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New Product Lines from My Talented Friends

It’s Friday! So I figured we’d celebrate by promoting my very creative, successful friends (many fellow bloggers) who have recently launched new products. In a perfect world I would dedicate a blog post to each of them, because they deserve it, but the blog calendar is FULL, so I figured one big ‘my friends are amazing look at what they are up to’ post will hopefully suffice. I’m proud of them and exhausted even thinking about the amount of work I know goes into a product line.

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Oh Joy_Joy Cho_2

First up, the queen of product Oh Joy! has a new pet line at Target that is so bright and happy. We talk about getting a dog all the time and then I think, ‘OH SURE! A NEW PUPPY GETTING YOU UP 3 TIMES A NIGHT TO PEE IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO SEND YOU STRAIGHT INTO ONE OF THOSE EXHAUSTION REHAB CENTERS’. (Seriously can anyone check themselves into those?)

But these dog clothes sure are cute!!

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Oh Joy_Target_Pet Line_Collage

Buy them HERE. And then she went and launched a furniture line with Cloth and Co, that is her signature style wrapped up in major pieces of furniture – colorful, graphic, and bold.

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Oh Joy_Target_Furniture Line_2

That settee is my favorite and could look super cute in a playroom or a kid’s room. I also love the color of this bench – it would look so cute in Birdie’s room (except for the fact that we now put the biggest chair in the world in there – which we love).

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 8.05.06 AM

It’s all sold at – check out the full collection HERE, and all of their furniture (I think) is on sale this weekend.

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Designlovefest_1

You’ve probably seen on instagram that Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest, the lady who travels for a living, designed this super cute luggage line. Remember when I did her living room? (Remember the year when I basically only did blogger collabs? HA!)

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Designlovefest_Target_Luggage Line_Collage

There is more than just the bigger pieces, too – with makeup bags and totes as well. Super cute. Lovely job, Bri!!! Buy them HERE!

She also sells super pretty darn cute cell-phone cases –

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Designlovefest_Casetify_Phone Case Line_Collage

Buy them HERE!

Next up is the lady that produces maybe even more different lines than Joy and they all KILL IT in the most jungalicious way. Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow.

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Justina Blakeney_The Jungalow_1

She has rugs and pillows with Loloi, Wallpaper with Hygge and West, and now a line of dope furniture from Salamat.

These are her rugs/pillows:

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Justina Blakeney_The Jungalow_Loloi_Rug Line_1

See them HERE!

And now her furniture and accessories:

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Justina Blakeney_The Jungalow_Selamat Designs_Furiture Line_3

SO CUTE. I’m waiting for the right project to use that amazing peacock chair. See it HERE!

Maxwell Ryan of Apartment Therapy. Now Maxwell has had a sofa collaboration with Interior Define and I have the first iteration of it and vouch 100% for it. It’s AWESOME (he’s modeling it below):

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Maxwell Ryan_Apartment Therapy_Interior Define_Sofa Line_1

Here’s the armchair version:

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Maxwell Ryan_Apartment Therapy_Interior Define_Sofa Line_3

I know that it’s hard to buy a sofa without sitting on it, but I have that sofa above in navy blue and my whole family loves it because it’s so deep and low. If you enjoy sitting super erect then this isn’t for you, but if you are into lounging but still want the look of a english roll arm, this sofa is for you.

And now he has a tufted version that I LOVE.

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Maxwell Ryan_Apartment Therapy_Interior Define_Sofa Line_5

Buy them HERE!

There are very few people I’m more proud of in the world than my good friend Jen of I met her when she was just starting to make cute hair accessories and selling them online. Now she has 40 employees and a company that creates and sells awesome accessories that make you smile even if it’s not your style.

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Ban.do_New Line_1

I could rock that blush purse right now.

I want this light box for Charlie’s room (and may get it).

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Ban.do_New Line_2

Her jewelry is always a bit cheeky but has enough subtlety to it that you don’t have to be a millennial to pull it off (or put it on).

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Ban.do_New Line_3

Every day they create a new product that I don’t know about – like these socks. SO VERY, VERY GOOD. She kills it in the art/creative direction game and no one writes more personally online than she does so I highly suggest you follow her on instagram.

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Ban.do_New Line_5

Shop her collection HERE!

Speaking of getting personal my friend Orlando is back blogging. He has a renewed motivation since a breakup that he writes very openly about, so we all benefit by getting him back online (and he has a new apartment that he is renovating and decorating). We’ll get some of his exclusive content over here, but I wanted to make sure that you guys knew that HE’S BACK!!!

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Orlando_Homepolish_Blog_2

Meanwhile Erin, who I don’t think I’ve officially met, launched her lighting and textile line last year (and I’m sure she has more coming out) and it’s full of classic and timeless pieces.

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Erin Gates_Elements of Style

Erin and I email a lot about mom/blogging/commenters and we are super supportive of each others general lives, despite never having met in person.

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Erin Gates_Elements of Style_Collage_1

America’s favorite blogging couple also launched some new lighting this year. You know, John and Sherry, who threw in the blogging towel, just to fish it back out, cut it up and turn it into a quilt.

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_John and Sherry Petersik_Young House Love

It’s simple, so pretty and really affordable. Also you should listen to their podcast. I was even on it (the one about sponsored posts. It’s #8).

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Young House Love_Collage_1

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Young House Love_Collage_2

So there you go. I have friends who do cool stuff, and you should know about it. I’m proud of you guys. Hopefully it all sells out! Here’s a roundup of my favorite pieces. Have an excellent weekend. I’ll be in hardcore family mode as I leave again on Tuesday for New York (and I have to be in the audience of After The Final Rose on Monday – which is an 8 hour affair … ).

TGIF and get the look!

Emily Henderson_My Friend's Products_Oh Joy_Apartment Therapy_The Jungalow_Designlovefest_Bando_Get the Look

1. Blush Daybed | 2. Pet T-Shirt | 3. Polka Dot Settee | 4. Pet Raincoat | 5. Heart Pet Bed | 6. Kids Chair | 7. Rainbow Pet Toy | 8. Pet Party Hat | 9. Emuna Wall Mirror | 10. Blue Grid Pillow | 11. Desert Fable Pillow | 12. Peacock Chair | 13. Formo Planter | 14. Bette Planter | 15. Lala Coffee Table | 16. Indigo Fable Rug | 17. Pink Spinner Suitcase | 18. Dot Backpack | 19. Cosmetic Bag | 20. Pink Daisies Phone Case | 21. Boardwalk Phone Case | 22. Cacti Phone Case | 23. Tassel | 24. Turquoise Travel Tote | 25. Pink Travel Duffle | 26. Ms Chesterfield with Left Chaise | 27. Maxwell Apartment Sofa | 28. Maxwell Accent Chair | 29. Amigo Circle Bag | 30. Gold Cuff | 31. Comrade Tech Wristlet | 32. Pink Skies Necklace | 33. Light Box | 34. Sidekick Crossbody Circle Bag | 35. Lattice Work It Out Gym Bag | 36. I Did My Best Socks | 37. Modern Wood Table Lamp | 38. Calico Block Throw Pillow | 39. Solid Striped Throw Pillow | 40. Paint Flecks Lumbar Pillow | 41. Modern Brass Tripod Table Lamp | 42. Diamond Embroidery Linen Throw Pillow | 43. Alternating Cotton Throw | 44. 3 Piece Round Basket Set | 45. Paint Flecks Pouf | 46. Brass Glass Wall Sconce | 47. Darling Gourd Table Lamp | 48. Dapper Adjustable Arm Wall Sconce | 49. Farmhouse Pendant | 50. Large Wire Globe Lantern | 51. Chrome Rimmed Glass Pendant | 52. Metal Convertible Pendant | 53. Equilateral Pendant

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5 years ago

That polka dotted settee is so adorable!

5 years ago

Love this! I follow all these lovely people and love every one of their lines. Its so nice to see you all support one another, despite being in the same field.

5 years ago

Oh my goodness. You guys are really stretching the blog content. I’m signing off for awhile. You have so much talent Emily, can’t wait to see it when it seasons for a bit. Maybe you could get someone on staff that is old, quirky and doesn’t have an instagram account. I think that’s what you guys need around there.

5 years ago
Reply to  Mariann

I literally don’t understand your comment. Not every day can be a makeover. I love promoting others. Hopefully you would do the same. xx

Angie RS
5 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Yeah, this comment was so strange to me. Like you’re on a blog which is on the internet, but you don’t like designers that are on social media, and also you want Emily to be older, by aging rapidly or something? I feel like the person who posted this comment enjoys sharing “Ugh, Millennials are the Worst!” articles on Fb, but never on Twitter because that’s just uncouth.

5 years ago
Reply to  Mariann

Um, I second that this comment doesn’t even make sense. I’m not even going to buy anything from this round up because it’s not something I need right now, but I still enjoy reading it. “Stretching” blog content would have been turning this one post into a dozen, like so many others would have. How confident and considerate of a designer like Emily to put the spotlight on other leading ladies and gents for one post!

5 years ago
Reply to  Mariann


5 years ago

I love this so much, it is so fun to see what all of you guys are doing and I am definitely going to have to pick up a few of these items.

5 years ago

The only thing missing from this list is your product line!! When are you going to come out with some products – I know I am not the only one patiently anticipating your own line. It would be a dream come true

5 years ago

Wait, Orlando and his boyfriend broke up?! No!!!!!!

OK, sorry, had to get that out. Other thoughts: A lot of this stuff is great. I love Maxwell’s sofa, but it seems low to me. Is it low? I mean, I tend to like taller furniture even though I’m average height (a high bed is a MUST), but even taking that into consideration, the sofa seems lower than average.

Also, I feel compelled to note that you can get a dog without getting a puppy. There are so many wonderful dogs who are already house trained just waiting to be adopted into a local family. If and when you decide to get a pet, please consider rescuing from a shelter.

5 years ago

I’ve been following Oh Joy for years now and her taste is incredible. We may move to the US in a month (fingers crossed !), and the first things I’ll buy for our rental will probably be her settee. Gorgeous !

Also love Bando, although I have way to many accessories and am more in the process of pairing down than the contrary.

The only one I don’t get is the DesignLoveFest line. I love Bri Emery’s style, but strangely find the colors and patterns hideous. They seem childish, and the colors aren’t working for me. I’ve seen black paired with pale pink everywhere for two years around 2005 in Paris, and I am over it. It feels dated to me, and the opposite of elegant.
Love her phone cases though ! (don’t have the right phone, sadly, but I use her blog’s screen background with great pleasure).

I’m also seconding the idea of an Emily Henderson line ! Maybe a vintage/Californian feel ? And maybe not at Target ? (sorry, it’s a quality thing…)

5 years ago

It is my goal to own that Maxwell couch or chair and ottoman!

5 years ago

love makes the world go ’round. nice post!

5 years ago

F U N post!!
When can we see an Emily Henderson line of ANYTHING?! Snd I mean anything cause I’ll buy anything you design! ❤️

5 years ago
Reply to  Christine

Thank you 🙂

5 years ago

OMG – You didn’t mention that the YoungHouseLove pendant/semi-flush mount was PINK! Gotta have it! If I can just talk my apartment management into installing it for me instead of the “office-style” (NOT good industrial) long fluorescent bulbs in my kitchen!

5 years ago

That polka dotted settee is so adorable!

5 years ago

So cute and adorable. Very talented. Products was fantastic. I’d loved to buy it.

5 years ago

Oh my, you are too cute. Target was so smart and hit the gold mine when they decided to invest in Bloggin Influencers to create new and wonderful products that are affordable.! You and Bri look like sisters, and that line with Oh Joy is as “DOPE” as you say.

5 years ago

Love all of these collabs and bloggers. That peacock chair is amazing!

5 years ago

I love John and Sherry’s podcast. They’re my first venture into the podcast world and now that I’ve binge listened to all of them, I’m having a hard time finding another one I like as well. Their relationship is so fun. The day you were on was a collision of two of my faves 🙂

5 years ago

What a neat post!! I love that I “know” each one of those you mentioned. I’ve been to all their sites and appreciate them all.

I want to check out many of the products. The John & Sherry lighting especially excites me.

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