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Our 18 Favorite Pieces From The New Studio McGee x Target Collection (Y’all It’s GOOD)

Whenever a new Target x Studio McGee collection drops I am never not excited. I really feel like they’ve elevated Target’s home brand so much! Sure do I wish we call could afford handcrafted pieces that cost hundreds of dollars because that’s what they should cost? YES. But that’s not the reality. So when collections like these come out it feels like everyone can have a home that feels special. I have LOVED my Target pieces and have had some for years! Just because something isn’t expensive doesn’t mean you won’t have it for a long time or that it won’t last. And this new offering from Target and Studio McGee has some pretty special pieces if I do say so myself. Right this way.

Wall Art

Target does not mess around with its art and mirrors. Sure, do they still have some “live, laugh, love-esq” pieces? Sure. But not in these kinds of collections (also if you love those signs we support you!). In these collections, they give you affordable art that will likely get mistaken for expensive art. Remember this Target piece that Em’s friends thought cost lots of money???

photo by tessa neustadt | from: our modern english tudor living room

Ugh, I couldn’t find a better shot but you get the idea. It’s GOOD. Here’s a similar one🙂

Abstract Framed Cotton Canvas: So this one is on the smaller side but adore the colors and the gold frame. I think this wold work with so many styles making it a great piece for being able to use for years!
Tortoise Shell Wall Mirror: Um so we most definitely talked about the tortoise shell trend in March. I love the shape and the subtle but very cool print of the tortoise.
Seaside Etchings (set of 2): This set is so pretty and simple. Oh, and they are such a great size at 20″x20″ each! Plus that oversized matting is so good.

Woven Seating

Choosing woven seating is an easy and excellent way to add that ever-important TEXTURE to your home! When I saw these two pieces I was pretty excited about them:)

Westcliff Seagrass Counter Height Barstool: We have a whole post on what to look for when buying barstools and a BIG element we think is important is that it should have a back. That way you or whoever is sitting on the stool can lean back and relax! But style is also important (duh) and these are very cute. I love the two-toned option but it also comes in all-black which is also great!
Shiffer Waterfall Woven Bench: How pretty is that waterfall bench!? Truly would work in almost any home, the shape is great and I really love the chunk weave style.

Luxe Seating

Being able to add a really beautiful accent chair or bench to a room can change the whole energy. Emily has been a Target accent chair fan forever (like with this one) so I’m not surprised these are so good. Plus Studio McGee always comes out with beautiful chairs in every collection. Let’s get into these three.

Elroy Accent Chair: Oh this is so pretty! A lot of you were asking about our photographer, Kaitlin’s, green velvet living room chairs. Well, these are soo similar but with a more organic feel with the wood legs instead of hers which have a metal frame.
Havenstone Pill Shaped Storage Bench: You know those ball legs have my heart! This is beautiful, trendy, and under $200. Plus it’s functional since it’s a storage bench. I would easily buy this if I had a place for it.
Slope Arm Swivel Chair: Another chic but more refined accent chair that also SWIVELS!! Plus that brown tone is really lovely.

The Nightstand

photo via target

2 Drawer Nightstand: How good is this nightstand?! The space is simple but special since it’s not your average rectangle and I love the inset drawers and small knobs.


Of course, ideally, we want to fill your home with found treasures and family heirlooms that have deep meaning to us individually but there is nothing wrong with filling in some of your home decor gaps with beautiful and more affordable:)

Ceramic Slate Bowl: This might be the perfect gray/blue color in the perfect shape. No notes!
Marble Tray: For $30 this tray/bowl can’t be beat. I love the variation in the stone and the ribbed detailing. Perfect for a coffee table.
Round Leather Links: A fun and textured take on the ceramic links we know and love! Look at the wrapped details. So perfect for a shelf, console table, or whatever surface you like!

Burl Wood Tray: Does this not remind you of CB2 but for at least half the price? I also adore the darker Burlwood tone. Trendy and timeless in my opinion.
Marble Bowl: This is just cool (and also very CB2)! The shape/height is fun and I love love green stone.
Ceramic Bowl Candle: Who doesn’t love a big old candle?! The low profile made it feel elevated and the reactive glaze makes me think of Lawson-Fenning.

Other Cute Pieces

There were a few other pieces that didn’t quite fit in the other categories but couldn’t be missed!

Metal Log Holder: Traditional, modern, and simple so works for nearly every style. I also LOVE the little ball details!
Octagon Frame Coir Doormat: I really appreciate a doormat that isn’t a simple rectangle. This will undoubtedly elevate your curb appeal.
2-Head Floor Lamp: I mean, come on. So pretty and chic! Plus with those fabric shades, it’s going to give off the loveliest glow. 10/10.

Ok, that’s it! Truly, the whole collection is wonderful so you should absolutely check it all out. Hope you have a great rest of your day!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: Via Target

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1 year ago

Nightstand link? Wonky.

1 year ago
Reply to  ja
1 year ago

The new Lauren Liess lighting collection with Troy Lighting came out in June:

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

Gah! This stuff is great!
I soooo wish Australia had a Target like the US. Ours is nothing like it, other than the symbol.
Lurrrrrrve the green Elroy chair!
Plus the bedside table is totally gorgeous!
Jess…. tortoise, not “tortious”.😉

Monique Wright Interior Design
1 year ago

I do not support “Live, Laugh, Love” signs. 😂
The SM collection is definitely a perennial favorite for styling for me!

1 year ago

I just want to know if Arlyn has ordered the burl wood tray!?

1 year ago

Love Target furniture. Six years ago, we ordered a woven bench for our foyer. It was packed well, not a scratch on it when it arrived. Still looks like new!

1 year ago

Thank you for the roundup! There are always a few standouts and overall, to say there is great style for the price is an understatement:-) Such a worthy collab!

1 year ago

So excited! I bought the SM boucle footstool at Target about 3 years ago and it’s just as beautiful as the day I got it. Despite constant use it hasn’t dirtied at all! I have about 3 landscapes as well and love them all!

1 year ago

Can you tell me about the blue ‘sideboard’ in the opening photo ( above the title of article!)

1 year ago
Reply to  sheilah

It’s the Henrieville Console Table in black by Threshold/Studio McGee. Still in stock at Target (also available in brown).

Jeffrey C
1 year ago

I wish more of these great furniture offerings were on display in Target stores so we could check out color and construction in person. Oh well.

Angie Gordon
1 year ago

Bought two of the Elroy chairs. They arrived today and they are good!!! Thanks for the heads up on those.