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Our Ultimate Outdoor Furniture Roundup (130+ New Favorites)

photo by david tsay

Hi, everyone. It’s me, Laurren. For anyone who’s like “who are you?”, we first met when I brought you this post and this post about fun color trends. It’s good to be back. Last week, the EHD team did a post about budget-friendly outdoor hacks to try, and all the readers evidently pleaded for some furniture roundups, so I answered the call (well, Arlyn’s email) to put together this ULTIMATE PATIO FURNITURE ROUNDUP.

Whether you have a sprawling picket-fenced yard, a tiny balcony, or something that lands somewhere in between, there’s plenty you can do to carve out a stylish and functional outdoor oasis primed for soaking up all the sunshine and fresh air the summer months have to offer—and it all starts with furniture because cheersing sangria while sitting on a patch of dirt or half-charred grass just doesn’t quite have a nice ring to it.

While it may seem a little early to be sprucing up your backyard or patio—especially if you’re still shoveling snow—remember that outdoor pieces sell out quickly since stock is generally limited. You’re more likely to find the look you want if you start shopping early instead of waiting until the start of summer when everyone is scrambling to give their spaces a refresh. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favorite outdoor furniture finds—from sofas to chaises to coffee tables—that you can buy right now and, even better, have delivered to your door.

But before you click “add to cart,” there are a few things to consider. First, and maybe most important, is to think about how you’re going to use the space you have. For example, I live in a fairly small apartment with an outdoor area that’s pretty generous in relation to my home’s size (calling it a yard would be a stretch, lol, but by LA standards, I guess that’s what it is). I like to entertain but don’t have a proper dining room, so an outdoor table was a must for me. Since I can use it (almost) year-round in LA, utilizing my yard for eating gives me the dining room my small home lacks. See yourself lingering over cocktails and conversation? A sofa + coffee table combo might be right for you. Love roasting s’mores around a backyard fire pit? Pull up a grouping of cushioned chairs. You get the idea…

It can be tempting to buy a matching furniture set and be done with it, I know—especially if you’ve been cooped up all winter and are itching to get outside—but hang tight because there’s a lot to mix and match here for a space that feels lived in and not too catalog-y. You want to approach decorating outdoor areas the same way you would your home’s interior, and that means bringing in a mix of materials, shapes, sizes, prints, etc. For example, if you have a set of more rounded, ornate accent chairs, try pairing them with a boxier, streamlined sofa. Lastly, look for pieces that feel like a natural extension of your home’s interior style. Have a mid-century modern vibe going on inside? Your outdoor space is not the place to test drive a rustic farmhouse look.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get on to the good stuff.

First stop, sofas and sectionals (and a few love seats for those with limited space). The team used #9 in the Portland patio and can vouch for its quality and comfort. #1 is just so classically charming, #5 is a straight-up sofa but made for the outdoors, and the rattan set from IKEA at #15 is hard to beat in terms of price meets style. Oh, and the brass frame on #22 from World Market would be SO fun outside for a glam moment.

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Sofas Sectionals New

1. Parker Sofa | 2. Hand-carved Lotus Daybed | 3. Piedra Outdoor Loveseat | 4. Jasper Teak Sofa | 5. Denver Outdoor Sofa | 6. Tropez Black and White Stripe | 7. Breton Black Metal Sofa | 8. Howell Patio Sofa  | 9. Ora Sectional | 10. Lunes White Outdoor Sofa | 11. Laguna Loveseat | 12. Pacifica Bench | 13. Isola Sofa in Natural Finish | 14. Brusen Outdoor Sofa | 15. Mastholmen Conversation Set | 16. Brava Wicker Loveseat | 17. Pacific Loveseat | 18. Cache Outdoor Sofa | 19. Patio Sofa With Cushions | 20. Palazzo Shell Loveseat With Cushions | 21. Portside Outdoor Low 3-Piece Sectional | 22. Gold Laila Outdoor Sofa | 23. Suzanne Kasler Directoire 4-Piece Sectional With Cushions | 24. Arca Driftwood Sofa

Lots of favorites here: #3 (the price is for two) is that very cute boho style that looks so nice with a backdrop of nature, #7 well, isn’t a lounge chair at all but how sweet would that be on a dreamy balcony? #14 and #18 are so fun (who doesn’t want a rocking chair EVERYWHERE) and basically obsessed with the ’70s vibe of the hanging chair at #13.

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Lounge Chairs1

1. Isola Lounge Chair | 2. Dog Days Outdoor Lounge Chair | 3. Natural Wicker Wailea Chair (set of 2) | 4.Dimitri Outdoor Chair | 5. Pool Party White Chair | 6. Erato Stainless Steel Patio Chair (set of 2) | 7.  Pia Chair | 8. Woven Malawi Chair | 9. Girona Outdoor Accent Chair (set of 2) | 10. Bayport Patio Teak Armchair | 11. Hee Lounge Chair | 12. Wrens Teak Patio Chair | 13. Hanging Wicker Egg Chair | 14. 1730 Grey Rocking Chair | 15. Bodil Kjaer Teak Chair | 16. Hot Mesh Lounge Chair | 17. Taylor Chair | 18. Eleya Chair | 19. Sundial Chair | 20. Sunset Teak Lounge Chair | 21. Bandera Woven Club Chair

BRB, going to pretend I’m writing this post stretched out across #2 or #5…or #10 for some extra wiggle room.

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Chaise Lounges

1. Alicante Chaise Lounge Chair | 2. Bizerte Outdoor Chaise Lounge | 3. Newport Chaise Lounge Chair With Side Table | 4. Newport Chaise Lounge Chair | 5. Canyon Indoor/Outdoor Lounge Chair | 6. Balmain Teak Daybed | 7. Marlough II Aluminum Outdoor Chaise Lounge | 8. Sling Chair with Tassels | 9. Daisha Outdoor Bag Sun Chaise Lounge | 10. Havana Daybed | 11. Breton Black Metal Sun Lounger | 12. Eldridge Wicker Patio Chaise Lounge | 13. Fullerton Recling Chaise Lounge | 14. Indio Chaise | 15. Oceans Wood & Rope Patio Chaise | 16. Perch Outdoor Sun Lounger | 17. Alfresco Natural Chaise Lounge | 18. Pacifica Chaise

We went with a ton of different materials for the roundup of coffee tables, from wood to concrete to stone to rattan. It looks like #3 has some storage, so would be a nice place to stash outdoor things you maybe don’t use super often (what would that be, exactly? well, it’s probably different for everyone). The black on black look of #8 is pretty rad but the organic nesting shapes of #9 is also nice for a really natural look.

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Coffee Tables

1. Natural World Coffee Table | 2. Tempered Glass Top Table | 3. Deliah Storage Coffee Table | 4. Nimbus Graphite Table | 5. Sheridan Coffee Table | 6. Tambor Concrete Drum Coffee Table | 7. Pebble Coffee Table | 8. Darbuka Black Coffee Table | 9. Arleta Nesting Tables | 10. MLB Root Coffee Table | 11. Mosaic Tiled Coffee Table | 12. Pedestal Outdoor Coffee Table | 13. Boonville Coffee Table | 14. Cruz Coffee Table | 15. Nebu Table

Because we all need a place to set a drink or some apps during outdoor happy hour, of course. Lots of price points here, from the cute hairpin + rattan pick at #4 for $89 to the stone sculptural piece at #13 for $649. I’m loving the angular shape of #12 but also the richness of the carved wood of #10.

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Side Tables

1. Twill Ceramic Side Table | 2. Square Folding Table | 3. Nimbus Table | 4. Gracia Rattan Side Table | 5. Tana Stool | 6. Bongo Side Table | 7. Atra Stool | 8. Adam Outdoor Side Table | 9. London Accent Table | 10. Artisan Teak Stools | 11. Beach Side Table | 12. Schmidt Accent Table | 13. Masson Stone Stool | 14. Pittard Glass Coffee Table | 15. Pure Curved Side Table

Let’s move along to the dining furniture section of today’s post. I pulled everything from large 6-8 seaters to little bistro tables, so regardless of how much room you have to work with, there’s a really great table for you to dine al fresco.

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Dining Tables

1. Kylie Navy and White Rattan Bistro Table | 2. Camas Outdoor Wooden Table | 3. Watermark Bistro Table | 4. Cassara Round Dining Table | 5. Fuze Grey Concrete Table | 6. Marina Teak Round Table | 7. Delphi Rectangular Wicker Dining Table | 8. Slab Outdoor Round Dining Table | 9. Iron Outdoor Door | 11. Adelaide Round Table | 12.Cafe Dining Table | 13. Pure Live Edge Dining Table | 14. Fairmont Steel Patio Dining Table | 15. Newport Aluminum-Top Dining Table | 16. Fermob Bistro Table | 17. Laguna Round Table | 18. St. Kitts Rectangular Dining Table | 19. Round Faux Cement Palmera Dining Table | 20. Two Tone San Remo Dining Table | 21. Britanna Patio Dining Table

And because your table needs chairs, I’ve got you covered. I know they’re REALLY traditional, but can’t you picture #3 with its unique rope design in some magical garden setting? Go ahead, close your eyes and try. Once you’ve come back from being transported, we can also talk about how cool and modern #7 is (and same goes for #16 in that bright blue). The whole set from #15 in the happy coral would be so wonderful in a space that maybe just looks out to a gray concrete parking lot to really liven things up, huh?

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Dining Chairs

1. All Weather Wicker Dining Armchair | 2. Milan Black Modern Stackable Chair | 3. Miles Redd Bermuda Dining Chair (set of 2) | 4. Giardino Armchair | 5. Woven Geo Dining Bench | 6. Gracia Rattan Outdoor Chair | 7. Monforte Chair | 8. Jai Outdoor Chair (set of 2) | 9. Mesa Teak Armchair | 10. Malibu Chair | 11. Green Armchair | 12. Henry Chair | 13. Nikolaos Stacking Patio Chair (set of 2) | 14. Natural Teak Calero Chairs (set of 2) | 15. Betty Dining Chair (set of 2) | 16. Flux Dining Chair | 17. Bangor Swivel Chair (set of 2) | 18. Mini Outdoor Chair | 19. Antique White Avignon Dining Bench | 20.  Metal Hairpin Stacking Chair (set of 2) | 21. Britanna Wicker Patio Dining Chair (set of 4)

There’s a lot to be obsessed with up there, right? I tried to keep a variety of styles, materials and colors so there was a little something for everyone, and like I mentioned, I hope that whether you have a tiny patch of concrete or a sprawling backyard, there was something here that made your fingers itch to check out for yourself. Any immediate favorites, anyone?

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5 years ago

Table #21 was the most disappointing item I’ve ever bought from Target. It is so cute but started falling apart after only a few days! 🙁 Wish I had this list when I was shopping around a month ago. There are great options here

5 years ago

For those of us in places with winter, being able to store large pieces in the winter is tricky, unless you don’t mind leaving them out. (We can’t because the snow from our slate roof slides off all at once without warning onto our patio.) Chairs that can stack are essential. We have 4 Spark side chairs by Knoll and 4 Air-Armchairs by Magis which are easy to put away for the season. Plus they are easy to clean. Our big outdoor sofa is nice, but a total pain to stow away every year.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sue

yep…I have been building out my outdoor furniture collection for past 2 years for my city house in Chicago and a cottage in Wisconsin. We have no room to store outdoor furniture for the winter, thus I am only buying really high quality stuff that gets good reviews for holding up under extreme conditions – then covering tightly for the winter! our big sectional couch, new last year, held up well through a tough winter. High quality covers that fit well are a must – otherwise the wind blows them off!

Loveley of
5 years ago

Great roundup! Thank you!

Lana Wren
5 years ago

I like the way Lauren writes. It feels natural and genuine, without trying too hard. Good job Lauren! Also, this post is fantastically helpful for us Texans, who are already feeling the summer heat! Thanks EHD!

5 years ago

I’m curious – is there a reason why the patio roundups don’t ever include furniture from places like Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc? I’ve seen quite a few really nice sets there in the last year, and I’d think quite a few of your readers might be interested in them… particularly since they are often at a lower price point than some of these other options. Just something to consider for the future! I’ve even seen some really cute stuff at Walmart! 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Carrie

I think because of her partnership with Target, Walmart may be out of the picture.

5 years ago
Reply to  Gigi

I think they partner with quite a few of these brands.

5 years ago
Reply to  Carrie

They should include them For sure!

5 years ago

I was really, really hoping for swings, gliders, and hammocks! I feel like all of the above (<all of the beside? Ha!) are either ugly or look like you bought it at the front of the grocery store, you know?? Where can a girl get an elegant and magical swing?

These are all good choices, though! For the budget shopper, Target and IKEA are killing it this season!

5 years ago
Reply to  Stacie

I want a swing and a hammock too! Budget friendly and pretty!

5 years ago
Reply to  Stacie

Yes! I kept scrolling for the swing / glider options. I also hoped to find some umbrella or sunshade options. Personally, I am less interested in the budget options and more interested in highly quality that can withstand New England weather & / or being stored away each winter and reassembled each spring.Please??!!

5 years ago
Reply to  Rae

Hi Rae! POLYWOOD outdoor furniture sounds like it’d be a great option for you — all-weather, durable, low maintenance, excellent warranty, and made from recycled milk jug lumber (cool, right??). Lots of options in all furniture categories including gliders and swings!

5 years ago

Want it all!

Any recommendations on where to find interesting porch swings?

5 years ago

Where is the link for No. 4 in the lounges?

5 years ago

Nice round up.

Would like to see chic pieces from Home Depot, Lowe’s etc. maybe even Costco.

My aspirational outdoor furniture is all at Restoration Hardware. Would be nice to also see the comfy pieces from places like RH and the big box stores

Mindy Day
5 years ago

any suggestions on where to buy a good new pad for a lounger?

5 years ago

ALways a great roundup. Outdoor rug roundup soon??

5 years ago

These are all lovely but you haven’t included any of the higher end outdoor furniture makers like gloster, brown Jordan, etc. will you also be doing a post about the higher end designers?

5 years ago

Sofa #22 is too cute!! I’ve been searching everywhere for gold patio furniture – great roundup!

Monique Wright Interior Design
5 years ago

“Price upon request” is never a good sign for me, ha! ? Good roundup of furniture.

Karen Mueller
5 years ago

GREAT round up! Where can I find the pouf in your lead photograph?

5 years ago

You haven’t included anything from Fermob, one of the greatest French outdoor furniture lines. Would really bring some color to this great round up. ?

Roberta Davis
5 years ago

Wayfair (same company as All Modern) and Patioliving have lots of great options for swings, hammocks and umbrellas. Frontgate has lots of umbrellas, too.

5 years ago

Any recommendation for outdoor dining tables that seat 10-12 people? Help!

5 years ago

Living in subtropical Florida I can say that a lot of the furniture in this roundup is beautiful, but it just isn’t practical for our humid, salty, chlorinated environment. Plus we need to be able to easily move furniture or store for hurricanes. Metal can’t be steel, which rusts, it needs to be aluminum. Plastic, all weather wicker, and ceramic are also good options. I have my eye on a Fermob aluminum table, which someone else noted is a great option. The World Market Marina Del Ray pieces are comfortable, affordable and have held up well, going on year three of continuous use. I also have two round storage tables by Keter that can double as seating and look nice.

5 years ago

Great piece! I’d also love some recommendations on outdoor pillows too. So hard to find but so necessary!

Terri Schenke
5 years ago

Great looking furniture

5 years ago

I love the outdoor design and furniture ideas, that really make my morning and evening much better. Thanks for sharing such an amazing ideas with us.