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The EHD Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks – The HIGHLY Researched Best Deals + Our Honest Reviews

You know how Leslie Knope’s brain is a steel trap of friendship nuggets? My brain is a steel trap for prices and sales. Maybe it’s the 2 years at EHD, or the time spent curating our roundups, or the thousands of emails we get every week with sale info – or maybe it’s a mix of all three! – but y’all, someone should book me for The Price is Right. (I’ll share my winnings, I promise.)

All of this is to say that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has started and I wanted to take a second to highlight the GOOD GOOD deals (along with some pro tips on the things we’ve tried – you know, like “size up” or “try it on in person”). This isn’t sponsored at all – I just went through every page (yes, all 90 something of them) and clocked the SLAMMING DEALS. If you’re in the market for, say, a new coat or an insanely-priced Dyson vacuum or a blowdryer or some adorable baby clothes, you’re in the right spot – these are the things we know, love, and can vouch for. Let’s get cooking, yeah?

For Summer

1. Collar Blouse ($22 Savings): AHHH. Love, love, love. This top is polished and modern but with a little whimsy and personality – it’s perfect for those of us who work in more relaxed, creative offices. (…annnnd I just bought it in leopard print. These posts are dangerous to write.)

2. Levi’s Jean Jacket ($33 Savings): This piece starts out looking casual and weathered and only gets better with age as it starts to mold to your shape. Could you ask for anything more?

3. Yellow A-Line Dress ($52 Savings): Have you also recently been re-invited to about a hundred rescheduled weddings? Yeah? Here’s your outfit.

4. Square Neck Mini Dress ($55 Savings): Oh hey, LBD. Nice to see you again!! This Club Monaco dress has a sweet, tailored construction, EHD-approved puff sleeves, and it’s a great choice if your former LBD no longer fits (uhh, guilty as charged).

5. Fit & Flare Dress ($58 Savings): Church? Office? Parent/Teacher Conference? Claire Underwood Halloween Costume? The possibilities are endless for this tailored, classy dress that you’ll pull out again and again.

6. Bike Shorts ($18 Savings): These are the shorts I wear to the flea market! Comfortable, high-waisted, AND they don’t roll up/down. 10/10, highly recommend.

7. Madewell Tee ($15 Savings): Sheer, cropped, graphic, and manufactured in a Jess Bunge-approved color palette. Size up and layer with a shearling jacket to channel your inner Penny Lane 🙂

8. Levi 501 Jeans ($33 Savings): These are one of Em’s favorites for a reason – they’re high-waisted, slightly cropped, and there’s a little bit of breathing room around the leg. If you’re in the market for some new jeans, the price:quality ratio on these cannot be beat.

9. Embroidered Prairie Dress ($24 Savings): We love how tone-on-tone embroidery can punch up a breezy, simple dress.

For Fall

1. Fleece Pullover ($40 Savings): Fun fact – a similar pullover was your #1 most-purchased item from last year’s Anniversary Sale! This one’s crazy-high quality and on SUPER sale. (P.S. Not to get too Elle Woods on ya, but the textured piping gives it a little something extra, don’t you think?)

2. High Waist 7/8 Leggings ($33 Savings): Sweaty Betty leggings for $55?!? If you’re not familiar with this brand, this is an awesome place to jump in – their waistbands are really supportive and they keep everything locked in place. Plus, the shine makes them cute for day wear, too 🙂

3. Madewell Bobble Cardigan ($39 Savings): Madewell brings this cardigan back year-after-year for good reason – it’s charming, happy, and versatile. Straight sizes are sold out, but 1X-3X pals, you’re in luck – there are 4 gorgeous colors available!!

4. Faux Leather Puffer ($60 Savings): We love a puffer here at EHD, and this one is no exception!! It’s a timeless shape that’s been made a little more fun and playful with its tall houndstooth collar and faux-leather finish.

5. Plaid Shirtdress ($25 Savings): What an awesome base layer, guys!! This is what fall dreams are made of – wear it with a denim jacket and cute flats! Grab a sweater, tie it around your waist, and pair it with some cute boots! It comes in black, too.

6. Levi’s Fleece Jacket ($70 Savings): Cozy, oversized, timeless, AND on super sale? SIGN ME UP. This is a slam dunk for those who get to experience fall – can you imagine apple picking, or pumpkin picking, or going on a hayride while donning this? (Bonus: you’ll be able to pay the admission fee to the fall activity of your choice with the $70 bucks you’re saving. *LA jealousy intensifies*)

7. Plaid Shawl Collar Coat ($179 Savings): When I tell you my jaw DROPPED when I saw this…man. What else is there to say? BIG HEART EYES.

8. Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean ($58 Savings): Oh my, Jess sold me on this cut! She and I had long been wary of the seemingly-straight-legged jean (since we both have hips, which often make the fit a little weird) but she grabbed this one day on a try-on whim and BOY, THEY WERE GREAT. She stopped by my apartment wearing these on her way to brunch a month or two ago and I was like “WOAH, HEY COOL GIRL!!” because they looked so slouchy and vintage while still coming off as super put-together and considered, so yeah…these jeans are great.

9. Colorblock Top ($15 Savings): This is the type of top that y’all slide into Em’s DMs about – it’s an elevated basic (those bell sleeves!) in a classic colorway, which makes it great for those “I woke up like this” days where you want to throw on a crewneck and feel put together.

For Home

1. Dyson Cordless Vacuum ($120 Savings): If you’re in need of a new vacuum, RUN RUN RUN to scoop this one! I link this Dyson in almost every major holiday sale roundup, but this price is UNREAL – it’s better than what we usually see on Black Friday or Cyber Monday!

2. 4 Flour Sack Kitchen Towels ($8 Savings): I own these and they’re a dream – large, neat, easy to clean, and timeless. Food52 has a whopping ~2 sales a year, so grabbing these from Nordies at a lower price is great.

3. Self Watering Indoor Garden ($40 Savings): These are never on sale, but they’re AWESOME – I know it just looks like a planter box, but there are actually 9 separate seed areas to keep your plant/herb/veggie pals healthy and happy. (And here is the tinier, $80 version for those with less counter space.)

4. Amalfi Coast Print ($7 Savings): I actually pinned a ton of prints for this post and then forced Mallory to narrow it down when she made the roundup graphic for me. TEAMWORK. Really impressed by Nordstrom’s art offering – if oranges aren’t your thing, I’m sure you’ll be able to find an affordable print that is your thing.

5. Viking Carbon Steel Pans ($50 Savings): These two pans are super lightweight and naturally nonstick (so no Teflon or chemicals) with extra-long, semi-curved handles which make them really comfortable to use.

6. Turkish Towel ($14 Savings): Someone invite me to a beach or a picnic STAT, please. The color, pattern, and tassels here make for a very, very cute take-anywhere towel.

7. Bathmat ($14 Savings): OK, we see you, in-house Nordstrom textile brand! Nordies has been quietly launching their own sheets, towels, blankets, pillows, etc. but their bathmats are where they’ve really knocked it out of the park. Plush, dimensional, and chic.

8. 5 Boy Smells Candles ($24 Savings): I’ve linked up the woody-scented ones (because they’re so good for fall – if you’re not familiar with Boy Smells, they’re also great samples!) but the floral collection is also so, so, so good. Each of these has about 19 hours of burn time, too, so they’re really packing a punch for their tiny size.

9. Laundry Essentials + Dryer Ball Kit ($30 Savings): TBH this one is still pretty spendy (catch me in the laundromat using whatever they have in the vending machine) but if you want to give your clothes/textiles a bougie little washing experience, this is a comparatively well-priced starter kit.

For Beauty

1. Shimmering Body Oil ($18 Savings): I love a shimmering body oil and I’m tired of pretending I don’t!!! This stuff makes me, a pasty white lady, feel like J. Lo when she wore that infamous green dress to the Grammys.

2. Resurfacing Mask Set ($48 Savings): I learned about this product from Cup of Jo (who described it as a “facial in a jar”), I’ve recommended it here before (because I agree), and you can bet that I’m grabbing this set. The resurfacing mask alone usually runs for $65, so getting that *and* 3 other tiny products for $78 is a dream come true.

3. Day & Night Cream Set ($25 Savings): Fresh is usually a little out of my price range for daily-use products (this moisturizer usually costs $50 a la carte), but this is an awesome bundle. If Fresh is your preferred brand, this is a GREAT time to stock up.

4. Petite Facial Kit ($139 Savings): About a month ago, I asked y’all if the NuFace was a worthy investment and the answers were overwhelmingly positive. Now I’m glad I waited to pull the trigger because this bundle, including a bonus line-smoothing device and two serums, is a great deal. *adds to cart*

5. Round Blow-Dryer Brush Set ($64 Savings): Yeah, the round blow-drying brushes are absolutely worth the hype. (I used my mom’s recently and was BLOWN AWAY by the results on my normally-puffy hair. Pun intended.) This one, packaged with super effective Drybar hair-glossing products, is a steal.

6. Pore Cleansing Mask ($13 Savings): This mask is great if your face feels a little gunky – it dives in and pulls out all the buildup from sweat, sebum, sunscreen, makeup, etc. My skin’s pretty dry so I need to follow with a good moisturizer, but this is AWESOME if you feel like you need a little reset.

7. Le Labo Set ($20 Savings): If you spend a lot of time hearing people talk about Le Labo scents (I do) and have no idea what they’re talking about (still true), this may be a great way to dip your toe in the waters. Alternatively, if you’re already a fan of Le Labo, this is a nice way to grab 3 travel-sized perfumes!

8. Anti-Aging Hair Set ($42 Savings): I am vehemently against anti-aging branding…but I’ll give it a pass when it comes to hair, I guess. Plus Jess has used these and LOVED them. This set leaves your hair feeling salon-level clean, fresh, moisturized, shiny…you get it. Highly recommended – I use Moroccan Oil shampoo from Walgreens for daily use, but this is a nice treat for self-care days!

9. Supergoop Set ($19 Savings): Greetings from me, your resident sunscreen nut and Supergoop loyalist. I’m usually a diehard for Glowscreen and Glow Oil, but this set including their sunscreen moisturizer and two bottles of everyday lotion is perfect for daily use or for those experimenting with the brand for the first time. I know they’re pricy for sunscreen, but I actually use their products every day (and my skin thanks me for it!!), which makes them a super worthwhile investment IMO 🙂

For Accessories

1. Clare V Backpack ($160 Savings): ONE. HUNDRED. AND. SIXTY. DOLLARS. OFF! Em introduced the brand to the EHD team and we’re all converts – all of her pieces are incredibly functional (like, the top handle of this backpack can actually be used as a handle), impeccably constructed, and super classic.

2. Layered Necklaces ($42 Savings): Take the stress out of mixing and matching with this pre-layered set with ideal proportions. If the colors are a little much, there’s an olive/earth-toned version that’s so, so pretty, too.

3. Clare V Crossbody ($156 Savings): I LOVE a leopard print (wait til y’all finally see my house!) but it can be tricky to do right. This print is elevated, tasteful, and it looks high quality (mainly because it is, HA). If you’re looking for a bag that can work anywhere but still has some personality, this is what I’d recommend for you.

4. Hammered Disc Necklace ($22 Savings): Fun fact #2 – a Gorjana necklace was your #2 favorite pick from last year’s anniversary sale! We love how light and delicate their pieces are (and you should check out the rest of their necklaces here) 🙂

5. Chain Link Earrings ($16 Savings): Who says you can’t mix metals? Clean, simple, and a little edgy – these are the perfect finishing touch.

6. Kate Spade Necklace ($19 Savings): Dainty, sophisticated, and the ideal gift choice for someone sentimental like Em. 🙂

7. Mini Hoop Earrings ($15 Savings): In full transparency, I do not have my ears pierced, buuuut have been told by multiple members of the team that these hoops seem WAY more expensive in person than their $30 price tag would indicate.

8. Canteen Crossbody ($150 Savings): I CANNOT GET OVER THIS SHAPE – it looks SO GOOD on the mannequin as it’s the perfect mix of whimsy and structure. If Cinderella was real, this would be her bag. (It also comes in mustard and black, but this periwinkle is gorgeous.)

9. Ray-ban Wayfarer Sunglasses ($61 Savings): Everyone looks good in Ray-bans. ALWAYS. I’d recommend trying some on in person, if you can, so you can figure out which style works best for you (I’m a Clubmaster gal!) before taking advantage of these deals.

For Shoes

1. Shearling Lace Up Bootie ($99 Savings): These are the deals we came here for, folks! This boot is the perfect mix of practicality and style – we love it in saddle suede but if you’re in a climate with more precipitation, there’s an all-leather version that’ll stand up to the elements this fall and winter.

2. Suede Mule ($30 Savings): I mean…y’all know how EHD feels about a mule. And as a bonus, a portion of net sales from this product go towards organizations that empower youth. 🙂

3. Platform Chelsea Boot ($80 Savings): Update your average Chelsea boot with a solid, blocky heel and a fun platform. They come in a few colors (including a mahogany crocodile print) but the all-black version is the most practical, versatile choice.

4. Slide Sandal ($20 Savings): This camel leather makes for an awesome neutral, but it also comes in black, cream, and a really sweet Tiffany blue with daisy print flowers.

5. Slide Sandal ($128 Savings): DANG, OKAY. Mallory found these and I fell in love almost immediately with the blush version. They’re a wearable statement shoe – business in the front, party in the back. (I recommend clicking through to zoom in on the glossy heel and the organic, biomorphic shapes – it’s really, really beautiful.)

6. Genuine Shearling Slipper ($30 Savings): Solid, keep-forever slippers – since they’re usually $100 bucks, these are selling out quick. 5 colors are still available, so grab if you can! (I’m partial to the pink and lilac.)

7. Platform Converse ($20 Savings): Chucks, but make them a little more special. Love them in this pure white – a nice alternative to Stan Smiths if you’re trying to bring some spice to your outfit.

8. Combat Boot ($70 Savings): You survived the past 18 months. You are now officially the type of person who CAN pull off combat boots. Kick some ass and take some names, pal.

9. Platform Sandal ($60 Savings): Can you tell that we’re very into platforms right now? These sandals in particular remind me a ton of a pair that Em’s been wearing this summer. They’re great to add a little height without sacrificing practicality and function, which we love 🙂

For Little Ones

1. Corduroy Jacket Set ($22 Savings): This is SO CUTE… and it averages out to about $13 per piece, which feels like a steal for how well-constructed this set is. Size up a bit now and you’ll have your kiddo’s Thanksgiving look ready to roll in November!

2. Cotton Shirt Dress ($14 Savings): Uh…can someone make this for adults, please? I’m obsessed with this happy print, but the dress also comes in the best mossy green shade. It’s available from Toddler to Big Girl sizes, too.

3. Quilted Romper ($22 Savings): GAH. It also comes in pink. This romper singlehandedly set off my biological clock.

4. Adjustable Overalls ($9 Savings): A sweet little romper that grows with your baby? CUTE. It looks super high-end – who knew “newborn chic” was a thing? – and it comes in black, in case you’re going for a more minimalist or monochrome look.

5. Faux Fur Shirt & Leggings ($19 Savings): Soft AND shiny? Is this not the most tender little outfit you’ve ever seen in your life???

6. Raincoat Set ($22 Savings): BRB buying & mailing this to my friend’s baby because it’s too tender. Who gives these designers the right to make such sweet tiny outfits???

7. Faux Fur Jacket & Dress Set ($21 Savings): This soft, cozy jacket and full rainbow skirt are the perfect mix of comfy and charming. (Plus, if your kid is anything like Birdie, they’ll love the tutu style :))

8. Dinosaur Rain Boots ($15 Savings): The ideal choice for splishing AND splashing. They also come in this very cute mermaid style (with fins on the back!) so you can grab the pair that’ll speak most to your kiddo.

9. Kitty Jacket Set ($22 Savings): OH GOSH. The little ears on and tiny skirted waist on this coat!!! Someone, please let me take your baby/toddler shopping ASAP. I will buy them the cutest wardrobe.

AH, you made it! Here’s the other thing: the sale is only open to cardmembers right now, but you’ll be able to make your full wishlist in the interim so you’ll be ready to go when it opens up on July 28th to the masses. (Also, this isn’t financial advice, but the only 2 store-brand cards I have are from Target and Nordstrom – they’re the only 2 retailers that I’d trust, so if you’re on the fence about early access or getting a card, it does have my stamp of approval.) Things do sell out pretty quickly once the sale does open up to everyone so I would super recommend adding favorites to your wishlist so you don’t miss any great savings on things you need!

And one final word of EHD wisdom – please don’t just buy things to buy things! We pulled this roundup together today to highlight the products that we love in the hopes that it’ll help you make a decision, but don’t go all willy-nilly on your credit cards. Shopping is fun but financial stability may be even MORE fun, ya know??? 🙂 In any case, let me (and us!) know if you’ve spotted any other great deals worth sharing – I’d love to hear some recommendations from you 🙂 Happy Saturday and have the BEST WEEKEND – see ya in the comments!!

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: A Fashion Review: New Clothing on My Body and How I Like Them (Or Not)

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10 months ago

I know they are popular, but I do not understand the fascination with biker shorts or super tight yoga pants. I feel exposed. Even in HS on my CC running team I always worse the loose uniform shorts over biker shorts. I’m not THAT old. Am I really the only one who feels this way??

10 months ago
Reply to  Susan

Bike shorts just seem uncomfortable to me. If I’m wearing shorts, it’s because it’s hot. And if it’s hot, I want loose clothing!

9 months ago
Reply to  Lauren

I prefer the skin-tight bike shorts or leggings because it prevents chafing during exercise. I don’t really wear them anywhere other than for walks/runs or to go to an exercise class.

10 months ago
Reply to  Susan

I like my yoga pants for yoga, but otherwise I’m not really into the look, plus, I agree with Lauren that they are hot. Same for bike shorts. Both are also good for under shorter dresses when you want something to cover you up when sitting in a short dress is revealing. For hot days, I prefer cotton or linen shorts, or better yet, a skirt or dress. I’m also a big fan of cut off denim.

10 months ago
Reply to  Susan

I started wearing bike shorts when I started biking. I still get super weird wearing them anywhere than on my bike. I can’t even handle it for walking the dog in my hood. But that said, I’ve never worn any type of yoga bottom in public. I totally get what you’re saying.
A friend of mine who resides in Europe always comments on the yoga pants in public when she comes home to the states to visit. Is it an American thing to wear workout clothes as fashion?

9 months ago
Reply to  Karen

European here (well, I’m French, not sure how the rest of Europe feels) and yes, it is kind of an American thing. I wear yoga pants to do yoga or as pyjamas sometimes, and might maybe walk the dog in them if I’m feeling lazy, but I would never go to a restaurant in them.

10 months ago
Reply to  Susan

I like both, but only with long tunic tops or layered under a shorter dress so I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone or my thighs rubbing. I feel way too exposed and self conscious if I try wearing them any other way!

9 months ago
Reply to  Susan

Bike shorts look like underwear to me. I do wear leggings but leggings are not pants and I always have a long tunic or dress over them. No crotchal area showing!

10 months ago

Caitlin! Thank you, sincerely, for the last paragraph of your post!
So well put and such sage advice. 😊 xx

10 months ago

I just made my purchases yesterday at the Nordstrom sale. I find it the best time to restock my bras and panties. I prefer getting them on sale.

I’ve been wavering on buying a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans. While I wore them in middle and high school, I don’t think they work with hips based on the reviews. I love 100% cotton and button fly, so the Levi’s classics seem so obvious. I’d love others thoughts.

10 months ago
Reply to  Suzanne

I love Everlane’s cheeky 90’s denim

10 months ago
Reply to  Karen

Thanks, Karen. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Everlane Cheeky jeans. I don’t think they have a button fly, but I think I need to try them at some point.

10 months ago
Reply to  Suzanne

Mine do!

10 months ago
Reply to  Karen

Good to know! Thank you. I guess I look at so many jeans (obsessed), I get them mixed up.

10 months ago

Does anyone have a suggestion for a modest yet sleeveless cotton swim coverup? I’ll need to wear it into the resort restaurant for breakfast/lunch. I love the caftans but I’m at the age that I worry I’ll give off that Mrs. Roper vibe.

9 months ago
Reply to  suzanne

I wear 100% linen shirts, especially the tunic and smock style ones. I get them from wherever has one I like – so I have a Liz Claiborne, a J Jill, and an LL Bean “cover up”. The key is to get them from a brand that uses the heavier weight fabric (like, you can’t see through it), and then pick a style and product that has the construction you want. Even though I go with smock and tunic styles, I look for individual products with a little more structure than those words might usually conjure in your mind. I have more options with colors and patterns than what I find in the products made and marketed as cover ups, and I can wear all of them as just a regular ol’ shirt too so they are getting plenty of wear. The SPF rating on cover ups is usually a feature for buyers too – but all clothing has SPF properties due to mechanically blocking the sun’s rays just by being on your body, so buying a heavyweight linen shirt will protect you just as much as whatever is being sold at the Orvis store. If you want something longer,… Read more »

10 months ago

Caitlyn! Did you say “wait until you see my house??” Did I miss it?? Did you find one to buy?!

9 months ago

Word to the wise: those Cult Gaia sandals, while BEAUTIFUL, are so unbelievably difficult to walk in that I had to return mine. Literally couldn’t get around the house in them without hurting the tops of my feet and wobbling/toppling. They are art — incredibly, stunningly beautiful art. But I would not be able to wear them out to dinner, even just for a half-hour on my feet.

9 months ago

It feels like going out of your way to say something “isn’t sponsored at all” but not disclosing if these are affiliate links, feels kind of gross. Most people don’t know the difference between “sponsored” and “affiliate.”

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