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Fall Fashion: The One Essential Piece We Each Needed (And They Are All Super Different)

Sure, as adults we can “technically” shop for new clothes whenever we need to. Perks of having a job instead of an allowance (if you were lucky enough to have one). But there really isn’t anything like the feeling of getting to go “Back to School” clothes shopping. I can remember the EXTREME excitement of getting to pick out a few new things that would make me feel like I was more grown-up and dare I even say “cool”. Furthermore, I can remember standing in front of my mirror in my “first day of school” outfit before entering the 5th grade practicing the pledge of allegiance because I didn’t want to be the only kid who forgot the words. Once again, I didn’t realize I was an anxious person until I was 33!! Comical. But I digress. So even though we don’t get to go embark on a new school year, we do all have a type of clothing (some new, some old) that gives us that same “Back to School” fall energy. So if you need some new ideas to spice things up or are also looking for the perfect loafer, we’ve got you on all fronts. Let’s start with Em…

Emily: Utility And Chore Jackets

Jacket | Shirt | Jeans | Boots | BandanaWhen we moved up to Portland, it turns out I really needed some fall essentials. I didn’t have the proper PNW layering clothes (and it is a specific thing). So the essential that I was missing from my closet is the “utility jacket.” It’s versatile and truly goes with everything. Plus you can layer the way people do up here (which was not something I was used to, but now I’m on board). The one that I ended up getting was this blue one from Alex Mill and I LOVE it (and have worn it a bunch). It’s oversized and roomy, plus it has huge pockets which is great for my walks (I keep doggy bags and masks in the pocket at all times). So I can dress it down for my dog walks or I can dress it up (which I did the other night with skinny jeans and this denim shirt that I love). Oh, and I bought some stuff from Mille a while back that I had to return and they gave me store credit so I used it to buy these boots which look SO good with the jacket. They’re a bit of a splurge, but are so well made and classic and I’ll wear them forever. Since I’m trying to only buy what I NEED I’m fighting the urge to buy this Madewell utility jacket since I now already have one, but if I were in need of another I would grab this.

1. Chore Jacket | 2. Relaxed Patch Pocket Corduroy Jacket | 3. Denim Oversized Chore Coat | 4. The Cinchable Chore Jacket | 5. Willa Jacket | 6. The Frayed Lieutenant Jacket | 7. Citrine Belted Jacket | 8. Shirt Jacket | 9. Sanctuary Utility Jacket | 10. Drapey Pomeray Chore Jacket | 11. Utility Denim Jacket | 12. Button-Front Jacket | 13. Will Jacket | 14. Moonchild Shirt Jacket | 15. Workwear Collection Herringbone Denim Chore Coat | 16. Morgan Utility Denim Jacket | 17. The Essential Chore Coat | 18. Military Shirt Jacket

Jess: Fitted Knits

A true shock to me and my otherwise not very fitted wardrobe that fitted knits would be a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe. But when my friend was in town a few weeks ago, we went to this little store downtown called Virgo and for fun, I tried this one on. Well, I ended up loving it so I stepped out of my comfort zone and tapped that debit card. It’s modest, can be easily be made casual but is also kinda sexy which I’m into. I’m still trying to live in my post-quarantine “take chances” mindset and this is a fun (but still safe) one.


And without me even realizing it, the week before I bought this shirt at Zara (sorry I couldn’t find it online) and it’s basically the same ribbed material! I really love how these pieces make me feel which is my real one essential. I need to feel really good in what’s on my body. Here are some actual shoppable options if you are interested! O and #1 is my absolute favorite:)

1. Shoko Ribbed Colorblock Sweater Dress | 2. Collared Split Neck Pullover Sweater + Mid-Rise Midi Sweater Skirt | 3. Olivia Knit Midi Dress | 4. Olivia Maxi Dress | 5. Color-Block RibbedKnit Sweater | 6. Polka Dot Midi Sweater Skirt | 7. Seamless Top | 8. Ribbed Flared-Sleeve Sweater Dress | 9. Rib-Knit Dress | 10. Polo Elevated Knit Mini Dress | 11. Knit Crop Top | 12. Cashmere Tie-Waist Jumpsuit | 13. Long Sleeve Sweater Dress | 14. Ribbed Sweater Midi Skirt | 15. Ribbed Tank Top | 16. Knit Midi Dress | 17. The Ribbed Mockneck Tank | 18. Sandra Dress

Caitlin: Loafers

A loafer? For fall? GROUNDBREAKING. But when you live in a warmer climate and can’t take advantage of a ton of ~ cool-weather trends ~ (BRB dreaming of 8 weeks from now when I can finally wear my big sweaters), season-specific footwear feels like a worthwhile investment, you know? These two pairs are some of my all-time favorites and I love breaking them out every fall and spring – they’re 5 years old but still look and feel like new. I’m not usually much of an accessorizer either, so I feel like these add a fun bit of personality to my more buttoned-up office-appropriate outfits. In any case, I love that they take up less room than my fall boots while delivering the same “the seasons are changing!!!” message. Here are a few I wouldn’t hate adding to my wardrobe this year…

1. Bazel Lug Sole Loafer | 2. The Alex Loafer in Leather and Suede | 3. Lucero Loafers | 4. Smoking Shoe | 5. Lenny Loafers | 6. Patty Loafer | 7. Trini Loafer in Black + Patent | 8. Marie Tab Loafers | 9. Suede Heeled Loafers | 10. Patent Pointed-Toe Loafers | 11. Micah Pointy Toe Loafers | 12. Wilson Loafer | 13. Max Loafer | 14. Audrey Loafer | 15. Tully Loafers | 16. The Light Loafers | 17. The Frances Genuine Calf Hair Loafer | 18. ‘Calla’ Bootie

Ryann: Patterned Pants

Turtleneck | Pants

Yes, I have fallen victim to the checkered trend. When Jess recommended these pants in The Link Up, I ordered them somewhat impulsively not sure how they would fit or what size I should even order. I ended up getting a size 31 (my normal size) and not only do they fit perfectly, they are WILDLY comfortable. They look like they are a rigid pant but nope they have a healthy amount of stretch and the fabric is almost like an activewear material. It is very good. I like the patterned pant for fall idea so much that I also bought these stripe pants that are a knitted material and also very comfortable. I love patterned pants for fall because you can pair them with a simple shirt or turtleneck and a light jacket and you have an exciting outfit with very little effort. By the way, a simple black turtle neck is another fall/winter must-have IMO.

1. Polo Flannel Pants | 2. UO Bryn Pull-On Flare Pant | 3. Striped Knit Pants | 4. Sanctuary Runway Leggings | 5. Luna Pant | 6. Ellis Jean | 7. The Ragged Priest Wave Print Jean | 8. Flo Pant | 9. Colette Cropped Wide-Leg Pants | 10. Flared Plaid Pants | 11. Pull-On Knit Flare Pants | 12. Urban Renewal Remnants Checkerboard Flare Pant | 13. Pull-On Straight-Leg Pant | 14. Linen Wide-Leg Pants | 15. Make A Stand Trousers | 16. Olivia Pants | 17. Swirl Print Trousers | 18. Linen Gingham Pants

Mallory: Faux Leather

Pants | Sweater | Boots | Necklaces | Skirt

When I told the team I was into leather (well faux/vegan leather) this fall they were shocked (and not in the way you’re thinking). Like the actual fashion trend: the leather pants and skirts and blazers galore. Remember when leather leggings were super in? Yeah, it’s not like that. It’s a baggier, sleeker, sexier kind of streetwear leather. Now let me put you at ease: I was never a leather kind of person. Sure, I had the classic leather moto jacket that I wore (well still wear) with everything. But beyond that, I was weary. UNTIL I went to Aritzia and tried on THE faux leather pants that everyone was talking about. Now at $148 – they’re a splurge (and I highly recommend trying them on in-store before you buy) and it was one of those things I didn’t know if I was ready for until it was always on my mind and I finally went for it. Now, they’re my favorite fall item. They keep me SO warm on cold nights and I feel so trendy in them (because skinny jeans are out now and you can only wear straight/wide leg denim so much before you explode imho). So now, these are the new fall neutral. I’m in love. In fact, I’m so in love that I bought a vegan leather skirt for the summer/fall transition (it’s still stupidly hot in the day here in LA) so I’ve been wearing this skirt (also looks super cute with tights for when it does get colder though) and I’m very into it. Faux leather for the win!!! Now here’s a roundup to prove it (and yes it’s all faux or “vegan” as they call it…

1. Brenda Faux Leather Straight Leg Pants | 2. Faux Leather Mini Skirt | 3. Faux Leather Shirtdress | 4. Straight Leg Faux Leather Pants | 5. Faux Leather Thin Strap Square Neck Dress | 6. Real Deal Slit Vegan Pants | 7. Long Sleeve Faux Leather Tie Back Top | 8. Faux Leather Pleated Skirt | 9. Vegan Leather Baseball Hat | 10. Vegan Leather Ruched Midi Skirt | 11. The It Factor Vegan Pants | 12. Model Behavior Faux Leather Coat | 13. Sasha Crop Faux Leather Pants | 14. Faux Leather Squareneck Top | 15. Faux Leather Textured Pencil Skirt | 16. Faux Leather Top | 17. Quilted Faux Leather Puffer Vest | 18. Faux Leather Jogger Pants

That’s it from us and our fall picks. Are any of you in the same boat? Do you have others you want to share with the class? Regardless happy Saturday and see y’all tomorrow.

Love you, mean it.

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: Six Fall Sweaters I’m Loving (+ How To Wear Them)

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2 years ago

Love the utility jacket you are wearing the the first photo but I don’t think it’s the one that’s linked (linked one has a bunch of stitching and completely different pockets). Could you please share the one you are wearing? Thanks!!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Jenny

It’s updated in the post but here’s the link to the jacket! Good catch – thanks!

2 years ago

I would like to know about the jacket Emily is wearing in the photo as well. (It’s not the linked Alex Mill jacket which has different pockets). Thanks!

Lashley Rhodes
2 years ago
Reply to  jojo

I think EH is wearing the Britt Jacket? There are a bunch of similar ones at Alex Mill!

2 years ago
Reply to  jojo
2 years ago
Reply to  jojo

Here’s the right link! Thanks for catching that!

love the loafers and patterned pants. and the wallpaper in the background of caitlin’s picture!

2 years ago

Jess looks spec. Tac. U. Larrr! In that dress. I never dreamed I could wear knits, but based on her abd the reviews of some of the linked pieces, I’ve giving it a try.

Also, LOVE the vegan leather pant. I have a pair and thought of them as my “night out” pants. Im fact I wore them out to a comedy show recently. But now, I’m thinking they could be fall wardrobe essential. Thank you.

Lastly, how about a nail post! I love those on Caitlin.

Jasmine Lim
2 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

i came here to say that too! Jess looks incredible in that dress and I honestly believe that’s a tricky dress to carry! GET IT GIRL

2 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

I also came here to say this! JESS! You look fantastic in both looks, different as they are. This makes me think about the core truth too often forgotten or otherwise drowned out: mindset really does matter. I have to believe part of what makes you look so amazing, Jess, is exactly your work on that take-chances mindset! Whether that’s true or not, again for the folks in the back: SPEC. TAC. U. LARRRR!

2 years ago

Forget the clothes, I’m obsessed with Ryann’s book collection. So eclectic- awesome.

2 years ago

Is vegan leather just pleather? I don’t mean this snarky, I’m genuinely curious. I have a vegan leather purse that I love.

2 years ago
Reply to  Patricia

It is for sure just plastic. Astonishingly successful rebrand, honestly.

2 years ago
Reply to  Patricia

Yup. Same. Plastic ‘leather’ look-a-like.

2 years ago
Reply to  Patricia

Yes – one and the same. Vegan makes it sound better than plastic material that will not decompose for thousands of years. I understand people don’t want to use animal hides for ethical reasons but no-one talks about microplastic pollution or soil and microorganism health. Rant over!

2 years ago

I too would love to know which JACKET EMILY IS WEARING!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!

2 years ago

So many great ideas. I have bought some of your suggestions (the “free people” pants and the H&M sweater). I think they go well together and as jewelry I will wear something simple but impactful, such as these pearl earrings

kate holmes
2 years ago

I like the black checked jacket that’s #14 but it done’s appear to be by either Selva Negra, nor available at the link (link goes to a khaki jacket @ nordstrom). Help!

2 years ago

The way mallory hung that candelabra on a command hook is GENIUS.

Deb Malloy
2 years ago

Yes please link the jacket Emily is wearing it is not the Britt Jacket. The pocket in the phone is on the right side and the Britt Jacket pocket is on the left side. It is so cute!!

Roberta Davis
2 years ago

Cute stuff! Emily, I love the boots but am too cheap to spring for them.

2 years ago

If Mallory is in her apartment, why haven’t we SEEN it???? It looks quite fabulous!

2 years ago

In the top photo, what kind of drop crotch pants is Emily wearing? I always think about trying one, but can’t never pull the trigger…

2 years ago

Curious about the sizing for the Alex Mill jacket. Not sure Emily’s propositions but what size is she wearing?