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My Recent Vintage Haul…And A Few Peeks Around The House

One of my favorite things about Portland is all the vintage stores. There are a lot and they are GOOOD. They aren’t crazy cheap or anything but just well-curated. So when I’m missing Lake Arrowhead or realize I haven’t left my house in 5 days, I pop over to one of the antique malls and remember that despite feeling like we live in the country we have a whole city of cool stuff 13 minutes away. So today I have some recent vintage finds for the house…

Antique Victorian Lampshades

As you can see we are finally pulling together Elliot’s room. I found these shades at the antique mall and fell hard for them. I bought the red/pink one first and then kept thinking about the green one. I originally wanted to swag one over the craft table in the corner but when I showed it to her she was like, “let’s do both over the bed!!” Then I showed her the green one and she squealed and I’m such a sucker for that squeal. They will be oversized, but how cute are they???

Back to the shades…then we thought maybe doing both in the corner, like so 🙂 I need to get them rewired and a long chain added then I’ll figure out where they can go.

Pink Sweatshirt | Pink Sweatpants

By the way, our kids are LIVING in these velour/micro-fleece matching tops/bottoms. They aren’t PJs but totally could be. They come home from school and put them on like cozy house clothes. They are just extremely soft and cozy (Sweatshirt and Sweatpants – both $12. Charlie has the camo version).

Vintage Mirror

This floral mirror I thought would be so cute painted. It’s fine as-is but feels like a good opportunity to make it brighter (and much easier to paint than a dresser – I’m slowly trying to convince us that if we have enough color in other places we don’t need to tackle a major paint job). She wants to paint the roses a bright white and the leaves green, but I think the whole thing in one poppy color will pop off the wallpaper better.

Hot Pink Quilt Topper

I bought that quilt topper on Etsy as it’s the only quilt that she loved (most pinks are more muted and mauvey or more “baby” as she says, but this hot pink is awesome). So I’ll likely pick a backing fabric and sew it together (or drop it off to get sewn). Pretty darn cute.

While shopping with her we found these two pieces of art that we both LOVED. The dog is a needlepoint and the little floral guy is an oil painting.

I’m not sure where they are going to go yet (and pretty sure the rose is supposed to go vertical. They were both pretty affordable (under $20).

The Family Room Seascape Wall

I’m currently still trying to make the wall color + sofa color work in the family room and I found these paintings that are doing the trick. I’m not totally convinced that the color will stay, still, but I’m going to keep collecting these moodier night seascapes (I call them moonscapes), and then once I have 7-10 of them hang them all and see if that does it for me. All three of these were from local vintage shops (the large one was a steal IMO at $270).

A Weird Planter

Lastly, how awesome is this planter???? She’s big, too (probably 2′ tall). I want to put a larger tree in it but I love it against the tile and have a big plan for the corner of this room by the windows (not where it is now). It’s arts and crafts, handmade, and was $100 which is a good deal for its size. I’ll have to put a liner in it of course. Also, I’ve been collecting awesome plants and I don’t know what this is but it’s so sculptural and cool. Look at me keeping it alive!!

That’s it for now but expect more. Infusing the vintage into the house has been giving me bursts of happiness. The challenge for me is always to keep it looking elevated and not like a thrift store, but I think through the color palettes and buying nice quality vintage it’s working. xx

If you are curious, here are all of the room sources:

Birdie’s Room:
Carpet: Dorsey by Stark Carpet in steel
Windows: Vintage, original
Window Treatment: Decorview
Wallpaper: Shumacher Baudin Butterfly
Trim Color: Extra White SW 7006 by Sherwin-Williams
Closet Door Color: Upward SW 6239 by Sherwin-Williams
Outlet Covers: Rejuvenation

Family Room:

Sectional: Rejuvenation
Wall Color:
Ponder SW 7079 by Sherwin-Williams

Outlet Covers: Rejuvenation


Tile: Pratt + Larson
Wall Color: Extra White SW 7006 by Sherwin-Williams
Flooring: Oregon White Oak by Zena Forest Products
Outlet Covers: Rejuvenation

*Photos by Kaitlin Green


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71 thoughts on “My Recent Vintage Haul…And A Few Peeks Around The House

  1. Yaaay!!! Love it when you get to the styling with vintage stage!!!
    💗 💗 💗
    Those seascapes are super-great!

    Pre-loved has immensely more character, vibe and design difference than new stuff.
    It’s tge point of difference tgat mskes a room, home or property as a whole.👍
    It’s entirely win-win-win!

    I’ve been scouring adeceased estate at the end of my street after the family took almosteverything, but I was given access to rake any ‘leftovers’ (coz I knew the lady) … and I got the cutest, small 1930s desk, with two drawers and awesome dovetailing. The top needs some TLC, but cute little brass keyholes, etc. Petfect for my guest room. 😁
    Also, some excellent pottery vessels from the early 1900s, truckloads of plants (I dug up and carted down the street in my trusty wheelbarrow🤣), and nicknacks…took me 3 days and I’m covered in bruises, but wellworth it.
    I feel like I’m a custodian and really pleased to have saved so much from tge salvage crew and, ultimately, the plants from landfill.
    I slso organised the Zoo to come snd cut as much as possible from tge big ol’ garden as feedfor the animals. Fun fact – elephants love Mulberry trees, wood and all!🐘

    1. Hi Rusty!
      This is a great comment, love the mental image of you with your wheelbarrow getting the great finds! I love a vintage desk. That’s really cool that the elephants benefit from the estate, too.

      1. Thanks!😊
        Tree Kangaroos, Gibbons, all sorts of animals do.
        Certainly worth all the liason!
        I actually have a Mirror plant (Caprosma) in my garden that I’d rem9ve, but I leave it purely for the Tree Kangaroo and a couple of times a year, the Zoo Horticulture Team comes and hacks it back.

        1. Sadly, by the end of next week, the entire property will be sand and dust – a near perfect Art Deco home.😓

          1. NO! Oh, that is so sad. There aren’t enough of that kind of home outside some very specific locations in New England and western Europe to begin with, and now there will be one fewer. I’m sad for your neighborhood and all who live in it that got joy from seeing a cool, uncommon house.

    2. Emily, that plant might be a Monarch Fern, even thpu8gh it doesn’t look “ferny”.

  2. Love the Victorian lampshades! And I think the seascapes will work in the family room! Where did you end up putting the vintage blue Swedish hutch?

  3. I agree with Birdie about the flower mirror. I think it would loose it’s character if you paint it all one colour. Maybe try her suggestion first and then if that doesn’t work paint the whole thing like you want?

    1. Came to say the same! Painting it all one color (IMO, of course) will take the uniqueness away from it and make it look like any random, mass-produced mirror. Painting the flowers and leaves different colors will bring it back to life and keep it cute and kitschy 🙂

    2. I’m sure Emily and the people she spends the most time with all moved on some time ago so it feels “different” for Emily…but MUCH of the rest of the US is still in the trend of sculptural mirrors and picture frames being painted all one color – usually something super bright or a glossy black. I see it all the time in the smaller chains of home stores, restaurants, coffee/tea shops, those fake “boutiques” that are run by a local but owned by a corp. Commercial spaces that are redecorating or newly opening can afford to jump on the latest trend, but then they stay there For-ev-errrr. I think something so prominent would give off the wrong association for Birdie’s room. (Also, it’s so surprising that she wants to reel it in on the mirror, maybe she is trying to see if she would like a hit of her mom’s more restrained style?)

    3. Strongly agree! I had to zoom the photo and the leaves on the mirror could so beautifully match the leaves on the wallpaper. The ivory tint of the roses is very close to the color of one of the birds in the wallpaper too, so maybe just some whiter highlights on the roses?

  4. I really applaud you for letting your daughter shape her own room. It must be very hard for a designer to step back and let a family member take the helm. (Is that a nativity scene on your daughter’s dresser?)

  5. I love our house plants. Little word of advice. Buy your fertilizer from Mandi at You won’t regret it.

    1. her plant food has totally changed the life of all of my plants!!!! and she is a small business, so i feel good supporting her!

  6. Vintage all the way! But as soon as I saw that mirror I had flashbacks of similar decor pieces growing up and having to dust them on a weekly basis. Total nightmare. Same with the shades. But maybe it will be easier to vacuum them every couple of weeks with a handheld vacuum attachment!

      1. Does PNW have earthquakes too?! As someone who doesn’t live anywhere near earthquakes, that was one thing I thought it was nice they were leaving behind in California, lol.

        1. We are overdue for “the big one” which would be an earthquake from a fault line running from Nor cal up through Canada on the Pacific coast. there are some pretty doomsday-ish articles about it but I am crossing my fingers it never happens, while still constantly staying prepped. Earthquake drills and awareness are a hallmark of growing up in the PNW!

        2. Hi Denise, yes, we do have earthquakes in the PNW, our last big one in Seattle was in 2001, it was 6.8. The whole west coast up to Alaska, down to Chile, is on the Pacific Rim of Fire which circles around the Pacific Ocean to the far east including Japan. So hanging things needs to be done carefully and heavy things that can tip over should be secured. 🙂

  7. I love all these finds! So fun! Very excited for Birdie room, you are gathering so many great elements.

  8. Holy cow, your daughter’s room is the happiest room on earth! What a joyful place to grow up! Those lampshades – I would have never thought of that. Oh, all this vintage is really making the house come together. Wonderful!

  9. Such great vintage finds! I love those lampshades and can’t wait to see the entire room!!
    Also, as a quilter, I think you will be surprised at how many hours it would take for you to quilt the quilt top–even if you do it on a sewing machine. I recommend taking the quilt top to a professional longarmer to have it quilted. It’s a beautiful quilt top and would look SO great if done right. You could even get Elliot to help with choosing thread color and which quilted design (pantograph) she likes.

    1. She did one in an older post when they were just settled into that rental home and she was starting to shop for *this* home. She was sort of documenting stores she found, plus the comments from readers who live up there was absolutely chock full of more stores. No idea on the title though! It was maybe a year to 15 months ago?

    2. I would love this round up! I have been looking for vintage seascapes in Portland to no avail, but I don’t have a good idea of my options for where to look.

  10. Love this post & everything you bought. Especially love how involved Elliot is in decisions about her room.

  11. oooooh! i love all of these! the pieces for birdies room are so so sweet. that mirror! eek! those lampshades! double eek! the art in there are adorable. also, the chair she’s standing on + that birdseye maple wavy front dresser are soo sooooooo good. i love.
    i like that you’re trying to work with your living room wall color and i absolutely LOVE how those vintage moonscapes look in there with that sofa.
    the planter is AMAZING. very cool find.
    these vintage find posts are my favorite.

  12. Love it all …and hope you paint the ceiling a lovely soft sky blue to look up and see the SKY!

  13. Ooh, for her bed I’ve seen super cute rectangular tie on headboard cushions that look very cute on that style bed and make a much more comfortable head board to lean against. Would be an easy DIY and offer a great way to inject more color and pattern! From a Fung Shui standpoint, gaps in a head board aren’t great so works on many levels.

  14. You can get a swag kit that comes with wiring, chain, and hooks from Amazon for under $15. That’s we did for three of these lanterns I bought in Mexico.

  15. Love all of this! It’s amazing how refreshing popping into a vintage shop l can be so refreshing. Thank you for always sharing your treasure hunt finds!

  16. I just wanted to say I love everything about this post! All of this is so happy and fun, and I’m super excited to see Birdie’s room coming together with her ideas and inputs. These pieces are all great, especially the Victorian lampshades and the moonscapes / seascapes.

  17. OH MY GOSH BIRDIE’S ROOM! Is it weird that it’s a perfect room for me, a 44 year old adult?? So cute. Off to hunt for victorian lampshades…

  18. I agree w Birdie.. it is her room… and she can paint it! If you do 2 similar tints her errors will show less, back can be tape masked,and her pride will be endless..( If she is a perfectionist, good opportunity to work on that) and it can always be sprayed later.

  19. quilting the bedspread will also be a lesson, YOU CAN DO IT! ( you can also cheat ,find a solid color quilt sew together and edge.w/. pom moms or fringe???!!!

  20. Love both lampshades (but maybe especially the green). Not sure how well those little pictures show up on that beautiful wallpaper, but I’m sure it will all come together

  21. For consideration: Instead of displaying a ‘vintage-find’ needlepoint of a random dog…why not display real-life photos of your family’s own two adorable dogs for Elliott to enjoy? They are so darling and so precious!
    To me this decorative but heavy touch looks more like a random guest room in a B&B Inn…rather than something that would bring instant smiles and delight to your daughter and to everyone. Your dogs are your family members and they are waaaay too cute. What better way to infuse her room with joy-?!

    1. im just here to say yes, and. I love personalize pet pics. I have nearly bought several at estate sales just because of the love I feel coming through them. But I also love vintage dog (and horse) art. Doesn’t have to feel B&B if the mix is right…. I have framed illustrations from Diana Thorne (collector pieces) and modern dog art form paper cut artist Jad Fair, hanging together. I can imagine the right needlepoint coming in some day.

    2. If Emily goes this route, I highly recommend I commissioned an oil painting of our cats for my daughter, then found a vintage frame at an estate sale and it looks amazing. The oil painting is beautiful. She works from your photographs and has a variety of sizes. She also provided a digital copy of the original painting for me. You can see more of her work at

    1. So I visited Stella Quilting on Facebook: Em, this is legit. I am picturing the gorgeous top for Birdie’s bed with Stella’s gorgeous finishing now. Looks like a really great small business option.

  22. Looking forward to seeing what spot you find for your vintage Irish Setter painting. I don’t think I’ve spotted it in the house yet, it’s one of my favorites!

    1. Awwww, that Irish Setter picture is my absolute favorite of Emily’s art. Where is it?

  23. Or. a pink ceiling! Yay! We did one and has turned in to be the favorite room in the house…and yes, it is a sweet girl’s bedroom!

  24. That planter is ace!! And I REALLY like the idea of your moonscapes filling the color on that wall. That’s something I would absolutely do: try to bring in the vibe with a picture rather than coating the whole room…more flexible that way? Such lovey moonscapes too…

  25. OMG that butterfly wallpaper!😍 and love the moody seascapes. Will be working on that look for my cottage here at my cottage in the (OG) Portland (Maine!).

  26. Hi Emily – I am a quilter and I have a long armer that does a fantastic job – you can check her site for how this works. You can mail the front and a back to her and Kaitlyn will help you select a great overall quilt stitching pattern! Here is the site –

    Have fun!

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