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New artwork collaboration with Jen Gotch and OpenSky

You might know my friend Jen Gotch from this post, or this post, or this post but mainly because she is a former stylist who helped me transition styling into LA and now is the founder and Creative director of Ban-do.

She’s also just one of my favorite people in the world. 

But i don’t require my friends to just be funny and cool and smart, NO, i insist that they also take really beautiful polaroid pictures. Jen has been selling them on her site for a while, but i knew that she had hundreds, nay, thousands of polaroids that i wanted to get my grubby little hands on. So i went through them (whilst brunching) and picked out 10 that are my favorite and thus the collaboration begins.  

Some are girly and pretty and sweet and some are weird and mischievous.  Like me.  

Here are the details:  They are printed on 12×12″ high quality photo paper, the actual image is 11.5″ with 1/2″ border around it. They are $85 unframed and exclusive to opensky.  Here are the ten photos:

A Horse of Course

We’ll Cross that Bridge

Life’s a Beach

 Vintage Flowers

Let’s Bake, Cupcake



Lucky 13

Meet your Maker



So here’s how i’ve used them so far:

These two go perfectly above my barcart. They are all, ‘hey lady, its 6am on friday morning but i’m sure its 5pm somewhere’.  Chevron up top and Lucky 13 on the bottom.  I love these two together.  

Meanwhile i used a bunch of them while styling and shooting the Venice loft we finished decorating this week:

Oh hey instagram.  I wish that lampshade wasn’t so white and big. It didn’t look weird in the space, but its bugging me in the photo becasue i just wants to sees the pretty photograph. That one is ‘Life’s a Beach.’

Here’s an actual photo by Bethany Naurte of the vignette.  Wallpaper by Kremelife, in a custom color.  The color is true to this photograph, not the instagram above it that looks all serious and less colorful.  

That photo is ‘Life’s a Beach.

Then i used these two photos, ‘A Horse of Course’ on the left and ‘We’ll Cross that Bridge‘ on the right.  

I’m obsessed with that horse and bought one for me as well. The golden gate bridge photo is so quiet and the perfect gift for someone who has nostalgia for SF or just lives there and loves it. 

This was the guestroom with Vintage Flowers, and yes, i love that Shirley Fintz lamp by West Elm. 

I love them all. I’m getting my little brother the ‘Static‘ because he thinks its ‘cool’ and he’s right.  

The framing situation is extremely easy.  Ikea sells these frames (all above) for 19.99. They are called ‘Ribba’, link HERE.  They look totally high end and gallery and fit perfectly in these frames.  You don’t need to buy a mat or anything. 

So for under $100 you can get a beautiful photo in a great frame (frame NOT included) curated by moi, shot by Jen Gotch.  I truly love them all so much and i’m having to stop myself from having a huge grid of them on my wall, looking like the truly obsessed Jen Gotch fan that i am.  

Link to collection HERE.


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