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Our E-design Service GIVEAWAY

The new website is getting finished – much thanks to Project M Plus for doing some next level design and tech work. One of the things we are doing is expanding our design services to accommodate smaller budget client work. So we are launching our E-design services which basically is where we design your space digitally (see details, below).

But before we figure out how and what to charge we need a guinea pig – someone who we can test out the service with, to figure out exactly how much manpower would go towards making each room beautiful – and how much back and forth there really needs to be. There are many people who do E-design out there – some really good and some really generic, and as you can suspect, the price points are all over the place. While we want to work with smaller furniture budgets, we still want each one to be VERY VERY GOOD; full of personality, unique finishes and just NOT generic. Generic design is easy, I promise. I’ve done it. But pulling together a beautiful, well-rounded room full of texture, depth and function takes a lot of time in the traditional client world – but we have no idea how much time in the digital client world.

So one of you is going to win a free E-design – not the furniture and decor, etc, but our services to design a room of yours – with your style, budget and needs. This way we can test out this service and make sure that we run it properly before we launch it.

For the giveaway, here’s what you need to do: 


So let me walk you through one of our designs, to show you the whole process:

First: you send us the following:


We are working on a non-e design project right now so we figured we’d use it as the example to walk you through the whole process.

Here are the before shots of the desired space:




Don’t worry, you don’t have to put them in a grid like we did – but this many photos, from every angle, taken during the day time, is crucial. We do fancy renderings, but this is what you can send to us – no need to do it on your computer:


Just having your budget (from the questionnaire), drawings and ‘before’ photos doesn’t tell us enough about what your style is. So we’ll need lots of descriptions and as many images as possible – typically in the form of a pin board. Like so:


Then we’ll have the conversation about what you need – aka do you want the space to be a TV lounge or a formal sitting room? Are you ‘sectional’ people or ‘club chair’ people. Kids? Pets? Storage? We want both the fun stuff (I love floral wallpaper!) and the boring stuff (my cat pukes on persian rugs).

We give you a quote, and then after you approve the quote (and we get a payment) we get to working and send you loads of VERY fun things:


First we send you the inspiration board and color story – so we know we are on the right track.


Once you say ‘Yes, Emily, that looks stunning. You and your team are angelic geniuses”, we move forward with exact products, paint colors, etc – like so:


sconce | coat hooks | linen bedding | striped bedding | wall hanging | limewash wall paint | pendant lightsaarinen side table | bed | rug | dresser | pillows | drapes | chairhide rug | sofa | fireplace | black pendantstool

Then once you say, ‘Yes, Emily, I love every single one of those things, you and your team are nothing but miracle makers. I have no changes at all”, then we plug them into a floorplan for you:


And give you a source/product guide for each piece so YOU can order every piece, like so:


Then you get your dream room (based on your budget – although we might have a minimum per room) without paying the price of our more custom traditional design work.

The caveats:

Vintage is tricky since everything is online. We can do it, but if something sells before you buy it, then unfortunately you’ll have to pay for the re-sourcing time. And there are no returns with vintage.

We don’t source any custom furniture or even upholstery fabric – these are all ready to purchase pieces unless we work on a different pay structure to accommodate those requests.

As you can clearly see it is a nuanced situation (because designing a home ALWAYS is) and so testing it is crucial before we throw out random numbers and realize that we are making $4 an hour. So some one is going to be our lucky guinea pig and will WIN our E-design services. For free. You don’t have to be in L.A., you just have to read this blog and follow/comment on My Instagram.

SOOOOOOO if you are interested in this FREE service at all, head on over to our Instagram and follow those strangely complicated rules. Remember the more people you tag – whose style you admire – the more times you enter and the more chance you have at winning. So don’t be shy. Good luck 🙂

****UPDATE: If you aren’t on Instagram then like my page on Facebook , and tag your friends there. Again do separate comments so we jut calculate the amount of comments and draw a number. I think this should work. If not then Twitter – just make sure that you use the hashtag so I can find them – #edesignbyemily I’ll add these numbers on top of the Instagram numbers. So if the instagram comment number stops at 847 then i’ll start comments at 848 – however many, and then when I go to plug in the number into the random program it will choose a number from 1 – however many total votes there were. SOOOO complicated, sorry. And if you are wondering if this is also a way to grow our social media following the answer is ‘you betcha’. xx


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86 thoughts on “Our E-design Service GIVEAWAY

  1. That is amazing! I wish I didn’t have to join Instagram to enter. I already feel overwhelmed by social media, but this might be worth it.

    Quick question: Maybe it’s because I’m old (is 36 old? I feel old), but most of my friends aren’t on Instagram. If I join to enter, what do I do about tagging? Can I tag bloggers, or do I have to force my friends to join too? (I can probably convince my besties to do it for me.)

    1. Oh no!!! I was afraid of this. You can definitely tag a blogger, or even like, Michelle Obama or Cate Blanchett. I thought about having comments here be entries, too, but i don’t know how I would calculate them into the random result … and you are NOT old (I’m 35). I promise that if you follow the right people Instagram is the best social media. Just pretty inspiring photos of what people are up to.

    2. OK, I just added Facebook and Twitter as options. I hope that works!!! I haven’t posted on FB yet though – will now!!

      1. This is awesome – I’m on Insta but my account is private so I can never enter any of the competitions where you have to share and tag stuff and it bums me out…

      2. Yay! Love that you added FB and Twitter! (Also, thanks for telling me I’m not old. Some days I feel about 146.)

    1. No sorry – you are not missing something. There was a bit of a lag due to a crying baby 🙂 Its posted now!

  2. Boo Instagram! But I will most likely buy design services when it goes live.

    A question: will your service be available for people who are part-way “there” in a room, then got stuck? For example: we want to keep the wall color, and these 3 pieces of furniture, but everything else is game. Or will that be taken care of in the minimum budget part?

    I can’t wait for the service to be live!

    1. I think so, but i’m not sure. We are also launching a service called ‘Ask a question’ where, you guessed it, you have a design query and we give you a quote for the answer. Some answers take more time than others, so that could be a good option. I think that we will have a minimum fee per room so I don’t that the E-design will work just to pull a room together. But honestly I’m not sure – that’s kinda what this experiment is for 🙂

      1. Yes, please!!! I have so many unfinished rooms where I think “I wish Emily was my friend so I could ask her!!!” I would, of course, have you and Charlie over for a playdate and yummy brunch too if we were friends.

  3. I am so excited, I just peed my pants a little bit. Please Please Please I hope I win!

  4. Is it internationally open ? If so, thank you for adding Facebook and Twitter, because I’m not on Instagram either .
    Thanks for this giveaway, which sounds really exciting !! Take care.

    1. YES. As long as we speak a common language (aka, english:))) Which clearly you do. 🙂

  5. Very cool! Is there a budget minimum? I am jazzed about entering, but realistically don’t have a super large-and-in-charge budget!

    1. Good question. I’d say its REALLY hard to do a bedroom for under $2k but doable. And $5k for living room. Once you have all the products you can always purchase them over time, too. But hey, if you already have some major pieces then that could absolutely be less. I always say (and this seems obvious) that you probably only get a designer once (because this service can be pricey) so give us the tools to do something great. ESPECIALLY since in this case we can’t thrift or go to the flea market. Make sense?

      1. Yes! Thanks for clarity! I do already have some larger pieces, so I will be sure to enter. Thanks!!

  6. This sounds really cool. I’m not entering because I don’t have a decorating budget right now, but I’m really interested to see how this turns out. I hope you share the winner’s redesign. I appreciate your blog soo much. It’s been really helpful in decorating my home and it makes me feel like I’ve already won this contest on a much smaller scale 🙂

  7. Oh my heavens, this is exactly what I need for the house that I bought mid-construction. It will be ready in June and we need H.E.L.P. with what to put in the wide open living/breakfast room. We do have a budget and some guidance on what to buy would be awesome for me (working mom, new house 45 minutes from my office, kid starting a new school, etc, etc, etc).

  8. Is there a minimum budget for this? I have a feeling many of us are interested but if we only have like $200 budget, pretty sure you can’t decorate a whole room with that. Some guidance with a realistic budget would be helpful!

    1. Hmm. Unfortunately because we can’t thrift in this case, we do need to have a minimum budget. Even if we bought $700 sofas and $200 rugs and $20 lamps, a fully designed room adds up and I don’t want to produce generic design because the service itself is not cheap. But all this feedback is SUPER helpful. Let me think about it …

      1. What about a lower budget option that sources items we already own? Like “help me design around this weird velvet floral chesterfield I refuse to part with, but nothing goes with? Oh also I can’t define the purpose of this room, so it should double as dark moody lounge bar/bright awesome sun room that leads to the pool.” Sorry, personal probs. Clients could send pictures of all their thrifted crap and you could tell them how to use it — or if they should just give up the ghost and toss it. 🙂

  9. Wow does that looks like a lot of work. This will be fun to watch and to see how long it takes and how much it costs and hopefully the after photos. Will they become blog content?. How you have time to do all you do, is a mystery.

    1. Hopefully it will become blog content – the giveaway for sure, but if clients are paying for these product resources/links for their house they may not want everyone to get those sources for free – so i’ll ask them beforehand.

  10. I’ve had a successful e-design for my nursery with Dina over at Honey & Fitz (icelandic inspired nursery). I am so excited you’ll be offering this service yourself, I’m stumped with my living room…. don’t know if I’ll enter the contest, I never seem to win those 🙁

    1. JUST ENTER!!! Its the most fun thing in the world to email people who win giveaways and tell them that they actually won. The first thing they say is ‘I never win contests’ but listen, SOMEBODY has to. Do it!!

  11. Excellent idea …wish I had funds for a makeover as I’d definitely enter the competition, guinea pig or not!

  12. beyond excited – I read your blog every morning (instead of the paper) but i am actually old (46) and know how to “like” your post on Facebook but don’t know how to tag someone in the comments (my daughters would be laughing at me right now)

    1. Hi Amy,

      If you just start to type someone’s name in the comment, Facebook will usually offer suggestions of Friends you can tag. You just click on their name and you should be good to go! 🙂

  13. Finally you read my mind, I cannot wait to use this service! I would love to enter the contest but I have chosen to avoid social medial. I wish you could enter without jumping thru social medial hoops.

  14. Hi Emily! Does the competition apply to US residents only? Or to Europe residents as well? Thank you!

    1. Europe too! THE ONLY Thing, I just realized, is that I don’t know european stores/sources and i’m not sure you have all our stores there – Target, West Elm, CB2, etc….. So that might be tricky.

  15. This is exciting! Definitely gonna have to enter this one, BUT I’ve gotta say my favorite part about this post/giveaway are your replies from the “prospective” clients. The “angelic geniuses” bit was definitely by far my favorite. I see where Orlando gets some of his wit from now 😉

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

    1. HA. Yes, Orlando learned all of his humor from me. He was just a boring straight man before I met him 🙂

  16. ahhh!! this is so awesome. i don’t have much of a budget right now but maybe if the giveaway gods smile upon me the lottery gods will shine my way too. isn’t that how these things work? good things come in threes? i will also get a pony?! a girl can dream. fingers crossed!

  17. I love this! No, we don’t have CB2 or Target, and the West Elm is a bit less interesting, I think. We could help you with source lists though, and then you’d have enough sources to work for international clients in the future.

    UK (all sites have websites):
    John Lewis
    West Elm UK
    H&M home
    Zara home
    Next home
    TK Maxx
    Rockett st George
    Designers guild

    1. OOH, thank you for that list. I love John Lewis but I forgot about them. OK … we’ll leave it to fate 🙂

      1. I’m also UK based and SO EXCITED this is open to me too!!! I would also add: (for low price modern pieces and also out of copyright reproductions eg Barcelona chairs etc);

        Leila, I hope either you or I win as I’d love to see the UK resources Emily would pick out – good luck 🙂

  18. already entered/tagged on insta!

    but really this is genius. it looks like your approach to e-design is far more thorough than some of the other e-design options out there.

    i also really hope that you handpick my entry bc i have a fireplace in my barrel-ceilinged NYC living room with a skylight that needs some serious love. hahahaha yes i am lobbying for the win. i have been smelling gold leaf for that ceiling for years now but can’t get my hubs to sign off…silver?

    regardless, very pumped for the e-design services to launch. woo.

  19. I think Instagram limits the number of comments you can leave/tag on one photo. I kept getting an error after a certain point!

  20. Emily, this already looks amazing. I just sold my house but had a small, terribly hard to lay out family room that I would have paid you and your team just to simply help me with size of furniture and options for layouts. I would have been happy to then source the furniture and decor by myself. Maybe this could be an option? Especially for those on tight budgets or those that love the slow grind of finding special pieces. Maybe you have thought of this and it’s no good, but like I said I would have loved to use you for my old space as it truly was a room for a pro. Can’t wait to see the final results of this!

  21. Okay, I’m moving in with my boyfriend, and (of course) would LOVE your design advice!

    But anyway, this leads me to a really important question — HOW do you negotiate with clients when they have attachments to really scary items that you as a designer would really like to get rid of?

    Specifically, my boyfriend has some hideous but functional things (like a vaguely 80s –not in a good way –TV stand, and a giant, brick red shag rug, equally hideous) that make me want to cringe. Other than having them accidentally fall of the moving truck, I could use some advise about how to decorate a space when you are stuck with some less than optimal design elements. Help!!!

  22. Am I your worst nightmare that I’m (intentionally) off all social media sites? Is there any way to enter if one is not on Instagram, Twitter, or FB? Thanks!

        1. OH MAN. I’m so sorry. As long as you read my blog that is all that matters … except in this case. Not sure how to fix it. social media is basically how we grow and it just works. but i don’t want to exclude people who aren’t because I of all people understand how social media can also be not great in your life 🙂 I’m going to put your names at the end of the numbered list. So i’ll just manually enter you 🙂

  23. I am SO interested but am intentionally not on any social media. Can I still be entered? We just bought a house after many years of saving up and have a great living room that we are looking for help with. It’s pretty much a blank slate and I was just going to start researching services like this – glad to know it exists! This would be a great launch project for this service so I hope we can be considered!

    1. Hmm. that was changed about 20 minutes after it was posted, so unless it didn’t refresh on your page i think we are good. thanks

  24. Hi, I’m wondering if you plan to announce the big winner Monday? My fingers are crossed! L.

  25. I will enter because of *course*, but if I won (big if!!) we’d be in quite the pickle finding resources in sunny, target-less COSTA RICA. Still, worth a shot!!

  26. hi emily!!!
    can we do instagram, facebook and twitter??? I have those 3!!!!!!!
    do I have more chances to win??? 😉
    and…can you take e designs jobs outside the us? !’m in Argentina!!!!
    I understood you provided the whoe design of room and furniture choices to buy online or at least you link to them, but it’s posible that you give an idea (like boxy sofa like this one in CB2 for example and and ink to that) a design of the room without being that specific in the exact piece of furniture? could be posible??
    love, Fercita

  27. I want to see that finished guest house! Looks so rad. Sp. correction: In your FF and E schedule/headings the word description is missing the s

  28. Hi Emily, I’ve entered and tagged some of my favorite design-y gals! My husband I (after a year and a half of looking!) finally had an offer accepted on a house in Portland, Ore. last week. Your E-Design Service sounds like JUST the ticket for what our needs are — when do you anticipate it being available to the public?!

    1. Hey Molly, the service will be available in a few weeks. Also I read your ‘after a year and a half of looking’ to be about your husband not your house. Which would have been hilarious. But if you want to get things started you can email to get things going.

      1. Hi Emily, Great. Yeah the husband took more like 27 years of not actively looking. 🙂 Our biggest concern is how to mix the feminine with the masculine design aesthetic. So tough! Thanks for the hot tip on Miss. Ginny and I’ll hang tough until the winner is announced on Sunday. Thank you, thank you – xo

  29. im entering for sure!!!
    i have had an email draft for Brady for a couple months now …writing to you about my bedroom for the “reader question” series that you have. It would be great to win the edesign as i am sooooo sick of looking at an unfinished room.
    im sure this new service will be a hit. i love your style and your blog! thanks!

  30. Emily – this would be a dream! For those of us not lucky enough to win, can you share how much you plan to charge for your e-service designs, and when/how you’ll be offering them?

  31. Emily Henderson – I just have to tell you that think this contest has ruined me! I haven’t been able to stop daydreaming about winning the last few days and am now walking around with a smile on my face because I think somehow or another all of this thinking about it has convinced my brain that we have already won (similiar to how sometimes I think I have texted someone back but instead I have only replied in my head . . . well similiar but different). Now I have to talk my sense of reality down off of its high horse before Sunday in case we aren’t the winners.

    All that to say working with your team would be a DREAM!! (Just as I’m sure transforming a 90’s heavy on the pine wood, slate & antlers mountain home is a dream of yours, right?;).

    Thank you for this opportunity and for all of your continual inspiration!! Win or not you will continue to be my favorite.

  32. PS – I just re-read what I wrote and I sound like a crazy person. I’m not. I’m normal, just really excited!

  33. I’d be very interested in Ask a Question (or would be willing to be an e-service guinea pig if you needed another). I used Betsy Burnham’s Instant/Space for my living room, dining room and foyer, but I’ve since moved into a rental with the most awkward circular living room and have two boys that use the space as their main work/play space.

  34. Could you add me manually also?

    I’d also like to see a service where I could submit photos of a room and get feedback as to what is perhaps missing or how it can be pulled together a bit more. I feel like I have a good eye, but I don’t quite have a designer’s ability to take a room to the next level.

  35. OK, I hope I did this correctly on Facebook. I just invited friends to like your page – I’m assuming I wasn’t expected to post 368 individual times! I received notifications of “likes” before I ended, so I know it’s working. I also posted on my page exactly why I asked people to like your page.

    Need help tweaking the great room in the house I just finished remodeling on the north Oregon coast (sound familiar Emily?). You can take a look at it here:

  36. Have you anounced the winner yet? I had a pretty rough week and in an attempt to stay positive I kept telling myself “something good has to happen soon, like maybe you’ll win the Emily Henderson give away.” My fingers are still crossed!! Also congrats on the baby girl news!!!

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