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The New and Improved Flea ( + My 30 Favorites)

Finally. After 6 months of debating, thinking, hoarding, regretting we are finally back up with the flea. I hired a lovely person to help me manage (Thank you Ariel), and we are officially back. All those beautiful things in that shot, and 50 more, are for sale. We are launching it slowly to help us keep up with inventory and to get y’all to come back every week. We have 300 pieces that we are busy inventorying, measuring, uploading, etc and we are certainly taking requests.


We have been shopping like crazy people (probably because we are crazy). I’m also moving so that doesn’t hurt the inventory. Our new house has way less shelving so over the next few months you’ll see a lot of your favorite things from my house, over here. Meanwhile these 30 (below) are hard to part with.


1. Goldtone Flatware: I bought these for almost that exact same price a couple years ago but Brian thought they were weird so they just sat there staring at me in their curvy late 70’s way. Someone please appreciate these.

2. Midcentury Ceramic Vase: I need another piece of pottery like I need a portrait of a stranger but I can’t stop buying them. We use them in styling projects and then they sit in my cabinets because I don’t have enough place to display them. Grab this guy.

3. Bucket with Handle: I bought this at an estate sale (three of them, actually) and I’m keeping one for myself. Would be beautiful with a plant or as a champagne/ice bucket.

4. Indigo Striped Pillow Cover: I had too much fabric staring at me in the face so we had them made into pillows. All unique, all handwoven from the flea market.

5. Business Man Oil Painting: Let him be the CEO of your library, bathroom or in a collection in your living room.

6. Yellow Footed Glassware: I am so attracted to these because their color is so unbelievably bright and saturated. So amazing on a barcart or in open shelving.

7. Midcentury Teak and Pottery Candlesticks: I have had these for so long and am sad to see them go what with their beautiful bases and perfect ceramic tops.

8. African Mudcloth pillow: Too much fabric, so many pillows to make = your sofa benefit.

9. Raised Eagle Dish: I’ve had this for 6 years. Not sure why now is the time to sell it. It’s not perfect – it’s chipped and old, but I love it so much.


1. Turquoise Ceramic Plate: I bought 6 of these insanely pretty plates at an estate sale (the photos don’t do them justice). Use them as jewelry dishes, candle plates or hostess gifts for someone you actually care about. Trust me, they are so pretty in person.

2. Porcelain Cat Vase: Meow.

3. Desert Landscape: Every time I see this I want to keep it. The colors are so pretty. I know I’ll regret it but I’ll also probably find more art I love in the future so I’m bequeathing it to someone who might actually hang it right now.

4. Tropical Landscape: How rare is this landscape? Such bright colors, in a unique setting.

5. Turquoise & Purple Mohair Blanket: So pretty and soft. If I didn’t live in LA I would hoard all of these.

6. Green Glass Coupes: These photos don’t do them justice. These glasses are so pretty and thin and special. They don’t make them like they used to.

7. Teal & Blue Mohair Blanket: Again with the beautiful mohair color/fabric. So pretty.

8. Abstract Studio Vessel: I had this on my shelf for a long time but I guess it was time to part from it even though  I love it.

9. Pink Floral Pillow Cover: Maybe it was an old shower curtain. I don’t know. I love it so much that I had it turned into pillows.


1. Midcentury Pitcher & Stirrer: It’s so modern and sleek but warm with age and character.

2. Tiny Surfer Big Ocean Painting: Of everything here this is the one thing i’m hesitant to sell (thus the price tag). It’s so simple, graphic yet intricate and detailed. Click on the photo and you’ll see how beautifully its painted. If you are into oceans or surfing then this could be for you.

3. Cornflower Napkin Set: Frayed edged linen isn’t something you can get anywhere, anytime. I love the saturation of these napkins and the simplicity, but with that detailing.

4. Woman in Green Painting: She’s beautiful (and so large). I kept this for years thinking I was going to frame it and give it that perfect home on a wall in my house. But I didn’t for whatever reason, but you should.

5. African Indigo Pillow Cover: I buy fabrics. I now turn them in to pillows. Now you buy pillows. It’s so easy.

6. White Pottery Spanish Jug: The proportions of this piece are awesome and the handmade feel is perfect. Great for a collection or on its own with a big beautiful branch.

7. Soda-Fired Floor Vase: I kept this for years at my house and I do love it, but its too big to hoard without the perfect place. Please benefit from my lack of storage.

8. Yellow Tensor Desk Lamp: The perfect color yellow with the perfect shape and the perfect patina.

9. Midcentury Coffee Service: Be the most popular person on the blog with this tea/coffee service set.


What else are you looking for? Artwork? Textiles? Furniture? Lighting? emily-henderson-the-flea-sneak-peek3

All these things will be available soon. Not sure when, but soon.


The flea is really up for grabs – concept-wise. Weigh in on the comments below. What do you want from the flea? What pieces do you feel like you can’t find? What pieces do you want us to buy and source for you? What pieces do you not want to see? And is weekly/bi-weekly or monthly restocking the best solution? Would you want to do some sort of small paid membership for first access to the new items? How much would that be? $3? Or would a once every three months huge sale work a lot better?

I’ve been super unable to make this decision so please help! Now go get shopping! Everything in the post is up for grabs. So click through HERE.

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It's Darling
7 years ago

Constructive Criticism: Africa is a massive diverse rich continent. Please do a little bit of homework to label correctly (and educate your consumers!) on textiles.
The white pillow is bogolanfini (mudcloth) from Mali, the indigo fabric is probably Dogon.

These things take about 5 seconds to googe.

You call Italian pieces Italian and not “European” so please treat the diverse handmade culture of African countries similarly.

7 years ago
Reply to  It's Darling

I’ll second that. Usually, when I see something described as merely “African” I assume that it’s some disrespectful and intentionally ignorant pastiche of various African art traditons made by an outsider or soulless corporation and I scroll on by. Like I did here. Even knowing that Emily likes well-made things of quality doesn’t mean that the person/company she bought an object from isn’t an ignorant outsider.

7 years ago
Reply to  It's Darling

Support x100

7 years ago
Reply to  It's Darling

I agree partially. However, it’s impossible to know everything, and an approximation isn’t necessarily a sign of disrespect. Do you know all Eastern European cultures or Northern European cultures or Asian countries and their cultural artifacts? Even within country borders you can see several styles of artisanship. To say something is Italian could be as vague as saying something is African. Not everyone is interested in every other country. I’m sure you aren’t then why do you expect someone to be interested in what you are interested in?

It's Darling
7 years ago
Reply to  Lane

Do you know that Africa and Europe are continents and Italy is a country?

Sure there are regional specializations, sub categories in each country and movements and eras, but if something is obviously Bauhaus or
Memphis design and you call it “European” then its generally lack
Of Curiosity and kind of lazy. .

I’m only asking that if you can determine a country-specific provenance ( which for the textiles listed is VERY easy considering their recent popularity) then some attention be paid to thes details for the sake of respect to hand made items.

I would say the same if they were listed as “ethnic pillows” and they were obviously Hmong or Guatemalan. But this tends to happen again it’s more frequency with anything from Africa.

7 years ago
Reply to  It's Darling

Constructive criticism? Honestly some people just love having something to complain about.
So what if she doesn’t know exactly where in Africa the pieces are from? Use some context, this is an interiors blog – not a lesson in cultures and textiles of the world.

7 years ago
Reply to  Bek

To call the original commenter’s suggestion merely a reason to complain versus accepting that this can actually be considered constructive criticism is dismissive of the larger point. Categories matter: they are informed by a worldview and imply how one thinks about how the world is organized. Places outside of Europe and North America are often subjected to reductive labels. To appreciate the rich styles and diverse aesthetics that come out of these places is to appreciate that these are not monoliths, and thus shouldn’t be named as such. And, to your second point: of course context matters. I think that an “interiors blog” is exactly where this kind of appreciation can take place. This website showcases the beautiful mixing of tastes and styles that have emerged from diverse parts of the world. I don’t think the original commenter was out of line by making the suggestion that we be more informed about the way in which we label them.

7 years ago
Reply to  P

Wow! I saw this original post last week, read it and quickly moved on figuring that someone got up on the wrong side of the bed and felt like ranting about something. I accidentally ended up here this morning and see that comment turned into more. My 2 cents? As one of the other commenters noted, this is a shopping site connected to a blog belonging to a designer. She primarily shops vintage and she buys for her personal space and the spaces of clients or for photo shoots. I’m in a similar position and I, personally, buy things that aesthetically appeal to me without caring much about what the specific geographic or original history of a piece is UNLESS it has a particularly interesting or unusual story connected to it that can be shared with others. When I buy something from a place like this, Etsy, eBay or a flea market, I could care less about the specific geographic history of it it outside of identifying it in general terms such as Italian glass or pottery, English porcelain, etc. If you aren’t interested in purchasing an item unless you can trace it back to its origin, go to Sotheby’s… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  It's Darling

Girl, you cray! Relax. It’s a pillow.

7 years ago

I always feel that I’m the last to find out about new stuff (crocodile tears) and I’m on your website almost everyday….things are already gone by the time I see them.
Maybe a small paid memb. would be o.k. Or advance notice of a big sale.

Thank you for what you do!

7 years ago

YES! The Flea! So happy that it’s back! I have been clicking through, but the items you detailed don’t look like they’re available yet, or at least I cannot see them. Also cannot see any of the prices that you indicated.

In any case, I think it would be cool to see some lighting, like EHD approved pairs of table lamps, interesting floor lamps, sconces, overhead lighting. It’s always a bit scary to buy vintage lighting online without knowing if it really is special. Also, maybe mirrors? Definitely keep up the art!

I thinking monthly or bi-monthly restocking, and I wouldn’t be opposed to a small paid membership. Keep it up EHD team!

7 years ago
Reply to  Molly

You have to click the “HERE” at the very end of the post. I was confused at first too.

7 years ago
Reply to  denisegk

I tried that earlier, and it wasn’t functioning, but just tried again and it is. Thanks so much Denisegk!

7 years ago
Reply to  Molly

Yes!!!!! I want a early notice flea membership or newsletter too. The vase from last nights instagram is already gone!

7 years ago

I’ll be honest, the prices seem pretty high — but perhaps I’m thinking of the items as “used,” not “vintage and curated.”

7 years ago
Reply to  Erica

I agree, too $$$ for my pricepoint. You’re right about the CURATED part, that’s what’s driving up prices. I enjoy the hunt of finding my own decor and oddities (which does take a lot of time but that’s half the fun for me!).

7 years ago
Reply to  Erica

I definitely agree as well. A quick ebay search of “Brass Cat” lead me to find 4 or 5 figurines identical to the one that was sold on the Flea for $65. But some items are one of a kind and Emily and team did the work to go out and find these pieces so I appreciate that! Sometimes you don’t know you want a brass cat until you see it so curating these finds is very helpful 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  Erica

I am so glad that you said this. It is exactly what I was going to say. Pretty high prices.

7 years ago
Reply to  Alison

I always check out the Flea and the prices never fail to shock me. With the exception of the paintings, I see stuff of this caliber all the time in the vintage section of etsy, for a fraction of the price, without looking hard at all. And etsy sellers are already bumping up prices to compensate for the time and effort they have invested in finding this stuff. Your wonderful blog has earned you many well-deserved devotees, but there is something about the Flea that I don’t really like. If the prices were more in line with etsy, to use that example again, I would not be bothered. As it is, it feels like you are leveraging your vast and adoring audience to drive a market for a lot of stuff they could find somewhere else for less. Plus you want them to pay extra to find out when it’s for sale? I don’t know, but that seems like a bit much… Especially since you can control the demand by increasing the perceived scarcity (selling infrequently, in semi-secrecy, etc.). I do love this blog, but I think the aura around the Flea sort of taints your sweet and lovely brand.… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  io

I’m so pleased I’m not the only person shocked by the prices, especially when some pieces are advertised as damaged. I liked the tribal cushion covers; Etsy have lovely ones at <£20.

7 years ago
Reply to  io

Emily did a post on how she prices items for The Flea, but I couldn’t find it when I did a search. It would be great if she would link to it at the bottom of posts about The Flea. As I recall, she discussed several factors, but admitted that it is somewhat arbitrary and strongly based on how willing she is to part with the piece (which she made reference to in this post). I don’t have any problem with the prices or her method of pricing (your team works hard for it!), but I do think naming the store The Flea is misleading, because it sounds like you should be getting a bargain, when that isn’t necessarily the point. I do, however, think it would be unfair and a super huge turn off if she started charging for first notice and/or access. There would never be anything good left after the first round of buyers and it would force anyone who really cares about it to pay the first look fee, and make everyone else feel second class. An alternative idea could be making The Flea only available to members (at all times). At least then people would… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Emma

P.S. I definitely wouldn’t pay anything to shop at The Flea–at least not in its current form. There’s just not enough inventory and I hate feeling like I’m in a race that I have so little chance of winning. But I’m sure a lot of folks would be into it.

7 years ago
Reply to  Erica

It’s not always about the money….
I have bought two things from Emily’s fleas and I don’t mind overpaying for something that she sells. I know it’s going to a good person, who shares her knowledge everyday and educates me and has a lovely message. I will always support people/causes/places that I want to succeed.

7 years ago

I’m in the beginning stages of a massive downsizing myself so can only look and admire. Making the hard choices on what will go and how do I get rid of it? We’re planning an estate sale when we move out of our three story brick Tudor revival into a one level condo so I keep squirreling the good stuff away for that sale.
It’s going to be a lot of fun for me to watch you design and remodel your future home.

7 years ago

SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. I’m trying to stop myself from adding everything to my cart just because it’s there 🙂 I agree with a few other commenters that I wouldn’t ming a small membership just to be part of an early notice club (maybe even early access?!). But I’m just being greedy, where I live quality vintage is harder to come by!

7 years ago

I was able, FOR THE FIRST TIME, to get in on one of these sales early enough to buy something I wanted! I was thrilled to get the white eagle ceramic bowl that I had admired in photos for the past few years. I collect white ceramics which I display on shelving that sits against a black wall in my dining room and I’m sure this will be a great addition. I also got the man with the mustache planter to sit amongst my black and white striped Jonathan Adler pottery. I blew my decorating budget for the rest of the year on these 2 pieces, but I can’t wait to get them! Thanks for passing on some of your fabulous finds, Emily…the ones I bought are going to a good home!

7 years ago

Beautiful and mostly unique items as usual. But not gonna lie, my first thought scrolling through the items was the immense amounts of damage my little boys could (would) cause with that brass baseball! Ha.

7 years ago

i don’t think there should be a paid membership, maybe just send an email out to everyone who’s signed up for your daily email updates (true EHD fans!) and let them know when new items will be posted.

i’m looking for decorative accents (i bought the tapered candle holders!) that you had on your built-in shelves as well as small furniture.

i agree that the prices are high for anyone who lives outside of NYC or LA but i’m a sucker for anything EHD so the opportunity cost is relative 🙂

7 years ago

My $0.02

Love the portraits, which is something I have trouble finding locally in Ohio.

Also love the brass objects and small sculptures, which are so charming and also things I don’t often find locally.

Glassware and pottery are easily available here, so they’re less compelling for me.

I personally like the idea of restocking monthly, since then I could save my pennies! Going along that line, it would be beneficial to me to know the price range for types of items (it does seem like most of your portraits are around $350, while the vases are $150-180). I realize that some of the price must be fluid to account for how much you spent originally, but having a fixed range would allow people like me with tight decorating budgets to plan how much to save.

As for an early access membership, even if it was only $3 I’d pass. But I wouldn’t be bothered if you put a system like that in place.

7 years ago

Oh man, oh man. I WANT the surfer painting & brass liquid measuring cups SOOOO bad, but someone snaked them before I had a chance!

When are you releasing more stuff next week? I need to know so I can wake up early and come check it out. Actually is there somewhere where I could sign up to receive emails when new items are posted?

Am I the only person who would want to get updates when there’s new stuff?

7 years ago

It’s all cool stuff, but I can find a lot of these types of items on Etsy at comparable and even lower price points. I truly appreciate that these are curated by a designer (who I love) because the afore mentioned site requires a lot of sifting through miscellany to get to the gems. Not everyone has an eye for this, so there’s added value in having a designer hand pick items. That said, it feels a little thin and the prices do seem slightly higher than I’d expect from something called the flea. You could include pieces from small, local makers who might get lost on a larger commerce site, pieces from companies helping low income communities become more independent (I know this is a cause you believe in), and generally a higher volume of those quirky, special vintage pieces that you already sell. A little more information on the source of a piece, when available, would be great. And you might consider occasionally featuring a vignette collection, where you show a group of pieces arranged for an EHD-approved shelf/mantle/etc., and it’s all for sale. You might also consider donating a portion of the profits to a group of… Read more »

Hannah Rose
7 years ago
Reply to  April

I agree with everything in this comment!

7 years ago

Email notification when new items arrive pretty please!! That would be awesome

7 years ago

Beautiful stuff for sure, probably will forever be out of my price range but will always follow you :))

7 years ago

These are gorgeous pieces- love them all!! I would love to see more art- especially seascapes and portraits!

7 years ago

Great job, Emily and Ariel! Your curation is totally worth the price point. It would be silly to have the service only to give the stuff away after all the early mornings sweating through people’s stuff, shlepping, sorting, stowing, organizing, taking shots, maintaining the site, shipping stuff out. I get it. It’s a LOT of work. There is NOTHING that makes a home more home that unique treasures throughout. Would you consider rugs? I have purchased three vintage rugs in the past few years and I’ve been very happy with all of them (after having each professionally cleaned, of course). Rugs are such a chore yet really make a room. If stuff sells out faster than you can humanly keep up with, yes, definitely charge an admittance fee. Why not? You’re a business and a brand and people are willing to pay you for your good taste.

7 years ago

What? No pink?!

7 years ago

I love this idea! I like the idea of going to a flea market, but I often get so overwhelmed by the junk, the smell and the loudness. So this, sitting here in my office looking at your beautifully curated stuff is so so much more fun. I would love to see things styled (as you did above) and then how you would use them. How does the purchasing of it work? I would love advance of a big sale instead of things more often.

7 years ago

I don’t mind that the prices are a bit inflated. Sure, we could all find things on eBay/etsy or at a thrift store in town for less, but what we are paying for is the EHD team’s eye/cachet, and I would expect that to have a cost associated. I run a store, too, and I know the work going in to photographing, shipping, etc. so that doesn’t bother me. I do think that having a paid membership seems wonky, though. While I know that there is high demand for these things (and dang I wanted that surfer painting), having some folks with paid early access seems money grubby to me. I would do notifications for people who are email subscriber lists, etc. so you get some value from signing up. But even a small paid amount seems uncomfortable to me, perhaps because I just figure everyone who would want to buy something would pay it – so I would be no better off trying to snag something before it sells out. As for merchandise – I think that paintings, brass, pottery is all on brand. I could see rugs as a way to go (though may not be worth the… Read more »

7 years ago

I agree — would love to see some kilim rugs! I would also appreciate items that ship fairly easily; I bet most of us are cautious to buy glassware, ceramics, large furniture (etc.) online. As for the price point, it’s higher than I would pay for most of the items — but as long as the demand is there, get it, girl. It sounds like a lot of thought and effort goes into this, you should ask for what you need in order to make a worthwhile profit.

As another commenter suggested, perhaps think about rebranding it? “Flea” sets expectations of flea market prices, which these definitely are not! The items are in great condition and well curated, kind of the opposite of a flea. (Now I’ve written “flea” to many times and am questioning myself if it’s a real word… does that ever happen to anyone else?!) Thanks as always for inviting feedback!

7 years ago
Reply to  Juanita

Always happens to me! Even with my own name if I think of it over and over again. 😛

7 years ago

I have been thinking about something you listed for sale in the One Kings Lane Sale years ago… The painting of the woman in the hat! I had it in my shopping cart but my husband talked me out of it because we were buying a new house at the time and had so many other things to buy, but I’ve never forgotten her! Any chance you could email me if you decide to sell it?

7 years ago

As someone who lives in a big city with good vintage and who frequents a lot of estate sales, I love The Flea for inspiration! I haven’t purchased from The Flea before and it’s unlikely I will in the future, but I love browsing it for ideas about what to look for on my next estate sale trip.

Totally disagree with the commenters who think the prices are too high. You’re selling your curation, your eye, your brand, etc. so it’s totally fair to price them at this level.

All in all I think The Flea is a great extension of the vintage side of your brand. It helps balance out the big-box features you do (e.g. Target-related promotion).

7 years ago

I’m looking for paintings more than anything. Particularly landscapes, abstracts, and still life. Not interested in portraits personally.

Also, small ceramics, and anything that is mint-green colored. But that’s just me.

7 years ago

Hello? Flea market? Pillow cover for 145$ I would not name that a flea market…that is a rip-off!

7 years ago

Yes. Yes. Yes.
To it all! I would totally pay for early access. $20 or less for that would b a no brainer.

I like it best when I recognize items previously styled. I fallow in detail so I usually recognize everything.

I think it’d be great also (while I know it’s all mix and match able) to have items broken down into the styles in the book. I’m 70s! So of course I’d love those, but mostly because I’m always worried if I’m going too far on my own.

Thank you Emily!

Kristin Thoma
7 years ago

Milk Glass!!! And old books.

7 years ago

You have done a wonderful job of creating a brand and company that appeals to multiple levels of socio-economic status (talking like the approachable girlfriend down the street, styling like the design professional you are). Your Target partnership has pulled in a lot of people on small budgets, while your true design work requires much higher cost points. As a reader who falls much closer to a Target budget, I love being able to see and learn design/styling principles that I can apply. That being said, I don’t mind a higher price curated collection of vintage finds. The Flea is always a great source of inspiration for me when I go thrifting or to a flea market. What can feel startling is that as a budget reader, The Flea is a reminder of the actual amount of money that you make/exchange/spend in the business and what you believe is reasonable prices for vintage. It can take away from the “I’m just like you” conversational tone. Charging for a pre-sale subscription alert widens that gap even further. Your company and brand are yours to develop – if The Flea keeps you in the high end design world you truly belong to,… Read more »

ali new
7 years ago

I agree, way over priced…nothing i can’t live without and probably could find something similiar if i wanted the “look” at a lower price point.

7 years ago

hello, all those things which you have introduced in this flea is simply good.Those candle stands and vases are finest one among them.But i have a small suggestion, why don’t you include Indian arts and Indian styles in any of your home decor ?

Aarif Khan
7 years ago

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Ankita Sharma
7 years ago

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7 years ago

your collections and favorites are really awesome.