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New Target Home Product (and my picks)


Spring is here which means for those of you who are in need of a home refresh, you might start shopping around for ways to make your house more bright and less ‘depressing winter’. The latter being a terrible look for us. Target sent me their new catalogue, styled by one of my best friends, Scott Horne, and while I had seen some iphone photos of the product before, I was flipping through and stunned at how great the sets, photography and styling were – in addition to the new pieces.

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_11

Black Rattan Stool | Wooden Elephant | Gold and Marble Lamp | Black and White Pom Pom Pillow | Pink Tassel Pillow | Geometric Pillow | Blue Lidded Jar | Woven Basket | Black Rattan Chair | Blue and Black Tassel Pillow | Colorful Stool | Green Vase | Gold Hanging Wall Planters

Those hanging planters are as beautiful as you think (you may have seen them on my insta-story with jasmine hanging in them). The chair is great (I have the winged version of them) and all the rugs and textiles are so good.

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_12

Chair | Ceramic Planter | Diamond Pattern Tassel Pillow | Wood Pendant Light | Accent Table | Wooden Llama | Yellow Glazed Pot

I couldn’t believe that chair when I saw it – and the back has caning!! I’m currently scouring my house to see what corner I can shove it in. I used the side table in our old house and Target definitely got the tassel memo and is doing well with it.

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_13

Watercolor Dots Art | Wicker Wall Art | Wood Surfboard Shelf | Black and Cream Framed Linen Art | “The Future is Bright” Wall Art | Small Black and White Wall Art Set | Watercolor Dashes Art | Green Trimmed Woven Basket | Entryway Bench | Teal Arrows Lumbar Pillow | Pink Geo Pillow | Navy Rain Boots | Polka Dot Rain Boots | Yellow Duck Rain Coat

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_14

Black Rattan Chair | Wood Stump Accent Table | Rug | Bar Cart | Woven Wall Art | Orange Glazed Pot | Parrot Figure | Black Rattan Lantern | Decanter | Woven Basket | Throw Blanket | Champagne Flutes | Martini Glasses | Rocks Glass

So much goodness – the new barcart keeps getting better, wall hanging and rug are worth it if you need, and we have that black and white throw on our sofa and are loving it.

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_15

Blue Short Planter | Table Lamp | Bench | Tall Blue Vase | Short Green Vase | Tall Green Planter | Green Lidded Ceramic Pot | Framed Palm Leaf Print | Gold Palm Wall Art | Throw Blanket | Leaf Pillow | Gold Spot Pillow | Natural Woven Pillow | Blue and Green Striped Pillow | Natural Geo Pillow

Those footed pots and lidded pottery jars are pretty darn wonderful for those of you who are looking to add in a punch of color. I have D and E and people are shocked when I say they are Target.

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_16

Chair | Curtains | Accent Pillow | Side Table | Gold Sculpture | Table Lamp | Gold Mirror | Console Table | Camel Figure | Ceramic Bowl | Gold Tray | Gold Lantern | Woven Fringe Basket | Pom Woven Basket

Nate is back, impressing me again with that chair (did you see his sweet kids line?) We bought the beige and the blush one for our recent video shoot and I was so impressed with how great they are for being that affordable. They honestly feel like a $600 chair for $230, and the blush pink color is perfect. Also thumbs up on that pottery lamp.

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_17

Wood Tripod Floor Lamp | Wood Arm Chair | Striped Lumbar Pillow | Gold Bird Figurine | Gold Side Table | Sofa | Leaf Pillow | Macrame Cream Lumbar Pillow | Striped Throw Blanket | Gold Wall Hanging | Natural Area Rug | Blue Distressed Rug | Brass Coffee Table | Green Planter | Woven Basket | Cane Chair

Here you can see the back of the chair I was talking about – with that pretty caning. Scott styled this catalogue and 3 months ago texted me a photo of the chair on the left (B) and wrote ‘check out this chair that is coming out, it’s awesome’.  I haven’t seen it in person but that photo and this shot are looking really, really good.

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_19

Colorful Kid Chairs | Craft Table | Pink Flamingo | Faux Fur Rug | Pink and Cream Rug | Star Storage Bin | Black and Cream Woven Bin | Black Striped Fringe PillowGold Spot PillowBlack and White Pom Pom Pillow | “Plus Sign” Pillow | Black and Cream Tassel Pillow | Striped ThrowWood Arm Chair | Area Rug | Coral Pouf | Sofa | Plush Super Dog | Short Cream Lidded Jar | Tall Cream Lidded Jar | Tall Gold Candle Holders | Short Gold Candle HoldersWhite Pitcher | Tassel Garland

Again with that chair again, blanket and lidded pottery – not to mention the pretty room. It’s probably a set but the stark black and white contrast is compelling (remember when I was going to paint my window frames black but then America weighed in and I went with white).

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_112

Yellow with Gray Fringe | Tufted Area Rug | Abstract Tufted Area Rug | Abstract Tufted Accent Rug | Color Blocked Accent Rug | Classic Fringe Woven Rug

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_113

String Lights | Wood Mirror | Black Drum Side Table | Wood Lantern | Chair Set | Loveseat | Black Micro Stripe Pillow | Striped Tassel Pillow | Wicker Tray | Floor Cushion | Black and White Striped Outdoor Rug | Tan and Cream Striped Rug | Black and White Diamond Rug | Tan and Cream Runner | Blue and Cream Striped Rug

The striped rug is classic, and I had those chairs at our old house and loved them (debating getting them again – but there are two new outdoor collections that are great).

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_116

String Lights | Floral Serving Bowl | Serving Tray | Palm Print Table Runner | Drinking Glasses | Blue Steel Serving Bowl | Bamboo Serving SpoonSmall Bowls | Small Plates | Cloth Napkins | Blue Ceramic Jar | Dining Table

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_117

Cast Iron Dutch Oven | Rough Edge Serving Platter | Clamp Jar | Canning JarFrench Press | Sugar BowlBlue Mini Mixer | Blue Coffee Maker | Wood Bowl | Coffee Mugs | Small Wood BowlCreamer 

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_118

Cotton NapkinsWoven Charger | Flatware | Coup Dinnerware Set

Introducing my easter placemats, I haven’t fully planned out the decor yet, but I’m into these.

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_119

Woven Placemat | Beaded Rim Dinnerware Set | PitcherCreamer Sugar Bowl

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_120

Wicker Basket | Rug | White Bistro Chairs | TableFlatware | Chip and Dip Server | Placemat | Bowl | Drinking Glasses | Colorful Baskets | Natural Basket

You’ve seen me use the windsor chairs for years, and now they have come out with the bistro chair version. I debated using them with our farm table but ultimately was ready to invest in something upholstered. But I love these chairs.

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_123

Green Lidded Ceramic Pot | Nightstand | Clock | Striped Shams | Pink Floral Pillow | Yellow Diamond Pillow | Palm Stitch Quilt | Gray Sheets | Throw Blanket  Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_125

Wicker Basket | Chenille Throw Pillow | Sheets | Chenille Quilt 

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_126

Chair | Cream Pom Throw PillowGold Mirror | Painted Side TableGold Sculpture | Ceramic BowlGold LanternBedding Set | Gray and Pink Pom PillowPom Woven Basket | Painted Vase | Curtains | Headboard

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_127

Plush Blue Toucan | Blue Palm Sheets | Fiesta Sheets | Orange Plus Sign Sheets | Surfboard Sheets | Surfer in Ocean Sheets | Black Plus Sign Sheets | Orange Quilt | Green Floor Lamp | Llama Wall Art | Flamingo Wall Head | Twin Bed | Pink Pom Comforter Set | Llama Sheet Set | Panda Pillow | Pink and Blue Pom Pillow | Heart Throw Blanket | Pineapple Pillow | Turquoise Fringe Pillow | Black Super Cat Pillow | Pink Fringe Hamper | Rug | Wall BookshelfPlush Super Dog | Blue Throw | Natural Fringe Hamper | Super Hero Wall Sign | Black and White Checker Comforter Set | “I’m Not Tired” Pillowcase | Plus Sign Lumbar Pillow | Nightstand | Table Lamp

Pillowfort is strong as ever and I’m getting a lot for the new kids’ rooms.

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_128

Mermaid Sheet Set | I’m really a Mermaid” Throw Pillow | Mermaid Plush Doll | Comforter Set

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_129

Tassel Garland | Cloud Wall Shelf | House Cubby | “Let’s Be Mermaids” Light Box | String Mermaid Wall Art | “Be You Be Brave” Wall Art | Llama Head Wall Art | “I’m Not Tired” Light Box

Cloud shelves and a whole new collection of fabric animal heads are coming to our house soon.

Emily Henderson_Target_First Look_Spring Catalog_130

Cloud Wall Shelf | CanopyPlus Sign Lumbar Pillow | Mint Bean Bag ChairPlush Super DogFaux Fur Rug | Gray Rug | Natural Fringe Hamper | Masked Dog Head Pillow | Pink Quilt | Side Table | Llama Lamp

We are back from Texas and catching up on actual work today. We’ll blog about the whole trip next week but let me tell you that it was just terrible – shopping with Chairish, eating SO MUCH, relaxing in a beautiful space, not to mention staying up really late, telling SECRETS (like I’m seriously going to print out an NDA on Monday and make them sign it dated last week :))

Have a good weekend, folks. xx

Fin Mark


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I love the pillowfort sheets but why oh why can’t they be all cotton?


Exactly my thought every time I pick them up and then put them right back down. Such cute patterns though.


Amen! Pillowfort sheets look so good but I don’t like how they feel 🙁 Otherwise, Target is killing it! (and Emily and Team are always killing it!)


Agree! same for the quilts.


Agree- hopefully someone from Target sees that. The designs are soooo pretty, but I really dislike the material.

Yes! I bought my daughter some because she loved the pattern, but ugh, they feel kinda gross. I’d pay more for better fabric.


Yep! I agree completely. I’ve been tempted several times, but after sleeping them at my sister’s house I just can’t do it.


Yep, the only reason I didn’t purchase them. Really cute, but I need sheets need to be soft and breathable!


yes! agree wish they were cotton! i won’t buy polyester since it’s plastic.


Same here! So cute, but they feel so gross.


I was just about to say the same thing. I wish the Pillow Fort sheets were cotton; so disappointed!
I’d love for Target to make that change.. Cotton quilts wouldn’t be so bad either. Otherwise a very cute kids line.


I think that Nate Berkus room just help me decide black for the dining room!!

I painted my dining room black and have never looked back! Do it!


Mine is Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe, and three years later I still totally love it. Best paint color ever.


I have Farrow and Ball Pitch Black in my living room, and that paint has been the best decision ever. A little gold, a little caramel beige, some emerald velvet, a few antique pieces and it’s the room I would save in a fire !

I can’t get over how good Target is in the States. Ahhhhh. I’m so jealous. (in Australia) x


I know, right?!! – in the UK… x


I know…Canada. At least not so far away!


Agreed! Why can’t somebody at Target get on that?! (also in Aus)


I just received this catalog in the mail and it went straight to my “save” pile (versus the direct route to the recycle bin reserved for most catalogs). Beautiful work by your friend.


trust me, i’m all about a lower price point but i can’t help but notice what a direct rip off target’s stuff is of other designers/retailers… surely they can come up with their own ideas/designs?


Seriously though, how can fellow creatives support such blatant rip offs? It’s horrible 🙁


Yeah, I’m loving a lot of this stuff, but I kept thinking “that looks like a lot like (insert West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Dwell Studio…)”


Yes, but worse than that are the talented independent creatives who designed the original products being ripped off by all these big stores who go make similar things in China. That wooden pendant? Marz Designs. Those round metal hanging plant holders? Sonadora. I’m sure there are more I don’t recognize though. It especially bothers me because stores like Target will do collaborations and say they support indie designers but then they’ll have zero qualms about this kind of copying. So hypocritical.


Agreed. Many of the Pillow Fort items are direct copies of Land of Nod products. I have two friends who have designed for LON. They are credited for their artwork on the website and in the catalogues and they have said that LON is a dream to work with. No credit or recognition for their design once it has been absorbed by Target!


Yes, this makes me uneasy too. whilst I understand why it’s commercially viable for the big chains to do it, it always surprises me that so many creatives are willing to back them doing it.


100% agree. This stuff also isn’t made to last and just ends up being junked. I’d rather have vintage, or have fewer, better things


What are the two new outdoor collections?! I desperately need to furnish my deck this season. Thanks!


That Lincoln cane chair is listed as unavailable on the Target web site. Do you know if that means it’s sold out or not YET available?


YES! I was wondering the same thing bc that chair is GOOD. Though, with Target chairs I’m always concerned that the lower price point is because they can be just a bit undersized.


DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN! The Rodney Wood Arm Chair is amazing!


Does anyone else have issues viewing this blog on the latest iPhone?

I’m always bummed the images get small when I click to read a post.

And other blogs are fine when viewing? Hmmm…


It’s not just you and not just the iPhone, I’m on a Kindle fire tablet, and for the last week whenever I open the blog website the size of the lead photo drops to the size of a match book. It’s hit or miss which of the other photos will shrink in size. With problems on two different platforms, it’s probably a behind-the-scenes coding issue on the blog itself. And they’ll get to it now that they’re back from buying Texas.


I just came to post this. I tried viewing this from my phone (like I always do in the mornings!) and the pics are tiny. I have a Galaxy 7. Did something change about how posts are formatted? I think this problem started this week.

I got this mailer this week and there is a lot of yummy stuff in there! (And a 15% coupon on the back!)


Lots of great stuff here, but it annoys me that Target leans so heavily (and exclusively) toward mid-century modern style. It reads as so one dimensional to me. How about some variety?


I agree with you!

I am really loving all the MCM stuff. I just hope that people still appreciate true vintage pieces, cause that’s my side “bread and butter”.


You have some seriously great stuff! Favorited your store.


I so wish Target would make their rugs 8×10 and 9×12. 7x 10 just doesn’t work for me.


Me too! They have to have noticed that not having larger sizes impacts their market . . . it’s just baffling to me.


Agreed!! I would be all over the 9×12’s if they had them!


Okay all I want to talk about is your dining room table 😉
Can’t wait for your reveal.


I am always very happy everytime you post something about target because Target’s website is so full of things and so confusing that I never find the nice stuff that you normally show us here on your blog. Thanks for that!

Huh, can’t seem to find that globe sconce anywhere on their website. Not available yet, maybe?


I’m looking for the same! Hoping it’s just not available yet.


Agreed! I was looking for this beautiful sconce and I went to a store.. no luck. Would love to purchase!


I happened upon the sconces in black in one store a week ago (there were only two and I snatched them up) but I haven’t seen them anywhere else or online so I think they haven’t really been released yet. There fantastic in person tho!


Of course, in this big shopping post, the thing that really caught my eye wasn’t linked (and prob not even from Target…) Are those two framed indigo shibori prints in the first photo in your new house? Where are they from? I loooooove them!

Susie G

They are from Target! I bought them and they are great. I really like the frames.×30%22-2-pack—threshold%E2%84%A2/-/A-50917997


Love all the products and styles, I follow you on IG and love your stories, keep up the good work x

So many great home decor pieces. I really love the wood pendant light in one of the photos.


Hi – I’m also curious if those chairs are sold out or if they will become available. Thank you!


This whole post had me going, I’ve got a wishlist a mile long.

I love the tribal printed foot rest!



Sooo all those amazing chairs are not available on the website? Super frustrating!

Jenifer Glover

What great things Target is coming out with! I am so sad though – I tried to order this chair (awesome caned one) and it is already unavailable. How does that even happen???? I wish Target would plan it’s purchasing better – this seems to happen a lot : (

The Home Grrl

I love that dining table with the white top and it’s also showing as unavailable on the website. Any word as others have asked if the unavailable means something is sold out or just not up for grabs yet? Target’s website is seriously THE WORST. I always have a horrible time shopping online there. Emily, please tell the developers to fix it. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I click on an item only for it not to be available for shipping regardless of selecting to show items only as available for shipping. It’s soooooo frustrating! I also hate that you can’t magnify images. Sorry to vent, but man, it drives me nutso!


I was just in Target this morning and saw a bunch of this stuff…… I wanted to buy everything!!!!! GAH!!!!!


I can’t find one thing I don’t love. Great job, Scott Horne!


I always appreciate your roundups of stylish products from retail chains! Please keep it up!

So many stunning pieces. Target does a great job bringing stylish home decor to everyone, with a great price. I love that they also have a wide variety; modern, rustic, bohemian and the list goes on.

Karen g

I love the threshold globe wall sconce but can’t find a link for it.


This is the best line yet from Target! Amazing styling and so inspirational. Target is so frustrating, I saw that caned chair online a month ago and it’s literally been sold out since the day it hit the website. Grrrrrrr!


emily, i’m a daily reader and HUGE fan! and i have previously commented on one of your target styling posts about how much i love those posts because they show me HOW to use some of those pretty products that i can tell i like but can’t figure out how i’d use them in a room (or, even better, they have made me see that a product i might otherwise walk past in the store could look great if i styled it the way you did in a room!). so, PLEASE take this next comment as coming from a place of truly wanting to provide good feedback, not trying to be a smart alec. these kinds of posts (where there is literally one picture of you with a few products but the rest of the photos are of the catalog) aren’t really helpful or even necessary, in my opinion. we can all flip through the catalog, you know? i LOVED the post where you showed how to use target’s new (new then) line in your old guest room/office, and it was truly helpful! maybe this post is just a freebie extra, which is fine, but i wanted to voice my… Read more »


I’m curious about the wheaton farmhouse table, is it good quality?

Great picks.. I was totally drooling over the Target catalog when I saw it..

Target is the BEST. Also, the worst because I want to redecorate my entire home every season when they release the new stuff. We went to Round Top today (just for the day, I live a couple of hours away) and it was SO GOOD. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

So much to love! Can’t wait to use those chairs in an upcoming project. Gorgeous!!
P.S. Agree on the Pillowfort sheets! 100% cotton please, Target!

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I hope Target appreciates the work you do for them. I never go to Target or think about Target but I totally bought four things from Target because of this post. 🙂

(also, as someone else commented, I may be more inclined to shop from Target online if their website was a bit improved. It feels cumbersome to navigate if you don’t have a specific link – like the ones you posted above.)

I just bought this great bench at Target for an unreal price. It is the perfect addition to my slowly-being-put-together dining room!

I am freaking out over those gold palm leaves!

Love the room; but what’s up with the formatting of the pictures on the posts lately? They are smaller than they used to be, and not great for seeing all the great design details.


So glad to see target following my style 😉 I LOVE global design and these warm tones with fun pops of color! Emily, you are my role model – I hope to get my business off the ground one day the way you have! – Chelsey Preuss, Meraki Design & Styling

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