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If You Needed A Sign To Go BIG With Your Closet Design…This Is It

Welcome to the cutest, happiest closet makeover maybe ever. Anne Sage (remember her nursery?) and business partner, Caroline Lee decided that Caroline’s Palm Springs A-frame home needed some more closet storage (drawer storage specifically). Raise your hand if you can relate… that’s what I thought, everyone. So together they went to work on a fun, whimsical, functional space that has us all really in love.

Now, this sweet home has a pretty great backstory. Have you heard of interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel? That’s a joke because I can almost guarantee that all of you have and are big fans like us. Anyway, this home was previously owned by her and her husband who privately sold it to Caroline. What a dream. So Sarah designed part of the house and then when it was sold to Caroline, she and Anne took over and finished it up pretty beautifully if we do say so ourselves. Actually, they are the ones responsible for this completely incredible studio below that’s on the home’s property… that we’ve absolutely shared before. I can’t believe I didn’t connect the dots until now!

design by anne sage and caroline lee 

So now that you have a fuller grasp on these gals genius, let’s get to this closet. After they sent through the photos I naturally had questions because how could I not need to know more?? Let’s dive in…

I love this closet remodel for a couple of reasons. A) Caroline and Anne took an underutilized space and truly maximized it and B) we get to see a “never before seen” part of a house that I’m sure most of us have drooled over many many times before. And speaking of “before” here is what these ladies started with…

How was the room used before? The room was a ‘walkthrough’ in between the bedroom and bathroom — there was a small closet, but the doors were broken, so it was basically wasted space!

What’s so great about this is that they could have easily just fixed the doors and slapped up some paint and it would be been great. But clearly as designers that simply wasn’t going to cut.

What did you specifically want/need from this space? The needs were for a space to have ample drawers and shelves for anyone at the house to fully unpack and relax into the home. We didn’t want the home to feel like a space you needed to keep living out of your suitcase… people come here to unwind!

What challenges or surprises did you face during the reno process? The original design involved ripping out the ‘bump out’ in the ceiling on the left side of the room, but when the contractor came in and started demo’ing, he discovered that there was a key part of the HVAC vent in the ceiling that couldn’t be moved. It meant the entire design had to be re-configured, and fast! But it turned out in the end… (it always does).

How did you deal with filling in the floor holes with needing to match existing wood? The only holes that needed to be filled were with tile, and thankfully, we had some extra tile to use!

Hot Tip

Never throw out your extra tile, paint, wallpaper, etc. You never know when it may save you some dollars.

Now let’s get to that beautiful customized closet configuration.

How did you plan out the storage design and knew it was enough? Our approach is always to buy more than you need! The Container Store allows you to return things up to 4 months later, so it means you can really try a few different things in the space before you commit to the one you love most.

I actually didn’t know that but it’s such a huge weight off of your shoulders when putting together a puzzle of your own design.

Any Container Storage closet system tips and tricks? Could be for designing, purchasing, and/or installing! Getting closet pieces from a place like the Container Store, where you can customize for your own budget + sizing, is a game-changer. Even with this closet, the shelves can still be re-arranged as much as we want! The closet style is the Elfa Décor.


Was there a reason you wallpapered after you installed everything? Or did you find the wallpaper after the fact? With COVID, the installer availability didn’t work out for the wallpaper to go in first. Le sigh! Pandemic times! We try to roll with the flow.

Well regardless of how it got done, it’s a total SHOWSTOPPER. Also note that the wallpaper says in the sweetest and delicate script, “make time for rest.” What a perfect message in a place where you get ready for your day.

Peach Trays

Did Caroline’s wardrobe dictate the overall color palette? It all looks so perfect together! Caroline has been known for her love of pink for years, and lately, mustard has shown up a lot… so we just used it as a perfect opportunity to buy some new pieces that filled out the full range perfectly!

White Rope Baskets

Was it always the plan to have that awesome pop of red in there? We (Anne + Caroline) were talking about design inspiration at the beginning of this project, and Anne asked me what I had been inspired by lately. I, in a total COVID-fog, said nothing had caught my eye lately in the design world so Anne asked me to do a deep dive into inspiration, and send her 10 photos that I found and liked. When I started this process, she noticed that one of the ‘themes’ in my 10 photos was red! So I asked Anne how we could incorporate pops of red in the design. In the end, I took a can of spray paint to the 2 lighting fixtures to make them red.. and they’re still our favorite aspects of the space. 🙂

Woah I relate to the COVID-fog and love the idea of using your “general” inspo photo to spark an idea like this. I think it’s my absolute favorite part of the design. Bold, unexpected, but completely perfect.

Cheetah In Shades Framed Print | Mind Your Hand Framed Print | Shell Study I Framed Print | Take Your Time Framed Print | Pink Confetti Throw Pillow

Can you walk me through the vanity DIY? How much did it cost? Did you have to use special paint? Start to finish, it was about $150! The vanity was from Amazon, and then the paint was from an Ace Hardware. It wasn’t special paint, although we did sand the vanity before painting it to make sure the paint stuck.

Fun Fact: The seat cushion is a pillow!

Cube Baskets | Shelf Dividers

Boobie Trap Organizer

What is your favorite org item in this closet (if you had to pick one)? The ‘Boobie Trap’ bra holder! The name isn’t the only good part about it!

Well, shoot I think that’s kind of a perfect place to end and I will also be purchased my own Boobie Trap as soon as I get a dresser:)

“Before” and “Afters” anyone?

Ok but wait there’s one more VERY exciting piece of news for those of you who are house-hunting in southern California because this home is actually up FOR SALE! Everyone needs to check out these photos. Also, there’s a pool. Soooo ya, like I said in the beginning it’s a dream:)

*Design by Anne Sage and Caroline Lee
**Styling by Anne Sage
***Photos by Caroline Lee

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3 years ago

gorgeous design and love when a blog post ends with a surprise link to the real estate listing! as a renter who can’t imagine being able to afford a mortgage, i love to live vicariously through these photos.

3 years ago

Well now I want a new closet and AND an all pink, coral, and mustard wardrobe

3 years ago

hi uhhhh, i know i work here but i love this post and i’m obsessed with this color palette!!! everyone looks SO BEAUTIFUL in a pink room. what a treat it must be to get ready in here!!

3 years ago

It’so tidy and looking really nice. The wallpaper is amazing. I’ve seen wallpapers in closet before but this is compatible. I just want that…

3 years ago

The wallpaper is falling down…. It’s weird this isn’t mentioned at all. Talk about imperfections and how to solve common problems. Peel up the edges and glue down with contact cement.

3 years ago

Is there a source for the ceiling light? It’s the perfect pop of color 😍

3 years ago
Reply to  mack

Thanks for link🙂

3 years ago

Gorgeous closet! And it features many favorite products I already own. I use Container Store Elfa (and Decor) in all my closets. I have the Target rope baskets and the Container Store sea grass baskets. I love seeing how they pull this all together and add in artwork and personal style! Beautiful!

3 years ago

I imagine potential buyers with have love/hate opinions about the wallpaper.

3 years ago
Reply to  Susanna

The house is being sold fully furnished by a super popular interior designer, so I think they’ll survive if they need to replace 100 square feet of wallpaper! 😂 I’m particularly into those yellow sofas and the kitchen tile!!

3 years ago

Is there a source for the area rug/runner in the closet?

3 years ago

Its a great post! Thanks for sharing