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New Chairish pieces for sale

Well folks, its another round of selling my vintage wares on Chairish. vintage selling. Why? Because I like to hoard things, then ‘foster’ them for a while and then, you know, get new shiny toys. So, I use their app which makes it really easy to sell (see this post where I describe how to use the app and if you are reading on a phone then download the app here) Today I have a few things that for one reason or another aren’t working in my house or for clients and if I keep them in storage they’ll get destroyed. So y’all are in luck. Click HERE to go straight to the sale or keep reading for my super compelling descriptions.



Leather Club chair

Vintage 1970’s Caramel Leather Club Chair. I love this guy and it’s pretty hard for me to give it up. If you want to see it in action check out this video. It’s big and ‘dude’ without being too ‘bachelor pad’. The leather is worn and pretty and at times a little dry but could probably just use a good oiling – kinda like me.

Hollywood Regency Sofa

Vintage Hollywood Regency Bespoke Sofa. We call this sofa the ‘Captain American’ sofa for obvious reasons. I bought it at the flea market because the lines are just so wonderful, but then an awful thing happened. I was re-upholstering things CRAZY fast for The Fig House – where I had to decide the fabric/finishes for like 13 pieces of furniture at the same time. All of them turned out great except this guy. I saw it when they were all delivered and I was like, “Woah … did I do that?” and I checked my notes to the upholsterer and sure enough, I intentionally and yet totally accidentally made that sofa look like that. Whoops. Luckily we didn’t need it in The Fig House anyway so I used it in my circus inspired sip and see last weekend and now it’s up for sale. The lines are amazing, but yes, it needs re-upholstering (at least of the blue fabric which is sunbrella – don’t ask). In fact Jayson Home and Garden just sold this EXACT sofa for $9, 995.00, re-upholstered in a beautiful navy silk:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.00.31 AM



See? That lady has CRAZY potential. It should cost you about $800 – $1200 to reupholster with around 18 yards of fabric. So it’s still an investment but way less than 10K. And make an offer. Who knows I might even take less for it.

Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs

Set of 6 Midcentury Chairs. These beauties are AWESOME and I love them very much. They were in a client’s home but they realized that they needed 8 chairs for when guests come over, not 6 and since these are vintage we couldn’t just buy 2 more. So now they are up for sale. They have been upholstered and refinished and are just beautiful and comfortable in person.

Brass Shelving Unit

Vintage Brass Etagerie Shelving Unit. These photos don’t really do it justice because what is so great about this is the angular lines of the brass. It’s not squared off, but instead at an angle and half of it is matte/brushed brass and half is shiny. It’s missing a shelf, but I actually used that shelf to put a taller lamp and a piece of art. Make me an offer, folks.

Barbarella Game Art Piece

Barbarella Pin-Up Game Art Piece. I love this piece VERY, VERY, VERY much, but I just can’t seem to make it work in my house. I bought it for a man-cave I was designing but the owner of the space has a young daughter so he didn’t want to display it there. It’s an amazing 1960’s bachelor party pin up game – a pin the boob on the barbie, kinda thing. It’s framed in a great black frame. Click on the link to see it closer up, because this chick is a beauty.

Check out all the pieces and purchase here at My Collections Page

Meanwhile you can win $200 site credit to shop Chairish. Enter your email to enter, HERE. Sweeps starts on May 8 and ends on 5/23.


Emily's Favorites

Here are some of my other favorite picks right now on Chairish. There is a lot of good stuff y’all. And while a lot of these are higher-end remember that you can sell with the app basically anything that is quality and used (or even something new that you can’t return). It has to get approved by their curators to make sure that the site isn’t filled with vintage ikea Lack tables, but generally if it’s good quality and interesting they’ll approve it.  Get the app here, and if you are on your mobile reading this then click here.

Buy away or start making some offers ….


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