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Did You Think We’d Skip The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale? The 3 Things We Each Really Want

Hello, pals! Welcome to a lil’ midweek afternoon light read. (But if this is your first stop of the day, catch up on Em’s reveal from this AM because there are two dog photos in there that are so cute that they make me weep!) Today’s topic: Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale, an event with which I am deeply obsessed (you gotta love a store that cuts prices on new merchandise twice a year!). The only con? THERE’S SO MANY DISCOUNTED ITEMS. It’s like the Cheesecake Factory menu – too many choices! Too much to look at! How’s a gal supposed to decide what to get?!

Which is why I, as always, enlisted the help of Team EHD. We all sorted through the Nordstrom site, pulled our favorite picks, and I have henceforth assembled them all here for your viewing pleasure. I’ve been on such a shopping kick lately and it was fun for me to live vicariously through the carts of my coworkers – hopefully, it’ll be quick fun for you, too 🙂 (PS. All this is not sponsored, but like…Nordstrom, you have my number!!)


Cragmont Fleece Jacket | Wedgie Icon Fit High Waist Nonstretch Straight Leg Jeans | Veda Flip Flop

I have this fleece in navy and it’s my go-to most winters. Feels weird to buy it now but it’s also great for chilly summer nights around a fire (and it layers very easily over clothes). It has pockets, snaps easily, and just for whatever reason is the one I always grab.

I JUST got these via Rent the Runway and here they are so much more affordable than if I were to buy them off off the rental site. While it’s hard to say that these are “super comfortable while sitting down”, as Levi’s are a stiff brand, I love the cut (boyfriend) and they are super flattering in the butt (Levi’s knows how to do this). Also where they hit the ankles makes them super easy to wear with sneakers or higher heeled clogs.

These Bjorn sandals look so cute, simple, and utilitarian for casual days this summer. An upgrade from the flip flop, but still super casual.


Silk Camisole | Structured Tank top | Printed Dress

Apparently, I don’t own a single tank top that I could potentially wear out on say a date. They are all boxy/baggy and just aren’t the look I want to be going for. So I need to remedy that asap. I’ve been covered up for too long and need to stop hiding. I love how this top is cropped so it will look great with high-waisted pants or a skirt, is super versatile but the satin dresses it up a bit. Not sure about the bra situation yet but I’m sure there’s some solution I’ll be happy with. Plus for $11 how can I not try it out?!

Remember when I just said I wanted to not cover up?? Ha. I can’t just change overnight and this top is awesome. I started following Trinny Woodall on Instagram who has been inspiring the heck out of me to mix up my clothes. She has a similar shirt and I’ve been wanting it since the moment I saw it. Hopefully, it looks good! 

Ok, back to flirty. I really don’t know how this dress is going to look on but I love the cut, little slit, and print. I’m thinking it could be a really cute date dress;) I mean add a jean jacket, sandals, and a fun crossbody bag? So fun. O and I really love this necklace and this signet ring as bonus items! 


Leggings | Bright Young Thing Set | The Original Pillow

Admittedly I don’t have the sexiest or most exciting picks but these are all things I want but wouldn’t buy full price. I don’t exercise a ton but I do try to walk every day and I realized I need more leggings because wearing the same ones over and over is kind of gross. I am very attracted to these leggings and although the color is probably not everyone’s favorite, I recently discovered my colorstrology indicated that my color is bright chartreuse which sort of explains why I have been drawn to bright lime greens lately. Apparently wearing this color and surrounding myself with it is great for my mood so I am hoping the leggings will help me enjoy exercising a bit more 🙂

I have such a love/hate relationship with skincare. I feel like I try a lot of different brands and I am not completely in love with anything I have yet and I am still unsure what my skin really needs. I am someone that really does need a “starter kit” type set up and this seems beginner-friendly enough. I will report back if I love it!

This is a necessary purchase as my dog ripped one of our down pillows when I left him home alone for like 2 hours (he is so dramatic). We are due for new pillows though and I have heard great things about Casper mattresses so I am hoping their pillows are just as good!


Sleep Bralette + Rib Sleep Shorts | Longchamp Shoulder Bag | Pintuck Mock Neck Long Sleeve Minidress

This girl at my gym was wearing a red biker short/sports bra set and I’ve been wanting to get one ever since. I snagged these because they’re a very VERY good deal (like more than 50% off right now so it’s $40 for the whole set instead of $100 which is SO GOOD). I have a hard time justifying spending $50 for a sports bra and then ANOTHER $50 on the shorts or leggings that match (which is usually the price if not more for good quality workout stuff) so this was a great deal. It also just seems like a good comfy lounging WFH outfit because it literally has “sleep” in the title which will definitely be a plus.

Personally, I’m a big longchamp supporter because you can pack A LOT of stuff into these bags. I have a the bigger sized bag to hold my laptop and such, but this bag is a great option if you’re looking for something a little smaller (but not too small) so you can still throw things like your makeup bag or that giant bottle of sunscreen in there when you need to plus it comes in such cute colors for summer!!!

Another item I bought that I should have waited for the sale for is this Topshop dress that I literally LIVE IN. You guys. I’ve linked this dress like 3 times already and now of course it’s $50 instead of the full price ($75) I stupidly paid. Another deal to take advantage of (quickly).


Julie Long Sleeve Print Minidress | Fayola Drape Midi Dress | Street Seen Fit & Flare Midi Shirtdress

DATE CAITLIN HAS ENTERED THE CHAT. I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I’m dating up a GOSH DARN STORM over here (hooray vaccines!) and figuring out what to wear is harder than ever before!!! Enter my newly rekindled love of the fit & flare dress, which makes getting ready SO EASY (and it also looks really good, too). This Ulla Johnson one really speaks to me because (a.) I’ve seen Em look super cute in a similar red version and (b.) I have a bunch of arm tattoos that I’m SO TIRED of making awkward small talk about, so it’s nice to just wear sleeves sometimes.

Similarly, a huge fan of this little (but also NOT little) red number! I’m addicted to my platform clogs but they can seem like they’re too much when paired with a short dress or skirt. The length on this red dress is a treat – it’ll look so good with a heel – and the color is ideal for spicy dates!

Last but not least: I’m throwing my best friend a tea party bridal shower in her backyard next month and the cut of this dress just feels tea party appropriate. Plus, the print is just really sweet and fun 🙂 BRB learning how to play croquet.

Now that we’re done – did you grab anything over the weekend? Are there any super good Nordstrom steals that everyone should know about? Has your brain also been feeling smooth as an egg this week? (Mine has, which is why I was like “all I want to read is shopping posts with pictures, please let me write that, thank you!”) I love chatting with you, let me know!!! 🙂

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: 51 Affordable Spring Dresses (& 1 Awesome Jumper I Couldn’t Resist)


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4 thoughts on “Did You Think We’d Skip The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale? The 3 Things We Each Really Want

  1. I’ve had a similar pair of Born flip flops. They had the standard center of the foot strap, instead of this big toe strap. I LOVED them so much. Sooo comfy as you would expect from Born shoes. The leather darkened to the most perfect color. I literally wore them every day feasible(In Kansas) for years. I think the only reason I retired them, was the fact I wore out the sole. Will be buying a pair of these. Thanks!!

  2. For anyone eyeing the French connection mini dress Jess linked to, it could be a great option for petites! My wife is 4’11” and maybe 100 lbs sopping wet, so finding clothes that aren’t in the kids section can be a challenge. Somehow all the FC dresses fit her so well! I think she has 3 in different styles/colors. But be warned, you might find they run a little small compared to other brands at Nordstrom.

  3. I’ve had the Clare V. midi sac in my cart for a few days (at 40% off) and went to pull the trigger this morning after reading your post, and now it’s full price at $345! So sad!!

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