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The Link Up: Emily’s “Sexy” Velcro Sandal, Caitlin’s $9 Pet Hair Hack, and The Easiest/ (And Very Delicious) Meal Kits We’re Eating

Hey all and welcome to our Sunday Link Up!! Today we’re sharing all sorts of fun things we feel you need to check out. We just got back from our team retreat this last week (because Em is 2 weeks from her Portland move…AH) and BOY it was good to see each other again and get to plan some really fun stuff for you all. We’re hoping you all had a great week & did things that make your heart full. Geez we’re being so sappy today. Alright, enough of that let’s get into it.

This week’s home tour is an EPIC 1870s church that Sarah and Adam Fairhead Hall renovated and made into their family’s dream home. The space is so unique, fresh, and has some REALLY beautiful styling (as per usual on The Design Files). When this home tour came out our entire team freaked out…Jess’s exact words are “now THAT’s how you do a renovation.” And you’ll totally agree.

From Emily: I finally got into the Teva trend 3 years later. One of my best friends who’s a fashion stylist saw them and bought them too welcome to the leopard Teva. It will be your summer shoe for life…and they’re on sale from $68 to $49!! Also, Mallory has them in tan and totally bats for how good they are –– we both wore them during our entire retreat.

From Caitlin: I’m normally the number one advocate for wool dryer balls (these multicolored ones, in particular, are my favorites) but I just discovered these dryer sheets specifically formulated for pet hair, and MAN, WHAT A GAME CHANGER. I tried them out last Sunday and they have cut my lint roller usage down by like, maybe, roughly…a million sheets this week? I don’t think I’ll need to use them every time moving forward – they really did capture a ton of hair and they somehow loosened up some tightly-wound lint balls that I had formerly just accepted as being forever-present so I could remove them easily (does anyone else get those on their sweatpants? Or like, on the inner thighs of leggings sometimes? Why does lint stick there so much!!!) – but I’ll definitely keep them on hand for my black clothes and for those pieces that cat hair just seems to cling to. FWIW, I used 4 sheets in a huuuuge load in the industrial-size dryer in my laundromat. There are some reviews from folks who are like “this is the same as a normal dryer sheet” but I think their loads may have just been a little too big for the sheet to do its job as it did make a marked difference in my clothes!!! That said, I haven’t noticed anything I washed being more hair-repellent (that’s another marketing touchpoint they have) but I don’t even mind because it was SO NICE seeing SO MUCH LESS cat hair than normal clinging to everything I pulled out of the dryer. If used infrequently – or you know, not in the industrial-strength laundromat – one pack of these should last you a whole year (or two) for only $9!! Highly recommended 🙂

From Mallory: We were talking about Soho Home during our company retreat because we are all OBSESSED with it. Their stuff is seriously so good and we’re all swooning big time. Specifically… I am heavily into this chair. HEAVILY.

From Jess: My friend introduced me to a pretty wonderful meal service called Splendid Spoon and I really really love it. I only get the soups but they have soups, bowls, and smoothies that are all plant-based, no added sugar, etc etc. I keep wanting to be someone who loves to cook but that someone hasn’t shown up yet. So when I’m feeling like I don’t want to cook (always) I pop one of these puppies on the stove and so far they have all been super delicious. Anyway, I highly recommend it for those who want to eat lots of tasty veggies but can’t be bothered to fully prepare a meal. Oh and another great thing is you don’t have to get a subscription. I just order 10 at a time and indulge at my leisure without having to worry about my next shipment (or figuring out how to cancel it). FYI this is in no way a paid ad or any kind of affiliate. Just one gal recommending something she likes a lot 🙂

Also From Jess: I’ve started to wear makeup a bit more often so my sunscreen reapplication hasn’t been great or easy. But then I saw that my personal favorite sunscreen brand (Supergoop!) has a translucent powder sunscreen and I was in! It’s so great when you are on the go. They also have tinted ones too but lord knows this tan is not going to last all year and I didn’t want to have to get another in a couple of months.

From Ryann: Via Emily’s post yesterday, I found out that milking stools, or as Charlie Henderson so sweetly described them, “a 1/2 stool that is broken” exist, and CLEARLY I need one now. I thought for sure they would be hard to find but nope, they are all over Etsy and I am obviously buying one for my MOTO. In particular, this shop has tons of great ones so please peruse it and buy one for yourself! There are plenty to go around.

That’s all for this week friends!! See you in the morning 🙂

Opening Image Credit: Design and Styling by Sarah and Adam Fairhead Hall | Photo by Marnie Hawson | via The Design Files

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2 years ago

Nooooooo! Bounce dryer sheets with their toxic synthetic scents are pure poison!!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Beth

Agreed. I’ll never under why people use dryer sheets. 😣

2 years ago
Reply to  EP


2 years ago
Reply to  Beth

🌏 No Planet B

2 years ago
Please know that most dryer sheets are toxic to humans, pets and the planet. Please reconsider using them – the lint roller is much safer. There’s tons of long-standing research about the adverse effects of using them.

2 years ago

I use wool dryer balls and find everything comes out of the dryer without cat hair. But I just have a normal residential dryer so maybe they don’t work in the big machines? Or the monster dryer needs 2 dozen of them 😹

2 years ago
Reply to  Sheila

I have those terrible commercial dryers in my building and I use dryer balls. I put six in each machine. Honestly the biggest issue is that those machines get way too hot and the cycles are way too long which tends to unnecessarily damage your clothes. I have a dog that sheds a lot and my method is to vacuum regularly (including furniture), shake clothes out before they go in the hamper, shake them out again after the washer before they go in the dryer, and then to use the dryer balls. No dog hair on my clean clothes.

2 years ago
Reply to  emma

I got a professional high velocity hair dryer for my dog and bath him every 2-3 weeks. Makes a huge difference in shedding.

2 years ago

“With regular use of fabric softeners or dryer sheets, activewear becomes less breathable, children’s clothing becomes less flame-retardant, and towels become less absorbent”

2 years ago

BOOKS: Finished “The Newcomer” by Mary Kay Andrews and “Golden Girl” by Erin Hilderbrand (both fun “beachtown” reads). Also read another great book by Kristin Hannah about the trials of a 24 year marriage “Distant Shores.”

SHOWS: Finished “Shrill” (mixed feelings about the series finale, sad it was canceled) and started Pen15 on Hulu.

2 years ago

Emily the milking stool will come in handy when you folks are brushing your alpacas. Save all the hair, there are weavers who will wash it, card it, ans spin it into yarn. You want alpaca throws and blankets from your own animals.

2 years ago

That house tour is spectacularly beautiful!

2 years ago

re: pet hair: I got a doohickey called the “chom
chom” on Amazon and it’s basically a sheetless lint roller (so no-waste!)— way better than chemically drier sheets 🙂

2 years ago

Jess – Thanks for the link to Splendid Spoon. We are moving across the country in September (from CA home to MA), and will be “camping” in our empty apartment until the moving van arrives (10-14 days). The On-Demand boxes will be perfect to have healthy gluten-free, vegan meals in the freezer to pop into the microwave.

2 years ago

Cannot recommend these enough for getting pet hair (ok, fine, my hair too) out of clothes.