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One Week Update


They say that love multiplies, not divides. They are right. I wish they would say the the same thing about time. And eye cream. Elliot is 10 days old and while we’ve had a very short relationship, and we barely know each other, we are in love and in it for the long haul. I have so much to talk about – the birth, the baby blues, the sibling issues, the balancing of work (or lack thereof).

Hopefully you caught the birth on SnapChat. Or at leastΒ on Periscope.

I’m 100% kidding.


I just wrote the whole birth story, which took 3 – 4 hours. But right before I clicked ‘publish’ I chickened out. I guess I’m SUPER sensitive right now, and the idea that anything about my daughter’s birth would be perceived/portrayed wrong and potentially garner negative comments (which it surely would) made me not just pause, but stop. I emailed it to myself instead. I may still post it, but not today. I learned a lot during my first bout with mommyhood and the blog, and this time around I’m protecting myself a bit more. I’m also really tired, really hormonal and going in and out of extremes. I’m either so happy, elated, floating on clouds, or anxious, unsettled, irritable and kinda sad. Hormonal imbalance is a real thing, folks. Trust me. This happened last time, with Charlie, in the first couple weeks – lots of extremes with random crying both from happiness and weird sadness. I find that what helps is leaving the house, going on walks, meeting with friends for lunch or a drink (which still feels so special/fun), watching Brothers And Sisters (I’m watching it for the first time!) and shopping. Shopping always cheers me up.

But back to the good stuff . . .

This little girl, this perfect piece of world, is so wonderful and cuddly and adorable. I love her so much my heart hurts.

There have been, and there will be, some challenges, sure. But she is here. We are healthy. We are lucky. We are happy. Even when I’m fighting the baby blues I know I’m so, so, so, so happy and grateful.

The Henderson’s are going to have a very happy weekend – all four of us.

*Photos by always lovely Stephanie Todaro.Β 

P.S. I woke up feeling sooo much better, but if anybody has any special remedy for these first few weeks of baby blues let me know. I did get my placenta turned into pills again, much to my father-in-laws total disgust πŸ™‚ (I’m not convinced it works, but I figured why not?) and I’m popping those, but if there is something else that could help besides time . . . do dish. My doula tells me that it’s my body trying to find the perfect recipe for milk, pulling too many/the wrong amount of hormones and so everything is off balance – which causes a horrendous headache, by the way, and she says it normally evens out in a couple weeks (as it did with Charlie). Ok baby waking up. Gotta go. Happy Friday. xx

Fin Mark


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My psychologist friend (who specializes with postpartum issues) strongly recommends taking fish oil pills (omega 3) during and after giving birth. You might already be taking them but just thought I’d spread the word. Also, I took them for my daughter and then randomly checked the dosage which was something crazy like “take three pills three times a day”. I’m now taking a different one.


Yep, I second this. Fish oil, avocado, raw nuts, whole milk or cream. Just get some good fat in you, and lots of it, to help support your brain function. It will also help with milk production if you’re breastfeeding. And good TV shows or a fun fantasy novel to pull you out of your head and into another world for a little while. And keep reminding yourself that it will pass. It sounds like you’ve got some good perspective on it.

Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! Elliot is such a little doll.


Feels lame, but I ditto a good light/fun tv show you can binge watch. Obviously the other stuff too like nutrition, sleep, and getting outside (which is the opposite of binging on Netflix). BUT you can’t always get outside in the first month with 2 littles and feeding around the clock, and when you just want your brain to turn off and take a break from the emotions, this helped me. I personally preferred things that weren’t too heavy but I could get into. If I sat on the couch breastfeeding and ignored what I was watching, it would crash over me. If I could pay attention to something lighthearted that I could pick up and follow a long-running storyline over a week or so, it distracted me enough to get through the hormonal waves because I was more invested.


I agree! Fat makes the brain happier. Coconut oil is also a good source. You can put 2 T in the blender with a cup of coffee and it gets frothy and yummy. Keeping a semi-consistent routine helped me in those early baby weeks too.

Melissa Jane

Fish oil, sunshine, and time! Sorry, those first six(ish) weeks are rough. The best advice I ever got was to “take the long view”. I had to just keep remnding myself that all the smiles, giggles and hugs can’t happen without those first tough weeks. Hugs and love.

Your birth, your story. You don’t have to share it, as you know. But know the vast majority of women support you and your right to know what is best for you and your baby. Sending you love in this crazy hormonal time. The only thing that worked for me is that, time.


I was just going to say the same thing. I know we all love to tell our war stories, but it is shocking how some people will turn a wonderful event into their own personal platform on why your choices were wrong. As long as you are happy and you came home with a beautiful baby, then as far as I am concerned, it was a good day.
As for the hormones, I agree that your body is just trying to sort things out. The biggest thing going for you is that your recognized the signs and are aware. You are already so much ahead in the game. Enjoy that new baby smell!


I 3rd this : ) is there such a thing? I support you, your birth stories (super courageous of you!) and you being so transparent in this already extremely vulnerable time in your life. I am 8wks postpartum and the highs and lows are so real- even 4 kids later πŸ™‚ Take it a day at a time and know we all crew up (we’re moms). What you know is what you know at this time so do the best you can and keep on loving those babies like you do! You’ve got this!


Here, here! Not all things as beautiful and messy as birth need to be shared with millions of strangers who can’t understand what it is to be exactly you. And half of them have never even experienced birth themselves! No pressure, mama. Enjoy this new roller coaster.

lyn moon

What a beautiful baby girl. So happy for everyone. Speaking from experience, rest is your best friend right now. Let others help you. You’ll see a difference I promise. Have a great weekend.

Such a beautiful family. I think you rock. I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling 100% yet. I have been reading a lot about post partum depression in relation to taking pain meds during labor. I guess there are theories that your body doesn’t flush all of the pregnancy hormones and flood your system with good ones when you are on pain meds. I have never been pregnant but just the idea makes me so scared to even think about taking anything while I am in labor. Who knows though right? No judgment whatsoever, to each his own, I may even end up doing it myself. Take care and I hope you feel better!!!


I don’t feel the comment (above) was judgmental, but since it is out there, I thought I would share that the worst case I have seen among my friends who experienced PPD was my dear friend who had a beautiful natural birth. I have never heard the theory that those who medicate during birth experience more PPD, but I suspect it is just another way to make those who chose the “easy way out” feel guilty. For the record, I chose medication and would again in a heartbeat! πŸ™‚


I had a totally natural birth, and was a train wreck of emotions afterward. The only thing that kept me from going overboard was an amazing mom’s group. I also took placenta pills. I didn’t with my second and felt much better. I don’t think it had anything to do with the placenta, but just putting it out there. I hope you feel more balanced soon.


No need to worry, Jihan. I’m a science professor and was interested in your theory, so looked up what the scientific evidence had to say about it. As it turns out, there are several published, peer-reviewed articles in academic journals showing that taking pain medication during labor significantly *reduces* the likelihood of post-partum depression. Citations below. You can also find some media coverage of these and similar studies if you Google the titles. Hope this makes you feel better!

Ding, T., Wang, D. X., Qu, Y., Chen, Q., & Zhu, S. N. (2014). Epidural labor analgesia is associated with a decreased risk of postpartum depression: a prospective cohort study. Anesthesia & Analgesia, 119(2), 383-392.

Hiltunen, P., Raudaskoski, T., Ebeling, H., & Moilanen, I. (2004). Does pain relief during delivery decrease the risk of postnatal depression?. Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica, 83(3), 257-261.


Thanks for the citations. It scary how “theories” are banded about with no science to back them up.

There are actual scientific theories asociated with both sides of this issue. The chinese study followed 200 women, I am no scienctist but find that to be a pretty small population, even with that being said, I am not pro or con drugs, No judgement. I haven’t even made up my own mind, yet. I was just voicing one possible explanation for the “babay blues”. It was a genuine comment, perhaps there are hormones that can be taken to mitgate the affects if they do stem from that cause? I don’t know. But I am surely not trying to mislead and scare people away from taking meds. I even said in my post that I didn’t know, was just offering up another idea that no one else had mentioned. It’s pretty unlikely I would be trying to mislead people if I also said I didn’t know.


References please? I can only find articles from reputable sources (medscape/pubmed searches) supporting the decreased PPD with epidural theory.


Thank you for sharing this research!


Thanks for looking that up. I hate that myths are spread that encourage women to avoid perfectly safe pain management protocols out of fear.

There are actual scientific theories asociated with both sides of this issue. The chinese study followed 200 women, I am no scienctist but find that to be a pretty small population, even with that being said, I am not pro or con drugs, No judgement. I haven’t even made up my own mind, yet. I was just voicing one possible explanation for the “babay blues”. It was a genuine comment, perhaps there are hormones that can be taken to mitgate the affects if they do stem from that cause? I don’t know. But I am surely not trying to mislead and scare people away from taking meds. I even said in my post that I didn’t know, was just offering up another idea that no one else had mentioned. It’s pretty unlikely I would be trying to mislead people if I also said I didn’t know.

Jane Templeton

When I read having medication caused probelms with hormones I thought “guess 8 was lucky” then read this post. I had to have a c-section & so had quite a bit of medication but not too much PPD. I was very emotional & of course sleep deprived but mostly soooo happy cause we had infertility issues for 8 years before we were blessed with our wonderful baby boy


As the mother of a necessary c-section, you rock.

Emily, thank you so much for finding this! There is so much competing information out there including “scientific”. I am trying to educate myself to figure out what I want, but keep going back and forth. It may jus thave to be a game time decision, if I am lucky enough to make the decision.

Amy E Jones

It’s a difficult, blissful time! I don’t know of a special remedy for the first few weeks of baby blues, but I do know if it doesn’t go away seeking help is imperative. Also, do what ever works for you and your family. With my second baby, Charlie, I tried to follow a very strict schedule for naps and feedings and ended up driving myself crazy! (I’m not normally a plan-ahead/schedule kind o’ gal).

All the best to you and your gorgeous family. I enjoy following along! xxoo


I think getting outside really helps. You get your Vitamin D (low levels have been linked to depression) and some fresh air. Also, I found that when my baby was crying a lot, going outside really helped her. She loved looking at the sky and the dappled sun in the trees. It would distract her from crying.


Sleep, Mama. Sleep really does help. And your doula sounds spot on. Just give your body a little more time. I had baby blues which became full blown PPD and I soooo denied it. Hind sight is 20/20 vision and I should have had some help. But the second go round, I recognized stuff and figured out how key sleep was. Congrats! I can’t believe you’re the same little cutie I watched and rooted for on Design Star. You’re gonna be fine. And I’m sorry there are whackados out there who’ll throw flames at your sweet story. Be kind to yourself.


“Can’t believe you’re the same little cutie I watched and rooted for on Design Star” – might be my favorite quote ever on this blog :).

And in case what you need is distraction for a few minutes: when, oh when, can we talk about how and why HGTV sucks so bad these days?? (I know, Emily, you probably had to sign something that doesn’t let you dish, but please know, the rest of us are eternally annoyed by the flipping and the complete and total lack of actual designers on that channel now).

Clearly Kristen, your comment made me nostalgic for the good old days….

I so agree! Why do we have to watch House hunters 24/7?? I miss the variety that they used to have. Love you Emily. Love that you share so much with us. Your children are so precious. Sleep was my magic. Also, just know that you have this. You were made for this, right here, right now. love you girl!

What a lovely baby girl πŸ™‚ I hope you`re feeling better soon!
xx Caroline


Thanks for talking about the hormone stuff. It is the first thing I warn my friends of when they have their first. Nobody told me! It freaked me out! I don’t think it is avoidable, is it? I don’t know anyone who hasn’t gone through it. But it is also kind of an awesome way to freak your husband out!


Even though I don’t “know” you I’m so happy for you! I love these updates of your sweet family and when do we get to see the nursery?!! That wallpaper you picked is EVERYTHING. I’m thinking of starting a family at the age of 38, my biological clock finally started ticking and I would love to be as chic and cool a mom as you! Congrats!

Stacey W.

The baby blues were so much easier for my second, even though I ended up with full post-partum depression a few months later (for different reasons than the hormonal blues). But knowing the hormonal roller coaster was coming in those first few weeks made it easier to deal with. Sun, sleep, snuggles. Lots of water and super healthy eating can help get your body back in balance.


Oh lordy, those first few weeks with a baby are rough. And a different kind of rough with #2 because you feel like you’re neglecting #1.

I loved my daughter dearly when she was born, but my son and I had a HISTORY. I would look at my son and husband eating lunch at the kitchen table while I sat on the couch breastfeeding for the 4th hour in a row, and think, “That’s supposed to be ME eating lunch with him!” There were at least a couple sobfests by moi about the whole thing. It gets better. πŸ™‚


Sniffle. Sniffle. This was me yesterday. Thank you for saying it gets better. I definitely feel great sadness thinking I am neglecting my 19 month old son now that I have a 3 week old daughter. I never expected that.


Oh, I know just how you feel, and yes I promise it gets better. My daughter is almost 6 months old now, and I can see the light. There really is nothing for it but time. Congratulations to you, and best wishes.


Sitting in couch about to nurse my 8 day old while plotting a mommy daughter date with my 2.5 year old. I cried last night about it, I was also surprised by how strong I felt this. Thanks for the reminder it gets better πŸ™‚


Here’s my thought on the postpartum blues. The joy is so huge when you have your healthy baby that the lows come as part of the natural balance. Most of us just ride the rollercoaster, too exhausted in the moment than to doing anything but hold on and keep going. It’s normal. It’s unavoidable. It will pass when the hormones level off and you get a little perspective. She is a beautiful baby!!!


I dehydrated my placenta too with my 2nd babe. It’s mammalian, not gross. I felt like it made all the sharp hormonal peaks and valleys into more gently rolling hills.
Get some sun on your face, literally, daily, preferably while walking. Makes a big difference in mood and outlook, promotes the “feel good” hormones. Alone time – you do not have to hold the baby every waking hour. Sleep – I know, I know. And cry it out. Doesn’t need an explanation. I remember crumbling to the floor multiple times with both kids, for no clear reason. Hormones driving the bus for now, you’ll take the wheel again soon. You got this.


Hormonal imbalance IS a real thing. I found Baby Blues tincture by WishGarden to be helpful. You have to take it a few times a day, and it may not be effective enough for full-on postpartum depression. But, for me, it was just the thing. Highly recommend.


If it’s going on for a couple of weeks then it’s more likely post-partum depression than baby blues. I hope you feel better soon.


I had my daughter the month after you had little Charlie, and ended up having a very similiar experience. I loved reading your birth experience with Charlie and I think it kept me from freaking out that everything was happening so fast for me. Shame on anyone for making you feel uncomfortable about sharing this beautiful CRAZY part of becoming a mother. I believe we would all be better off sharing experience and finding comfort in each other’s stories. Congrats on your little lady, she is beautiful!

Debbie Bueter

Seed Cycling may help you. Best of luck!


im in the same boat your are. My fourth was born On the 20th and for the 4th time I’m suffering from baby blues. I tried my placenta last time with no discernible results. What I have found helpful, besides sleep (ha!), food and support is Accupuncture. I’ve had real almost immediate results with it.


Elliot is beautiful and I love the name! Congrats to your family.

I just had a little baby girl and found that when I was still weepy and exhausted that I would announce on good days “Guess who has two thumbs, speaks moderate French, and has only cried once today….This moi!” and would laugh every time at how ridiculous it was. Inspired by Liz Lemon and 30 Rock. Silly but was a nice little thing that made me smile and my husband laugh.


That. Is. Awesome.


Speaking of 30 Rock.. I’m currently 6 wks postpartum with my second little girl and am slowly making it through 30 Rock on Netflix. Guaranteed laughs & a perfect bit of distraction when days seem long and tough. Oh, and I find going light on social media helps, too. I seem to feel especially jealous and cranky about all the fun things folks are up to after being a bit homebound. Read a good light book instead- I just finished The Vacationers and enjoyed it. Hang in there!

Emily, you were part of my postpartum depression cure. I had my little guy almost 5 years ago when your show was on HGTV (at normal times AND in the wee hours of the night). I spent a lot of time hanging out with you and it took me out of all of the painful emotions I was feeling. So, TV. That’s my advice. Anything to take you out of reality for just a bit.
Elliot is beautiful. And your hair looks amazing. πŸ™‚


I haven’t had children yet (but am getting baby crazy and plan to in the next few years when my career settles), and I absolutely love reading your posts on pregnancy and motherhood. They are so real and honest, yet always look on the bright side (even when you’re struggling). I am sorry that there are those who would judge your parenting decisions and make you feel uncomfortable. I know you are doing the best you can and that whatever decisions you make are just fine–even if you change your mind later!!! Everyone learns how to be a parent as they go, and the experience is different for everyone, so it is ridiculous when people give advice like it is the only way to do something. Good luck and sending you lots of warm fuzzy thoughts!


my doula and midwife strongly recommended having a glass of white wine when i took my placenta capsules. fine by me! maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but i felt like it couldn’t hurt. congratulations on your beautiful little nugget.

also – if you do decide to post your birth story, maybe you could either close comments altogether or have them moderated by someone you trust? that way hopefully you could avoid having to see any negativity.


Elliot is beautiful. You always share with such an honest voice. Continue to embrase those better feelings and let others help and be aware of how your feeling. I seem to remember you talked about getting the guest room ready and it is the perfect time for Grandparent’s duty. Take care of yourself and your family will benefit.

Congratulations! she’s just perfect! And I love her name! wishing you all the best!

look at that little smile ….the sweetest!!



feel free to hunker in, close the door for a long while and just be with your beautiful family. we will all be here when you get back!

sending love and peace and reminders for taking one moment at a time. . . xo


Emily, what a perfectly beautiful baby! She’s an absolute masterpiece, nice work! Your honesty and tenderness are inspiring. I’m really hoping we get to see your family Halloween costumes next week, I loved last year’s post (and Charlie’s costume). That might help beat the blues for a bit. : )


The adjustment to two is SO hard. My boys are 18 months apart and that first month was sooooo tough. I cried every day sometimes multiple times a day. I rode it out and talked a lot to any friend who would listen. By 6 weeks I was feeling better. My mother in law also came to visit at 6 weeks, stayed a week and I’m pretty sure she saved us all. Just having someone around who wants to help all the time was amazing. Hang in there. This phase too shall pass. I promise. I’m 6 months post and it’s so fresh right now.


I’ve been a long time lurker (and fan) of your blog, and I’m finally coming out of the shadows to tell you that you–as mother and designer–are doing a kickass job. As a new mom myself I know what that crazy postpartum cocktail of hormones is like–it makes you feel a bit fragile and unsteady. I hope your comment section full of cheerleaders helps to remind you of your sheer badassery! Internet snaps for you, Emily!

awwww! I seriously can’t wait to read more! I cant wait to see more photos of this gorgeous baby girl! AND about having no 2. I have one… contemplating no 2. Seems SCARY. Just remember, the blues END, so maybe wait until then to post the stuff that might cause negativity from dumb-ass commenters.

Karen T.

That girl is a touch of heaven. Hang in there, mama. Just take it one day at a time.

Your sweet baby is so beautiful! Congratulations!!! Have you listened to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast Magic Lessons? It is SO good. In the last episode with Brene Brown she suggests not sharing your story until you have worked through it, Until your healing is done and isn’t contingent on what people say about it. I LOVE a birth story, but totally respect your right to save it for yourself. Have a lovely weekend!

What good advice! I need to start listening to that podcast!


Oh, the baby blues…fun times, no?? πŸ˜‰ What helped for me was for my husband to take my daughter on “dates” and she’d come home and tell me all about how much fun they had and what she did and be excited about it instead of sad that I was just spending ALL THIS TIME with the baby. It gave me guilt free time to snuggle and sleep with my son. Some people told me that I’d want to go out with just my daughter and while I missed her at times, I was honestly more relieved to have a quiet and calm house to regather myself, or lose my mind if I needed to. Friends were amazing. They would take her on play dates during the week. I sat outside or rested a lot. And she was happy and the baby was happy. It helped the baby blues time pass! My little guy just turned one, but that helpless feeling of not being in control of your own mind is still so fresh! Best of luck, you’re an amazing momma, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!


Beautiful baby, beautiful family….I have no idea what PPD feels like as I didn’t suffer with that. I have three grown up children. I would say get as much rest as you can, relax, drink plenty of water, don’t try and be superwoman, writing a blog post for 4 hours a week after baby is just way too much stress to put yourself under. There is no pressure to perform other than just to be there for your new baby and Charlie. Take perform out of the equation and just BE.

I would second this. I have a 13 month old and have just returned to work after a year off (I live in the UK). I spent the first three months angry with myself about all the things I wasn’t doing – blogging included. Slow down and enjoy the sweet days. Don’t feel like you have to let the world into your home right now. Let your amazing team run things for a bit. You’re doing an amazing job with your gorgeous family.

Sarah D.

Mama to 3 little ones (almost 1, 3, and 5 years old) here and what you are going through will pass almost as quickly as it came. Daily manta: this is not forever. Hope you are feeling your new normal asap. xo


Oh! That little girl is just delicious!! OK, wait…that sounds so weird now that I just re-read it — but I am standing by it…just like eating baby’s toes!!!

I hope that you will be able to hit publish on your birth story whenever you are ready…I love birth stories! I’ve had both ways, like you – with an epidural and natural – same as you – the natural wasn’t really planned that way, but when baby is ready he is ready! So, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on each. I definitely have mine….epidural all the way!!

Those hormones are really crazy. May they even out quickly for you! Enjoy that sweet little baby!! She is truly gorgeous!!

Rose Boccella

Congratulations to you Emily. What a beautiful child. Congrats too on your book…just ordered it as a treat for me from Amazon. Be kind and gentle and patient with you!


Go ahead and cry, if you feel you need to, rather than try to tough it out-Crying is coping! Reminding myself that it wouldn’t last forever and that my feelings were normal was a good way for me to get through it. The struggle is real…Also, she is gorgeous!

Kellie Ann

Congratulations!!!! Elliott is such a gorgeous baby girl. I am so happy for your family.
My son is almost 8 months now and I definitely remember how tough it is at first. I encapsulated my placenta as well, but I didn’t remember to take it because I had so much going on and I don’t know if it worked either. You have so much happening right now as your body regulates and it’s totally okay to feel sad. I think the best thing right now is to sleep, which I know can be impossible because there is!!! Hope you find the time to sleep, eat good food, laugh, cuddle, and do all the things you love. Just remember- in a month or so everything will be SO much easier!!

Ps. I’d love to hear your birth story and would never judge. I just love to read about other women’s experiences since babies are a part of my life at the moment.


Elliot is too precious! I’d love to hear your birth story, but I get it, people can be so judgmental about your birth options. Maybe a post with comments turned off? Or just keep it to yourself if that seems like the better choice for you, especially in this vulnerable time.

With my first, time was the only thing to get me through the baby blues. Visitors and walks outside really helped too (watching other people cooing over my new baby was such a thrill), though I definitely overdid it and walked too much too soon and set my healing back significantly.

We just found out I’m pregnant with our 2nd, and I’m definitely nervous to relive those tough first few weeks, especially with a toddler in tow this time!


I’m almost 6 weeks postpartum. Feeling much more level headed, so I think time helps a lot! Give yourself lots and lots of leeway to stay in pajamas all day, sleep as much as possible, order take out food every night, have husband hold the baby and take a really hot bath every night (after toddler is asleep – we have 2 under 2 also, so I get it) and just wait until you really feel up to doing anything else to actually do anything else! You are so sweet to update us, but we will not go anywhere if you just flat out sign out from the blog for a few weeks. Heck, I’m taking like 14 weeks of leave from my job and I need every minute of it!


One more thing! I’ve noticed that when I am overtired that I tend to do random stuff around the house instead of napping. My husband will come home and I will be exhausted but have made chicken curry or straightened the linen closet. I made a conscious decision to try to NOT do that this time. So when the baby passes out I leave everything in the hot mess that it is in and immediately dive into the bed or sofa for one good nap a day (or more if we have a tough night). Having two little ones is tough. Nap when you can to survive.

Yes, those hormones are so crazy. It’s good you’re so aware of it though and trying to take measures to help yourself. One thought about the headaches though…I don’t know if you happened to use an epidural but with my last child I had a terrible headache that started a couple days after the birth and continued for a week or two. It would go away when I laid down. It was from spinal fluid leaking from where I got the epidural. I didn’t have that happen with my first two. It was no fun though. Anyway, don’t know if that is your situation but just wanted to let you know that can happen. I could have had another spinal thing done where they plugged up the leak but I didn’t want to do that. Instead they just prescribed high doses of caffeine the same meds that someone might take for a migraine. It wasn’t a fun way to start my life with my son but thankfully it got better on it’s own. Hopefully your headaches will go away quicker! So happy everyone is healthy and happy otherwise though! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Love her name too!


Yes, the nasty epidural headache. I had it too–five days of vomiting with the most intense headache of my life. I opted for the spinal patch: blood taken from your arm and injected into the epi site, and voila! Good as new…and then I could name my baby, a week later. It was the worst part of giving birth, as it lasted for five damn days!


Oh my! That sounds terrible. Glad they were finally able to treat it.

Oh, I remember those days all too well. The exhausted hormonal weeping. The not wanting to put the baby down for a million different reasons. The constant sweating (really, why so much sweating?).
Ask for help whenever you feel okay doing so, and occasionally when you don’t. Drink water like crazy and forgive yourself like crazy. Hormones are nuts, but that baby up there? Worth it.


I loved brothers and sisters!! (i was a fan of ally mcbeal as a teenager.) Did you watch Parenthood? Also the best.


Elliot is sooooo perfect. But man, the first few weeks (months, years…) are just tougher than rocks. I have an almost 3 1/2 year old girl and a 9 month old boy. Watching them play together now that Oliver is a little older is such a joy! But back to hormones- uuuuuuuuggggggg! I learned a lot the first time around so I tried a few things differently with my second. Vitamin D in high doses, and anything natural (essential oils like Clary Sage, blends made to calm and balance, herbal remedies, etc) that I could get my hands on to help stabilize my hormones. While I was pretty anxious those first six weeks, it was nothing as horrible as it was the first time. (And whatever, I had epidurals both times. They’re fabulous.) I so feel for you and hope things start to feel more settled soon. Thank you for taking the risk to talk about it. I had no idea how overwhelmed I was going to be with my first because it just isn’t talked about enough. You’re the bees knees. ❀️???

I wish you nothing but the best. I hope this subsides soon for you — I’ve been there. It’s such a surreal experience and the emotions are such a struggle.

Elliott is a beauty. Enjoy your time with her!


I would try some essential oils in a diffuser. Like lavender. They really really help. But get the quality versions like Young Living EO.
They’re amazing! Otherwise, no advise. My kids are 3 & 4 and I’m STILL a hormonal roller coaster. πŸ™‚


Congratulations! May I also say you picked a lovely name for a little girl! My little Elliott (girl also) just turned 12 last week. She is the light of my life (most days!). Blessings to you and your family!


What a beautiful, perfect little being you have helped bring into the world. Do not let anyone give you any negativity when you have accomplished so much in helping to create and protect Elliot <3

Enjoy every moment and don't let anyone bring you down!


Purely anecdotal but I actually felt better when I stopped taking my placenta pills!


Me too!

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