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New Blog, Who Dis? Emily Henderson 3.0


You are at the right place, don’t worry, although today things look different. Hopefully, you might even use the word better. I’m ECSTATIC to announce that the new website format that we’ve been working on for almost two years is now LIVE. We work so hard to create the content we actually want to read ourselves, but the old blog format didn’t give that content the platform it deserved. Good posts were disappearing too fast, and all our content was getting buried and lost.

I founded this blog 10 years ago because I wanted to share my opinions on style and design with anyone who would listen. In those 10 years it’s grown from a personal blog into a reliable (and hopefully relatable) source of daily style and design inspiration, run by a small team of like-minded people who share my passion for design, style, and human connection. We are all storytellers with a diverse variety of backgrounds, problems, insecurities, expertise, budgets, and styles. We write the articles about design, style, and life that we would want to read. And we create the content that we wish was out in the world.

Change can be scary, but this change was driven by one very big goal – to make the site a better, more useful design and style resource. Hopefully, you’ll find it easier to read, and easier to find the best information (we have 12 new categories that we’ve realized are what you – and us – really want to read). As we were designing the Portland House, then the Mountain House, I was dying to have a website that I could reference in an easy way – from inspiration, to process and all the resources. I just kept thinking about how much more navigable all of our content could be. I wanted to maximize our years of content and organize it in a way that is more intuitive for you to enjoy.

The category that used to be called “Family” is now “Personal” with a drop-down of “Parenting/Relationship,“Business Advice,” and “Controversial Posts.” Instead of just “Design” we’ve created 9 specific design categories that are filled with the most valuable posts (hover over “Design” on the header menu at the top of the page to see them all). Our hope is that this new site format will allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for, when you need it, so you can truly rely on it and share it as a useful design resource. While you’re at it, our hope is that you’ll find content that maybe you missed or haven’t seen before. And don’t worry, if you want to see every single post ever written in chronological order we’ve still got that page, too.

We are mostly just so excited to evolve, shift, and stay nimble in this digital wild west. Which meant creating the site that we wanted, as readers.

You see the changes.

Time to explore it for yourself (with some incentive). While we think the site is pretty intuitive, we want to help you guys get acquainted with every new inch. So we’ve put together a little scavenger hunt that will take you through a few different areas of the site. And those who finish the scavenger hunt could win a weekend at the mountain house (but there are a few consolation prizes for a handful of others who also finish the scavenger hunt):

The New EHD Site Scavenger Hunt

  1. Follow clues to different parts of the site. Don’t worry, there are only 4 of them.
  2. Each one will take you to a blog post, where you’ll be clued into your next destination (we couldn’t resist).
  3. Once you reach the final destination, you’ll be able to submit your email address for a chance to win a VERY GOOD prize.
  4. 5 winning emails will be selected (at random from all the email addresses submitted) to win a framed Jane Denton piece.
  5. 1 lucky winner will be selected (at random from all the email addresses submitted, but vetted for obvious reasons) to win a weekend at my mountain house, as well as a framed Jane Denton piece.
  6. Head here for all the nitty-gritty on those prizes…

Now it’s time for your very first scavenger hunt clue…


Let’s start at the very beginning – Head back to the new home page (all you have to do is click on our logo at the very top of any page to get there). Scroll down until you see a section with 8 different categories in boxes, but you’ll want to “see more”. Design 101 is where you're headed next. Your second clue is hanging out in the post where we answer some VERY important questions we get all the time. 5 of them to be exact…

*UPDATE: The “Scavenger Hunt” is now closed 🙂

So, that’s the new US. There are going to be bugs for a bit – please feel free to let us know if you come across any of them. If, for example, you find one section hard to read or navigate. Literally ANY feedback will be considered (but as always, please keep it kind and constructive). And know we’re still going to be rolling out a few new features over the following weeks. We really tried to put ourselves in your shoes and design this site so that no matter what stage you are in – looking for inspiration, renovating, decorating, styling or shopping, regardless of the type of room – you can find what you need easily. Our new 12 categories hone in on what we do best here, and the Makeover/Our Design Work sections will give you every post for each project for those of you who want to deep dive. Ready to shop and want to know our favorite pieces? We’ve updated our Shop page, and rounded up every shopping guide we’ve ever put together.

This has truly been a labor of love on our part, so we hope you all enjoy it as much as we do (if you do, let us know :)). A massive thanks to Paul at Flywheel Agency (who also happens to be one of my college best friends), as well as Arlyn, Jess, Sara, and Ryann for organizing years of content and helping manage all the changes – these people have been busting it and deserve some extra love. BIG CLAPS AND CHAMPAGNE FOR MY CREW (we celebrated Friday, but will continue). The only thing we love more than design and style is our avidly engaged audience – YOU. And we’re honored that you’re spending your time here with us. Thank you. Always. THANK YOU.


Emily & the EHD team

P.S. Now go and explore the projects page, dive into design 101, and learn some of our styling hacks (and more).

Fin Mark


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Oh wow, I’m excited about this!



Maybe it’s just me but the last clue is “not found.” But the redesign is gorgeous!

Paul Thomson

Sorry about that Rebekah. I think it might have been a cache issue. Can you check again?


All better! Seriously, good work on the site – I know this was a monumental undertaking.

Thank you so much!

Gabrielle Muir

Hi Paul, Jess, and Sara!

The concept is amazing!
I suspect only teething bugs, Is there any way you guys could remove all the old/ now non existent information; eg page doesn’t exist, item no longer available, etc as I notice a bit disheartening/frustrating to look back in older blogs to think you have found what you want only for it not to be at the end of the redirection link.
Of course we understand this can’t be done for all, or kept accurately up to date and still I was surprised how many non existent links.

I can see you have done a lot of work and it has the potential to be great, if we had higher confidence knowing when we use it, will lead to data that even if older, has been checked.


Same. I was able to follow all clues but there is nothing once you get to the final post.

Paul Thomson

Hi Emily. I see your issue. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the final post where there is a form field to enter your name for a chance to win the prize. Hope that helps!


No clue, no form for me either.


Alas, no form or final instructions for me either. 🙁


Ooh, it finally worked! 🙂


Nothing for me…


So excited for you all…well done!


I just finished the little scavenger hunt which, btw, didn’t feel like a hunt so much as it did a journey of rediscovery and reconnecting with a long lost friend. I got lost somewhere around the Griffith Park House…I’d never seen that post – gaaaaah old website, how did that happen? And hurraaah new website, you made it so easy to rekindle my love affair with all things EHD! Well done to all the EHD team, it’s fab!

This comment makes me heart so happy 🙂

Seriously that is one of the best kind of comments we could get:)


I love this with my whole little heart! The website looks great. I wasn’t able to get to all of the scavenger hunt posts (example: the coffee table post did not come up under “shop” for me) via your directions, but I was able to search the website and find the listed post. Congratulations!! I’m sure this was a huge endeavor and it looks great

Paul Thomson

Hi Marsha. I’ve cleared the cache on our end, so I hope you’ll be able to find it now. Let me know if you’re still having issues.

Hey Marsha, at the bottom of the home page there are two shopping sections, one just for SHOP and one for shopping guides. They’re right next to each other, but the final post is only in one of them 🙂 You’re SO CLOSE. But THANK YOU for your kind comment.


So excited to check out the new site! This is such a treat and I’m sure represents a crazy amount of effort. I like the scavenger hunt idea but it seems all the shopping guides are “page not found” so was stymied by the last clue.

That may have been an IT issue, and we’ve hopefully solved it!


Hi Emily and team,

Thanks for the redesign. Love the new features, esp. in the comments section !

A few things that are not working for me:
– The pop-up windows are a bit out of control (new site, subscribe to newsletter, accept cookies + bottom of page ads – not a popup but overlays some comments). May I suggest you implement a limit on some of those? At least the popups. If I’ve closed it once + accepted cookies, you should be able to track that and not show it to me again.
– I’m probably the last dinosaur that still uses RSS feed, but I’d love love love for it to work again. Maybe it’s a one-off bug, but this article didn’t show up in my reader (Feedly) this morning. FWIW, Feedly tells me there are 20K other dinosaurs that also follow you there 😉

Thanks again for the redesign and your hard work!


Yikes, the comment machine ate half my text and line breaks 🙁 (Also, I have to re-enter my name+email). I was just saying, I’m probably the last dinosaur to follow you on Feedly (although their stats say there are 20K of us) but I’d love for your RSS feed to work again. Maybe a one-off bug, but this article didn’t show up there.

Paul Thomson

Hi Sophie. As a fan of dinosaurs, we’ll be sure and add the rss feed back in so you can get all the posts on Feedly! 🙂


Great news! And the comment system now remembers my name+email. Yay 🙂


Thank you! I too only read through Feedly 🙂


Another dinosaur here! (I always make sure to click through so the blog gets the read hit) It’s still not showing up in my RSS feed today, in case that’s helpful, but also you’re probably dealing with 10,000 bugs and this is not crucial. I’ll just assume the posting schedule is normal, and check the site directly until the RSS is up. But that’s my internet reading hub, so I’ll be psyched when it’s added again.

Thank you for your feedback Sophie!

Lisa Watson

The Shop page has every section listed as ,’not found’. Do I have to play the game or can I just browse the site? In any event your shop has nothing to view.

Paul Thomson

Hi Lisa. I’m sorry that you’re not able to find anything in the shop page. We’ll take a look into that. Thanks for pointing it out!

And no you don’t have to play the game, you can just have fun browing the site. Hopefully some of the new features will help you discover some useful posts that you might not have seen in the past.

Hi Lisa, everything seems to be working now so feel free to take another look. In any case, you are always welcome to just browse the site!

Hey Emily, beautiful design! Hats off to your team for all of their hard work. I wanted to let you know that the shop pages are broken now; they don’t display any items under each category. Also, did you decide to get rid of a search bar?

Hi Jessica, it seems that it was acting up a bit this morning so the IT team turned it off until they can mess with it a bit, but it should be back by tomorrow.


wooop wooop it looks great!! And I love the scavenger hunt idea – couldn’t find the last clue but had a lot of fun trying 🙂 I tried to get to your site just at it was going up, so I was ‘blocked’ and just got kinda excited because I thought ‘Ouh I bet that’s the new site’ and tadaa it was! 😀 It might be a little silly to get excited about but anyway – I’m both silly and excited and it really does look great – congrats team! 🙂

SO happy you like it! Seriously, very happy.


Wow, the new site looks terrific. So nice to have it all organized and so easy to navigate. Thanks to you and your team!

Thank you!!!


Great redeisgn! One suggestion though, can you please bring back the Search functionality?

Paul Thomson

Hi Ray. You’re not the only one who’s missing the search function right now. It was acting a little funky this morning, so we turned it off while we fix it. But we’ll have it up and running again by tomorrow at the latest.


But how do I search? I jut want to search for something specific and you don’t even have a search bar. Guess I’ll google it..

Paul Thomson

Hi Katy. The search bar will be back in action tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.


The site looks gorgeous and I love the new format!


Wow, I follow you on Instagram but always found the site a bit to overwhelming (with all the ads IN the text) I love love love how this turned out. Easy to read. Content has always been great but now it is more readable. Think I’ll be visiting way more often.
(one small thing that might have to do with the newness. The site is very slow loading)

Thank you VERY much for this comment. Making the site easier and better to use was the whole point!


NBD, but the “return to top” button (arrow) at bottom right of screen doesn’t work.

Oof you are totally right, we’ll get that working again soon. Thanks for pointing that out.


Just a heads up that the very first welcome banner when I arrived at the site this morning invited me to explore and maybe win some “prices”. Can’t wait to explore the new site!


I also just entered my email for a week at the “mountan” house. Hoping to win 😉
Sorry, I’m not one to mind spelling mistakes but these stood out because they were on big banners on the central parts of the site you are directing us to today. I am sure there are a million details to sort out. Again, as a long time fan/reader I am so excited for this change.

Totally 🙂 thank you!


“we have 12 new categories that we’ve realized are what you – and us – really want to read” also drove me a little crazy this morning. “Us” really want to read sentences with fewer distracting grammar choices.

Agreed that the site looks great and all the changes seem really well thought out!

*forehead slapping emoji* thank you for catching that, haha. We’ll edit ASAP.


I have a feeling this new website layout is amazing – sadly my work computer just can’t take the change and it’s all wonky. Yours isn’t the only website that is formatted weird for my work computer, so I’ll just have to save my visits for when I’m not at work! Excited to explore it in all its glory, and looking the way it’s supposed to!

Oh no, I wonder what that issue could be. But we’ll be excited for when you can see it all correctly!


I think it has something to do with the corporate filters. Some websites are fine and some are just super weird. I can still use it, I just can’t appreciate how beautiful it certainly is!

Excited about the new website design. Just a heads up – I almost thought pop-up wasn’t real because it said you could win a “price”. Glad I clicked on it though. Congrats on the upgrade. I’m excited to explore. 🙂

Haha yes, we’re working on editing now!

Rebekah R

Congrats! So excited to explore the new site. Also, the scavenger hunt was very fun and such a creative way to walk us through the changes. Well done!



Hi! Just want to say that the pop-up ad for the scavenger hunt on your homepage has a typo; it teases winning a great “price,” instead of “prize.” I was confused for a second and wondered if you guys were introducing some kind of paywall system for readers, until I clicked on this post!

Cici Haus

Looks good! On my screen at least, the new links along the top bar are squished together. I see (- equals the triangle drop-down): BLOGDESIGN -SHOPLIFESTYLE -PERSONAL -ROOMS -MAKEOVERSABOUT


Any change takes some getting used to. In general, the site navigation seems to be a bit quicker and I like the multiple sections. I am a believer in being able to navigate to the same content in multiple ways so no matter how your readers’ minds work, they will get to the content you want them to see. So, for example, I would prefer to get to the same content with the top rail as with the home page. If I click on shop, I only get to the actual furniture and not the shopping guides, which is annoying to me. I only would know about the shopping guides if I navigate there from the homepage. Even during the scavenger hunt, I clicked shop rather than the shopping guides thinking I could filter the furniture to get to what I needed. Nope. Plus, the furniture filter appears to only have price – why can’t you filter on type of furniture? Don’t have much more time this morning to search around but those are a few initial comments. Thanks for taking a fresh look at things and hope the redesign gives you the desired results. I work in a completely… Read more »

Thanks for taking time to give us your feedback! It’s VERY helpful.


And you must have character limits on in comments b/c half my previous comment didn’t show up. Sorry, don’t have time to write it again. These types of bugs can really turn customers off but hopefully you have built enough loyalty at this point that it will be only a minor setback.


Looks great, Emily and team. Congratulations!

Thank you!


I don’t know if someone already mentioned this, but the lightbox pop-up has a typo. It says could win a great “price” when I think you want to say “prize.”


Hi — Blog looks nice — seems easier to read! I look forward to exploring all of the sections!!

(a) Several times, when I was trying to page through in “Shop” “Decor” it wouldn’t let me get past page 1. I could click page 3, I could click forward arrow, and I still got page 1.
(b) Ads are fine & I know you need to make a living & I want you to make a living, but having the kind of ads (like the banner on the bottom) which kind of assault you & you have to click it to get rid of it & see the whole screen is just really annoying. When I go on websites that have these, I honestly get the impression that this is some awful website that might have malware. That said, if it’s the only way you have to present the ads, so be it.
(c) You can win a “price” on the opening post — is odd (?)

Love you & your site —


Hmm – message was cut off. If there is a character limit, might want to show in the box itself, the way twitter does. Or else long-winded people can just get used to it, I guess — ha!


Plus 1 for that bottom page navigation (running Windows 10 on a laptop).

BTW, where is Arlyn? She is not in “Meet the Team”

What a beautiful website! Whenever I have a design question, I usually just go to google and type, “Emily Henderson ‘my design question” and I’m constantly amazed at how much content you have! I can’t wait to explore your website more! Thank you for this labor of love.

We would do the same when we were looking for a specific post! That is why it was so important to us to get this site up and running. So grateful for your kind words and hope you a fun time exploring:)


Same here!

Congratulations team! What a huge amount of work. I love how much you can see just scrolling on the landing page. And–everything is so much easier to read! Font, size, typesetting–all of it so improved!

The only issue on my computer is that the left hand side of the main image is partially cut off. Not sure if a white border/frame is embedded in the code. I’m using chrome with a macbook. Same thing when I checked safari.

I haven’t explored yet, and am excited to.

Congratulations again!


I’m on a Chromebook and am stuck in a loop. I don’t see your logo at the top of the page, only the bottom. And when I hover over that, it says the link is, but when I click it, all I see is this post. I can’t get to any kind of home page!

That is VERY bizarre – we’ll have the IT team look into it!


Ok, I can get to the main page if I specifically click the “blog” link on the bottom. So odd!

Hmmm so sorry you are having issues and we will look into it asap!

Looks great, and will be very useful. One technical note, this post does not show up in my RSS reader (I use Feedly to subscribe to your blog posts).

Hi Lisa, another reader asked the same thing and our tech team is adding it back in! Just give us a little time to get it sorted:)



I love the redesign and no issues at all with the scavenger hunt! Plus, it made my nerdy day!! Really loved seeing the Griffin Park house again. Wonderful job, no wonder you went to HH on Friday!

That means the world to us! Thank you so much<333



What a super-fun launch, with a scavenger hunt too!
I’m excited both for and with you, on this massively energized new website!
As soon as I saw the page loading I just knew that today was the day!
Whoo hoo!
You’ve done it again.
The only, seriously, only thing that is a glitch for me is the gray font, instead of black. It isn’t user-friendly, it’s difficult to read as it doesn’t have enough visual ‘weight’, if you get what I mean. Even enlarged, it’s just not thick enough to make reading ‘comfortable.’
The font itself is pretty, but, dang, it’s smaller than before and it’s lightweoght.
+1 increase in font size AND black instead of gray…..pretty please?!?


Yay! A couple bugs:
1) At the bottom of this post, the PS reads “P.S. Now go and explore the projects page, dive into design 101, and learn some of our styling hacks (and more).”
1a) PROJECTS: your header menu annoyingly reads MAKEOVERS instead of PROJECTS and I think you should be consistent — either call them PROJECTS or MAKEOVERS but don’t switch up the names.
1b) the links for “design 101” and “styling hacks” in that PS are broken
2) When I go to each of the projects, I’m taken to a blank page — there are no posts that appear below the title of the project.

Thanks for the feedback! And now those links should be fixed:) Thanks for letting us know!

Roberta Davis

Yay! Can’t wait to experience all the changes.


Julie P

Congrats guys – what a huge redesign project!

I love love love this site. I’m still hoping that there can be a section for all the awesome Roudups. Like the Lighting Roundup, Wallpaper Roudup etc etc. I’ve been searching the site off and on for fabric resources. And it’s just still not accessible. I’d love to know where Emily suggests we look online to find upholstery fabrics but apparently it’s still buried in small chunks in many posts, so I’ll probably never locate it.

Cynthia Bullard

first-time commenter – regular reader who happens to work in technology so I understand how difficult it is to introduce change. The new layout is amazing! So much easier to find content! Im absolutely in love and want to give you guys an A+.


What a fun and engaging way to launch your new site! Kudos to the whole team! I LOVE this format and see how it will be a fantastic resource going forward!

One critique — it’s not immediately obvious to me why Design Rules and Design 101 are separate categories (and also overlap with Biggest Design Mistakes). I imagine it had to do with the amount of content you have, but I don’t see the distinction. Just my two cents in case there’s a EHD 3.1. 😉

Thanks for taking time to leave a note 🙂


This blog isn’t appearing on my blog aggregator (Feedly). Anyone else experience this?

Hi Jen! We are in the process of turning that feature back on. Sorry for the delay!

Hey Jen, our IT team is working on this, you’re not alone!


Finally mobile-friendly! Yay!



This was seriously so much fun. Props to the team for actually encouraging us to INTERACT with the new site. And all I can say is YES!! I kept saying, “oh that’s so smart! Oh how great to have things organized this way!” And now I’d just like someone to come organize my life like this…

Thank you SO MUCH. This couldn’t make us happier!

This is making us smile REAL hard right now 🙂 Thank you!

Courtney Tait

Congrats on the exciting changes! My two cents: the font and small size of the comments is really hard to read, to the point where I would just skip the comments, whereas I usually really enjoying reading them…hope that’s helpful.

It is helpful! Thank you for the feedback

Note taken!


Congrats on the update!. I TOTALLY agree with this. I’m reading on a laptop and the font is soo tiny that I have to zoom my screen in. 🙂 Excited to explore the rest!


Wonderful! Ama-zing, c’est formidable, Team EHD!
Also, I think scavenger hunts should be quarterly, at the very least. Easter’s around the corner … X, Fei.

Thank you so much! and we will definitely think about it:)

Gah, so happy you enjoyed it


This is so wonderful and so much easier to navigate. A few years ago I remodeled our Seattle condo and relied heavily on your blog. Now we are preparing to do a major renovation of our 1920’s craftsman and I’ve been pinning older content from the site like crazy (including a lot of the Griffith Park house!). I noticed one of the pages from that project is not on the Griffith Park project’s page though (“Griffith Park Client Library and Powder Room Intro”). Just an FYI, I know there will likely be a few things like that you will find over the next few weeks. So excited to comb through the new page and rediscover all the resources that have made me a longtime reader!


Guess there is a character limit that it didn’t notify me of. 🙂 Anyway – just ended that by reiterating how EXCITED I am to comb through and rediscover all the content that has made me a longtime reader of the blog. Best wishes!


Congrats Emily and team!! As a web developer who has been a long-time reader of your site and follower of your Instagram… I am thrilled for you and the team and am celebrating alongside you!

Thank you so much! We really appreciate it:)


Exciting! Does any one else find the font of the comments hard to read? It seems really light colored and narrow. Maybe it’s just my 40+ eyesight!

You are not the only one and we are going to adjust!


Gorgeous! Nice work to the whole team. I noticed, looking back through comments on the Ikea kitchens post, that comments after a certain number of words are getting cut off, with no way to “expand” them. Just a small bug I’m sure you’re already aware of. Congrats on the purdy new site!

We are looking into it! Thank you for the feedback xx


Beautiful! You need a “Home” link (maybe on the site’s logo) between your social media buttons and site links on the little sticky header thingy that appears at the top when you scroll the page. Otherwise there’s no way I can see to get back to the home page via clicking.

Hi Grace! So glad you like the site. You can actually click the logo at the very top of the page and that will redirect you back to the home page. 🙂


I think she might have said this because when you’re scrolled down (like I am now at the bottom of the comments), you can’t see the logo/home button and would have to scroll all the way back to the top of the page or might just not know it was there. Just another note – the text of this post was partially covered up by the ads in the sidebar for me. Love the new site!


Thank you for the stylish scavenger hunt! The years of hard work have paid off, the site redesign is glorious. Well done!

Thank you so so much!!


I love the changes! It’s so nice to be able to easily find makeovers and then binge on them all day. However, I am finding the comment font really difficult to read. And I love reading the comments! It’s almost too skinny and compact for my eyes to make out…anyone else having this problem?


Yeah me too! Really skinny and small, like it hurts my eyes


LOVE the rest of the new comment layout and functionality tho, specifically how it shows your new comment right away-so satisfying!

We are definitely looking into making the font easier to read! You are not the only one:) Thank you for letting us know!


This is great! There’s so much archived here that I had never read or seen. Thanks!

That was our hope! We are so pumped that’s how you feel:)

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