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New art wall with weird strangers that stare at me and i like it.

Because i can’t help myself.  This is my new little nook that i’ll never use, but i stare at it whilst on the sofa (which faces that direction – ish) and it makes me happy.  But i think i want to reframe some of them so they look fresher and less ‘thrift store’.  

I need to buy more ‘new’ things.  Sometimes i look around my place and while i love everything, i never really ‘designed’ it because i can’t afford to, so everything is vintage and has age and mama needs some new and beautiful things to balance it out.  Know what i’m saying?

i’m in the process of finding and buying a dope camera so i can start taking my own pics of everything – but good ones.  The iphone isn’t really doing it for me. 

Brian hates that lady thats in the middle….what are your thoughts?


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