sure to rest, rest, rest while still making yourself walk around a little each day.

    P.S. Love your maternity style!

  112. My best friend had a breach baby at 38 weeks – Someone told her to go to a pool and do handstands to get the baby to flip….it worked. It may or may not work for you, but if you have access to a pool , it might be worth a try!!

  113. The doctor was able to successfully flip my daughter at 39(?) weeks? 4 days before her due date. I had heard from a friend’s friend that it hurt REALLY bad. I won’t say it was fun, but it was NOT terrible. I squeezed the crap out of my husband’s hand and practiced my labor breathing. Good luck!

  114. Hey Emily! I’m SOOOO happy for you, your family, your amazing live and all of your success. I’ve been following you for a LONG time and I’m a BIG fan of you in general and your design work in particular.

    Just wanted to mention that my MIL recently told me that she was dealing with a breech right before she was due and her midwife told her to go in a body of water and do summersaults in the water. She did it and it flipped the baby! I’m also a big fan of ancient midwife wisdom like this, so I thought I’d share it with you. Certainly couldn’t hurt the situation and could be a really fun/easy way to resolve it! So much love & light to you and your family <3 <3 <3

  115. My friend did this for her second c-section (her first was an emergency): http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2015/aug/17/vaginal-seeding-c-section-babies-microbiome

  116. My second baby was breech at 37 weeks thanks to a nice roomy uterus stretched out by her big brother. I did lots of pregnancy yoga, practised the poses at home and she flipped at 38 weeks. The indigestion I got from having a breech baby was awful, I hope you aren’t suffering and I hope that little girl flips asap!

  117. I had one turn at 38 weeks! I think it was the morning I went in to have him turned. They did the u/s before the Dr came in and he was head down. I did acupuncture and read a lot of spinning babies. Good luck to you, you will be fine either way!

  118. Both of my babies were breech. I tried all the home remedies, stood on my head in the pool, did acupuncture and chiropractic. I had an unsuccessful external version with the first at 37 weeks, but tried again 5 days later with a more experienced doctor and it worked. Baby born vaginally 3 days later after a long labor. With the second, my water broke at 35 weeks. Automatic C section.

    Recovery time from both births was about the same. I figure 40 hous of labor is equivalent to no labor plus surgery 😉 The belly binder was key for me. Especially with a toddler around, you want to protect yourself from flailing limbs and head butts! And hooray for help after the birth!

  119. Good luck!! I had a planned c section in February with #2, it sounds like you have a great attitude, I’m sure you’ll do great! I echo the advice above, stay on top of the meds, the first 24 hours were actually easy because they put pain meds in the spinal, but they wore off suddenly and day 2 was extremely tough trying to get it back under control.
    Something else to prepare for that kind of blind sighted me in the actual surgery, the first part of it is really chill with not much to distract you (once the baby comes you have plenty to keep you occupied), but when they were making the incision the smell was overwhelming (emotionally, i mean. It didn’t actually smell that bad). It was obviously MY burning skin, and it was a bit tough to deal with in the moment. Just take a sec to mentally prep for that and I’m sure it won’t bother you. Best of luck!!

  120. 3 C-sections over here- 1st because of an emercency breech situation (found out after I had been in labor for 2 days and dilated to 8!) And then the next 2 because… Obviously I am at peace with a C-section, or I would have attempted a v-bac.

    2 pieces of advice and a quick FYI:
    – Get a belly band for tummy support after the baby, and wear it as soon as you can. Plan to order 2- one in a size just after baby, and a smaller size for when you start losing your weight. Bonus, Jessica Alba swears by them for getting back in shape! 😉
    – Walk as soon as you can in the hospital. Then walk and walk and walk (pioneer style) some more. Make Brian (strongly) encourage you. You’ll heal much faster. I only stayed one night in the hospital after #3. Just felt too great to stay overnight again (with the constant waking, and beeping, and uncomfortable spouse sleeping situation, and missing my kids and own bed and DVR).
    -Maybe it was unique to my 3 c-sections, but my husband was not able to be in the room with me during my epidural. The first was such a blur that I didn’t know this, and I was caught unprepared for #2. I was scared and sad not to have a hand to hold during this (brief) part. Luckily, nurses have kind hands and will hold yours if you ask. 😉
    – Lastly, and it sounds like this doesn’t apply to you. But just in case your post-baby hormones disagree with the you of today, here you go: Don’t let anyone, ever, give you shit for the way your baby came to you! We all do our best in our own ways.

    Good luck!

  121. Love belly!! I’m on 36 weeks now so we are almost there!!
    Regarding options to flip your baby I know that peppermint essential oil helps to do that, you just have to rub your belly on the upper side with it. Google it 🙂 it worth a try

  122. I had this EXACT same situation back in March! Breech baby from 28 weeks on. I tried E V E R Y T H I N G–laying upside down, ice on the top of the belly, music down low on the belly, elevated downward dogs, chiropractor, acupuncture, swimming, handstands, headstands, you name it! NOTHING worked. Everybody thought they knew what would work, but it was all crap. Sometimes babies just wanna be where they wanna be. This was my first baby and I was totally that girl who wanted the natural birth and got anything but. I will say that a C-section was SO not something I wanted, and I’m still not looking back on it with fond memories. However, I prepared myself with a ton of research and really felt comfortable knowing what was going to happen.

    My hospital allowed for skin to skin right after the birth (while I was being closed up) which was awesome. They also allowed the baby to be with me in recovery, and he never left my side. These are two things I’d suggest asking your hospital if they are important to you, I know not every hospital does this yet!

    It will be pretty cool for you to have two totally different birthing experiences! Congratulations! 🙂

  123. Wow, this is big and exciting news! One, you look darling and these pics are fabulous. Two, how are your ankles not swollen? Three, the C-section was no big deal with my two…both babies healthy, recovery wasn’t a big deal, and I got a few extra days in the hospital for people to wait on me hand and foot. All good in the end. Best of luck and I’m eager to see the nursery reveal! XOXO

    For our first, we ended up with c-section (fetal distress). My biggest advice is think about what you will do during surgery. Typically, you’re in the operating room, awake and normal. Your partner will be sitting next to your head and the sheet will be up so he can’t see past your chest. If I remember correctly, there’s a good 20 minutes or so before the baby comes out and it was kind of an awkward convo between me and my husband. I think I told him I wanted light hearted conversation but he’s not really good at thinking on the fly. It felt like we were on an awkward date and then suddenly a baby appears and I’m crying in joy.

    1. Maybe have your partner show you photos of your 1st child so you can relive what he was like and then compare to your new one????

  125. What a wonderful journey you are on and whichever way the baby comes, it comes! C-Section is a really great option for those who cannot give birth naturally and it’s ok. Other women don’t have a choice but to do it naturally or csection. I think as long as both Mother and Baby are ok at the end, then whatever happens, happens!

    Good luck on the rest of your journey!


  126. My friend tried to turn her daughter who was transverse breech (left to right) She said that it was extremely painful and they ended up putting her in labor. Just be prepared to go with flow. It will turn out great no matter what because you will have a beautiful, healthy baby 🙂

  127. Hi Emily! I had the same situation just last December! I was pregnant with my 2nd child and at my 36 week appt, she was still breech, so we scheduled an ECV for the following week. I was pretty nervous for that procedure, so you can imagine how I felt about a C-Section. I decided to visit my chiropractor and he did the Webster technique twice, three days apart. I went in for my ECV and before my doctor did the procedure, she checked with an ultrasound and my baby had flipped naturally! I wish you the best of luck!!

  128. I like your thinking! The birth is about getting your baby safely in your arms. Another thing is the myth that you can’t get a flat tummy after a c section. i had a six pack a year after my second child. (I excercised for it) . I had 3 types of birth, epidural, section, and then all natural. So the myth of having to stick to c sections after having one is another myth. So pleased you’re relaxed, positive and going with the flow. The thing about surgery is it takes about 3 weeks before you feel like you never had surgery. Two littles make for tired Mommas, so relish the helping hands. Xox

  129. What is this belly binder everyone is talking about??! How great – I did not know about that with my c-section.

    So, I had twins, and thus an emergency c-section after two thwarted premature labors, when they committed to coming out way too early.

    I had a great (relatively speaking) recovery, due to the fact that I had zero time to sit around – I was up-and-at ’em right away. (Twins in the NICU, tromping up and down that hallway for a week, and then back and forth to the hospital.) I expect that having a toddler at home will keep you moving around, too.

  130. No kids, so I can’t provide any advice or stories. But I just want to commend you on your positive attitude. As someone who has suffered a miscarriage and 2 years of infertility (which I know is similar to your history), I hope to one day have a baby by whatever means necessary. All of your readers are looking forward to pics of baby girl in a few weeks!

  131. You inspire me. Just, the crazy awesome grace you have…It’s enviable!

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  132. Keep that shit to yourself!! Ha. totally agree.

    I had a really similar experience as you. The first one came out naturally, epidural didn’t happen (not by choice), and while it was painful the baby was great. The second one came out super fast and was fine as well. The funny thing is, around 3-4 weeks before the baby came, he was breach. My doctor just didn’t mention it. I found out later…around my due date, when I asked. The Dr. said most of the time, they get in the correct position (in the final weeks) and its not an issue …. so maybe you just have more info than I did. Hang in there, and see what next week brings…
    BTW, the second birth is soooo much better, I think the 1st one does all the work and paves the way.. P.S. The healing time is quicker too. Body has been there, done that, I guess.

    Sending good vibes your way.

  133. Hi, if you are keen to try out ways to turn the baby naturally my ob recommened crawling around on all fours as much as possible. It gives the baby a bit more room to turn. I am sure your cats would like that;) good luck!

  134. Our daughter was still breech at 36 weeks. Because they were closely monitoring her heart during my pregnancy, I had many ultrasounds (every two weeks or so). During an extended one I had to lie with my bottom half flat and my top half turned to the side so they could get a good view of her. She was a small baby and probably still had some room to move, but I like to believe it was just enough of a contortion for her to fully rotate head-down. Maybe holding some yoga poses would help you. But it sounds like you have a great plan in place- we are so lucky that doctors can do so much! Enjoy it “as it happens” 🙂

  135. Loving all these birth stories!
    I had twins- first one born vaginally, second one via emergency c-section (cause his heart rate suddenly dropped!) So I healed in both places at once (!!!) but it wasn’t too bad at all – mostly because, as you say, I was sooooo happy they were born and healthy!
    Best of luck Emily!!!

  136. Hey girly – I had a successful version at 36 weeks with my 2nd baby (now 2.5). The week leading up to the version, I was on my hands and knees all the time, I practiced all the exercises on http://www.spinningbabies.com, I did acupuncture, moxa, chiropractor, mayan massage, ice packs on the top, laying upside down on the ironing board, the works. Nothing would flip that baby at all. So I went into the hospital on a Friday morning, I had some bags packed just in case the version got hairy and we had to do an emergency C-section. I was given Terbutaline which is a medication that relaxes the uterus and I also opted for Vistaril. The thing about Terbutaline is that it can put you on edge – like too much coffee. (I’m a nurse and have given it to enough patients to know). The Vistaril was a great relaxer, definitely a must have. I know that some places will do an epidural, which was an option for me, but I asked the doc to try the version first to see how my baby would do. And if I couldn’t relax enough during it, I would get an epidural. Fentanyl, a pain medication, was also an option.
    The actual version was uncomfortable, but too intense. I had soft music playing, my husband was holding my hand and my doula/midwife was rubbing my feet. I did deep breathing as they lifted him up out of my pelvis, easily turned him sideway, and then worked a little harder to get him head down. Afterward they gave me an abdominal binder to keep him that way. Throughout it all, another doc was using an ultrasound to make sure that he was tolerating it okay. We had no complications and we stayed another hour or so in the hospital. He stayed put and I went on to having him (10lbs!) at 40 weeks in the water in 3 hours. It was great.
    Hope that helps – let me know if you have any questions! Good luck!

  137. I had two C-sections. My first was breach, and I had low amniotic fluid so my doctor didn’t want to risk trying to turn her. My second was also scheduled and it was so nice having childcare set up in advance, no drama of “oh my god I’m in labor and it’s rush hour and we’re having this baby on the 405″… Take all the drugs, walk around as soon as you can, and allow yourself to be taken care of. You’ll do great. That baby will be in your arms and smothered with love by her brother one way or another.

  138. All three of my kids were c sections. Best advice I can give you is to get up and move as soon as you safely can. It not only helps you physically, it really gets you out of the baby blues quicker. Just leave the housework for someone else. Lol

  139. My son was breech at 37 weeks. I tried all sorts, including lying on the floor with my legs up on a birthing ball. My husband still has some embarrassing photos as proof! He did turn but I don’t know if it was down to that. A friend of mine is 37 weeks just now and her baby was breech last week. She did hand stands in the swimming pool and her baby has turned now. Good luck. xx

  140. i LOVE your attitude!! the safe arrival of your little one is the game plan. how you get there totally doesn’t matter.

    i am a c-section momma of twin boys. my biggest advice to you is to take as many of the mesh underpants as you can cram into your bag! they don’t bother your scar at all whereas regular undies can sometimes hit at just the wrong spot.

    best of luck to you!! can’t wait to “meet” your little girl!

  141. I, too, had to have a C-section due to baby being breech. I tried acupuncture, moxi-bustion, and various yoga positions to no avail. I was bummed b/c I really wanted a natural birth, but having a planned C-section does have advantages to focus on. Waking up to your alarm on the morning of the birth is so crazy b/c you KNOW you’re going to have your baby that day and at roughly what time! It also makes planning for your job, family, and friends very easy. I do have a few suggestions I now pass along to my friends who are having C-sections; in case you find them helpful, here they are:

    1) Pack a dress to wear home from the hospital. Anything with a waistband will be intolerable b/c it will press on your incision.
    2) After the surgery, apply an ice-pack to your abdomen as well as Arnica gel around the incision. Both really helped reduce swelling / pain for me.
    3) Take with you from the hospital every pair of granny-panty mesh undies you can get your hands on. Their waistbands will sit well above your incision (as opposed to normal underwear which presses against it). These mesh undies are washable and I probably wore them for a month (I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT.)
    4) Once you get home, you’ll have difficulty moving around at first, so keep your essentials in a tote bag that’s easy to bring with you from room-to-room. I put in it: my pain meds, a notebook in which I tracked my pain meds, a water bottle, snacks (SO HUNGRY ALL THE TIME FROM NURSING), chapstick, and pads.

    Good luck! Everything will be fine!

  142. Take care of yourself. Ask for help when you need it. You will need time to heal so don’t try to be supermom.

  143. Our oldest son was a “frank” breech – meaning butt first! And his feet were up at his head, poor kid. They tried to turn him, but it didn’t work, and was extremely painful for me. I think that my height of 5’1″ did not help – I just didn’t have the space for him to turn. He’d try to turn on his own and would almost try to sit up (in me!) and I’d pat his head that was sticking up from my abdomen and tell him “sorry kiddo that way won’t do!”. C-section at 38 weeks did the trick. Of course his legs staying perpendicular to his body for weeks after birth because they were in that position for so long! I’d almost skip the “turn” try and get the C-Section as soon as possible! All will be fine!

  144. We found my daughter was breached at 37 weeks too! Tried to flip her (most painful thing I EVER went through) but it didn’t work. My water broke the next day, and only later I heard this happens a lot. We tried acupuncture but that didn’t help either. Because she was breached I had an emergency c-section which took forever to get over. Hope things will work better for you! Good luck!

  145. I had a scheduled c-section on the day after my birthday because my son was breech and an ultrasound the day before to see if he flioped at the last minute, and what do you know, he did! The c-section was cancelled and it was a great birthday. I ended up delivering him vaginally exactly 10 days after he flipped. Honestly, I did nothing to encourage him to turn. I figured, if he was meant to be delivered vaginally then he will be. If not, then he won’t. At the end of the day he was healthy and that’s all that mattered.

  146. A C-Section baby does not have the advantage of receiving the mother’s health-giving juices from the vaginal canal. The baby’s microbiome is not as healthy.
    Go for a healthy baby and find a midwife to turn the baby. Give the little girl a chance. Many babies turn at the last minute.

  147. My daughter was breech too. The doctor didn’t try to do a version because my amniotic fluid was low and they didn’t think she had enough room to turn. I did everything I could from 35-39 weeks to get her to turn – did stretches and exercises where I was inverted and went to a chiropractor who specialized in turning breech babies. Nothing made her turn so at 39 weeks I had a c-section and I was honestly surprised at how quick I recovered! My biggest tip is to walk as much as you feel comfortable. I thought I would be in a lot of pain but I was just a little sore. Now I’m pregnant with my second and waiting to see how things go for the birth. As you said, every one is different. Best of luck to you! No matter how they get here, they are worth it.

  148. You look stunning mama! I hope she does turn…don’t forget to sit like a truck driver spread them and lean your body forward. Crawl with your toddler all over the floor as much as you can..this will also relieve any lower back (or worse even lower) stress too. I know people that read spinning babies to get their little ones to turn. Remember that if you do go au natural dont forget about my previous suggestion the “lift” in Janie McCoy King book Back Labor No More. Keep up the great attitude!

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  150. I had to have a c-section with my first because she was breech. I was set on a natural birth but when they told me if she didn’t flip, I was going to be scheduled for a c-section, I totally rolled with it too. Weird right. You have this whole plan that gets changed quite drastically and yet it’s all good.

    My doctor didn’t try to flip her because of the low success rate and they believe babies are usually breech for a reason. Turned out Felicity had the cord wrapped around her neck 3 times (she was a bit of an acrobat until she got stuck at about 30ish weeks). Also, I had gestational diabetes so she was going to be a big baby so they were set on the surgery.

    My c-section went well. Felicity and I did wonderfully. My doctor usually does an epidural for surgery but one side refused to numb so I ended up with a spinal tap. No music in the delivery room for us but I was too out of it and crazy nervous to care.

    After delivery, it was way too painful to lay down so I slept in my husband’s recliner which he dragged into the bedroom for me. Now I have an adjustable bed so if I have to get a c-section again, I’ll use that. Felicity slept on my chest for easier nursing since I wasn’t going anywhere, lol. My husband did all the diaper changing and helped me with nursing (had some very painful issues so he helped distract me from the unbelievable pain). I didn’t have any issues healing and Felicity is now a perfectly healthy 3 year old.

    Oh! Nursing. I had to football nurse her (hold them like a football on one side) because she couldn’t lay across my belly until about 4 weeks. I was able to lay down in bed at about 2-3 weeks and I added laying down to nursing.

    I just found out I’m pregnant with our second (yay!) and as long as all goes well, I will be having a second chance at a natural birth. Totally terrified, lol, but excited to try.

    Sorry, for the long post, I talk a lot, lol. Good luck!

  151. I dont mean to sound like a jerk, but as I have the flu and a 3 months old, there’s not a lot of filtering going on here… You keep saying “as long as she’s healthy” and I have to disagree. My daughter was born with cleft lip and palate and had to spend 10 days in NICU for breathing complications. I didn’t get to take a healthy baby home. She’s still on two medications a day, and has spent a grand total of 15 nights in hospitals. I spend 4-5 hours a day pumping for her because she can’t nurse. We are going in for her first cleft repair surgery a week from today and that’s only the beginning. She will have to have at least 5 more surgeries to correct her cleft including a bone graft to take hip bone to close up her gumline. I’m all for healthy babies, but don’t we as parents love them regardless of their needs? I user to say “as long as she’s healthy” too, now its more like “as long as she gets to be mine” or “as long as she’s loved”. I really do hope and pray that your little girl is perfectly healthy, and that your delivery is safe no matter how it occurs. Can’t wait to see her!

  152. You have such a great attitude Emily. This past June, my water broke at 31 weeks, and after 3 days of bedrest, I had an emergency c-section — I was put totally under, and my son went straight to NICU. My first view of him was a video a thoughtful nurse took on a cell phone, in which he was wailing at his undignified entrance. I didn’t hold him for hours. Was it the birth I imagined? NOPE. Did it suck? YUP. Does any of this matter now that I am home with a healthy and hilarious baby boy? NOT A BIT. And as an aside, did 6 weeks in NICU reveal how much harder many other families have it? Absolutely. So many folks have less-than-ideal birth experiences, so anything that ends with a healthy little one is a gift, even if the birth plan goes off script. Best of luck to you and your family! Sending you all good vibes from North Carolina.

  153. This sounds completely crazy but with my second C-Section my OB offered a mirror. I was already numb and in the OR, I said yes! It was the best take away from that experience. Seeing my son emerge from my tummy without seeing the blood and guts of it was like watching a movie and completely spectacular!

  154. Hi Emily,
    I have never posted a comment to ANY blog but wanted to respond to you. I am sure you will get a wide array of responses as pregannacy and all things motherhood are so incredibly personal and everyone’s situation is always different but to add a positive spin… I was told at 37.5 weeks that my baby number two was breech. A week later I had him “turned” it was only slightly uncomfortable AND successful! A week later I delivered a healthy baby boy. Regardless of how you slice it she has to come out and one way or another you will have another great gift! All the best Emily. As a mother of a five week old and a 22 month old I am in your corner!

  155. Holler! Do not Google c-section, super unnecessary. I went in thinking I’d just birth the baby, you know, have that experience and that would be that. Turns out that the baby was so big that I ended up pushing for three hours, had an edpidural and then a c-section, and none of it was as big a deal as so many crazy internet people out there say. The baby was perfect, my recovery was great, the scar is nothing, it’s really not a big deal. The only thing that’s a big deal is listening to the doctors to guide you because their priority really is you and your baby’s health. They know what’s up. Best of luck to you…I love your blog, and hey great bracelet!

  156. “Drugs, no drugs, natural, adoption, water, C-section, surrogate, moon birth, etc, the fact that women care about it so much has always kinda baffled me when most of the time you can’t control it and then its over and its no longer important… and ultimately the only thing that matters is that you leave the hospital with a healthy little life.”

    “Its a celebration, it’s about the health of the baby, so kudos for not making it about you.”

    Love both of these thought Emily. We just had our little guy 3 1/2 months ago and though I wanted a natural birth I went in open to all possibilities. After over 8hrs in labor (I am not a fast birther apparently) I gave in and got an epidural and if I can be honest from the moment that drug hit my body I wondered why I had ever waited. I ended up being in labor for right around 24hrs so thank God for the epidural. I was lucky enough to push him out quickly in just 45 mins (I think out of sheer exhaustion and determination) but even if I had ended up with a C-Section and I was very close to that at one point during the labor all that really mattered is that our little guy arrived happy and healthy. He is the miracle not me and whether or not I was able to give birth vaginally without drugs.

    Good luck to you, your little girl is blessed to have a Mommy & Daddy who are already able to put her first.

    ps: My husband’s birthday is October 15th so that’s a great day in my opinion even if I’m a little biased.

    pps: I was a breech birth but since I was born in Jamaica in the 1970’s my Mother had no choice but to give birth to me vaginally and with no drugs. She did it and I’m here and I’m healthy but we were lucky and if you have a safer (less risky) option take it. <3 🙂

  157. You will be fine! Though I’ve never had a baby, my brother and I were both c-sections just because we were big ol’ 10 pound fatty mcgoos with heads like watermelons. It kind of runs in the family… I *still* have a big head. But we are happy and healthy. 🙂

    Also, you are SO right to not trust the internet. People often misuse the word “natural,” the people who are anti-c-section are probably a *bit* more passionate and vocal than those who are not, and 99.9999999% of “health” articles take single studies and either misinterpret/ sensationalize the findings, or simply disregard the fact that scientific knowledge on a topic grows, changes, contradicts previous findings, and is ever-subject to our sociocultural values. So yeah. Don’t go on the internet.

  158. I had two c-sections, and like someone else here said — keep on top of the pain. Take the medications on time every time. It might seem like a lot, but it makes a huge difference. I didn’t adhere to the keeps ahead of the pain schedule with my first and it was torture just to pull myself into a sitting position from a nap. The second time I loaded my phone with “take medication now” alarms, and it made everything easier and relatively pain-free.

  159. My wife had a C-Section four months ago to deliver our daughter and everything went smoothly. One product recommendation that was very helpful once we got home: the Halo ‘BassiNest’ Swivel Sleeper. Since one of the sides folds down, it made it so much easier for my wife to get our daughter in and out of the bassinet to feed her, etc. Also, it can swivel toward and away from the bed – which made it easier for her to get in and out of bed.

    Praying for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby!

  160. I delivered twins via c-section. Prior to my delivery date, a nurse mentioned to me that some women fall asleep when they are being stitched up. This was helpful advice because it gave me permission to fully relax and breath which I desperately needed.

  161. One thing to check on if you do have a C-section is a clear drape…usually they block the procedure from you with a blue sterile drape and you can’t actually see your child being born but some hospitals now have a clear drape and this is what you’d see. Pretty amazing! https://www.facebook.com/BirthPhotography/photos/a.138214359529256.26987.133770626640296/1203774532973228/?type=3&theater

  162. Hi, Emily! I had a wonderful experience with my C-section (six years ago now – time flies). I had heard stories about feeling sick during the C-section procedure, so I made sure to discuss this with the anesthesiologist at the pre-op meeting. Yay, anti-nausea medication! Ask for it specifically. I did not feel even a little queasy, not once.

    Others have mentioned this…also be prepared to get the shakes once the procedure is over. Totally normal, and will go away soon enough.

    As strange as this may sound, the most painful part of my recovery was dealing with a pulled muscle in my neck thanks to holding my head in a wonky position during the 20 minute procedure. In all of the excitement, I’m not sure I ever actually put my head down on the pillow, just kept straining forward without realizing it. My advice to you – even though you will be strapped down – try your best to relax your neck/head.

    Best of luck, Emily! You’ve got this.

  163. I think you have the perfect attitude for this. Best wishes for any outcome but mostly for a beautiful healthy baby whatever the delivery method!

  164. I had a repeat c section in January and my guy was breach…my ob wasn’t concerned because I was having a c section regardless but she sure was surprised when she reached in and pulled him out, he decided to flip himself within the couple days between my last appointment and surgery. Good luck!

  165. I had a version at 37 or 38 weeks with no luck, but it was my first and there was no chance in hell her head was moving out from between my ribs. The version sucked (DON’T YOUTUBE IT BEFORE HAND!), but I’d still try it again if I had another breech babe.

    I also tried acupuncture with no luck. I’m pretty sure it didn’t work because I waved the sage(?) around my toes the wrong way or something 🙂

    The worst prospect for me about a Csection was that you had to go in completely makeup free- which means any post baby pics are SCARY!

  166. Moxabustion/ moxa sticks sound like a ridiculous hoax (you hold what, where?!) but at 37 weeks with a breech baby I was literally trying anything possible. My non-hippie OB suggested it and said she had no clue how, but it worked for a good portion of her patients. Look it up on You Tube to see how to do it. You will feel ridiculous having this burning thing held next to your toe but you won’t even care. Brian will make fun of you. Just try to relax as much as you can so she has lots of room to flip and do the Moxabustion outside…the smoke smells horrible! Good luck lady!

  167. I had a version at 38 weeks; it was painful, but brief, and was the only time I was together enough to actually think to use my Lamaze breathing! That said, I ended up with a c section anyway: I went into labor and (eventually) dilated to 10 centimeters, but she never dropped. They thought that, while she did turn, there was just something about her position (and size! 9lbs 10oz!) that was keeping her stuck. So we had an unexpected c section but she arrived happy and healthy, and that was all that mattered. Much love to you and your family, and good luck through all of this. Don’t overthink it; it will all be fine.

  168. It’s been awhile & a blur but I had to have an emergency c-section with my first & only birth (big baby) & the thing I remember the most is being bent over for weeks..very sensitive. I didn’t have any help & was taking care of my adopted toddler so I probably would’ve healed faster not doing all that lifting & chasing. They do make you get up & walk at the hospital pretty quick ‘tho. I also wasn’t able to touch or hold baby right away, my arms were pinned down & husband had to wipe my crying eyes & nose. I did get to watch him help the nurse give the baby a bath..that was funny.

  169. Back in March, I found out (at 37 weeks) that my baby had flipped to breech. My doctor did a manual version at 38.5 weeks. Painless, fast, and it worked! Had a wonderful, faaaast birth a week and a half later. It can work and it’s not painful! Good luck!

  170. Hi Emily ,
    I have seen a baby flipped by acupuncture, putting moxa by the ankles. You should have a medical person there though to monitor your baby if you do this. Some stubborn kiddos will flip right back to breech too….stinkers!

  171. Oh yeah, Also put the picture of her ultra sound upside,,,visualize her in the right position mama. I had a doctor tell me just talk to her say help mama out–it worked!

  172. My first was breech and I tried everything short of the external version. Lived in Nyc at the time and went to the gym and did flips in the pool (did not even consider how crazy I looked, at 38 weeks pregnant just doing flips over and over and in NYC people did not bat an eyelash at my crazy). Tried the flashlight held at the lower abdomen, tried headphones at the upper abdomen with loutish music, tried acupuncture, tried this heated thing the acupuncturist said to hold near your little toe that I can’t remember the name of but was supposed to trigger a connection between your little toe and your uterus to make baby flip. I watched tv and would hold downdog during all the commercials since any inversion of your body could theoretically get the baby to flip. This was mostly all at the suggestion of my very knowledgeable prenatal yoga teacher, who had had students who these things had worked for. But my little guy would not flip (he is still stubborn 6.5 years later) and I did not like the small risk associated with the external version. I never went into labor and he was delivered via c-section at 39 weeks and mama and baby were healthy and happy. I tried for vbac with my second and really wanted the labor experience. Still in NYC. Had the whole driving through the city in the cab with contractions coming every minute saying I think the baby’s coming soon!! But after getting to the hospital when labor was not progressing we switched over to a c-section. Happy healthy baby, happy mama. My third was a planned C and we have the happiest, healthy 9 month now. A quick natural birth sounds great if painful–my taste of labor was plenty) but, like you I was just happy to have my three healthy babies in my arms. My advice for recovery is to get a wedge-shaped pillow to prop you up to sleep on during recovery. Laying on your side feels funky (like my organs were flipping around) and laying flat on my back was not comfortable for a week or so since it felt like it stretched the incision.

  173. I had an unplanned c-section after pushing for 2 hours unmedicated, then 2 mores hours with an epidural (with a nap in between!). My son was head down, but facing up (suny side up) and just wouldn’t come through the birth canal. I was terrified but was really alert during the operation and in the OR. It was really exciting when they said, “okay, we’ll have him out in about 30 seconds!” Those 30 seconds were so surreal and so exciting–I’ve never felt that kind of clear, thrilling, anticipation before.

    1. Oh! and my doctor told me it would take longer to recover from the c-section if I took it too easy, so I was up and about as much as I felt comfortable and I think that helped.

  174. Hi Emily,

    You know what? Screw it. You’ve totally got your mojo happening in the best way and it’s society that has the issue with C-sections vs Natural Births.
    I had both of my little people via planned C-sections. I’m a tiny person (4 foot nothing just about) and their dad was 6 foot tall. You see the problem. While the human body is capable of amazing feats, I didn’t want to end up in the Guiness Book of Records after it was all over.
    An truly, honestly, their births have been two of the most serene moments of my life. I had what those of you in the U.S. (I’m in Sydney) call “Gentle C-section” and it was great. You might as well have a latte – it’s that chilled.

    Recovery after any surgury is gonna be a bit tough. You already know that. Here is Aus we can’t drive for 6 weeks! I took longer to recover from the first c-section, but was up and about the next day following my second.

    It’s crazy to speculate what will happen but you’re already so on it – you will be awesome.

    Best of luck!
    Can’t wait to hear the good news!

  175. Emily, don’t give up hope.

    I was EXACTLY where you are with my Libra daughter 21 years ago, minus ten days. Two little boys and the thought of recovery of a C-section stressed me out.

    She turned at the last hour before the scheduled manual turning.

    Don’t worry about this. It will all work out.

  176. My first was breech and kept flipping on her own all the way through the 40th week. In the end, she turned breech again in the 40th week and I had a scheduled C section. It really wasn’t bad and I’ve since had another. Take it easy when you are allowed to eat and drink. Both times I got sick from my first few sips. Also, you may have funny itchiness or other side effects from the anesthesia. It goes away in a couple of hours. And my biggest tip is to have some high-waisted underwear on hand. The waistband of regular underwear hit right at the incision so the other style was important for quite a while.

  177. We just went in the the hospital this week to try to turn the baby (38 weeks)- and it worked! The cephalic version was successesful and our kid is now head down. Not going to lie though- even with an epidural, the procedure was very very uncomfortable. We felt it was worth it because we want to try a natural birth for our first, but we understand the birth will still be unpredictable :).

  178. I’m not a mom, so I don’t have any birthing stories, but I had to tell you that I laughed out loud at the part where you said if your sister died or the baby lost a limb, keep that shit to yourself.

    When I had cancer, it seemed like everyone had a story to tell me and they weren’t all good. It’s like I’m fighting for my life here, wtf are you telling me about so and so who died? I wish I would have told people to keep that shit to themselves.

    Anywho. I think you have a great outlook and I’m hoping you have a positive birthing experience and a healthy baby girl! xoxo

  179. I had a c-section 7 months ago for a breech baby. I tried acupuncture, going to the chiropractor, spinning babies, and a version. None of it worked. It was all worth trying though. Having a c-section really wasn’t so bad. Take your pain meds! Ibuprofen is amazing! My nurse gave me an abdominal binder at the hospital that helped so much post delivery!!! You can also buy them online. The hospital I delivered at had a surgical drape with a “window” they could open and close so I was able to see my daughter be born! You have the right attitude! Best wishes!

  180. Hi there,
    I’m a mother of two. Here is my advice.

    First, the baby can turn at any time, right up until the birth. So check her position, recheck, and check again right up until the big day.

    Second, have you considered using yoga positions to try and encourage the baby to turn? And what about using a midwife? I’m guessing a midwife might have more experience with turning a baby?

    Third, if you successfully turn the baby, I’d urge you to consider a natural birth. I had a “light” epidural with my first baby, and I regret it. It made labor last longer (thus my baby came out exhausted and “stunned”), and it gave me lower back pain for several months after the birth (this happens to 1 in 5 women). By the time they give you the epidural, the worst of the pain is already over. My second baby was a natural birth. I just relaxed every muscle in my body (even my hands), breathed, and focused on nothing other than the birth. Honestly, the natural birth wasn’t any more painful than the epidural birth, plus the active pushing phase lasted only like ten minutes, instead of almost an hour of active pushing like with the epidural birth.

  181. Hi Emily,

    You probably have received thousand emails talking about this subject.. well, here is one more…
    My first baby was breach too and I tried everything to make him turn but nothing worked. At the end, I accepted I was going to have a c-section, and just like you, I was fine with it. It wasn’t what I had planned, but I think people around me were more bummed than me. I had a c-section planned and I got into labor the night before. Everything went well, but still it was kind of sad to have my arms tied and not being able to move or touch my baby for a while. I was very emotional and shaky, part of it I guess it was the anesthesia. Anyway… It doesn’t matter how your child comes to this world. The important thing is that she is finally here, with you, in your arms and that both of you are healthy.
    People talk really bad about c-sections… and make us feel like losers if we end up having one. I think people shouldn’t abuse of c-sections, but if you need one, whatever, there is nothing wrong with it. I didn’t have any problem connecting with my son. No problem at all breastfeeding him for 8 months and my recovery was great. In three days I was at home and the next day I arrived home I was already doing a normal life, carrying loads of dirty clothes and cleaning the house.
    Good luck with your baby. Can’t wait to see her pretty face.

  182. You sound great and look freakin’ GORGEOUS. Tons of caring energy coming your way.

  183. knowing your group of friends in LA, i’m assuming you’ve already been referred to dr. berlin, but if not: go! 😉

  184. Had C-section 20 years ago. Just get lots of rest, eat per The Professor, Chris Masterjohn, and you’ll all do great! Love your design ideas.

  185. Hi,
    Im currently 41 weeks pregnant and have enjoyed following your blog! My baby was also breech until 37 weeks and then flipped! …and has stayed down for the past 4 weeks now. I did everything possible – including acupuncture and lots and lots of mopping on my hands and knees (also helped with the nesting urges 🙂 I also used spinning babies – they have some great tips for flipping a breech baby, and I did them all! Who knows if it was something I did, or the baby just decided it was time to head downnn on its own, but I dont think any of these things hurt. Here is a link to the spinning babies breech section (http://spinningbabies.com/learn-more/baby-positions/breech/). Good luck!

  186. I had one emergency C-section and two planned. The emergency one I did not enjoy, but honestly the recovery was fine and the worst part about it was being in labor for 2 days before the surgery! The planned ones? Were kind of like a day at the spa. My advice is to have the nurses bring you the pain meds as soon as it’s time – if you do that, you never really hurt that much. Good luck! I can’t wait to see this beautiful little girl!

  187. Qué linda, Emily! Congrats from Viña del Mar

  188. Emily- I had the EXACT same experience as you. My first baby came out fast and furious- it was intense, and WAY more painful than I ever thought it would be. I remember laughing about it the next day, but also slightly horrified by just how crazy painful and fast it had been. I had been so into the birthing process and all-things-birthing and yet I was still amazed at how intense the experience had been. Flash to 18 months later, my 2nd baby is breech, and NOTHING I did made her turn. We did the version, acupuncture, chiro treatments, but she would not budge. Just like you I was not thrilled w/ the idea of a c-section, but I accepted it and was quite calm w/ it. I think it helped that it was my 2nd baby, and I just knew that in the big picture it was a very mild hiccup, especially when you hear about all the horrible pregnancies and difficulties some women go thru. And truthfully, a planned c-section has its advantages when you have a young toddler at home depending on you. The c-section went well, and the recovery, while different than the first, was actually no more painful than the 1st vaginal delivery. I never need pain meds after day 1, and I just remember thinking it was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. In contrast, I remember being SHOCKED at how painful the mild vaginal tearing had been after baby #1- nobody ever talked about that!!! So my point is, your experience and attitude about it seems to mirror mine, and I can say 5 years later I just realize the only thing that matters is having a healthy baby- and that you are LUCKY gal to have such a great husband, toddler, family, and doctors around to support you. Good luck w/ it all….

  189. exact same thing happened to me. The night before I was scheduled to try and have my daughter turned, she did it on her own. The doctor did an ultrasound in the morning before the procedure, and she was all good.
    I still ended up having a c-section because she was tangled in the umbilical cord. It was fine, she was healthy, I was fine, just like you said, as long as the baby is healthy you can deal with it.

  190. Thank you so much for sharing! Best of luck to you and you speak such truth- all you want is a healthy little girl and safe mama, no matter what.

    I had my son in 2 hours, so I suppose I am considered a fast birther too. He’s my first baby, so I appreciate that you shared this information for those of us who are planning a second.

    I will be thinking about you both and wish you a happy delivery. Nothing in the world compares to that moment that you hold your baby for the first time. And now you will have Charlie to hold, too. Ah, so special 🙂

    1. Forgot to write- you look so stinking gorgeous for 37 week. Not even an ounce of swelling. I think pregnant women are so beautiful. I’d love to be pregnant all the time, if I didn’t have to have any of the swelling, heartburn, nausea, etc. 😉

  191. I have a 2 year old boy and a 4 month old girl. Both were planned at-home water births. I had my midwives, my doula and my chef husband serving crackers with French cheese, local peaches, drizzled with honey to everyone. Haha. Yes, there was an hor d’oeuvre party going on while I was buck naked in a pool in our living room. Anyway. I had done all the research and prepared myself both times for a natural birth. I was doing it for many reasons. Both times ended in a C-section. The first time, one of my midwives made me feel guilty about going to the hospital. She kept insisting that “I would mourn the loss of this birth.” As if I was more worried about the way my precious package came into this world than the package itself. She was a home-birth nazi. I however, am not. Whatever happens (natural or surgery) it doesn’t matter. All that will melt away once you look into her eyes. Good luck and many blessings!

  192. My friend was in a similar situation. I know it sounds weird but their doctor told them to shine a flash light right down there, and it worked!!! Baby turned around, really!

  193. Seeing how you have over 200 comments, chances are you probably won’t read it, but if you do, 2 things…
    1. What a great doctor! I love that outlook. I had to have a C-section with my daughter and was really disappointed at first, but hearing that from a doctor is very refreshing!
    2. I guess I had a “gentle” C-section because I was awake and able to have skin-to-skin immediately following the birth. However, it did not feel all that gentle! I could still feel a lot which made me feel a little like a natural birth.
    Whatever happens, you got this. And congrats! I also LOVE reading your blog!!

  194. Hi Emily. You look fab and as long as baby arrives safe and well,that’s the main thing,hey? I had an ECV at 37weeks and a very clever consultant with big hands managed to turn my baby. His registrar had very bony hands which didn’t work so well …and was quite sore! But big hands, just more uncomfortable… But isn’t it all just degrees of uncomfortable-ness when you’re in the last few weeks?!? but nothing no lose with trying ECV and you’re in hospital anyway if it does bring on labour. Looking forward to seeing mini Henderson!

  195. My son Teddy was breech and was successfully turned. It wasn’t a bad experience. My midwives were very calm, talked to the baby, and took breaks to monitor his heartbeat. They didn’t have an ultrasound machine so I had to wait till the next day to find out if he flipped successfully, at a ultrasound scan at the hospital. But had worked and I was so glad that we tried it. I hope your birth goes well and you are looking really good!!

  196. When I was pregnant with my third (and I knew, my final) child, my mother suggested that if there was even the tiniest sign of distress during labor, or even beforehand, to have a c-section without regret. Having had two children *the other way*, I considered her suggestion at first to be silly and even scary, but then realized that it honestly wouldn’t be a big deal either way. And she’d been through FIVE c-sections, telling me that the 1st was a breeze for recovery. While I ended up having a very quick and easy labor and delivery that required no surgery, I’m glad I had made my peace. What had felt so urgent and important during my first pregnancy melted away, and I focused on the end game–the baby–and not on the delivery.

    Good luck to you!

  197. One of my friend’s baby was breach and her doctor was successfully able to reposition the baby to head facing down and she went on to have vaginal birth. I don’t think it was the most comfortable thing she ever went through, but definitely not like child birth. The baby ended up coming a little early which could have been brought on by the repositioning, but who knows. So it can be done!

  198. You look gorgeous! I was so excited to ready you are going to try the version. I also had a successful version and am so very happy I did it. I will be thinking of you this week and wishing you the best!

  199. Ok, first you look awesomely adorable. Pregnancy suits you.

    I am due with my second breech baby October 19 but have a repeat csection scheduled for 10/13. I applaud your outlook on the situation. I totally lost sight of having a healthy baby the first time and am so sad I lost perspective, especially after multiple miscarriages. The first time around I was doing inversions constantly, cat cow poses, flashlight on the belly, the cold bag of peas on the head, acupuncture, moxie. I was determined to get baby to flip. The version was not something I was willing to try because it could result in an emergency csection and then of course it isn’t always successful. In my heart I just thought my baby was breech for a reason and finally came to terms with it.

    The csection wasn’t bad at all. The best advice I got was to stay on top of your meds and move around asap! Oh and bring cortizone. I was itching like a crazy meth addict!

    Good luck to you either way! You will get to meet your nugget so soon. So exciting!

  200. My son was breach. I tried acupuncture & chiropractic without success. (although I hear that both of those treatments can be successful for many women.) I ended up having a successful ECV in the 37th week. It was a wildly uncomfortable, but not painful experience. I went on to carry him to 41 1/2 weeks (holy smokes I was done!). I had a “routine” vaginal delivery after being induced and ~10 hours of labor. Healthy boy 🙂

  201. When I finally got pregnant (by IVF) after years of trying and two uterine surgeries, my doc said I couldn’t risk labor as it might cause a uterine rupture. She scheduled a C-Section for 38 weeks. I was bummed, but once I accepted it, I realized it took away a lot of the anxiety- especially for a first pregnancy: am I in labor? is this real or false? do I need someone to drive me to the hospital in the middle of the night because my husband travels a lot? do I go natural or epidural? etc, etc.
    In fact I didn’t even bother taking the birth classes! I did take a C-section class though, and it helped ease my worries. I was awake and aware during the whole birth and got to see that healthy baby boy immediately! And his daddy took a more active role from the beginning which I think helped his confidence. The recovery wasn’t too bad (and I was 46 when he was born- eek!) You’ll bounce back quickly. You’re right; it doesn’t matter how she gets here, just do what it takes to keep her safe and healthy.

  202. I had a vaginal birth with my son and a c-section with my daughter, who was breech. I would take a good c-section over a scary vaginal birth any day. Where we live there was a lot of pressure to try and flip her or even give birth naturally. I got tired of laying upside down on the stairs and was OK with the c-section. After my first birth, when the midwife and doctor kept leaving the room to argue about what to do and all the hours of back labor, the c-section was a relief. It felt so calm and safe. We had a good time with the nurses and doctors beforehand. My husband got to cut the chord (missed that the first time around) and I held her in the OR. The hardest part was not eating.

  203. I’m about 2.5 months out from giving birth to our gorgeous baby girl. She was breech and I wasn’t a good candidate for a version so c-section was the only option. It took me a few minutes to process but in the end, the only thing that was really important was that she arrived safely. And in the end, it was just fine.

    A few bits of advice:
    Ask about a compassionate or family friendly c-section. Instead of whisking away baby for an hour or so, the pediatrician is in the OR so you get to see/hold her immediately. The kiddo also comes with you to post-op so you get skin to skin and can nurse right away.

    – Stay on top of the pain meds. I skipped a dose on day 3 because I thought I didn’t need them. Bad call.

    – Get an abdominal binder. Ugliest accessory I’ve ever owned but it made the few weeks after surgery so much easier!!!

    Good luck with everything! It’s all worth it!

  204. i had a successful ecv on my due date! i had also had a c-section 4 years previously so most doctors didn’t want to attempt it plus I’m petite and there was hardly any room to turn him. but when my options were a second cesarean, delivering breech or an ecv the decision was easy for me. it wasn’t easy and i did it drug free, the doctors face was turning red and she was shaking because she was pushing so hard. i did everything i could to relax and just breathe through it. i had to basically take myself somewhere else in my mind. I’m not going to lie, i almost passed out and it took me about 10 minutes or longer to recover. i ended up going into labour 3 days later after it was confirmed he hadn’t flipped back (I’m so paranoid i thought he would) and i ended up having a vbac which i was really happy about. i was also happy about avoiding the ‘birthing without fear’ program for delivering breech babies because it doesn’t sound fun and i made the mistake of watching breech home births on youtube (don’t do that ever). good luck, i hope you can have a successful ecv and if not you sound very accepting and that’s the best place to be:)

  205. I think that you have the right attitude! I had my first naturally, which as you said was wonderful and painful. Then I had my twins via C-section (Dr’s orders), which was actually quite wonderful too! So, when I had my 4th and he was measuring on the larger side, I decided to do a C again…. once you can plan, get your posse in order and just kinda know what’s going on, it’s really hard to turn those benefits down. Plus I recovered faster via C than naturally – go figure!!

  206. Okay, so I am sorry to share negative news about a C section – I mena, no one died or anything, but it was pretty horrible. I had a vaginal birth with my first, then a C section with the second. That C section was the most painful thing I’ve experienced and it took a weeks to get back to even near normal moving around. Makes it difficult to care for a newborn. It hurt when I woke up and had to have morphine for the pain for a couple days and consequently was not be all that aware after they were born for a day or two. I think it affected my milk too – with the first, I was a cow. With the second I had to supplement…I think it has to do with hormones that are present at a vaginal birth (?), that are not during a C section. It does sound like C sections are better nowadays…so hopefully all that is moot…but it is just NOT a decision to take lightly.

  207. Loved your show, just found your blog. Loved reading your design philosophy just now!! I so hope that all goes well for you and your family and your delivery!! It really is about what’s best for the baby. I don’t have any positive C-section stories to share (or negative either), but just wanted to send positive thoughts your way! I just can’t believe it took me this long to check out your blog!! So wonderful!!

  208. Just had my daughter, Isabella, 14 days ago. I was about 2 weeks ahead of you and developed pre-eclampsia. It was my first birth, and within what felt like moments I was wheeled into surgery and handed my daughter (still makes me weepy to think of it). I kept having nurses ask me if I was disappointed I didn’t labor. Let me tell you, recovery has been completely fine, I am pumped with my scar that will remind me every day of the best day of my life, and I had Isabella in my arms, and no screaming. Praying for you and your daughter. Congrats on your peaceful approach and wish you all the happiness motherhood rushes upon you!

    1. Just had my daughter, Isabella, 14 days ago. I was about 2 weeks ahead of you and developed pre-eclampsia. It was my first birth, and within what felt like moments I was wheeled into surgery and handed my daughter (still makes me weepy to think of it). I kept having nurses ask me if I was disappointed I didn’t labor. Let me tell you, recovery has been completely fine, I am pumped with my scar that will remind me every day of the best day of my life, and I had Isabella in my arms, and no screaming. Praying for you and your daughter. Congrats on your peaceful approach and wish you all the happiness motherhood rushes upon you!

      Oh! 2 more things. C section babies have a couple of funny things to know about. Bella gets hella hiccups and spits up A LOT. It has to do with the amniotic fluid not being pushed out during the birth period. Bella does great, but sometimes it’s freaky. Also, the c section corset thing SAVES me. Bellefit is the best. Plus, it smooths everything out and helps with activities like stairs. Good luck with whatever happens!

  209. My friends baby was breach and she saw a chiropractor who adjusted her. This adjustment did the trick and her little one turned all on her own.

  210. I also highly recommend spinning babies and finding a prenatal chiropractor that is Webster certified. Cheers to a happy and healthy baby and mama!

  211. I wanted advise about decorating my living and dining room but instead let me say,”Congratulations and God bless you and your family.

  212. Hi Emily,
    My son was also breach and I ended up having a C-section. First of all, good job remaining so Zen about the possibility. Perhaps because it was my first baby, and perhaps be my Dr.’s bedside manner was TERRIBLE (they provided me NO information on methods to encourage him to turn, then when I brought them the research I did on my own, they flatly refused to even attempt an external version) but I am clearly still not 100% ok with it! All that being said, I would honestly say that recovery from my c-section was much easier that many women’s vaginal recoveries. Yes, for a week or so afterwards I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach by a horse. But hey childbirth is hard regardless! Don’t stress about your recovery, like babies themselves, each one is different!
    However, don’t forget, even scheduling a c-section doesn’t mean no labor! Both my sister and I had scheduled c’s, and ended up going into labor first (and my labor progressed VERY quickly, although my Dr never mentioned any particular danger. Refer back to all the reasons I have since found a new OBGYN!)
    But regardless of how she gets here, congrats and good luck! Oh and DEFINITELY ask for a family centered or gentle C section, again my Dr and hospital wouldn’t do them, but being able to have that immediate skin to skin is so much better for you both!

  213. What a beautiful attitude from a beautiful woman! Way to keep everything in perspective!

    My first baby was transverse and second was breach and both turned super late (39, 38 weeks) on their own.

    I don’t remember if you breast fed Charlie or not, but just a heads up – you get insane cramping / contractions the second time around nursing. Take the drugs. I was hard headed but didn’t know why I was cramping so badly and my ob finally came in and told me to stop being so stubborn. No one warned me at all, and everyone said “oh yeah, should’ve told you how bad that gets the second time around!” Afterwards!

    Best of luck to all of you!!!

  214. Two things- if you get a c-section, make sure they “prescribe” you a post partum belly band. It’s like a medical corset and it helps you live. I went from not being able to laugh, walk, roll over, or nurse to being a functioning person. In my hospital a nurse just delivered it, but only after my ob officially ordered one. Secondly, I think I remember Bethenny Frankel getting her baby turned on her old show on Bravo. I thought it looked terrifying, but she was ok and the baby turned! Good luck, Emily! I’m not even 10 weeks along but I am already starting to have flashbacks at how exciting those last few weeks are!

  215. I have had 2 c-sections, both necessary and very welcome. I was stunned to learn how judgmental other people were about something that is life-saving, a C-section. I absolutely do not worry or wonder what it would be like to give vaginal birth, the labour pains I felt were enough. The entire pre-pregnancy and pregnancy period are filled with worry and preparation all in hopes to give your child the best possible future. Everything revolves around giving a healthy start to your miracle, so why would a necessary surgery be anything different. Just stunned at the people that are hung up on this. Perhaps my own mother having C-sections, has made me perfectly ok w me having them too.

    Unlike my first emergency C-section, the second one was planned and it was the best decision I have made. I knew my body enough that I needed it and I was right. I was so much more relaxed, ready and all that had a huge impact on my post-birth recovery. I just felt grateful that I had access to this life-saving option, C-section. I am just so grateful and can’t even imagine feeling an ounce of regret.

  216. Congratulations! To chime in on the birth stories and advice, I didn’t have a choice but to deliver my first (and to date, only) child via a scheduled c-section at 37w1d (due to pre-pregnancy issues). I knew that before I got pregnant. I wouldn’t have a child but for a c-section. I agree wholeheartedly with your outlook on the matter. No matter how little girl decides to arrive, it will be beautiful.

  217. I have heard of using peppermint essential oil to help turn a breech baby! I have not tried myself but figure it might be worth a try!

  218. My first was breach and delivered via c-section. Definitely recommend trying acupuncture and chiropractic, but your attitude is perfect and your baby will be beautiful either way. I had VBACs with #s 2&3 and all 3 deliveries were totally worth it.

    My biggest advice with a C? Stay on top of your pain meds, and pair it with a fibrous diet and stool softener. TRUST ME!! You do not want to be constipated while you are recovering from a c-section. Your digestion is basically put on hiatus with the anesthesia and the pain meds will keep your system in slow mo, so don’t quit the laxative until you’ve gotten yourself down to OTC meds. With that in mind though, you will be gold and enjoying your new family of 4!! GL. 🙂

  219. Keep us posted. We are anxious to see this little lady.

  220. Hi Emily! My baby was breeched for most of my pregnancy and he turned after I went swimming and did some different moves in the pool, your little one may be too big at this point but it doesn’t hurt 🙂 I ended up having a c section anyway due to other issues., it wasn’t the best but it’s all doable especially with the open mind that you have., just take it one at a time and go with the flow. An abdominal binder for post surgery helps so much.. They’ll probably give you one at the hospital but the one I got was not really proportional to my torso. I got the belly bandit and loved it.. It’s a little pricey but worth it in my opinion. Even if you don’t get a cesarean supposedly it helps your belly to go back down faster after 🙂

  221. I love your blog, and have had two c-sections. Here’s what I’ve learned: have your baby! Live your life. Love your family. Don’t worry about others. I’ve been all over the spectrum, have strong opinions…but they are my own. As moms we have to learn to trust ourselves and respect other moms! Congratulations, you are so close!

  222. Hello beautiful Emily!

    My girl didn’t turn until week 37… and than after 2/3 acupuncture sessions she did!! So give it a try, you have nothing to losse.

    Good luck!

  223. I had an emergency cesarian because I had not been progressing and the amniotic fluid was discolored. In all honesty I was a little bit relieved that I didn’t have to go through a vaginal birth although having stitches in your abdomen and trying to nurse a newborn is not easy the first few days either. Overall I think it doesn’t matter so much how the baby gets here but that it gets into this world safely. For me, the magical moment was holding my little one the first time, not the process of how he came into this world.

  224. Emily, you should look into the “Webster technique” in chiropractic. Essentially, the pelvis goes out of alignment during pregnancy and the baby can’t turn properly. Usually one leg is slightly longer than the other. It’s easy and painless to adjust, and gives the needed room for nature to take over. My good friend was in your spot, her Chiropractor did the Webster technique and told her to chug a small orange juice right afterward. Her baby flipped as she was standing in the gas station parking lot with the bottle in hand. Watch a video of the technique on you tube…it’s natural and worth a shot. Best wishes for a beautiful birth — no matter how it happens!

  225. I turned my second baby in the 37th week doing forward leaning inversions. Check it out on spinningbabies.com.

  226. I’ve yet to have the honor of bringing a babe into the world but my best friend was able to flip her sweet one very late in the pregnancy – via lots of acupuncture and yoga (seriously – every time I talked to her she was doing downward dog in her office). Her pregnancy was super speedy too.
    Regardless of how it goes a huge congratulations. Also – could you be any cuter? Sheesh. Make me want to have a bump of my own.

  227. Emily, I love how candid and open you are. I had both of my girls over 30 years ago…vaginal births, so don’t have any C-section advice. BUT, I can say that your positive attitude makes all the difference in your experience. Yes, you are lucky, but you’ve obviously prepared well and have support in place knowing you will certainly need it. Here’s hoping all goes well, I’m sending positive thoughts out into the universe for you. ~ Sue

  228. I am reading this and wearing this EXACT DRESS!
    Also – I’m not pregnant, nor have I ever been so all I can say is: good luck! and: you do you! (so I guess occasionally, we all sound pretty cliche)

  229. I’ve had three c-sections. (Two unplanned, one planned). And although it’s not a walk in the park, it’s not the worst thing either.
    The comments are great about asking for a Gentle Birth, taking the pain meds and staying on top of pain and asking for a stomach binder. But don’t forget to ask for a stool softner if they don’t offer one! Your first poop can be super painful, because you get really constipated. I know that’s gross… but, the more you know. 🙂

  230. With both my c-sections I would feel nauseous part way through. With the first I didn’t know to say anything and spent far too long trying not to throw up. With my second I said something to the anesthesiologist and he said “oh, I can fix that!” and in less than a minute I felt so much better. So – just say something if you are feeling crappy!

    Good luck to you!

  231. You have a very healthy attitude about chidbirth! I’ve seen so many friends get hung up on the idea that a birth has to happen a certain way and become really stressed out about it, when the truth is that it’s just the first of many, many experiences of parenthood that you’re not going to be able to control 🙂

    My first baby turned himself around at 37 weeks. Has anyone suggested moxibustion? The Chinese medicine thing where you hold burning sticks to your pinky toes? Not sure if it is really what turned him but it’s easy and only a wee bit painful so worth a shot! https://www.birthinternational.com/articles/midwifery/37-if-your-baby-is-breech

    I also did handstands at the public pool (that made no difference but I’m sure baffled a fair number of bystanders).

  232. Good for you, dude. My prenatal yoga teacher, who was also a midwife, frequently recommended this website SpinningBabies.com (caps unnecessary; just making it easier to read) for suggestions on this. She also said that in her personal totally anecdotal experience, version tends to be most successful for women who have also done some acupuncture and pelvic tilts and whatever. Which may be hooey, but I mention it just to say that the hippie stuff and the Western medicine stuff might be complementary, so why not try both.

    I’m a fast-birther, too, and based on my experience with my speedy second I think you’re making a great call scheduling the c-section. However, it was my experience — and I’ve heard this from other 2nd-time fast birthers, too — that I had days of early labor with my second. Once he was ready to go, the whole thing took less than an hour (SWEET LORD), but luckily it wasn’t totally without warning. And apparently that’s not uncommon.

    In summary: way to go, you! Hooray baby!

  233. I guess I was told not to share since I’ve had 2 traumatic c-sections then a healing VBa2C, but birth trauma is real and sticking your fingers in your ears while saying “lalalalala” will not make it go away. Trust me, I’ve tried. Even though you are choosing to tear down moms who have had trauma – I wish you a good birth experience. Because it if isn’t, it will be mighty hard to reach out for help or support since you have said others need to “keep that shit to themselves”.

  234. You wear pregnancy well, Emily!!! I’ve never heard of ‘flipping’ the baby but however it turns out, you and Brian do have the best of attitudes, and I’m so excited to hear about the arrival of your new little daughter. All the best to all of you as you complete your precious family!

  235. I got to attend a friend’s c-section for her 2nd baby (the story of why I wound up being the attending person is another story) and the whole thing was wonderful. her baby decided to arrive when he was ready (he, too, was breach and decided to arrive prior to the pre-planned section) and we all got to say hello! she did try out a few things to get the baby to rotate prior to arrival, but he was happy to stay just as he was.

    she had skin to skin once he was weighed and measured and everyone in the room was just tickled to greet him. yay babies!

  236. Yeah, my anethesiologist was playing JayZ during my c-section with my second baby. It didn’t really bother me, because the music was on low, but still… don’t be afraid to request some music that you actually like 🙂
    Another note- I’ve had three c-sections (first one was emergency, the next two were scheduled) and I went into labor before each of the surgeries. So, if you’re expecting to be able to get to your c-section date without goin

  237. Both my girls were breech toward the end of my pregnancy, both turned (one thanks to acupuncture, which was nearly magical – I could feel her turning, as soon as my acupuncturist placed the burning moxa near my little toe; the other on her own), and both were born by c-section anyway for other reasons. I don’t know what recovery from a vaginal birth is like, but c-sections, in my experience, aren’t bad. Just take as little of the pain meds as you can tolerate, because they cause constipation. (And if you experience constipation, please take my advice and ask for a laxative. Just trust me on this!) I live in a rowhouse with lots of stairs, and I never had any difficulty post-cesarian. The only hard part was not being able to pick up my oldest daughter when her baby sister was born. (They’re 21 months apart.) Best of luck to you!

  238. My birth class instructor told me that acupuncture and postural inversions have a surprisingly high success rate for flipping breeches.

  239. I’ve had 2 breech babies, 1 c-section, 1 successful version VBAC. I had a head down baby in between those two as well. My c-section was scheduled and everything was great. My recovery was “easy” and I never took a single pain reliever. BUT the recovery of a c-section and a vaginal birth are night and day. I literally could not walk 2 days after a c-section, but was cruising my neighborhood 2 days post vaginal birth. Just to say, either is cool. A healthy baby is most important. But try to avoid a c-section. Also, ask for IV fluids before your external version. You usually have to avoid food and liquids 8 hours before a version and can become dehydrated which affects your amniotic fluid. I asked for IV fluids before my successful version (after an unsuccessful one a few days beforehand) and that baby flipped right over. The hospital has now adopted that as a policy with external versions with great success. Good luck!

  240. I love your perspective on everything, especially this. My 42-hour home birth ended in a c-section and I generically am thankful for a healthy baby. 😉 Your friend is right, ask for the minimal amount of anesthesia. My mom was able to flip my brother by laying an ironing board against the couch and laying upside down on it for 15 minutes or so.

  241. Hi Emily,
    Congrats on looking so fabulous! Just wanted to say: you spend a lot of time in your post justifying WHY you don’t mind a C-Section and that if you had the chance you’d definitely do a natural birth, as if you’re scared of offending the natural birth obsessives. But I just had to chime in here – you don’t have to justify anything. I had two PLANNED c-sections…for no other reason than I wanted it that way (they were both big babies) rather than go through a vaginal birth. Both were absolutely wonderful experiences, and I recovered well. There are benefits to both – but for a c-section, at least you know things are controlled and that baby is coming out healthy rather than you risking more complications with e.g. a breach baby. THAT is the main thing in the end. C-sections FTW! Good luck and congrats!

  242. I loved this post! I have an almost 20 month old son and he was born by C section. He came three weeks early and was breech (which I knew from my last OB apt). He was my first born child. A week before he was born I was telling my husband that I was afraid I’d be disappointed if for whatever reason I had to have the baby by section. Even though I was super scared of a painful vaginal delivery, a section to me meant that I would miss out on that experience, for some reason in my mind I felt like it was cheating.

    As it turned out my little boy was ready to come early, my water broke like Niagara Falls while I was over two hours away from home. We got to the hospital three hours after my water broke and they confirmed he was breech, prepped me for the section, and he was born within a half an hour. I had never even had stitches in my life, let alone any type of surgery. I was so scared but excited. I wouldn’t change anything in the world about how my son Liam was born. It was amazing, I was able to feel them sort of pushing things around and knew the difference when they were pulling him out.

    I may have been a lucky one, I had a relatively easy recovery. The first several days I couldn’t do much on my own but within a bit over a week I was walking around just fine. In contrast to you though I didn’t have a toddler to chase after 🙂

    I do hope to one day experience a vaginal birth but if I had to have another section I wouldn’t be upset in the least. Best of luck to you and your growing family Emily!!


  243. I recommend hanging out in a pool on your belly with a noodle under your arms and below your bump. Baby will lean out and turn. Yoga positions, and anything on Spinning Babies is great!

  244. Don’t worry about a thing, you’re attitude is the best attitude. It’s about the baby not you, you’re so right. I had a c section with my first son, and it went great. The recovery is painful, more painful than natural birth, but with the right drugs you’ll be fine, lol! The good thing about the c section is that it’s more controlled, it’s not that terrible pain that doesn’t let you think through. You have more conscience of everything. Just try to stay calm, because you can feel everything they do to you, but it doesn’t hurt, but it’s weird, a bit creepy, you just have to focus on your baby. The best luck for you!

  245. Thanks for share an informative post with us . I relly like it .

  246. I was able to successfully turn my first baby at 37 weeks. I tried everything, though–accupuncture, the Webster chiropractic technique, and massage. After a week of daily therapy, he still had not turned. My doctor scheduled the version, where they manually try to turn the baby. They warned me it would be extremely painful, with risks, and that I would need an epidural. I came to the hospital to do the version, they did the ultrasound to check position, and saw he had turned in the last two days! All of the therapy had worked! I was elated that I could have a regular delivery!

  247. My second child was also breech at 37 weeks. I opted against a version, accepted the many benefits (to me) of a planned c-section delivery and focused on a healthy outcome for all. Lo and behold, my unborn daughter turned on her own prior to scheduling surgery. The wee hours of the morning the day before her due date, my water broke and we headed to the hospital where we discovered she was trying to flip again!! My excellent OB ordered pitocin (along with an epidural) to increase contractions and stop the baby from moving. It worked beautifully and the end result was a healthy baby, an easy delivery and a mom who was totally present. BTW, this little girl is now 10 and still does not sit still! Wishing you a healthy delivery!

  248. Yes, my baby turned with our version at just past 37 weeks. I did a bunch of chiropractic work before to loosen the area up. And she turned super quickly. It was not the most comfortable experience but she stayed turned and we had a crazy long almost 48 hours of labor/4 hours of pushing. Baby girl was never in distress and she arrived safely and that honestly was all I ever cared about. It is not a generic thing to say when you start realizing how hard it actually can be to bring a healthy baby into this world. Good luck!

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