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Sequins! AKA The One Thing We All Want To Wear To All Our Holiday Gatherings

There’s really nothing like this time of year. The fact that we can get away with wearing sequins might be one of my favorite things about the holidays. I am not a flashy dresser per se but there is something about dressing like a sparkly ornament that just feels right. This is something Team EHD all agree on and when we were brainstorming a holiday fashion post, a roundup of sequin party looks was the obvious answer. So whether you want to dress head to toe in sparkles or throw on a few sequin accessories, we have you covered.

1. Let Me Be Sequined Shift Mini Dress | 2. Alisha Dress | 3. Nova Convertible Sequin Mini| 4. So Fine Sequin Jumpsuit | 5. Shimmer Striped Mini Dress | 6. Frances Sequins Dress | 7. Sequin Maxi Dress | 8. Fitted Sequin Mini Dress | 9. Ana Sequin Mini Dress | 10. Lucy Longsleeve Dress | 11. Lilian Maxi Dress | 12. Sequin Romper

For a simple yet showstopping party look, any sequin dress will hit that mark. I am really into the drape of #3. If you follow Em on Instagram (and you should) you might recognize #6. She has had the same dress in silver for years and looooves it. It’s by a small woman-owned brand called Emerson Fry so it’s splurgy but VERY good and worth it if you know you’ll rock it for years.

1. Gold Rush Long Sleeve | 2. Printed Sequin Tank Top | 3. Sequin Shirt with Balloon Sleeves | 4. Shimmer & Shine Thong Bodysuit | 5. Anita Tunic | 6. Sequined V-Neck Tank | 7. Sequin Tube Top | 8. Lost In Your Light Reversible Top | 9. Big Night Sequin Crop

All of these tops are too good. Pair any of these with jeans and boots or heels and you have a perfect outfit. #8 is probably my favorite (and it’s reversible!) but you really can’t go wrong with any of these picks.

1. Dance Again Sequin Straight-Leg Pants | 2. Check Me Out Black and Gold Sequin Mini Skirt | 3. Disco Flare Pants | 4. Sian Sequin Skirt | 5. Sequin Embellished Jeans | 6. Sequin Skirt | 7. Calf-length Sequin Skirt | 8. The Joni Sequined Flare Pants | 9. Ariana Sequin Skirt | 10. Wide Leg Pant | 11. Sequin-embellished pencil midi skirt | 12. Disco Sequin Shorts

Sign me up for #5 immediately. Jeans covered in sequins might just be my new party look. Then again, I am never opposed to a disco pant like #8 and sequin hot shorts are always cool. If you really want to step up your game, #3 is really awesome and has a matching top if you want to go all out. Any of these will definitely stand out at any party.

1. Puff Sleeve Sequin Blazer | 2. Open Front Sequin Jacket | 3. Suit Blazer | 4. Sequins Jacket | 5. Camilla Sequin Feather Jacket | 6. Sequin Jacket

I am really not a pink person but #5 has all my attention. I love the mix of faux fur and sparkles. #6 is from the same small business that Em loves and would be a perfect addition to any party outfit. Really, any of these picks will make a simple outfit feel exciting and fresh.

1. Sequin Embellished Sneakers | 2. High Heels with Sequins | 3. Stars In Your Eyes Black Beaded Rhinestone Clutch | 4. Blue Floral Sequin Box Clutch | 5. House Party Sequin Slippers | 6. Sequin-embellished pumps | 7. Studio Sequin Beret | 8. ZX Sequined Sneakers | 9. Vera Turban | 10. Sequin Ankle Boots | 11. Sequin Headband | 12. Sequin Shoulder Bag | 13. Vans Slip-On sequin sneakers | 14. Bryant Sequin Pumps | 15. Sculpted Sequin Face Mask 

3 words. SEQUIN COWBOY BOOTS. Also, not gonna lie, I think going to a holiday party wearing sequin slippers sounds like an amazing idea. Or if you want to be comfy but a little more presentable may I introduce you to sequin sneakers? You really can’t go wrong here, but if you want just a hint of a sparkly element a headband like #11 is a great choice.

I hope you feel ready for the holidays sweet friends. Stay safe and have a great weekend. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: NYE Party Outfit Hacks That I Tried (and Maybe Pulled Off?)

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2 years ago

Disappointed to see Shein included here, especially when the article twice reminds us that EHD values supporting small businesses. Shein seems the antithesis of that. It’s pretty well known that their business model is based on stealing original designs.

I get that in running a business you sometimes have to choose between your values and appealing to a segment of the market. I would have been interested to hear the EHD debate that led to the choice here.

2 years ago

Check out Loft! I impulse added a sequin dress and top to my order when I was stocking up on my favorite superset lounge pants on black Friday and was shocked to find them both to be keepers.

2 years ago

I am usually intrigued by what you pick out, but am always sad that the companies rarely, rarely, offer anything above an XL. I know you’re a design blog, but you do spend a fair amount of content time on fashion. I wish you’d be more size inclusive.

2 years ago

Please consider second-hand sequins! Ebay, Poshmark, Depop, etc. have lots to choose from, including vintage, at a fraction of the price. Traditional plastic sequins take hundreds of years to decompose – why bring more into the world when plenty already exist?

2 years ago
Reply to  SaralynE

YES good point

2 years ago
Reply to  SaralynE

Yes, agreed; interestingly enough while EHD is promoting sequins Boden just phased them out— because they are terrible for the environment

Diane Mulcahy
2 years ago

Where did Emily get her sequined blazer? Love it! TIA-

2 years ago

Absolutely love the sequins, I forgot about them. Gorgeous ideas here!

2 years ago

Thank you for sharing that information, I did not know! There is a lot to say about this topic… For now I will digress to say that what I love most about this blog is the interior design content. We are finishing/restoring a unique house, and while lifestyle content is interesting in small doses, it is not my primary interest. What with Covid concerns especially, I have been to two gala events so far this season (with no more to come) and bought my sequined outfits several weeks ago (sequins definitely are amazing) so this post is not especially timely. I will also add that some of us are 1) of a certain age and looking for different styles, and 2) living in the northern climes, and giving some options to sleeveless party dresses and tops would be appropriate.

2 years ago

Some of those tops are giving me serious Coyote Ugly vibes.