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Our Favorite Games To Play Right Now (With or Without Kids)

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: mountain house reveal: our light-filled neutral & textural living room

While up here at the mountain house, we mostly play hide and go seek, DIY easy Pictionary with words they can read and easily draw (surely they could play Pictionary Junior??) and we puzzle. But I realized I need help in the board game category for sure. HELP. Are there any new board games to play with little kids?? And are there any fun games for two grownups, sans kids? Brian and I have never been the type to play games just the two of us, but maybe if someone said “Emily and Brian you’d love this game and it kills hours of time” I’d try it…

So I asked my team: What games are adults playing these days?? And in general, what are people playing while stuck at home? This line of questioning quickly became a blog post idea so here we are. These are all the fun games EHD (and the Hendersons) have been into as of late:

Kid-Friendly (6 and under)

From me: I thought that we had reached “board game age” at 4 and 6  – and in a way we have if we are on teams, but I need more help because what we have is getting real old. So far our kids are super into (and thus we’ve exhausted) the following: Uno, Guess Who, Trouble, Sorry. We’ve tried monopoly and they like it but they end up fighting over money and real estate and basically the richest person wins and guys, we are hipster liberals and it’s too painful to listen to. I don’t want to be conservative about messaging, but, well, we are. Then we tried “Life” for nostalgia’s sake a few times and it’s equally weird and dated.

The only game that we’ve tried that is new-ish is Chickapiglet (and for older kids, Chickapig). It’s a memory board game and has animals and POOP and it’s pretty fun. And guess who helped invent int? DAVE EFFING MATTHEWS, yes the singer/songwriter

For the Whole Family

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: mountain house reveal: how we designed our super kid-friendly family room

From Julie: Exploding Kittens – I was very skeptical of this game when my niece and nephew first coerced me to play and wasn’t a fan of the title either. But there is a reason why over 9 million copies have sold, it’s so fun! Kinda like UNO with the addition of magical enchiladas. Intrigued?

From Ryann: CatanI am thrilled I am the first to recommend this because it’s the first board game that I’ve played in like 10 years, and it would feel pretty silly to recommend Monopoly after all these years. This is coming from someone who is NOT a board game fan so hopefully, you’ll heed my words. This game is a blast. It’s best played with 4 people but I think 3 is okay too and it is about building a civilization but the best part is the strategy of it all. Oh, and the board game itself is different every time you put it together, so each time you play it’s like a different game.

From Mallory: Spyfall This is the ultimate game to play with the whole family and the best part is that all you need is an iPhone. Literally just go to this link, start a new game and it will assign you character. Everyone except for one person knows their “role” and the “location” except for one person who is the spy. The whole point of the game is to guess who the spy is before the spy guesses the location. The catch? You have to talk to each other and ask them questions (and the way we play it, we all act out our action or role while we’re talking). It’s hours of endless entertainment. 10/10 recommend. 

From Julie: SequenceMy family has been playing this game since I was a freshman in high school and now my 8-year-old nephew is learning to play. It’s all about strategy and the best part is that it’s great for a large group of 12 to play but just as fun one-on-one. My sister and I used to play for hours on end but that’s probably more due to the fact that we are very competitive with one another.

Games for Two

From Ryann: Qwixx Despite the fact that my boyfriend and I are horrible at math, we seem to love games that have to do with numbers? Maybe it’s the only way we are equally matched since we are equally bad at counting. That said, this game is addicting and SO fun. It involves a bit of strategy which I like, but it’s easy to get the hang of quickly. You can probably play with kids, too!

From Sara: 7 Wonders DuelMac and I love playing board games, but most of the games we had you needed 3 or more players. So I started hunting down the best two-player board games out there and Duel (not to be confused with 7 Wonders, the board game) was the highest reviewed game. It’s a game of strategy and luck that doesn’t get old, because the strategy you decide to take depends on the cards dealt. We also have the Pantheon expansion set.

From Sara: PatchworkThis is another two-player game, but much simpler than Duel. If you like puzzles or Tetris, this is the game for you. You move around a board collecting pieces to piece together a “quilt.” It’s easy to understand, moves fast, and is a light enjoyable game.

From Sara: Ticket To RideThis is a cult classic, and can be played by 2-5 players. This game is all about strategy and secrecy as you race to build connecting railways. It’s one of my favorite games to play with just Mac or with a larger group. There are several different versions of this game, but North America is our favorite.

From Mallory: BattleshipThis is a CLASSIC. I forgot how good it was until we played it the other day. Play on a team or one-on-one, it’s a real gem!

From Mallory: Connect 4 – This is another classic, and it’s way more fun than you’ll remember. And how about yet ANOTHER classic?? Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. IF YOU HAVE A NINTENDO WII THESE GAMES ARE SO FUN AND WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. The best Mario kart courses are coconut mall and rainbow road.

Advanced Strategy Games

From Sara: WhitehallIf you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan, or love a collaborative game, this is a great detective game. As police officers, you’re attempting to catch the infamous Jack The Ripper as he makes his way across London. While one player does play the role of Jack, there isn’t any need to lie in this game, which I appreciate. Games that rely on me on having to perform stress me out. This can be played by 2-4 players, and make sure you’re playing with someone who likes critical thinking and deduction.

From Mallory: PandemicHere’s a new one. Months ago, my friend Riley brought this over to my house and it’s all too fitting. It’s a little terrifying because it might hit slightly close to home, but because it’s so real it feels really good when you win! Also, I used to play the app version of this game all the time — Plague inc, so if you have ever played that, you’ll like this.

From Sara: Arkham HorrorIf you like highly involved, long-form games, as well as sci-fi and mystery this should be at the top of your list. It’s constantly evolving, with several expansions, but also several different ways to play the original set. Mac and I play this A LOT. We make an evening of it, set mood music, and play for 2-3 hours. It’s complicated at first, but don’t let that deter you from giving it a try. The base game is for two players only, but you can add players with some of the expansion packs. This game can also be played solo!

From Julie: Magic: The Gathering Never in a thousand years would I think I’d be this invested in a game. About a month ago my boyfriend started to teach me how to play Magic: The Gathering, a game he has been playing since the second grade….not intimidating at all (sarcasm). It was very confusing at first but once I got the hang of it I was hooked and now we will play for hours most nights, plus it is fun to beat him. 😉

Party Games (Great for Full Homes with Adults)

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how to have a great holiday cocktail party in a tiny apartment

We know this category isn’t super relevant right now unless you have a full house. But if you have a handful of grown-up family members or roommates then things are about to get FUN with these games. Plus when we can socialize again what better way to celebrate than to throw a game night? Might as well have some of these ready to go.

From Sara: One Night Ultimate Werewolf This is basically mafia, but kicked up a notch. It’s a game of deception and truth-seeking, as your group tries to figure out who in the group is a good villager and who is a werewolf. It’s extra fun because no one has to play narrator – there’s an app for your phone that has a top-notch narrator run the game for you. Perfect for large groups as you can play with up to 10 people

From Sara: JackboxOk, so this isn’t technically a “board game” but it’s the most epic party game we’ve ever played. Jackbox Games creates games that can be played by large groups of people via their phones. The games are hilarious and easy to get the hang of, and you’re guaranteed to laugh through most of the play. They’ve even got directions on how to play Jackbox Games remotely right now. You’ll need some sort of platform to play, but if you (or your partner/child) has a Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV or iPad, Amazon Fire TV, or a computer you can buy the games and play. We’d end up playing a few rounds of a Jackbox game at almost every get together we had.

From Mallory: Cards Against Humanity I assumed everyone would put this on their list, but when Ryann told me it wasn’t included in the blog post yet, I just had to add it. HOT TIP: Don’t play this with your parents unless you’re very comfortable explaining what a glory hole is to them

From Jess: Red FlagsThink of Red Flags as a mix between Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. Every round someone in the group is the “suitor” and everyone tries to pick a description card from their hand that sounds like the ultimate date for that person (hence Apples to Apples). BUT then, the person next to them tries to foil their perfect date description by adding a negative description card to that date (and these negative descriptions are often hilarious – hence Cards Against). It’s a great party game, but I will admit that it works a little better if you at least know the people you’re playing with somewhat, so you can try to pick a date card for them that really fits.

From Jess: Anomia At our EHD game nights, Anomia is one of our favorites! It’s a card game that just requires some quick common knowledge. I won’t get into the details because I won’t do it justice but it’s SO fun and SO intense. The first time we played it, Velinda could only get out what sounded like farm animal sounds and we could not stop laughing. If you don’t know what Anomia means it’s “a form of aphasia in which the patient is unable to recall the names of everyday objects” according to I can say from experience that you will absolutely experience that in this game in the funniest way… especially is you are playing with Velinda:)

Games You Can Play Virtually

From Mallory: Google FeudWant to play a party game but sans the party? Google Feud is the ultimate option because you can play it ON ZOOM or in real life. If you’re going the zoom option, just share your screen and make some teams. Chase and I played it w the whole extended family a few weeks ago and it was a BLAST. Shoutout to Uncle Chris for coming up with the idea.

From Jess: Personal Trivia: Ok so this one requires some work on your part but every Sunday my friends and I take turns creating a trivia game (Well the winner is in charge of the following week’s game:)). They have been so fun. There is usually four rounds, each with a different topic. It can be anything from pop culture to geography to “name that song” to facts about your hometown, anything!

Then from this spawned another idea to do with my family that they are all surprising into! I’m creating a game called (name very much pending) “How Well Do You Know Your Family??” The name needs help. But since my extended family is pretty spread out, we don’t get to see each other often enough (pre-pandemic) and don’t really know, for example, what each other’s favorite TV show is. So I am going to create a Google Survey, send it to everyone to fill out and then make a fun multiple choice game out of it. I will likely have to be the “game show host” and not participate but the plan is to make it really funny (I want A LOT of laughs) and a fun way to all connect. I mean we might as well take advantage of this time, no? If any of you have funny questions I am taking submissions in the comments:)

Now we pass it over to you. Has this new normal made you a gamer? What games are you playing?? We want to know. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Mountain House Reveal: Our Light-Filled Neutral & Textural Living Room


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78 thoughts on “Our Favorite Games To Play Right Now (With or Without Kids)

  1. Sushi Go is a really fun card game that’s not too difficult! My 8 year old loves it, and some 5-7 years probably would too.

    And don’t forget other classic card games like Skip-Bo, Phase 10, Dutch Blitz, etc.

  2. For group games. My husband bought a game box from It sounded really cheesy to me, but we have had so much fun with it. It has puzzles and clues much like an escape room. Each box has a task for you (figure out the murder weapon, eliminate a suspect), and you email your discoveries to a character in the game to see if you guessed correctly. We are waiting on the third box to get here, and we’re so excited.

  3. My grandkids love Sushi Go, Sleeping Queens, and Bears vs Babies. The 4 year old even wins Sushi Go.
    I also always play Sequence Junior with young children who visit.
    My grown kids and older grandkids and I love to play Psych on our phones—from anywhere in the country. It is from the creators of Heads Up. If you love writing creative answers to fool everyone else, this is the game for you. It’s a great social distancing game.

    1. Thanks for the Psych recommendation.

      For social distancing games, our extended family (particularly the kids) have been enjoying Game Pigeon. Only available for Apple products.

      We organized a game of Scattegories over FaceTime using topic sheets sent in advance. It was a bit unwieldy, but fun.

      Would love to hear which social distancing games have worked for others!

    2. Sleeping Queens is so much fun! Our family loves card games by Gamewright – see also Frog Juice, Pounce, and Rat a Tat Cat. (I think we started playing these when my daughter was around 4.)

  4. A kid game suggestion: Labyrinth ( It’s basically a maze on an ever changing board. I remember loving it as a kid and I would still play it now!

    I know it says 7 and up, but looking at what your kids are playing, I think it might be fine-certainly for the 6 year old.

    Also, Splendor is a really satisfying game (the piece have a great weight to them) that I think a range of ages could get into.

    1. This has been my favorite board game ever since I was a kid! Love Labyrinth for all ages!

  5. I’m hyper competitive, so I have avoided games over the years, so when my daughter was little and I discovered cooperative games, I was so excited. With cooperative games all the players work together to win or they lose together. Pandemic, which Mallory mentioned, is a cooperative game that we love. My daughter has been playing since 9 or 10 years old with us. By the same creators, we have enjoyed Forbidden Island and Forbidden Dessert. One for younger kids that was popular and great gift, too, is Secret Door by Family Pastimes. It feels like a mix between memory and Clue, and is for ages 5 to 7. They also make Princess, which is great for storytelling.

    1. Yes! Cooperative games are the best! When our son was younger, he loved Richard Scarry’s Busytown game (I kind of loved that one, too) and Hoot Owl Hoot and then Cauldren Quest when he got a smidgeon older.

      1. I think this is my solution. A. i’m not competetive and so I just never get into them and B. with small kids if they win/lose often there is someone happy and someone sad and I know thats ok, I do, I promise, but i’m just trying to reduce the fighting and sadness these days so when games turn ugly (which they don’t always) I’m like, was that worth it? I’m a huge collaborator so cooperative games are for me. going to research a bunch right now.

    2. Yes to cooperative. We love Molerats in Space – such a fun cooperative twist on shoots and ladders and my 5 year old can play on her own.

  6. My kids are 9 and 12 and our favorites have been Rummikub, Sequence, Blokus, Blink, and Liar’s Dice. Yes…Liar’s Dice! It’s great for understanding probability, and hopefully the lying part isn’t screwing them up too terribly ; )

    1. Nice to see Rummikub and Blokus mentioned. Those were 2 of our family’s favorites, too. Another game that was also educational (because I’m an evil mother) is Set — a card game about seeing patterns that’s surprisingly fun. Finally we have always loved Mille Bornes — a classic road race game on cards that are in English and French.

  7. My 5 year old really loves Memory, Zingo, Count Your Chickens, and Counting Campers. There are also kid friendly versions of Old Maid (but updated), War, and other childhood card games that we very much enjoy.

    1. My kids enjoyed count your chickens too! That company makes a game called Snug as a Bug in a Rug that was a favorite of ours! Toddlers can play and it can grow with your kids… have you tried that one? We would still be playing it if we hadn’t lost the pieces! Now my kids are 10, 8, 7, and 4 and the olders like to play Ticket to Ride. We also have Drachen Turem (Dragon Tower – it’s super fun!) and Fiery Dragons by Haba games. All of my kids can play those at the same time and have fun which is always a win. 🙂

    2. Adding another yes for cooperative games when one kids is 4- count your chickens and dinosaur escape. Spot it and spot it junior are fun too.

  8. We’ve been playing a lot of Battleship and UNO. The especially fun thing about Battleship is, if you have a friend or family member who also has Battleship, you can have a battle long distance via FaceTime! My daughter has been having a blast playing against her cousins via FaceTime.

    1. Such a good idea to play Battleship via FaceTime!! Love that.

      My little sister loves Connect 4 which can get a bit boring. To mix it up we’ll play Multiplayer (which is a game we made up). With 4 – it’s teams of 2. You go around the table and have to pay attention to your partner’s moves – no talking. Sometimes we’ll do speed rounds as well. We’ll also do 3 player – you go around in a circle. Each turn you’re a different color (same color order – red, black, red) but the game is won when someone makes a mistake and a player connects 3.

  9. We’ve been playing Spot it with our 4 year old. Everyone loves it, including the adults!

    1. We love Spot It too! I’ll have to track it down and break out some more games tomorrow. Love this discussion!

  10. Not sure if someone in the comments has said this already…but Dixit is a SUPER fun game that kids could play and adults. You need at least three people for the game but my partner and I sort of did a hack for it to work with 3 people. Highly recommend!

    1. Yes! Dixit is one of my absolute favourites too! Great for people who enjoy looking at beautiful pictures, who like trying to figure out how other people think and you can leave the competitive part out if you want if that is not your cup of tea – highly recommend!

  11. My kiddos really like the game outfoxed. It is cooperative, which helps keep the peace.

  12. Catan Junior is fun, and lasts less than an hour (we found the full, grown-up version to be too much for us). My 7 year old son is OBSESSED.

    For adults, I LOVE the game Encore. It’s older, but available online. It’s best with a group, and you can totally play it on zoom. It’s a game where you get a word, and two teams go back and forth to think of real song lyrics that contain that word (like how many songs can you think of with “love,” or “birthday,” etc.).

    We just bought Taboo for kids and adults, where there’s a kids team and adult team, each has different decks. Fingers crossed.

  13. Every Sunday, my family (me & my partner, my sister and her husband, my parents, and our 92 year old grandmother) have played Scattergories over Zoom! We all have a copy of the game so we choose the same category card and one person rolls the dice to decide the letter and another person sets the timer. It’s so fun and offers up a lot of laughs over video chat since we’re all competitive and creative with our answers.

    1. We did Scattegories over video chat, too! It was fun! Not everyone had a copy of the game, but everyone did have a printer, so we sent electronic copies to print in advance.

  14. Cooperative game with younger kids: Hoot, Owl, Hoot! My girls loved it at 4-7. Fun game to play as a family.

  15. I was hoping someone said patchwork, yay! Also 7 wonders is a great group game. And if you like jackbox, play Codenames online. We did it as both a virtual double date, men v women and in a group of 10 virtually.

  16. For a family game with kids (mine are 5, 7, 9 and 18) our current favorite is Pencil Nose. It is pictonary played with a marker contraption on your nose on a translucent board which makes it hilarious. EVEN grandma we’re dying laughing when we brought it out at Christmas.

  17. My husband and I love to play backgammon or Azul when the kids are in bed. Azul takes a minute to figure out (we had to watch a few YouTube videos to understand it) but it’s so great!

  18. We have kids ages 10 through 5, so we need games with no reading requirement.

    Fully family favorites:
    – Carcassonne
    – Uno and other card games (I recommend Hoyle’s kid pack – super cute versions of popular games and a small size that fits into little hands)
    – Tenzie
    – Rummicube
    – Dominoes
    – Clue (although the youngest need to be on teams with someone older)

    Kids by themselves:
    – Sloth in a Hurry. The older kids can read for the younger. More outgoing adults would enjoy it also, but my husband and I aren’t that much fun, lol.

    If everyone can read:
    – Telestrations. So. Much. Fun!
    – Apples to Apples
    – Heads Up (app)

    Two person games:
    – Garbage and other card games
    – Chess and checkers
    – Guess Who
    – Battleship (which I had also forgotten about until recently and my kids love it!)

    Games that always start fun but dissolve into arguments (Warning):
    – Candyland (…seriously… it’s come to blows…)
    – Ribbon Ninja

  19. For you kids you should get Spot it! Also I second Patchwork – my husband and I play it all the time!

  20. Yes to Ribbon Ninja (although technically not a board game but fun). Also from Fat Brain Toys – I got this!

    For cooperative games: gnomes at night. Love this for logic and team play (good for my 6 year old; too advanced for my 3 year old). My 6 year old is also learning Chess which is fun

    For the 3 year old: yeti in my spaghetti and brik buster (and yes to candyland!)

  21. Long time reader (10+ years), first comment (I think). We are a heavy game household and have a 6 year old son, so have a wide variety of options.

    Good young kid games (that are fun for adults):
    Throw Throw Burrito
    Forbidden Island
    Dungeon Mayhem (this is our current fave)
    Fluxx (kind of hard unless you have a good reader)
    Feed the Kitty (good for littler kids too)

    And for adults, we love Boggle, Yahtzee and Scrabble

    1. Thank you Joanna!!!! for reading I mean. Yes and commenting but thank. you thank you. xx

  22. Bananagrams! This game is fun for anyone old enough to spell. The goal is to be the first complete a grid of connected words after the pool of tiles has been exhausted. The tiles come in a yellow fabric banana shaped pouch 🙂 Part of the fun is negotiating whether a word is valid. In our English speaking family we’ve decided the Chinese word “Qi” is valid – because a “Q” word without a u is gold.

    1. I LOVE BANANAGRAMS – I’m awful at it, but I love it. Can’t believe I forgot to add it to the list!

  23. My boys have loved Eye Found It when they were your kids ages. There is a Journey Through Time edition which is a cooperative game and a Disney edition which is a competitive game. I prefer the former (for obvious reasons) but we played both A LOT.

  24. We play a lot of games but one I haven’t seen on your list that kids and adults can play (solo or together) is Shut the Box. As long as you can count dice or add you can play!

  25. How about one of the oldest board games in the history of America? Parcheesi
    Parcheesi was introduced in 1867, and it’s still around. The whole family could
    play Parcheesi.

    Emily, I’m an older fan of your ever-growing number of fans, and my family has
    wonderful memories of playing Parcheesi.

  26. Emily,

    As for you and your husband, how about learning to play Mahjong. It’s a lot of fun. Usually, four players, but two is fun as well.

  27. Another of my favourites is Codenames – especially the Duet edition for two players though that can also be played with bigger teams. The Duet edition makes it a cooperative game, where you are both spies trying to contact other agents through code, the code is a grid of random word cards and you both have a map detailing which of them are good and bad agents. You then have to give one-word clues that point to as many good words/agents on the board as possible (but not the bad ones). It requires a lot of creative thinking and really understanding your partner and is usually super fun – there is also a version with pictures for smaller kids I think 🙂

  28. It’s called Settlers of Catan in case nobody can find it with the incomplete name and incorrect spelling.

  29. It’s called Settlers of Catan in case anyone can’t find it with the incomplete name and incorrect spelling. Great list otherwise!

  30. Our kids love to play silly street and Daniel tigers neighborhood is fun. Also checkout Peaceable kingdom games they are cooperative so you work as a team, we have stone soup and hoot owl hoot both well loved by our kiddos. Skipbo jr is a great kiddo card game
    Online we have been playing evil apples with friends. It’s like cards against humanity.

  31. My husband and I love board games! We got several boardgames this year that are actually fun to play with two people. They are more advanced than sequence but that makes them better because you are thinking during the game. Windspan, Austrian Hotel and Viticulture. Before we got these three games we almost never played just the two of us, we would play with another couple, but we have been playing a board game once a day since the pandemic hit. To be honest we often played once a day before it hit too. I would highly recommend it. If you aren’t a huge board game person, I would start with Windspan.

  32. My boyfriend and I have been playing a game called inhuman condition that’s really fun, it’s meant for 2 people and they have a print-at-home edition so you can start playing it right away!

  33. We started playing ‘left center right’. It’s a dice game, super fun and easy to do with little kids, families, big groups, small groups, adults, with or without monet 😉

  34. Thanks for this post! Sara’s recommendations are all so good! And I didn’t know you could play Spyfall with your phone but that makes it perfect. Thanks, Mallory!

    Love the comments with ideas for kids. We have tried buying games for our four year old godson before and it is so hard to find a good one!

  35. What about card games like Go Fish, Spoons, Gin Rummy? My 6 yr old and I play Go Fish with a regular deck of cards.

  36. PANDEMIC! I’ve been playing it with my husband, and it’s *actually* fun to play with just two people.

    My very favorite advanced strategy game is Kingdom Builder <3

  37. Cribbage is a long time favorite in our house. You can play with Brian and start teaching your kids. My dad and I played to improve my simple math when I was young.
    Bananagrams is simpler boardless Scrabble (gateway Scrabble really), and so great for kids learning to read.

  38. I’ve been having a blast on the Houseparty app with my friends on Friday nights. A glass of wine + goofy friends all video chatting while playing their games- so fun! Playing Houseparty’s versions of charades, pictionary, and cards against humanity (all under different names) is super fun.

  39. Bird Bingo is a great game – our 4 and 6 year olds love it – they practice math, matching, and its colorful

  40. Qwirkle is a great, semi-quick game that I’ve only played with adults but I’d guess older kids would like too. I’ve described it as “scrabble with symbols instead of words” and it’s very easy to get the hang of the strategy. The layout of the game is different each time. My husband is incredibly competitive and very smart, and there’s a whole list of word games that I refuse to play with him:) Qwirkle is logic-based and fun!

  41. Jackbox games are so so fun! We really can spend a whole evening on Zoom with friends playing it. 🙂 Our favorite grownup two person games are Carcassonne, Dominion (which you can also play online, is the URL), Catan with some wonky made-up rules for 2 people, and Monopoly Deal which is INFINITELY better than Monopoly.

    For kids (we have 5.5 year old and 3 year old) we like old school Jenga — surprisingly easy to play with even our 3 year old, Set Junior — teaches basic game strategy, and Chutes and Ladders although that does become somewhat of a bore for grownups. Sushi Go has been highly recommended to me so we’re giving that to our 6 year old for her birthday!

  42. Cards Against Humanity released a family-friendly edition. You have to print and cut the cards yourself, but that just means it’s a game and a family craft project. I have a 12-year-old son and we had a blast playing this!

  43. I have to second the children’s games by Family Pastimes.

    I was skeptical because I was seeing them through my grown-up eyes. However I was 100% wrong to doubt!

    The games are not well made, clearly made the same way for 40-50 years so they don’t look right to modern eyes. But it turns out kids don’t care about production values they care about gameplay and fun!

    They didn’t notice how shabby the box and board and peices are compared to our Peaceable Kingdoms games or our Wildcraft game or any of our cooperative and competitive games. “Max” became their favourite and still is, followed closely by “Snowstorm” and “Caves and Claws”. They also like “Walk in the Woods and it is the most peaceful game in existance as far as I can tell. They play it 3-4 times a sitting.

    Those 4 their grandmother got them, she played “Max” with their mother when she was the age our kids are now. (oh they are 5 & 7 now and have had the games a year). Now I’m looking to order more on Amazon because I am not sure about shipping from Canada which is where they are made.

    These games literally turned boardgames on it’s head for my kids, and they don’t fight when playing!

  44. We love playing Cat Lady -it’s 2-4 players. Phase 10 and Dutch Blitz are really fun, you can play Nertz which is basically the same game, but you use your own cards. Skip-Bo is an easier card game. We love Pandemic, Forbidden Island, and Ticket To Ride. All of the Cranium games. Dicecapades is really interactive with a ton of different dice included in the box.

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