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My week in Instagrams

This week started out in Vegas, where me and my baby got smashed on absinthe and ecstasy … except opposite. I didn’t even consider doing anything except take a bath, read in bed, get room service, and watch The Killing. It was kinda awesome. Monday I spoke at The World Market Center, a design trade show held two times a year, which was totally fun.

That is a terribly undramatic picture of me kinda speaking in front of 200 people.

blogger vegas

Then I went and watched these girls speak at the conference about how to go from “Blogger to Business.” It’s always lovely to see Crystal, Ashelina, Cassie and Dallas for 10 minutes a year at this event. 🙂

Mainly I’m just showing you this picture to show off the fact that I have pulled together one outfit that I like. ONE. You better like it, because as of now I’ll be wearing it every day for the next four months (shirt is from TopShop, bow tie from Ban-do, jeans are not maternity but they are on their last stretchy thread, and shoes are vintage).

The Fig House

Then I came back to LA and checked in on The Fig House project where the huge glass doors and panels have been installed.  Where the wood is on the walls (the piece that looks like it’s covering the light) is going to be these HUGE stained glass panels that we designed with the amazing artists at Judson Studios.

It looks a little something like this:

stained glass pattern

Except without the extremely goofy girl in front of it and a lot more color. I’ve never been so excited before about a design element in a space. I now want to have stained glass EVERYWHERE and as we are house hunting I’m thinking … I could put a stained glass skylight there, I could remove that panel and put a stained glass window there …

I mean, look at these colors:

stained glass sheets

I’m doing a video documenting the whole process, from the design, to choosing the colors, to breaking the glass, welding the “came, ” and installing it all. I’ve been so impressed watching these guys at Judson Studios work their expertise in such an artistic way.

Then I had to work out. Obvs.

pregnant fitness

Ugh. Not sure why I’d volunteer that photo to the public interwebs. We shot a fitness video for the pregnancy documentary series. That’s me and my friend Jenny (who is an awesome fitness expert) with Victoria from She Shoots, He Scores, a great small production company with the most clever name ever (get it? She shoots and he does the music … ). Not the most flattering photo of me, but frankly the whole series isn’t about how flattering pregnancy is. Because it just isn’t. Trust me.

We’ve been house-hunting a TON all week and making offers like it’s the apocalypse, but as many of you might know there is quite a mini-bubble these days and bidding wars are driving prices up because us and 90 million other people are trying to buy a house right now. So while I’m not picky at all (my parameters are that the layout can’t be terrible and I’m not paying for a flip — aka someone else’s bad taste who has JUST redesigned it, ) we are still unable to successfully outbid these stupid investors that are paying all cash. I love America and all the free big business and right to do anything that it allows, but it is a bummer that investment groups are buying every house just to fix them up TERRIBLY and drive the prices up.

I’m giving myself ’til seven months to find a house and if not then we will stay in this rental ’til after the baby is born and yes, I’ll design the nursery here. The limbo isn’t annoying yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be.

Have an excellent weekend, friends. I’ll be staring at my stomach waiting for every kick that Charlie/Oliver/Starke decides to grace me. At 20 weeks I thought for sure I’d feel more, but it’s just little movements here and there. I’m just begging to be kicked. 🙂


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