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Pregnancy Update – 37 weeks


This was supposed to be your standard ‘I’m pregnant and here is what I’m putting on my body’ post but I just left the doctor’s office who confirmed that this little girl is still breach (which I didn’t really announce because I figured she’d turn on her own and I wasn’t worried about it). Many of you might know that if she remains breach that I’ll have to have a C-section and the truth is I’m strangely fine with it.


Do I WANT surgery? Obviously not, but I don’t really want a super painful vaginal birth either. Both have their pros and cons. The point is that I don’t really care how I get this little one as long as she is healthy. I used to hear women say that and not really believe them because it’s just such a generic thing to say. It’s like when people get back from traveling in France and you ask how it is and they say, ‘Oh, Europe is just so amazing. You have to go!!’ and then you think, can you just say something, ANYTHING original, please? But its 100% true. Drugs, no drugs, natural, adoption, water, C-section, surrogate, moon birth, etc, the fact that women care about it so much has always kinda baffled me when most of the time you can’t control it and then its over and its no longer important (not surrogate or adoption I realize that is a whole other special experience). Maybe its a product of my mom having 6 kids, all different births (well, I think all drug-free because it was 25 years ago) and ultimately the only thing that matters is that you leave the hospital with a healthy little life.

But it still bears talking about. So, I will.

The plan is next week (at 37 1/2 week) my doctor is going to try to turn her. He says that it’s either really easy to do or it won’t happen at all. He says it’s about a 30% chance of success. If she doesn’t turn next week then we’ll schedule a C-section for the following week. I am what they call a ‘fast birther’ because Charlie came in just a few hours (don’t hate me). But that could be really dangerous with a breach baby because if I go into labor really fast I guess the umbilical chord can prolapse through my cervix then all sorts of actually very risky things can happen – especially if I can’t make it to the hospital in time. That’s not happening. I’m scheduling a c-section asap.


I almost think that something is wrong with me because I’m not bummed – It’s not like I’m psyched for a C-section but it means the end is so near and I can kinda plan for it. If she doesn’t turn the C-section is scheduled for October 15th. THE FIFTEENTH. I could have this baby in 2 weeks!!! My doctor was very impressed with us because Brian and I both were just even – keeled. He said, ‘Wow, you two have an extremely healthy attitude about it’ and he followed it up with ‘Its a celebration, it’s about the health of the baby, so kudos for not making it about you’. I hope that didn’t come off self-righteous. I think I’m just proud of us for rolling with the punches.

My recovery with Charlie was not bad at all. And while I know that this will be more intense we also have more help. We’ll have our nanny to help out and grandparents around so while I, of course would love to get my ripped 6 pack of abs back asap and not go through a surgery, I’m not going to be home alone trying to tend to a toddler and a newborn alone. I realize how lucky I am, I promise. I’m also just trying to list the positives to the situation – or the lack of negatives, I should say.


MAN. 37 weeks ago it was all so daunting. The length of time it takes to properly grow this alien is so long that to have it now within 2 weeks is spiking my serotonin in the best way. Bottle up this drug and sell it because I would pay 100$ for a pill that would make me this excited. I think there is something of a relief about not having to go through the unimaginable pain of childbirth. It was certainly a beautiful experience and I wouldn’t change one second of it, but it hurt like hell … if hell were like 10, 000 serrated knives being stuck in all your organs at the same time. For this birth I was going to play it by ear again – if I had time to get an epidural light I would, but if I didn’t have time I obviously wouldn’t. I didn’t have time last time (I’m lucky, I realize) and while its impossible to conjure up the reality of that pain, I remember it well enough. And I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it.

I think that one of the main reasons that I’m not bummed out is because I did have that birth. I had that birthing experience and now I get to have this experience. I feel like it’s another mini adventure that I didn’t expect I would take but I’m down for it. That is to say that if you are in my position and you don’t have the same attitude because its your first baby and you really wanted a natural birth, then don’t feel bad. I realize that this kind of optimism probably comes with a second birth.

But if you think I’m going to google C-section for any reason you are DEAD WRONG. It’s not that I don’t want information, I just don’t trust the internet to give me anything that will make me feel better than this, and instead I trust people I know who have had one – my friends, family and you guys who must be relatively normal to read this blog. I’d love to know all of your experiences and any tips you have for both preparation and recovery. But if you have a harrowing experience or your sister died or the baby lost a limb, keep that shit to yourself.

Has anyone successfully flipped their baby in the 37th week? I think I’m going to give acupuncture a shot because, well, why not? But I’m curious if there are other tricks that won’t make me go mad but could possibly help. A friend of mine told me to ask for the minimal amount of anesthesia and to make sure that I still have a birth plan, which hadn’t really occurred to me. Another friend told me to make sure that I control the music or else they could be playing alt-rock or something not so soothing for my little one. Any experiences/stories and tips that are helpful would be good.

With that – get the look!!! Sorry, we had already prepped out this post as a normal fashion post and it seemed silly to delete this, although it feels even sillier to include this, now. It’s like – I’m getting a C-section in two weeks, look out that bracelet on sale!


1. Necklace 2. Dress 3. Cuff 4. Shoes

But seriously those shoes are EXTREMELY comfortable. The dress is hanging on for dear life (it’s not maternity but works and is flattering).

Photos by Jess Isaac for EHD. 

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My husband is in Anesthesia and at his hospital (where I gave birth but no c-section) they do quote gentle c-sections if permissible. It allows the mom to experience and witness the birth a little more if desired + skin to skin in the OR. Something to think or ask about maybe!


YES! Ask about the option of a gentle ceserean. My practice offers them and it’s an excellent thing to do if you have a C. My first was an emergency C and not having the skin-to-skin immediately after was torture. If baby brother turns out to also be a Ci am thrilled to have the gentle option.

Angela N

Seriously! Cutest pregnant person ever! You look so amazing!


Good luck Emily.

I had 2 C-sections. First one suspected at 38 weeks (baby had not dropped) and then done after I went into labor (20 hrs of it) at 41 weeks. Second one was suspected and then scheduled 8 days before my due date. The second one was night and day better following. I thanked my OB (2nd baby in diff state) for being so good at C sections and he laughed that it might of had to do with no labor.

So hopefully that will help you afterward. My Mom even talked about how much better I was 2nd time around, said I wasn’t hunched over for a week. 🙂

Both of mine were considered (at the time, don’t know if terminology has changed) Cephlo Pelvic Disproportion, meaning big heads and small hips (which is crazy if you knew me).

Same concern about cord — they told me to get my butt to the hospital if my water broke. Don’t do all that “take your time if you aren’t in labor, take a shower” BS.


I had a successful version at almost 38 weeks. She flipped quickly and easily, though it was uncomfortable when it was happening. The worst part of the whole experience was no food or drink for the entire day, but I knew it would be worth giving a shot. My water broke a week later I think, and I was able to avoid the c-section. Good luck!


I also had a successful version at around 38 weeks. We prepared for the possibility of actually going into labor as a result of the turning, but it went smoothly. They gave me medication to relax my muscles, and with ultrasound guidance, my doctor and a nurse got my son turned on one try. Then they gave me a great giant elastic band to wear that helped keep him in the correct position. I sometimes wish I still had it to wear to hold everything in! Good Luck!


I had an emergency c-section the first time, and a planned c-section the second time. The planned c-section was so much better! They give you the good drugs when it’s planned. 🙂

Yes, I was hoping for a VBAC with the second, but when it didn’t look like it was going to happen, I just said, “Let’s plan this shit.” Like you, I just wanted my baby in the least stressful way I could have it, and c-section it was.

If one of your nurses doesn’t bring it up while you’re in the hospital, ask for one of those belly binder things that holds everything in. It makes moving around much more comfortable after the surgery.


This is like, word for word what my comment was going to be! The scheduled C-section was soooo much better than the emergency. You get a full night’s sleep the night before, the whole thing is over pretty quickly, you get the right mix of drugs that won’t leave you feeling like a train hit you, etc.


Oh yeah – the belly binder is a MUST. You can’t laugh without one. The one they give you at the hospital, though, might not be that nice. You might want to spend $30 of your own money for a more comfortable one 🙂


Yes!!! Thank you for sharing this encouragment….this is what I’m hoping for! Finally threw in the VBAC towel and was like “let’s get this on the calendar”. 3 1/2 weeks to go….


My first (I have four.) Turned at 36 weeks on her own. I did some yoga poses and shined a flashlight at the bottom of my belly at the advice of friends. I’m not sure if it helped, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. My Dr. at the time agreed. I totally would have opted for the C section had she not turned. My mom, had 8, and the first was breech and the last was a c-section. She advised the c-section over a breech delivery. Good for you for keeping the happy focus. And best wishes in the coming weeks. 🙂


The flashlight at the bottom of your belly is FASCINATING and hilarious. I’ve never heard of such a thing (no kids) and now I really want to know if it works!


I had a successful version at 38 weeks. The doctors were able to turn the baby on their first attempt and it was pretty cool! I had an epidural for the version (I believe they said it was associated with higher success rates) and was not uncomfortable during the procedure but was a bit sore the next day. I expected that it wouldn’t work and after it did was like “Oh man, now I have to go through labor!!” Best of luck!!


Ask your doctor about a family centered C-Section (skin-to-skin, they drop the curtain enough for you to see your baby ‘birthed’–from atop that ball of a belly it will look the same to you as a vaginal birth ;~).

Also, check out, there are GREAT resources for turning a breech baby. While C-Sections are a good alternative to a vaginal birth (and DO result in the ultimate goal of a healthy baby) there are COUNTLESS maternal and child health benefits to being able to birth vaginally (good bacteria exposure to the baby which helps them fight disease and reduce rates of asthma, oxytocin production in the mama helping to increase milk supply, etc. etc. etc.). SO MUCH LUCK during this exciting time!!


I second Spinning Babies!


I third spinning babies!!!

Yes –! My daughter (born Saturday!) was transverse until 39 weeks. She turned on her own, thankfully! I used spinningbabies once I was actually in early labor that kept stalling. It was very helpful 🙂


another shout out for spinningbabies! my daughter was transverse at 35 weeks, and within a week of inversions, head stands in the pool, and acupuncture, she was head down (of course, that also meant that her very developed head was pushing on my bladder, so i basically peed my pants for the next month!) tmi, yes. but something to look forward to if she turns! 🙂 good luck emily!


Yes to spinningbabies!!! It really does work!

Kristen !!! Please go there if you haven’t already.


My last 2 were breach, one turned on his own. The other was externally turned one week before birth, and he turned right back around. They turned him AGAIN, vaginally, at the onset of labor. He literally turned again, cord prolapsed, etc etc. I did finally deliver him naturally, but the upshot is, I would C-section that shizz if I had to do it all over again. It was my 4th delivery and it was beyond stressful. Thank God he was fine. Good luck! It will all be fine!


My fourth baby was breech and kept flipping back and forth. I had had three extremely positive vaginal deliveries and wanted a fourth so my doctor flipped her around 37 weeks. It took seconds for him to do it and she didn’t flip back! I was a great candidate for this with a very flexible uterus after 3 previous large babies. Good luck!


I didn’t have a breach baby but I had an unplanned C section. He was bigger than they thought and got stuck (first baby). And I will tell you, the C section was not that bad. Heard so many bad stories but honestly I was just so happy to have a healthy baby. The recovery was not that bad either. The not driving for 10 days part was the worst for me because I was stir crazy. A C section won’t be that bad especially if it’s planned. I labored half the day and pushed for an hour and a half and then had to have a C section.


For our first, a c-section was the absolute last thing I wanted. My husband and I both cried after my doctor came in and said that after 20 hours of labor, reaching 10 cm, and 2 hours of pushing, baby girl still wasn’t coming and a c-section was our only option.

As scary as the first unplanned c-section was, my recovery was actually great. My mother in law, who had 2 c-sections almost 30 years ago, was SHOCKED that I was walking around the next day. In fact, we’ve scheduled our 2nd little girl’s c-section for early January if she doesn’t come before.

One of my friends said with childbirth, you’re either “messed up” down low or in your stomach–either way there’s recovery and lasting side effects. From what I’ve heard from my friends, my lasting side effects are minimal–I can still jump on a trampoline, haha!

Good luck–I’m praying for a very medically boring delivery for you, whichever way she ends up coming out.


i don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies. but i wish you and baby grrrl the very best, lovely charlie and brian a painless transition. and as you know, you are what you think. positivity rules.


All the best to you and your family, sweetpea! xox


My baby was transverse (sideways, not upside down, but still a problem) until sometime during transition. I went into labor at 33 weeks, so no one had bothered to get worried about it yet, and by the time my husband mentioned it to the nurse, she had turned head down and was well on her way. They did make me labor laying down on my left side the whole time (which sucked – all I wanted to do was walk!) because they could tell her head wasn’t engaged early on.

I understand that you don’t want to risk it with such a fast labor history, but it’s certainly possible for a baby to turn late in the game! Best of luck, and I can’t wait to see your new little cutie.


My baby was breach, too. I went to a chiropractor at 37 weeks and while the adjustments were a bit intense, it worked, and our son was successfully turned without the manual version and NO PAIN. I’ve heard the external cephalic version procedure is pretty uncomfortable.


C-sections are the way to go. I had 3. It was easy and a lot less stressful. Recovery is not bad at all, you will bounce back quick after the first week and you get to have someone take care of you for a bit while you recover. You will do great!

I had an emergency c-section. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be (besides the fear.) We had some complications with my baby after the birth so he went into the NICU, but the birth itself and after wasn’t too bad. Even when they “massage” your stomach afterward I was expecting a lot of pain, what with all the staples etc. All I have to say is the drugs they give are worth it. Don’t try to tough it out, take what they give you and every day after is substantially better. It is major abdominal surgery, but really it’s surprisingly easy to get through. Just my 2 cents.


Hi Emily. I’m a long time reader of your blog, but this is my first time commenting on anything. You look great! I had my baby girl seven months ago via C-section and she had been breach as well. I am also a fast birther-I did not even think I was in labor when I went into the doctor’s office first thing in the morning, and I was already 5 cm dilated and 100% effaced. I was scheduled to have acupuncture the day after she was born to try to turn her. If that didn’t work I was going to try the “version” where the doctor would try to turn her. She came early and fast so those things never happened! However, I have heard good things about the acupuncture. I was pretty bummed out about the c-section, as I wanted to have a birth with minimal interventions. In hindsight, I can say that you are absolutely correct–all that matters is a healthy baby. Anyways, I second your friend’s advice to get the minimal amount of anesthesia. I had general and it was hard not seeing my baby girl until after I had woken up-I had a sense of disconnect… Read more »


My son was breech to. To make sure before setting the C-section date my Dr. Ordered an ultrasound. Amazingly he turned during the ultra sound. The technician was amazed and kept doing the ultrasound until he was fully turned!


I am currently about a month out from having had a c section after a longish labor and several hours of pushing. My biggest piece of advice would be to take all the medications they give on the schedule when they give them, I kept thinking it was overkill that the nurses were waking me up at 3am to give me Tylenol, etc but staying on top of the pain is important. Because of this I found any pain from the actual incision to be pretty minimal (the spinal headache I got from the epidural was another story but it thankfully passed after a few days). And don’t try to go home early, again, take advantage of the nursing staff! Overall, a week after the birth I was feeling close to my old self, just had to take things a little slower in terms of physical activity, a pretty good exchange for a healthy, happy baby in my book. I do think it helps to have an open mind about how the birth goes down. I also read “Labor Day: True Birth Stories by Today’s Best Women Writers” which covers a broad range of birth experiences, plan or no, very… Read more »


Wanted a hippy natural birth for all 3 of my kids, but ended up with C-sections for all of them. :/ My best advice (if you can stomach it) is to ask the doc to lower the blue curtain a bit so that you can be a part of the “birth.” We did this for our second and third but not our first and it made such a big difference. Having your body numbed and then a curtain up so you can’t see what is going on and there you are just staring at a ceiling or an anesthesiologist and then suddenly someone hands you a clean baby all wrapped up – it’s all a bit mind boggling. It’s like I never really felt like I “birthed” our first. With the curtain lowered a bit, you don’t see the actual surgery (but Brian can if he wants) because there is this huge bulging abdomen in the way of your view but you get to see this gross little booger of a baby come up into sight and then it makes sense that she came out of you and she’s yours and it’s lovely. Have them bring her over so you… Read more »


My first was breech until 38 weeks. I did acupuncture (the weirdest experience in my life!) and then my midwife tried to flip her before my scheduled version in the hospital. She managed to turn her a bit and then over the weekend baby flipped completely. Went to the doc appointment to confirm by ultrasound that she was in fact head down. Yay!!

But I get what you mean with kind of being relieved about the possibility of having a c section. My second was born in 3 hours (with no drugs) and my first thought once he was born was “there’s no way in hell I am ever doing that again!!” And a year later I feel the same way. Definite pros and cons of being a fast birther.


I’m a ‘fast birther’ as well. My first was born ~4 hours after labor started and only 40 minutes after getting to the hospital. No IV, no pain meds, no nothin’ – just showed up, put on a gown and pushed out the baby. The second time was pretty much the same, only we didn’t linger at home as long after labor started, and I had my son 20 minutes after getting into my labor and delivery room. I cried when they told me I was completely dilated and there was no time for an epidural. It’s like saying, ‘hey, we’re gonna run you over with a bus, and then back up and do it again, but just relax and breath!’ Fortunately, the second one came quicker than the first so although it was every bit as painful, the pushing didn’t last as long!! I wish you a very smooth, easy, and HEALTHY delivery no matter how it happens! And please soak up every precious moment with your sweet baby girl. The newborn baby stage goes by SO MUCH FASTER the second time around!!! I think the busyness of having an older child in the house distracts from the new… Read more »

Nicole M.

Yea, possibly only 2 more weeks!! I have no advice about child birth since I do not have kiddies … but, I was one of those stubborn breached babies causing problems before even coming into the world, and we are awesome, haha 🙂 Sending positive thoughts your way!

I had two C sections, one emergency caesarian after 20 hours of labor due to fetal distress, and another one planned because F that. Recovery for me was fairly easy. The worst is the first week and it gets a lot better quickly after that. I wish you all the best in the birth of your baby girl and your recovery!


My first was breach until 38 weeks. I went to the chiropractor weeks 35-40 for the Webster maneuver, couldn’t even tell you what it was but it didn’t hurt (like I hear a manual version does). I also sat on the floor so my hips stayed above my knees (so no sinking into a comfy couch), I laid upside down for a bit each day by placing an ironing board perpendicular to my couch and laying on it (to disengage the baby and encourage her to re-engage correctly) and held music and a flashlight at the bottom of my belly and cold peas at the top each night (theory is baby moves head away from cold). Something in there worked because she did turn and I was able to birth vaginally. It was A LOT of work – but I really didn’t want a C-section so I thought it was all worth it. That’s just me though, ain’t nothing wrong with a C-section. I am pregnant now (37 weeks too!) and this baby is head down and ready to go and I am SO THANKFUL! Best of luck for your labor, however it happens 🙂


Hi Emily! I had 2 healthy vaginal deliveries, and then my 3rd was breach up until a week before my due date. I had an appointment to have her turned, but when I went in for it they found out she had turned on her own. I’ve been told the turning is very painful but I didn’t even notice when she turned on her own. I was also strangely l excited about the prospect of a C-section- a new experience and you can schedule it! In the end I had another vaginal delivery which was fine too. Always with drugs for me though. Might as well enjoy the process. 🙂


Congrats on what’s–IMHO–the right attitude! You want to take care of your daughter (and you) in this situation, and ensure that she is born healthfully and the least traumatically as possible.

I know someone who just kept updating her goals all the way through her labor: First, to have the baby at the birthing center, with no drugs. After 12 hours of pushing, she needed a little something for pain, so they moved her to the hospital, so her new goal was to have the baby w/out c-section, but after 21 total hours, the doc said “let’s do the c-section, before the baby’s truly in distress” All along, she knew that having a healthy baby was the important part, and she and her husband kept their wits about them through the labor and didn’t cling to any details other than their son!

Good luck to you and Baby Girl; I’ll be sending smooth easy thoughts for both of you over the next few weeks! xxooMar

Joy Lockerby

I have never had a baby but wanted to wish you the best! Good luck with your new bundle of joy.


SO Refreshing, I loved reading this! My husband and I felt the same way as folks in our family were so upset by the C-Section potential…who cares, you just want that baby out in the healthiest way possible. Why stress about something you have no control over, especially when the result is so amazing & wonderful! Best of wishes to you, and kudos on your positive outlook!

I’ve never had children, so I can’t really relate to your concerns but I can wish you lots of best wishes and happiness on the (future) birth of your daughter. x


A c section is not that bad, I promise you. I’ve had other surgeries and they were much harder to handle – maybe it’s being completely asleep vs the epidural that helps so much??

Anyhow you’ll be back on your feet in no time. I feel like you don’t even really need pain medication much after the first two days, walking it off helped.

Also DONT LAUGH, or if you do grab a pillow and brace that belly, that mess is what hurts and I love to laugh.

Best wishes 🙂


Oh, Emily, I’m wishing you all the best and can’t wait to meet your baby girl. I turned a breech by doing somersaults in a swimming pool at 37 weeks…yes, this was suggested by a midwife. Glad you’ll have lots of good help either way.

Danyl H.

My experience is almost exactly spot on as yours. I delivered my first vaginally, although I did have an epidural. Epidural that blocked, in which I went from feeling nothing one minute to feeling a 10 on the pain scale and needing to push. It was also a really, really fast delivery (just under 20 minutes of pushing). With my second, my daughter was also breech and at 37 weeks, my doctor attempted to turn her. He tried twice, but she moved back every time and he didn’t want to attempt again due to safety concerns. I don’t mean to discourage you by sharing that, because my doctor told me he had been able to successfully turn babies in most cases. What I can tell you about that experience was that it was less painful than I expected. Going into it, I heard all sorts of horror stories about the pain and I think I worked myself up so much that dare I say, I was pleasantly surprised (I never should have Googled it). Don’t get me wrong, it hurt. And it hurt bad. But if you can deliver a baby naturally, epidural-free, it will be a piece of cake… Read more »


Sending good vibes! Every mama and baby are different, but I found floating in the pool, or laying in bed, visualizing delivery useful. I did it for a week or two before my due date, like 10ish minutes once a day. Not like images of the labor (oww) just sending peaceful, calm, safe, and relaxing messages to my baby and myself. Like “You are so strong. You can do this. Remember the feeling of strength when you —. Feel that moment again. See? You have that inner strength to bring this baby safely into the world, too.” I would visualize my baby preparing to enter the world and tell her it was time (she was late, but came just before the scheduled induction). If you’re open to it, maybe try to have a series of internal conversations with your baby about flipping? For me, the visualization was amazingly helpful. It didn’t work in the sense of eliminating complications or making delivery less painful (ha! I threw down f-bombs like crazy pre-epidural and we had some super scary moments). But, it helped me feel powerful and capable to overcome the complications that arose, even though I couldn’t control or change outcomes.… Read more »


I had 3 csections. They were all reqlly great experiences because they were planned at 39 weeks. My last one was a “natural csection” Google it. There is a youtube video of it. My Ob put my son dirctly on my chest immediately after he was delivered. He stayed on me the whole time. It was the best feeling ever (since I had not had that with the previous 2 births). I would also suggest you wear an abdominal binder at all times for several days. It provides great support. Make sure you walk and move a lot after the surgery to prevent your GI tract from going to sleep (which can happen from surgery). Definately take a probiotic and eat yogurt. They routinely give an antibiotic during the csection and this can throw off your gut bacteria, leading to yeast in your breast. If you breastfeed, it is extremely painful (I had it happen twice). Oh, and take your pain meds around the clock for the first few days. You will feel wonderful with them but if the pain gets ahead of you, it takes a little longer for the meds to work. I used to be a surgical… Read more »


I haven’t had a child yet (actually I still hope I can conceive at 40) but I want to say how refreshing is your attitude! No drama, just wishing for a safe, healthy delivery for you and your baby. Way to go! Best wishes to you all!


First – you look great! I’m glad to hear you aren’t bummed about the c-section. My second baby was breech and I tried chiropractic, acupuncture and the doctor tried to turn her – no luck. I did make it more about me and was disappointed about having to schedule a c-section. So I try to think about the pros – I knew which doctor would deliver the baby, I could arrange for childcare in advance, and in general I was less scared about the whole “having a baby” thing because I had done it before. One of the weirdest parts of the c-seciton though was scheduling the date. It just seemed odd that I was picking my child’s birth date. Too weird so I made my husband pick! Best of luck!


Emily, You want to visit a chiropractor and have them do the Webster Technique. Your pelvis is likely out of alignment restricting baby’s movement. Here’s a link to some info:


I had two c sections, with my second one my oldest son was only 20 months old and I walked in from the hospital and picked him right up! not a great idea but he said “uppy” and he was my baby!

good luck momma!

Elisa F

We like to call it a vaginal bypass. I had two. My babies weren’t breech, they just wouldn’t drop; they were all up in my grill/ribcage. I had to wear this corset thing high up on my belly for a few days, then doctors getting aggressive with some external pushing and manhandling; I was ready to hack that kid out of there myself.
Your attitude is perfect. I, too, was puzzled by the hyper focus on the birth. It’s like getting all fixated on exactly HOW we’re going to pick up Aunt Myrtle from the airport, instead of the fact that she’s going to be staying for 18 years and what are we going to do with her once she arrives?? Shuttle, taxi, magic carpet – whatever.
You’re going to be gorgeously fine. Your little nugget is going to be even more gorgeously fine. I just couldn’t be happier for you!


This is freaking hysterical and so true!!!


I’m stealing several of these phrases for my own use. Awesome.


My last baby was transverse and I turned him through acupuncture (moxibustion) and the suggestions on Spinning Babies. Although, frankly, 37 weeks is a bit late for some of those techniques. Baby is bigger, with less room to move, and sometimes quite settled where she is. That said, kudos to you for having such a healthy attitude about it!

Lovely post. Great attitude, at the end all that matters is that you and your baby are healthy.
Since you’re in LA, you might get referred to Dr. Berlin’s office. He’s a chiropractor that specializes in pre-natal, he works on opening hips and helping turn babies. I tried that during my first breach pregnancy, but my baby didn’t move. The second time I had a breach pregnancy I didn’t even bother trying to turn my baby. A scheduled C is a great way to go for everyone’s sake. Sure recovery takes a little longer, but you are young and fit and will bounce back quickly. I actually love my scar. It’s a reminder of what I went through to bring my boys into this world. Good luck and make sure you get up on your feet ASAP after surgery. It will hurt, but those early first steps make a huge difference.


Hi. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with monochorionic twins. My first birth was a planned c section as I had a condition which meant my daughter had to be delivered at 36 weeks and she was breach so they didn’t want to induce me. I have to say the c section went wonderfully well. My husband and I joke about it being like a spa day. It was so calm and all the medical staff were wonderful. We were booked in to be the first c section of the day so I was able to have a nice sleep the night before and we could spend a whole day with our daughter without being sleep deprived. I recovered very well from the operation and was up and moving about as normal the next day. When I found out we were having twins this time and my consultant advised a c section again I was a little disappointed as when I found out I was pregnant one of the things I thought was that I wanted to do it “right” this time, however like you I was surprised how calm I was and just accepted his opinion. All we care about… Read more »

That dress looks gorgeous! You’re getting so close!



I really like your positive attitude about the whole thing. It is so sad that others totally judge you based on your birthing plan, etc… The overall goal is a healthy baby, so go for it! Never had a C-section with either kid, so I can’t pass along any wisdom. However, I saw your Target commercial last night and you looked so adorable. That plaid dress was so cute on you. Best of luck!


i had 2 scheduled c-sections (first one not by choice, 2nd one by choice) and I will say it was not that bad. I did do a ton of research at the end so I would know what I was in for and I think it helped prepare me for the pain. The biggest tip that I saw was to walk as soon as possible and as much as possible and I think that alone helped me recover quickly and pretty easily. Good luck!!

I had a went to a chiropractor who did pregnancy massage three times a week for two weeks to prep my kid to turn in my belly, since he was breach still at 38 weeks. When we went in for the flip at the doctor’s office, it hurt like hell with all those hands on me, but then the boy flipped and everything was fine two seconds later. It might not work for you (the numbers are low as you point out). but still no harm in checking out a chiropractor that specializes in stuff like that. You are gonna be fine, whatever the outcome!

My son didn’t turn until after I had been in labor for an hour or two. I don’t understand this whole “OMG-BREACH!” when somebody isn’t actively in labor. Although in your case it makes sense with the whole “fast labor” thing.

My first was an emergency c-section after 19 hours of labor, and that was *awful*. It wasn’t just the c-section, it was all the bad stuff going on combined with exhaustion and a c-section. No bueno. My second was planned, and it was night and day compared to my first. I was absolutely terrified going in, but it was so much easier it was almost ridiculous. The recovery was also a million times easier as well.

I wish you luck on the baby-turning, and an easy-peasy birth!


I went in for a version at 38 weeks, and my girls had flipped on her own. I was ready for a csection, but they can flip really late!!

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