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Our Portland Favorites: Where We Shopped, Stayed, Dined and Drank

Portland is my hometown and this past summer, we got to spend so much time here while finishing and shooting the house. We’re headed back up next week to shoot holiday (on October 1st, obviously) but we wanted to round up some of our favorite places to shop, eat, dine and drink. We’ll do extra features on a lot of the vendors that we worked with and certainly the local artists, but this is more a call out to some of our favorite shops that we think are worth the stop.


Emily Henderson Portland City Guide The Good Mod

The Good Mod

This place has been one of my go-to places for mid-century and unique vintage pieces for years. Remember my old blue tufted sofa (which my friends dubbed “America’s Sofa”)? It came from this place and I still regret selling it every day. They now also have their own line of furniture and accessories which they sell online and in their store. It is a can’t miss stop for anyone visiting the city. They let us borrow so much from them for the Portland house (those epic chairs from the living room reveal) and I am having a hard time deciding which pieces I want to keep and bring down to LA as it was all so good. Tell Spencer I sent you. He’s a VERY lovely guy.

Emily Henderson Portland City Guide Wild Shaman Rugs

Wild Shaman Kilims & Rugs Portland

Wild Shaman Kilims + Rugs

Brady and I made a special stop to this showroom during one of our visits and got lost browsing through their vast selection of rugs for hours. They specialize in Turkish and Persian rugs of which they have a large selection, but they can also custom-order patchwork-style rugs. Owners Emre and Yesim Taskin welcomed us with traditional Turkish coffee and sweets. If you are looking for beautiful and unique antique rugs then this place is for you. We ended up not pulling any for the Portland house because we needed more muted tones, but boy were there some beautiful pieces (and again, such lovely people).

Emily Henderson Bedrosians

Bedrosians Tile & Stone

Although Bedrosians has locations all over the US, we are including them in our guide because if you are in need of tile, stone or slabs, they are a great stop to make if you’re local to Portland. We used their stone in the kitchen, wet bar and on the fireplace in the living room in the Portland house. They have a huge selection of slabs directly on site and could not have been more wonderful to work with.

Emily Henderson Pratt Larson

Pratt & Larson

These guys have been a local Portland staple since they opened their doors in 1982 and three of my contacts (that gave us a personal tour, stay tuned for the blog post) have been there for over 25 years. They still work out of the same original factory and their showroom is located on site, as well. We took a trip there (again, more to come) to see how all the tiles are made as well as how they can do any sort of custom work big or small. The options are endless and the products are timeless and beautiful (which we used throughout the renovation of the Portland project…reveals of those spaces to come soon). I also get very proud of companies that keep manufacturing in the US (specifically in Oregon) which yes, makes their price point higher, but they take care of their employees and it’s truly a place full of so much artistic passion and talent.

Emily Henderson Rejuvenation Portland City Guide
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If you follow along on the blog then you’ll know we are constantly featuring Rejuvenation in our makeovers and projects because their stuff is GOOD. They’ve been around since the late ’70s when they started actually as a small architectural salvage shop in Portland. Today, it has a massive online selection as well as multiple showrooms across the states—and is now the largest manufacturer of authentic reproduction lighting and house parts. They are also committed to green manufacturing and livable communities. We worked with them to outfit the entire house with the hardwired lighting and their selection, construction and products are wonderful. The store also has a ton of vintage and accessories from local makers.

Schoolhouse Electric Portland Store
image source


Located in their original factory, the Schoolhouse flagship store was one of our first stops in Portland. Everything is custom made on site and the building and design are SO inspiring. They also have a small coffee and sweet shop inside so that you can satisfy both your retail therapy and cravings all in one place. I could literally spend hours and hours and hours and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS here. They have pretty pencils, rolling pins, sheets and sofas. Pretty much everything.

Emily Henderson Portland City Guide Mantel Group Shot


Mantel, which is located in the Kenton neighborhood of Portland, is fairly new on the scene. Brady and the crew stopped by there (I was shooting some content at the house and developed a severe case of FOMO once I saw what they brought back) and picked a huge selection of textiles, accessories and goods to prop the Portland house with. They pride themselves on supporting local makers and I pride myself on buying like at least 1/2 of what we borrowed for myself. In fact, hot tip—the beautiful pieces in this store could be priced higher so if I were you, I’d get there quickly. Everything they brought back for us to use was so beautiful, unique and special and I want to take almost all of it home with me to LA.

Spartan Shop Portland Oregon 1
image source

Spartan Shop

We weren’t able to visit this shop in person due to timing but we got so many recommendations to make a stop here which is why were are including it in our roundup. If you aren’t local to Portland, you can get an idea of their inventory through their online shop and man does it look good. Pretty sure we are going to have to swing by here in a few weeks when we are up there next.

City Home Portland
image source

City Home

As we start revealing the Portland photos (we are just as excited as you are to see them go live), you’ll notice quite a bit in the house that came from City Home. They reached out to us when we were in the initial construction stages and we stopped by both of their locations in Portland and knew that they would be a great fit for the house. They offer a huge selection of furniture, accessories, art and textiles at really reasonable prices and while most of their selection is mass produced, they are pieces that feel special and that we hadn’t seen before. They do such a wonderful job of curating a collection of beautiful goods and we loved working with them.

Urbanite Portland
image source


If you like antique and vintage items then do not miss this spot. It is a huge warehouse filled with multiple different vendors and booths all selling their own collections of antique and vintage finds. We purchased a lot of small goodies here to style out the Portland house and they had a great selection of styles and product.

Emily Henderson Portland City Guide Aurora Mills 2

Aurora Mills

This store has two locations—one in Portland on SE Salmon Street and the other about 30 minutes outside the city in Aurora. If you have time to visit Aurora then definitely make the trip. Their property is stacked with antique and vintage goods and there are so many unique treasures to be found. Every single inch is stacked with pieces and they even let us into their back barns which are filled with even more. They also stock reclaimed lumber and timber if you are building and need any wood for your project. I was very tempted to ship down a huge stock of their lumber to use in the mountain house as it was so beautiful and special.

Woonwinkel Web10
image source


A small little boutique located near downtown on SW Washington, this store has a good selection of smalls and gifts. It is an eclectic collection of goods that lean more on the modern and minimal side. We picked up quite a bit of little baubles and doodads for the project from here.

Emily Henderson Portland City Guide Powell Books
image source

Powell’s Books

This was our one-stop-shop for books for styling the Portland house. We made quite a few trips here and they have just about any kind of book you can ever need—antique, new, used on ALL kinds of subjects. It’s a cornerstone of the community there and a third-generation family-owned business so GO SUPPORT THEM because it would be a crime to see something as special as Powell’s fold. Oh, they also have a little cafe attached so that you can go and enjoy your new reads with a cup of Portland Brewed Coffee. It doesn’t really get cozier or more PNW than that.

Tender Loving Empire Outside

Tender Loving Empire Portland1
image source

Tender Loving Empire

If you need a Portland gift or souvenir (or a necklace, or coffee, or mug, or pet toy), this staple has a ton of great things that you think you don’t need but you’ll want to buy anyway. Like Powell’s, Portland has realized that putting these smaller stores at the airport is SMART, so you’ll see Tender Loving Empire at PDX, as well.


Wildfang Portland
image source



A woman-run and -founded clothing and accessories store, Wildfang is all about “women empowerment and having each woman be the very best version of themselves.” Tara, the creative director from the trio who own the brand, stopped by the Portland house one day while we were shooting to help style me for some shots and I had so much fun trying on their different pantsuits, button-ups and clothes. Their brand is fun and young, and their selection works for both men and women.

Frances May Portland
image source

Frances May

Definitely avoid this store unless you want to drain your bank account. I honestly TRY to avoid it, but as I’m innocently shopping downtown I “pop in” and then it’s all downhill from there. The point is, it has really great, fashion-forward stuff that yes, is high-end, shockingly so. A lot of Ulla Johnson, Rachel Comey, and other Achilles heels of mine.


Emily Henderson Portland City Guide Tusk Bar


Every time I go to Portland, I eat here because it’s delicious, beautiful and feels so fresh and healthy. We celebrated the day after the open house party here with a boozy brunch which was VERY fun. It was designed by none other than Jessica Helgerson, so you know the decor is good. The restaurant is filled with art, accessories and lighting from local artisans and the food (and drinks) is just as good as the ambiance. Tell Luke I said “hi.”

Emily Henderson Portland City Guide Pepe Le Moko
image source

Pepe Le Moko

Sara and Brady decided to have drinks here one night after shooting and they both loved this little speakeasy located under the Ace Hotel. You access it around the corner and this small little joint has delicious cocktails, deviled eggs, and yummy tea sandwiches just to name a few.

Emily Henderson Portland City Guide Clyde Common
image source

Clyde Common

Located just adjacent to the Ace Hotel lobby, the Clyde Common is a restaurant and bar that is a great spot for a quick drink, a meeting or a casual (but great) dinner. It’s always pretty packed, but it’s worth the wait.

Blue Star Donuts
image source

Blue Star Donuts

If you have a thing for donuts, then THIS is the place. A lot of people talk about Voodoo Doughnut as being the place for donuts in Portland, but they’re wrong. It’s all about Blue Star. Brady and Emily B. tried the creme brulee and key lime donuts and had to go back for a second round.

Little Bean Portland
image source

Little Bean

It’s not open yet,  but we got a sneak taste and it deserves a call out. It’s the most delicious “ice cream” made out of chickpeas that is dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free and GMO-free. It’s “accidentally vegan” and my current #Souptember diet could sure as hell use some more of that right now in LA (I believe the brick and mortar is opening in Portland in a month but you can find the roaming free cart here).

Emily Henderson Portland City Guide Ava Genes
image source

Ava Gene’s

We did a team dinner here one night and we all collectively were obsessed with the food, decor and ambiance of this place. It is part of the Submarine Hospitality Group who are the creators behind Tusk, so if you like one, you’ll def love the other (even though they are quite different).



Ace Hotel

We stayed at the Ace during one of our first trips up there and we had such a good time. The rooms are casual and comfortable, the location can’t be beat and the service is great. Even if you don’t stay there, be sure to stop by and use their vintage photo booth in the lobby (and pop into the bars we mentioned earlier in this post that are connected).

Emily Henderson Portland City Guide Next Jupiter
image source

The Jupiter

Located in the Lower East Burnside neighborhood, The Jupiter has been a Portland staple for years. They recently constructed the Jupiter Next which is just across the street and where Emily B. and Brady stayed during one of their trips up there. Be sure to enjoy their outdoor deck and lounge areas and grab a bite next door at Doug Fir (which also is a concert venue depending on the night).

That should do it. Since we spent so much time up there and worked with so many amazing artists and artisans, we’re going to do a roundup of our favorite artists soon, so stay tuned for that. What other places in Portland are a must? Imagine you had a friend who was spending a short weekend there…what would you tell them they HAD to do? Like I said the photo and styling team will be up there the first week in October so please let us know what we are missing. (And stay tuned for next week (and beyond) when we reveal more rooms from the Portland Project.)



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4 years ago

While in PDX on vacation this summer, I had excellent dinners at Han Oak (upscale Korean) and Kachka (Russian) and a great breakfast at Broder (Scandiavian cafe) – would definitely highly recommend all of them!

Caitlin Rose Low
4 years ago
Reply to  Charise

We live in a suburb 5 minutes outside of Portland and we have our own Broder location!!!! It’s my absolute favorite Broder called Broder Soder. It’s located in a Scandinavian Heritage Museum. It’s the best!!

4 years ago

Yes! Better parking too!

Alaina Pitt
4 years ago
Reply to  Charise

+100 to Broder! We went there on our visit, and I had the most amazing breakfast of apple pancakes and sausage. Their aebleskiver doesn’t hold a candle to my MIL’s though. 😉

4 years ago
Reply to  Charise

All of the yes to Broder Soder! I’m in Phoenix but my bestie lives in Beaverton and we ALWAYS go here at least once a trip. Get the sandwich and the pancakes. Do it.

4 years ago

Don’t live in Portland or am planning travel there anytime soon… still clicked this post lightning fast

4 years ago

Kenton is -in- Portland, not a 20 minute drive -from- Portland. There is more to Portland than its downtown!

4 years ago
Reply to  Correction

Just want to second this comment. Those of us that live in N or NE Portland are scratching our heads. Kenton is not close to Vancouver – it is smack dab in the center of Portland.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Haha, was thinking the same thing about Kenton not being outside of Portland. But it a quick trip (without traffic) across the river from Vancouver, closer than downtown. I live in N Portland, so I am familiar with the area.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Yes; being relatively close to the river does not mean Kenton is more Vancouver than Portland! As a further aside, it drives me a little nuts that EH refers to this flip as the “Portland House” although it’s not actually within the City limits! While Dunthorpe is a lovely neighborhood, most folks who live there will very quickly correct you if you say they live “in Portland”.

4 years ago
Reply to  Correction

Amen. As a Kenton homeowner, thank-you. Kenton is a rich and diverse neighborhood and community in the heart of Portland.

4 years ago
Reply to  Correction

Oh yeah, had the same feelings about the “Portland House.” At first I thought it was weird I had never heard of that neighborhood, and then I looked it up and realized that’s because it’s not in Portland.

4 years ago

I’ve been cooking non-stop, all year from Joshua McFadden’s great book Six Seasons and am very jealous you got to visit both of his restaurants, Ava Gene’s and Tusk.
If you want to recreate his flavors, I highly recommend Six Seasons.

4 years ago

I am so happy you shouted out Mantel! My brother-in-law owns a record shop (Speck’s!) two doors down from Mantel so I pop in all the time. It’s so beautiful! Kenton is a really great neighborhood — I can’t wait to see what they add to that strip!

4 years ago

I live in Portland, and, embarrassingly, haven’t been to any of the home decor shops you listed (except Powell’s – as an English Lit major, I basically live there). So thanks for all the exciting new recommendations!

I love Frances May, but oh, the prices! I follow them on Instagram so I can find out as soon as they’re having a sale. Then I rush down and buy like one or two things, because even on sale that’s all I can afford 🙂

4 years ago

Such a great list! I think you’d like Old Portland Hardware and Architectural, The Joinery, and Beam & Anchor for interiors, plus the whole lineup of Toro Bravo Inc’s restaurants (Toro Bravo, Tasty and Sons, Tasty and Alder, Mediterranean Exploration Company, Plaza del Toro etc…they’re ALL SO GOOD and the interiors are eye candy too). Also across the street from Ava Gene’s is Lauretta Jean’s which has literally the best sea salt caramel brownie I’ve ever had in my whole life. It’s a full bakery but I always just order the brownie because it’s too damn good not to. Ugh now I want a brownie.

4 years ago

Well this makes me want to visit Portland ASAP.
P.S. Got a bit of a laugh out of the fact that the plant placement in the Mantel photo made it look like your lovely assistant turned into a Chia Pet… this is the kind of thing that is always happening to me in photos.

4 years ago

I wrote up a whole helpful comment with links to everything I was recommending and I think it got flagged for spam because of the helpful links, heh. So here it is again link-free; I’m sorry if this ends up being an annoying duplicate! I swear I’m just trying to be helpful because I ADORE Portland. My best pal and the nonprofit I volunteer with are both based there, so I visit often. (Oh, and having to take another stab at it helped me remember a place I’d forgotten to list; silver lining! Coffee: TOV! It’s a big purple truck in the Hawthorne food truck lot; it’s decorated beautifully with authentic Turkish accents and it’s a double decker with lots of seating. The proprietor is delightful and the coffee is delicious (whether authentic Turkish or some kind of decadent thing or a normal hipster third wave thing. He does it all.) Other Portland coffee places are numerous, but this one is an *experience* IMO. Elephant’s Deli is a delicious fun smorgasbord of food plus great foodie gifts. Slappy Cakes is a make-your-own-pancake funhouse and their Bloody Marys have a strip of bacon in them. No lines before like 10 AM.… Read more »

Paula Carr
4 years ago
Reply to  Virginia

Ooo, Paxton Gate. Is Portland or San Francisco the original? I got my “chicken people” figure from the San Francisco store. If you’ve read Christopher Moore’s “A Dirty Job” or “Secondhand Souls,” you’ll know what I’m talking about. 🙂

4 years ago

The food at Harlow, Prasad, Virtuous Pie, No Bones Beach Club, and Por Que No is some of my favorite in town. Oh, and Holiday, next door to Ava Gene’s, and started by the same person, the founder of Stumptown, is extremely good, too. Except for Por Que No, they’re mostly or all plant-based, so pretty healthy.

You’re right about Blue Star. They even usually have a couple of vegan donuts for people like me (though I used to eat the regular ones, so I can still have an opinion on those).

For shopping, Beam and Anchor and The Joinery have gorgeous homewares and furniture. Vintage Pink and Red Snapper are my go-tos for vintage furniture. Solabee and Pistils will both make you want to buy all the plants. Palace is a cool shop with clothes and gifts/decor. Cargo is a fun giant place to wander around and get inspired by unique decor from around the world. Could go on and on, but I’ll stop there!

Alaina Pitt
4 years ago

I would recommend checking out Porch Light for beautiful home goods, succulents, bath and body, and a bunch of other stuff. Lots of local and hand-made goods! Tea Bar is also a must for tea lovers out there.

4 years ago

Egg Press is a letterpress company that lives upstairs in the Schoolhouse Electric building. Their cards, canvas pouches and letter-writing sets are wonderful. If you ever have time when you’re in Portland, Emily & Co., you should try to arrange a tour. They use all vintage letterpress machines and it’s just truly magical up there.

4 years ago

I have to put a word in for Andina, the Peruvian restaurant in the Pearl District. I teach with the owners’ son up in Seattle and they are the nicest people and just a lovely, bustling atmosphere at their restaurant. Highly recommended! Love these other rec’s and am dreaming up another visit south.

Paula Carr
4 years ago

Love those Engineer Bill jackets from Wild Fang! Who’s the lady with the plant growing out of her head at Mantel?

So many cool looking places! That Pepe Le Moco place (shades of the casbah) looks awesome.

4 years ago
Reply to  Paula Carr

Haha the plant growing out of her head. That’s Emily Bowser! Style assistant extraordinaire.

4 years ago

This is great – my husband and I are visiting Portland next month! Did you already sell the house or will it be open for viewing?


Paige Cassandra Flamm
4 years ago

I’ve been dying to visit Portland! It’s at the top of my list of places we need to visit soon!


4 years ago

You have to stop at a few Portland breweries next time, I recommend Breakside, Ecliptic, Ex Novo or Great Notion.

Also the Japanese Garden in Forest Park is fantastic for a little relaxation.

ACK! I wish I could buy all of the things!

4 years ago

I only worry that I’d have to bring another suitcase (or moving truck??) to fill with products from ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL SHOPS!

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