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by Emily Henderson


Thank you guys soooo much for the abundance of support.  It makes me feel all warm inside, like chicken soup, or Makers Mark.  Seriously appreciated.
Some of you might remember when I  posted some fashion to rooms in Februrary  – the pictures are just screen grabs, i didn’t style them unfortunately.  Well, now you know it was for the audition of the show.  I, obsessed with being prepared, came in with a bunch of fashion to rooms to drive home the idea to the casting folk, because it was a bit abstract.
By the way, i really wish i had seen the Thom Felicia show now, Dress your nest.  Why didn’t it last?  Did people like it, or no?
 Below the pic is a mini-bio, just to pound the concept into your head.  Sorry the type is small, it is scanned in and i don’t know how to make it bigger.  Me no photoshop.  My friend Teri did the photoshopy part. 
Of course its kinda obvious. But I was afraid of being too nuanced and having them not get it. 
To clear a couple things up from commenters on HGTV (which i only glanced at i promise)
1.  A uniform is not a style, it’s what you are forced to wear to work.  So don’t worry, you don’t need to decorate your home all in camouflage, i promise.
2.  You don’t have to change your house every time you change your clothes.  I’m shocked i just had to actually type that.
3.  It would not be a random outfit like your workout clothes or pajamas, the inspiration would come from an outfit that most represents your style.  
I’m not saying this is fool proof or the only way to decorate your home.  it’s just a good way to start if you are trying to figure out your style inclinations.  
If you wear a lot of jewelry, then you probably like a lot of decorative accessories.   If you don’t, then maybe you need your accessories to be functional as well as decorative.  
If you tuck in your shirt tightly and where cuff links and the perfect Armani tie, then you might like a more masculine,  simple, high end space.
If you wear the same pair of pants everyday, you should wash them, but it probably means that you like familiarity and comfort and you should own a really big comfortable sofa, a coffee table that you can put your feet on and style the room with functional ease.



If you wear stilettos, then you might not mind a less functional sequin pillow, for instance.  
Heres another one –  I want to be this person. 
So her clothes have a vintage Victorian feel, but she wears them very loose and relaxed, like she doesn’t care.  She comes off conservative yet, mischievous.  (the fashion was from Mayle and sadly she is no longer designing, does anyone know what Jane Mayle is up too?)
Domino’s outfit to rooms are the best, i’ll scan in a bunch and go through those.  The City Sage and Design Sponge also do some as well that are pretty great.  


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