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Oregon Ducks inspired Rooms: Green and yellow

I don’t know what planet you live on, but on Brian’s planet (planet Oregon football) there was a HUGE game on Saturday night.  The Oregon Ducks versus the Stanford ‘Cardinals’ (which i guess are trees????).  So while Brian did this all night in our hotel room:

(Why, yes, he looks like a total perverted sociopath cruising Disney World)

i did this:

Plus i had my laptop in the bathroom and i watched last weeks ‘The Good Wife’ (which needs to kick that romance into high gear, this fan is kinda losing interest) and last weeks ‘The Vampire Diaries’ PLUS 2 episodes of ‘Revenge’ – which is totally good, by the way despite the worst plot recap every week.

ANYWAY, i still had my ducks on my brain so during the fourth quarter i looked for green and yellow interiors (the team colors).  Its my homage to all the men in my life who seriously live for Duck football.  The irony is that obviously none of them will read this, but we’ll know its for them.  

The colors are green and yellow, like a duck, hello. But these two colors do look super mascot-y to me unless they are mixed with some more sophisticated colors.  The color of those green velvet sofas is perfection. (pic stolen from MFAMB, i think)

What? There is too yellow in there – look real hard, in the back.  Pink and green is one my favorite color combos that i just don’t see enough.  

I know i’ve posted this pic before but its because these grey walls make the yellow and green look amazing together.  The grasscloth and that medium tone of grey takes any of the silliness out of the yellow and then you add that warm worn velvet crazy chair and its all up hill.  

So i’m pretty sure this is the same house as the first pic – same shades and same idea of coffee table, interesting.

If you are wondering who put the yellow in the shelves on this one, it was me – and not very well. I think they said they were going to photoshop it to make sure it covered the whole thing, but i can definitely see the top of the yellow card stock here and there.

And if you were wondering who made the white with yellow ball fringe pillow, it was me too.  That was 8 years ago and i loved ball fringe even then.  I assisted Cindy on this shoot, although now i’m not loving that little table in front – i feel like there was a good reason we did that – maybe they were going to put a bunch of type there or something. Weird. 

This is A LOT of yellow and green. I would even say this is KINDA ugly – way too faux to be very real, but if it was a hotel i was staying in in Cuba i would be psyched.  (P.S. guess who is going to Cuba on Christmas day? Yours truly with Mr. Von Henderson…..any and all suggestions are appreciated).

Ok, those walls might be more blue than green, but pretty none the less. The color of those chairs are Yellow, with a capital Y.  

Too much, too soon.  I think with yellow you have to be careful, seriously.   A little goes a LONG way.  That loveseat or those two chairs were probably enough, but with both and the drapery it gets to be a little crazy town.

And here we have some grellow.  I love that sofa, always have and always will. The composition of this photo is a bit chaotic to me, but i still like this room a lot.  

I don’t know, i like both colors a lot but combined can be tricky. I think the most successful is the one with the grey grasscloth walls – with just big pops of yellow and green.

Yup. He is the big winner.  Touchdown, field goal, spiked ball and little touchdown dance.  You know the one i’m talking about – where they shake their rump back and forth – possibly even like a duck. 

Go Ducks!!!!!


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