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by Emily Henderson

It’s show and tell time because why buy something new if you can’t tell hundreds of thousands of people about it? I recently went to both Spain and Oregon and while their cultures are wildly different, I can certainly navigate shopping both of them with ease and speed. Maybe even grace.

First off that wood vase in the above photo was a pretty solid purchase, what with that skinny little neck – I love it so much. That bad boy is from Oregon and wasn’t cheap for a thrift store ($22) but I’m keeping it, so don’t go rushing to The Flea to find that sucker. It’s mine. Also please note the book that it is so comfortably resting on. It’s called Styled written by ME, Emily Henderson. You can buy it here on pre-sale (which would mean the world to me). It’s a FANTASTIC, THRILLING, ROLLICKING, RIVETING READ that I poured 2 years into. More on that next week (with lots of sneek peaks inside the book). Hell, more on that over the next 3 months. By holiday time I will somehow have manipulated you into buying it for your blind, 3rd cousin by marriage because it’s a very great gift. And a great paperweight. And looks fabulous just sitting there on your coffee table, minding it’s own business. It might save your life in case of an emergency or even save your marriage. You can read it to your children to sleep or use it as fuel at your annual bonfire. You need it, for it’s magic is endless. Again, purchasable link is here.


All the above I purchased in Spain at the flea market – which was half cell-phone-case-bonanza and half decent-old-world-antiques. Those two frames are solid brass (or bronze, not sure) which are so simple and so pretty. The hair combs were my first purchase, mostly because I hadn’t bought anything vintage yet and was DESPERATE to bring home something old. The letter opener and magnifying glass are “maybe I’ll keep, maybe I’ll sell’s.” That painting is a keeper unless I go broke some day, then I’ll sell it for a lot because it’s beautiful and it’s from Spain, so therefore it’s kinda priceless to me.


The Oregon coast represented it’s inner 70’s hippie well, what with these two wall macrame hangings. You don’t want to know how much I bought them for (soooooo little). But just know they were a score, and that I love them and that they will be on sale on The Flea very soon.

Pillows (from left to right): Nickey Kehoe | Rebecca Atwood | Target (available mid-September) | Jillian Rene Decor | Custom by me, but stay tuned as I am making a bunch for the flea (out of brushed denim and super soft).


Oh that dude? Slightly racially ambiguous Abe Lincoln? Yah, he was probably something I DIDN’T need to try to get back in my suitcase from Oregon but I did, with my 26 siblings just staring at me outwardly saying, “ooh, fun, we trust you” and inwardly thinking “that girl? She is the one that people trust?” And he wasn’t cheap, by the way, which is why he is going to be not cheap on The Flea. He’s a really old, handcarved, puppet. Perfect for your US president inspired den, bachelor pad or if you are fancy, your kids room.

Pillow: Jillian Rene Decor


Lastly,  while in Europe one must buy vintage leather driving gloves with some sort of crazy soft animal fur inside. Not sure what I’m going to do with these. They are just pretty and I have a hoarding problem. And then there is a new hat. I clearly have a thing for hats and picked this one (and 2 more) up whilst in Spain. My hats have become controversial, well, not exactly controversial, just a lot of people are over them and don’t think they look good on me. For those of you who agree with Kate the commenter who said, “Enough with the hat. It is not as cute or fashionable as you seem to think it is. You mainly look like you didn’t wash your hair and want to hide it. If that’s the case, please, just rock a top knot like the rest of us.” I would like to say YES, Kate, you are correct – I often don’t want to style my freshly washed hair, and hats are a great cover up for that, which can usually fool people into thinking that you are pulled together when maybe you don’t have time to do said hair (a side effect of having a non-sleeping toddler, a full time job, and being 32 weeks pregnant).

And besides. I will not just rock a top-knot. Have you seen my roots these days? They ain’t pretty. Plus I like how these particular hats look, and I can pull them over my ears when I want to ignore, say, people who make comments about my hats. This hat is strangely good for $54, which I should have just bought here but I dragged back from Spain because I’m insane. But maybe the hats are just going to my brain and infecting my decision making. Either way I WILL NOT BE STOPPED FROM WEARING HATS. Although knowing me I’ll look back on this pregnancy and just die laughing so hard at what I thought I was “pulling off”…Listen, we all just do our best and keep moving forward, right?

Anyway, that’s what I bought in Spain and Oregon. In case you are like “what’s up with the blog these days? Where are all the original design posts?” The answer is that the last two weeks in August are notoriously non-internet weeks, as so many people are out of the office, so I have all these really juicy/meaty design posts that would fly under the radar if I posted them now. It’s like having a big sit-down dinner party with 10 courses but only having 4 of the 30 people show up. Sure, I’m still doing passed apps and maybe a cheese station but the real tasting menu starts next week and goes through all of September/October. So stay tuned (WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MY BRAIN?).

Meanwhile I’ll be just sitting here, wearing my hats over my clean (I promise) hair, googling ‘Toddler Sleep Regression’. Again.

*Photos by Jessica Isaac for EHD. testtest

  1. Stop being so charming and adorable and hilarious all at once. I haven’t even had my morning coffee yet (or washed my hair and yes i’m at work) so i’m starting to feel inferior 😉

  2. Screw Kate, do you.

  3. Just wanted to give you some encouragement on the toddler sleep regression. I am totally a sleep nazi with my toddler and sticking to his sleep schedule/routine is crucial to me. However vacation and illness are sure to undo any hard work you have done and there is really not much you can do about it. I have also found that every few months my son goes through a bit of a rebellion period. My advice is just to continue to enforce to your previous routine and schedule from before your trip and he will eventually relearn your expectations. Good luck and hang in there!

  4. I’m really confused as to why Kate the Commenter had to be so mean. Like, do you really care that much that Emily wears ADORABLE hats? Do your bills somehow go unpaid when she forgoes a trite top knot to rock a hat? I don’t understand…

    My mom has macrame hangings just like those all over her house. It’s only now that I’m older that I understand how much of my taste is really not my taste– it came from growing up in a house with my mother, who loves bright colors and plants and copper and brass everything and macrame and woven seagrass rugs on the walls. Plus really ornate antique chairs and weird kitschy figurines. I don’t know who I am.

  5. as someone who recently broke my 20-year online taboo of no personal appearance remarks because lady gaga’s hairdresser made your hair look like bagel-crumb-filled payot on a 94 year old hasidic rabbi, i urge you not to take that hat commenter’s remarks seriously. seriously, you look pretty all the time and some people, with me at the top of the list, really should stfu.

  6. you are completely adorable in your hats and you have inspired me to start wearing more of my hats.

  7. Done. Book ordered.

  8. HILARIOUS!! Isn’t it amazing what some people feel entitled to say/write? You go, gurl! Especially with the hats! Hell, I even bought one, (I’ve been a hat fan for years) but mine is seriously rock & roll ’cause it’s a black, felt fedora and I LOVE it. Know what else? I just turned 50!! HA! So Kate, stick that in your pipe and smoke it…… 🙂

  9. No one likes Kate. We like you. Therefore, do what you want with your hats.

    Also, love the black vase next to Abe. Very spooky and modern/victorian looking, and kind of timely considering all the Halloween items are going for sale everywhere now (*makes disgusted face- why must retail be so seasonal!?*)

    1. You know, I’m gonna stick up for Kate. Maybe she was having a bad day. Maybe she thought it sounded funny, but the funny didn’t translate. Maybe (fill in your own reason to choose compassion rather than outrage, indignation or snark).

      Emily has created a place where people feel free to express an opinion. That’s good. And if someone expresses an opinion, even if that expression is closer to rude than to tactful, that’s no call for everyone else to pile on. Because, as we can see above, it’s a fast jump to “screw you,” which makes this blog less nice.

      1. YES YES YES. This x 1,000,000,000

      2. I’ll stick up for Kate as well, as I don’t think she wanted to be rude. Also suporting Emily. I think her hats look good.

  10. Pfft to Kate. A hat and cute booties make a dress look like a Planned Outfit, instead of “one step above a nightgown and also I haven’t showered today and haven’t washed my hair and oh god SLEEP”, which is a common state for people like us (non-sleeping toddlers, full-time demanding jobs, etc – there are more of us than it seems there should be!) A topknot is weekend wear!

    If it helps at all: my 16-month-old recently had the WORST week of nights (like, waking up every 45 minutes, all night, every night), and then started walking AND talking, and promptly started sleeping again. Sometimes these things just… happen. And then pass. And you’ll survive (even if it feels like you might not in the meantime). Hold strong: he’ll get there, and so will you.

  11. Book Pre-order – CHECK!

  12. wow emily, I can’t believe someone actually said that. yikes

  13. That wooden abe lincoln is pretty much the best!


  14. I laughed like ten times during this post, thank you. Of course your book is gold!! I pre-ordered it back in April on Amazon so you can imagine how excited I am.

    Hang in there with the charlie sleep thing I swear it will pass. Its hard when you’re a first time mom because you don’t know if something is normal or wrong or your causing it but all kids go through this and its terrible but it passes… probably just a couple weeks. I would make sure his daytime nap goes no longer than 1 hour.

    1. Last night was actually better, only up once!!!!!!!!!! We tried ‘The Sleep Wave’ from The Happy Sleeper. So far so good but it was only one night 🙂

      1. that’s good to hear…and sometimes it only takes one day.

      2. It is also completely normal for a child’s sleep habits to change. As the brain builds and prunes neurons and synapses in it can cause sleep patterns to change. When a child is going through a growth or developmental spurt, this can cause fitful sleeping. A lot of times a child with great sleep habits will all of a sudden go through nights of waking up. Then you will notice a new ability, like rolling over in young infants or a speech explosion in toddlers. It gets worse around 3. This is when children really develop the ability to retain information which leads to nightmares. Remember that cute little cricket your child saw, well let’s imagine it huge and chasing us through the grocery store past the creepy guy we saw at the park. Fun times!

  15. When I first read that hat comment when it ‘aired’, I felt awful for you, Emily. I had a feeling that it would bother you. And obviously it has. The silly thing is, why do negative comments of people who don’t matter bother us the most???? Keep wearing what you want to wear, and hopefully the negative people will just keep their hateful comments to themselves, where they belong.

    1. HA. it actually didn’t bother me, we all laughed really hard probably because there was so much truth in it. Now, if you say anything bad about my kid you are dead to me. People also love talking about how my body has changed into a “mom body” which annoys me but mostly just reminds me to work out and laugh about whats important – which is not whether or not my ass has remained perky. 🙂

      1. Are you serious? I’m 7 months postpartum and wish I looked like you do right now at 32 weeks!!!! I agree with the person who said people need to just shut their faces. There’s enough stress and strife in this world without crucifying one another for vanity’s sake! Keep rocking the hats and do your thing, girl!

    2. Why take things personally? It’s just a comment that was obviously laughed off by both 🙂

      1. I’m not taking it personally. I was replying to the judgment Emiky is receiving for her “mom body.” Would you ever say that to someone? I can’t imagine! Shut your face equals the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

  16. You rock the hat Emily! I beg you, Keep having fun with them so that I may live vicariously from your photos! My best look in a hat has always been a baseball hat and really? My poor head has always longed for more fabulousness!

  17. You look adorable. Can I ask where the shirt is from (in the glove photo)?

  18. Just preordered the book through Amazon Smile!

    (If you don’t use Amazon Smile, I encourage you to check it out. It works just like Amazon, but you can designate a charity to get a small donation every time you shop. I picked Modest Needs, but there are tons from which you can choose!)

  19. Love you, love the hats, but feeling kinda sorry for Kate…maybe her toddler hasn’t been sleeping and she’s a bit grumpy?

    Just pre-ordered the book and plan to by many for Xmas gifts.

  20. Good for you! Don’t listen to the haters, the hats look great! I was trying to decide on a sun hat the other day and thought “This one looks like something Emily would wear,” so I bought that one and have had so many complements on it! My uncle even teasingly accused me of being a California girl (big stretch in the backwoods of North Ontario!). Can’t wait for the glorious posts in Sept/Oct!

  21. You are adorable, funny, smart and wickedly talented! You can pull off anything you decide to, lady!! Haters gonna hate…..

  22. Such cool finds, Emily! And…I pre-ordered your book eons ago and can’t wait!!! XO

    1. THANK YOU!!!!!

  23. How do you carry hats home from Europe? Putting them in a suitcase would squash them, right? Maybe each of you wore one home.

    1. Oh you you what I did which is look like a freak because you wear two hats on the plane. I had one on my head and then the one in the post I hung on my back by its cord thing which was VERY annoying as it kept choking me. My best friend bought like 4 hats there and she bought a hat box like a proper person from the 1950’s. On the plane they both got kinda smashed but they weren’t terribly fragile so they bounced back.

  24. Pre-Ordered & purchased! Sooo happy and excited that its almost here-can’t wait. And, you look amazing/adorable/fashionable/clean hair/young in hats! You look great in everything. #hatgoals

  25. Hats are awesome and truly under-appreciated. Thank you for your efforts to show their wondrousness to the masses.

    Your hat loving friend.

  26. Love this post. Love your blog. Can’t wait to read your book!!!!

  27. I really like the round shape of this new hat! I remember reading Kate’s comment after she posted it and thinking it was harsh and unnecessary, but also thinking it is a little funny how you wear a hat in EVERY single picture now, even though you are indoors. But I don’t think I said anything, because why should I care? If the hat(s) make you happy, that is all that matters.

    It DOES, however, make me a little uncomfortable that you felt the need to so publically call her out, instead of just ignoring it or responding within the comments section. Now today’s comments are filled with people bashing Kate, which isn’t any better than what she did.

    1. Well said! I understand how the original comment was offensive and that free speech goes both ways, but mob mentality bashing definitely makes me uncomfortable.

      1. I really had to think about this….I think you make a fair point….
        But I also think you reap what you sow…f there’s some fear of getting treated as you treat others on the Internet, comments may be more civil.

    2. I feel you, but I also think that since the comment was essentially anonymous no one is going to be sending Kate mean emails or finding personal info, etc. Yeah, people are totally saying rude things right back – but this isn’t Kate’s space. Plus does Emily have to just sit there and pretend people aren’t shitty sometimes? I’m sure Kate is a fine person, people just get so gross on the internet. When that’s not called out I think it gets worse.

      And that mob mentality is on us I think…Emily took a rude comment and showed how it was rude with humor and honestly, with Kate’s own words. I thought her commentary had more to do with giving us a glimpse of her own life and laughing about the situation versus saying, “This person was mean – burn her down!”

      1. Um seriously, when did sticking up for yourself become harsh? Should we just walk away quietly from a bully? bullies need to be kept in check and held accountable for their words.
        And emily was nice about it…but that’s why we all love her.
        Btw, emily had nothing to do with all our comments about kate. And I guarantee kate has read all of these and hopefully learned a little about herself today.

    3. My thoughts exactly.

      1. That is, what Emma said. And Teresa. And, later in the comments, Laura.

  28. I pre-ordered your book MONTHS ago as soon as I found out I could! My new kid-friendly coffee table is coming in soon, and there will be a spot waiting for the book 🙂

    1. THANK YOU!!!!!

  29. First of all, buy the book, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Dr. Mark Weissbluth. It has saved our (sleeping) lives. I promise you will learn SO much from it and wonder why the info isn’t part of health care!! Secondly, screw mean people. You are awesome.

  30. Eeep… Our hand-stitched pillow is in such great company! Thanks for the love, Emily!

  31. Emily….I hate hats, probably because I look terrible in them so it might be more hat envy………..BUT you look so darn adorable in your hats, I love your hats and how you look in them. Add in a cutie toddler (with an occasional hubby/dad) and your week day blog makes the start of my work days so much nicer.

  32. Such a fun post! I’m headed to Portland today for the first time. Any great must see store recommendations? Thank you!

  33. I think people who hate on hats are just jealous that they don’t feel like they can pull them off. I am super jelly of your unabashed hat-wearing-ness b/c I think my husband would make fun of me if I wore any of the ones you’ve shown us, despite the fact that I love them all! I can’t imagine posting such a rude comment on a blog that I LOVE criticizing a person (who granted I’ve never met) who I LOOVVEEE.

  34. Book ordered! Also, I like the hats on you. Part of your charm is that you aren’t afraid to be quirky, so ignore everyone about everything and just keep doing your thing.

  35. Two things: I’m obsessed with hats but have the hardest time finding ones that look good on my head. Love the round shape of this one and the colors. Have you seen this one- it’s adorable and I love the coral fabric around the base (there’s one with blue, too, that might be more your speed): http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/35239532.jsp#/

    also- love all the pillows. We just bought a white slipcoverable couch from crate and barrel and think these would add just the right beachy-ish feel without going full beach-house. (which there is nothing wrong with and maybe I should just embrace.)

    1. That hat is really cute! Thanks for the link! 🙂

  36. I agree with the other pro-hat commenters. The hats are cute on you, and if you like them then you should keep on wearing them. Also, I think I may have to order your book as a early birthday present to myself. Looking forward to the upcoming design posts!

  37. HA! You just keeping doin’ you and wear those hats! People who comment on blogs are all crazy anyway.

  38. You are adorable and if I looked that good in a vintage hat I would TOTALLY wear one all the time.

    Your style is awesome, don’t let anyone get you down!!! 🙂

  39. Oh. my. goodness. I love your flip-out regarding hats. I will not just rock a top knot. I WILL NOT BE STOPPED FROM WEARING HATS. Keep rockin’ those hats. And Kate….blah, blah, blah. Haters be haters! Stay classy and cool, Em!

  40. Haha, Kate got schooled. Take note, mean-spirited internet trolls.

    Great post!

  41. Oh, that Abe puppet comment is too funny..I would’ve definitely brought him home too!
    And, what a weird & rude comment from that person about your wearing hats..I think you look really good in them & the hats are cute & stylish. Don’t listen to that person or the others.

  42. I love your hats!! You look adorable in them. I feel like they’ve become part of your signature “look” and you should wear what makes you feel good 🙂

  43. Hi Emily: I just read this reassuring post about sleep issues for kids. Thought you might like to take a look! Good luck – this, too, shall pass!


  44. I really like you wearing the different hats. They’re quirky. Keep on if the feeling strikes you.

    On another topic, I recall in a past post you mentioned that you styled your living room differently with no blue. When can we see? Can you give us a hint in the meantime?

  45. I think in a year you will look back at your “hat phase” and agree with Kate. 🙂

  46. Whether you like the hat or not, Emily, what I find totally admirable is that you make an effort. I’m just a couple of weeks ahead of you and now wear my husbands underwear and cutoff sweats every day. #whotheeffiskateanyway

  47. LOL. This post was hilarious. Love your finds and hope I can visit Spain AND Oregon someday. Jealous.

    Also, I WISH I could pull off hats like you can. Love them. Don’t stop, won’t stop.

    xo, Sarah

  48. I am totally pre-ordering your book! My birthday is tomorrow and I think it would be the perfect gift to myself! Also, I just cannot believe the nerve of some people posting things on people’s blogs, like what they say, does or should, matter one iota to the person. You look adorable in hats, and even if you didn’t who cares. At any point in one’s life, but especially while you are pregnant, it is important to wear what you feel good in, even if other’s think it looks like crap. Plus, “just rock a top knot like everyone else”? You are not everyone else, you are Emily Henderson. And you didn’t get where you are just by doing what everyone does. You do your own thing, and then people copy you because you’re awesome! (I’m getting strangely fired up about this). Also, not everyone looks good in a top knot. I feel like I have the perfect hair for top knots, but when I try to do them they look like crap. It’s really depressing actually. Anyway, all this to say that you’re awesome!

  49. I love, love, LOVE the hat. Sometimes when people are ahead of trends like you…others don’t understand. I learned that lesson from skinny jeans. I remember how baffled I was when they first came out, but of course I adapted and now they make up most of my wardrobe. I admire and envy your style confidence.

    1. yes, i can imagine trend setting is like swimming up stream!

  50. ok i’m totally glad you said that, because i wasn’t going to say anything but i have been thinking whats up with the blog lately haha.

    i pre ordered your book 🙂

    btw, you might want to consider making your ‘post comment’ look more like a button or larger or something, i don’t comment often but when i do i’m always looking for a minute! so very excited for your book to arrive!!!!!

  51. Pre-ordered the book a few weeks ago, and I cannot WAIT to get it in my hot little hands! Very exciting to see it sitting there on your shelf! 🙂

  52. Oh wow!! What a hilarious lunchtime find. I best keep an eye out for pitchforks outside my office window.

    Yeah, I was probably too bitchy with that comment, but in my head, it was more lighthearted than it clearly came out. How easily we forget about tone and the internets. Sorry about that Emily, as I said in my post, I do think you’re cute and adorable, and I can’t wait to hear how you feel about the hats in a year.

    1. Oh TOO FUNNY. I wondered that and just posted a comment suggesting that. I should have scrolled through everything first I guess.

    2. Sounds like you’re taking it with the right sense of humor. Cool.

    3. Hi Kate! So, when it originally aired, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and choose to interpret the comment as you just described : ). I also experienced the mention of it in the blog today as lighthearted playfulness on Emily’s part. Understood people’s urge to be supportive of Emily’s fondness for the art of ‘hat wearing’ as well. And, I cringed just a wee bit when some of those comments leaned in a less ‘fun’ direction. But after reading ALL the comments (as I routinely do here), it seems to me that it’s quite a nice bunch of Emily Henderson lovin’ folk who make up this particular community of design lovers… (I am sooo hoping I don’t come off as some kind of a ‘perspective know-it-all’ in my comment just now..?) And to you Emily -I looove you in all your hats (of course, I practice the art/am always wearing one too -indoors or out…) and can hardly wait to own your book!!!

      1. PS. I was sharing my frustration/complaining to my Mom once about something my then 13 year old was doing and she said (in all sincerity) “Well, at least he’s sleeping through the night.” -which I found comforting at the time… (?)

  53. Dear Emily,
    Why on earth would you do that to, “Kate”. You have to know that internet followers are sycophantic by nature. You wrote a charming piece about your fondness for wearing hats, in the face of some contrary opions; had you left it at that it would have been a great example of healthy self-esteem and goodwill, but sadly you passive-aggressively threw this woman to the wolves. I really hope that “Kate” is a composite and not a real person. If that was a direct quote, man ‘o man, I will be out of your hair, washed or not.

  54. Can I add to the sleep ideas?
    This site helped me a ton- and patience!

  55. Hatters gonna hat.

    I loved this post:) And can’t wait for your book! xo

    1. Katers gonna Kate.

  56. Nice finds, love this wooden dude on the piano and I want to read your book!

  57. Huh. I’m having feelings about calling out Kate as a way to endorse the hat wearing.

    This is a blog where readers are asked for feedback. It’s also a blog where Emily often writes in a funny/sarcastic/self-deprecating/quirky way.

    Kate did the same thing re: the hats. She provided her opinion in a pithy way. Could it be read to be overly rude and less funny? Absolutely. Did she mean it to be said in that “girl, don’t even try it” kind of way we often talk with our friends? Who knows. Would I have done it? No, but I am having feelings about even casually “shaming” her in this post.

    Maybe today’s post was written in a lighthearted Taylor Swift “Shake it off” kind of way, but the commenters are rallying with the negative talk about Kate – something that doesn’t elevate the conversation.

    Just my $0.02. Here’s hoping I’m not included in a future post where other people can call me “mean” and tell me to “stfu”.

    1. Replying to myself here with a suggestion. Grace Bonney from designsponge does a good job (from my perspective) of addressing commenters head-on (and apparently via email).

      If you want to respond to comments you find out of line, by all means do so. My suggestion is to approach them head on by engaging the person directly, a la Grace style.

  58. Emily:
    Bravo for ignoring the cyber bullies and rocking your own style!

  59. Oh…the book plug was funny! Looking forward to hearing more about the contents.

  60. Hi Emily, always love your posts, which are for the most part humorous and light-hearted as well as insightful. Forget the verbal diarrhoea on the hat story which by the way I think you look great in, I’m more concerned about the comment about ‘a blind 3rd cousin’ which is very un PC and wondering if you couldn’t have come up with a different type of ‘funny’. I love your blog but I do think your personal challenge is not to slag people off and make politically incorrect comments which insult and offend people…maybe it’s the American way but it’s a bit stinky this side of the channel.

    1. Implying that slagging people off and making politically incorrect comments that insult and offend people is just the American way probably smells a little off on their side of the channel. Also, I can’t say that what she said really is politically incorrect. The joke lies in the the absolute truth that blind people cannot see and thus would have no use for her book. She is not insinuating anything insulting or offensive.

    2. Hi Sharon—

      Thanks for sharing your opinion about the blind person comment. Personally I’m kind of with Jacquie in that I’m not sure that it really qualifies as un-PC, but that’s not important. In Emily’s defense, I’m someone who spends a lot of time thinking about political correctness (as a supporter) and our culture’s recent interest in it, and yet I could easily see myself making a comment like that without the slightest inkling that it might be perceived as offensive. There’s a lot to keep track of in terms of political correctness these days, if you’re trying not to hurt anyone (like Emily). I think the self-monitoring radar of most people, me included, is probably on high alert for racism and homophobia and other such prejudices that imply a history of really horrible aggressive oppression (that still exists). Our awareness of other groups like the physically disabled, who are certainly marginalized but for whom there isn’t really the same overwhelming oppression to overcome, can come in second. Not trying to make a statement about whether this is good or bad—just saying that it’s totally understandable, and not something to hold against Emily….or for that matter, against all Americans, as Jacquie pointed out.

      1. Almost forgot to cap off my comment by saying: I too approve of the headwear. In that photo above, Emily, you are brimming with cuteness. Hip hip beret for hats!

        I’ll see myself out.

  61. ooh, you brave girl. no amount of euros could get me to put my hands in old gloves. love the letter opener/ magnifier. I think they need to be on the flea. 🙂 ps, love the hats.

  62. Kate is a big meanie.

    I couldn’t pull off the hats (I buy hats and then never wear them), but I think you totally can rock the muumuu & bowler hat look! Keep at it 🙂

    I’m still hoping the high-waist-wide-leg jeans post will still happen? I liked the skinny jean one, but the “classic Emily” look with the jeans is what I wanna recreate in my closet! I need those pants! 😀

  63. I’m torn. I remember reading Kate’s post and cringing. It seemed really mean and unnecessary – what happened to “if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all”? Emily wasn’t asking for advise, after all, just rocking a cute look that she is very lucky to be able to pull off. This blog isn’t SOMI ( I am sad that SOMI even exists). But the equally, even escalated, mean comments about Kate also make me cringe. Let’s all just take a deep breath and start begging for more cute toddler pics. Pics taken while he is in bed sleeping is what I am hoping for! Love to all.

  64. Emily I wanted to share this quote from Jesse Kamm, fashion designed….just did a copy and paste from the NYT

    Wear a hat (if it feels right).

    “I wear a hat for many reasons. One, I am lazy and do not like to comb my hair. Two, they look good on my head. Three, I live in California, and am trying to stave off the leather-bag-face look as long as possible. That said, I don’t think hats are for everyone. If they feel goofy on you, trust your instinct and take it off immediately. Use that tip in any and all fashion moments of question.”

  65. I’m a new resident to CA and I have noticed a lot of people wear hats of all kinds. So you rock the hat because it looks awesome what does Kate know?

  66. I noticed your book immediately and cannot wait until it comes out just in time for my birthday!
    I have never pre-ordered anything in my life, so your book gets the honors.
    As for hats, I think the world, as in people’s heads,need more of them!
    Keep up the great work!

  67. Your book was the first thing on my birthday list. Can’t. Wait. And keep rocking the hats… If I looked half as good in a hat, my hair would never see the light of day.

  68. I totally don’t get why so many of you are harshing on Emily for calling Kate out. First of all, none of us have access to Kate’s real information. We don’t know Kate. Kate is pretty dang anonymous. So if Kate reads this, she might be a bit embarrassed but it doesn’t affect anything in her real life. She’ll log off and get on with her day and maybe think twice about writing snide comments (or not). Emily is within her rights to mention it, and I think she did so in a pretty lighthearted way. And I hardly think commenters here are bullying Kate now… they’re cheering on Emily for calling her out, but no one has made a really damaging comment about Kate. Because no one here knows her. Whereas Emily is a public persona and far more likely to feel hurt by a needlessly sucky criticism, because it is actually being directed at her as a person. Kate — not the same thing.

    And for the record, hats are A+.

    1. I agree. Kate put a not so nice comment on a hugely popular blogger’s very public comment section. I firmly believe that people that make nasty comments on the internet would never say the same thing to someone in real life. I also think that while a few comments defending Emily were a little mean, most of them were more directed at Emily to keep being herself. I truly despise online bullies and anonymous nastiness and Emily handled it in a funny, classy way.

  69. Emily, you look adorable in hats and I too share your hat obsession! I have a Carmen Miranda hat that I try to rock at any costume party, regardless of the theme. It’s part of my many hats collection, including my beach hats and bright red winter wool riding cap. Keep rocking your own style and wearing what makes you feel good!

  70. First, I’m super excited about your book! Huzzah and hooray, a book is major and to be celebrated for the time and sweat that must have gone into it. Second, if I was in charge of the internets, I would decree that all comment sections be eliminated from the world. I understand the point is to open up a dialog with readers, but I’m so tired of the endless river of snark on comment threads. I feel like comments are crappy enough to make really great bloggers quit (YHL ?) and are sometimes rotten enough to make you lose faith in humanity. At the very least, I often walk away from my fave blogs thinking, wow people are real turds in the comments. And all of this discourse is usually just boring and nonproductive. Yes, yes, I know I could simply never read another comment thread, but wouldn’t it be nice if the Internet was just a friendlier place? It’s design and adorable toddlers and fun hats, can’t we just keep it light?

  71. Please keep wearing the hats – they’re wonderful 🙂

  72. I just wanted to say I appreciate that you don’t delete the “imperfect comments” others make. Sometimes comments on blogs are so generic and it seems as if people only comment to link to their own blog. It makes your blog real and more relatable to see a variety of comments.

  73. I have a one year old who has only begun to sleep through night I can’t imagine doing this all over again in a few months! Thank God for retail therapy.

    Analog House

  74. Such fun finds. I like that you share. 🙂

    Somehow I missed the news you had a book coming out?? But guess what, I preordered it earlier today whilst ordering another book! How fun is that? But, of course, I now have to wait. And that is not fun. Please don’t give too much away in previews. I want it to be a big juicy surprise!!

  75. Hats forever! Love a good hat. I’ll break my favourite out this weekend in your honour 😀

  76. D-R-A-M-A! at Emily’s blog today. Hilarious.

    You look amazing, but you know that. Also, I love hats.

    1. I love a good day of blog DRAMA every now and then!

  77. I too love hats. you keep rocking the hats and cranky top knot lady needs to take a chill pill.

  78. Nice photos 🙂
    BLOG M&M FASHION BITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  79. May I just say that you are the nicest funniest person in the entire world? I never quite understood the need some people have to be negative or mean towards someone with no apparent reason, and you just showed how to reply to this type of negativity with such humor, grace and elegance that blows my mind and brightens my day!
    Congrats for having the best personality ever!!!!! (And keep wearing hats and even fanny packs if you want, you’ll make them look stylish no matter what)

  80. Nice Collections

  81. Personal style is just that, personal. And, that painting is my favorite find!

  82. Interesting that Kate thought “like the rest of us” would be an effective way to persuade you. Your bio literally says “let’s get weird” (not that hats make you look weird). Fitting in and being cookie cutter is not what this blog is about! Good for you for standing up for yourself, and I love your Spanish hat. 😉

  83. I LOVE the painting you bought in Spain! Seriously envious of it! Please show us where you use it in your decor. And love your fashion posts. To heck with any naysayer!

  84. Poor Kate…

  85. Love the hats. Keep wearing them…. or don’t. Do you woman!! 😉

  86. Emily, my favorite thing about you is you do what YOU like, come heck or high water!!! Keep it up, and keep wearing your hats. You are an inspiration on so many levels! P.S. Can’t wait to get my hands on your book . . . . .

  87. Emily — DON’T ENGAGE! It’s so obvious that this hat comment burned you bad and kept you up at night and that you talked about it with everyone you know and went on justifying yourself and so on and so forth, and that it was STILL burning so you had to take vengeance and publicly defend yourself / passively attack the commenter in order to put that fire out. Just don’t! It’s like when celebrities talk bad about their exes. Gotta rise above or you look just as yucky as the one you’re calling out.

    And that’s not to say that I think what Kate said was wrong. Or right, for that matter. It’s just an opinion! Emily has thousands of strong opinions about sofas and rugs and whatever. Opinions that probably induce shame in readers now and then. Is she evil? No! Is she meaning harm? No! Opinions are opinions. Let people have them and keep moving forward.

    1. I have even more respect for Emily because she did respond to the cruelty. And EVEN more respect because she did so in such a graceful and appropriate way….
      I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    2. Well said.

  88. I dont like the hats, but i love you for putting them on your head because you like them!

  89. What kind of branch is that in the black vase next to old Abe there? I haven’t been able to stomach fake florals yet in life but yet I keep collecting vases. They are scattered all over my house looking lonely and barren.

    RELATED – can you do a post on vase fillers???

  90. Check out Goorin Borthers for hats. Very comfy.

    So sorry about the sleep regression. Our toddler is going through one as well. Keep being consistent and keep brownies in the house (for you). Have you tried a sound machine with a light projector? It helps our guy stay laying down and chill out to look at the lights instead of standing and banging on the crib for us to come back in :/

  91. I have no opinion on HatGate. I do think we’re all going to look back at the 2010’s and say, “Oh, that was the time we all wore scarves even though it was hot out.” We’ll all laugh in a wise, knowing way and move on.

    Yay! Pre-ordering now! And thank you for not putting a paper cover on the book! The new trend of simply having a pretty cover without the added slipcover is fantastic. Your book looks so nice near Justina’s book, I can’ t wait to pair them here, too!

  92. I just pre-ordered your book!!!

  93. Please ignore Kate. You look great in the hats, but even if you didn’t (which you totally do) it’s very bad manners to say so. Keep the hats; block Kate.

  94. Rock the hats my friend! The older I get, the less I care about what other people do. My motto is “As long as it doesn’t hurt someone or something, do what you do”. My life is too stressful to worry about another’s hats, clothes, make up etc. We have all made questionable life, fashion, food, tattoo choices so no one should be judging.

  95. holy cow, Kate. Such ugliness!! I always have and always will love hats, and I’m very grateful that you are reminding the top-knotting masses that there are other options for your head. I’m going to have to check out your hat sources — I prefer to try before I buy but the ones I find in stores are all $150+ (and at that price of course I’d wear it every day!!)

  96. Love hats on you! Keep wearing them.

  97. I think you AND your hats are fabulous!

  98. Arrgghh, I just can’t with the macrame. It is not you, it is me. In the 70’s my mom took a macrame class which resulted in a heavily macrame’d home decor which she still has to this day. Strictly in brown, gold, olive and pumpkin I might add – very Brady Bunch. Needless to say I am scarred for life. I pray this is a fleeting fad.

  99. Book ordered. Kate should keep her comments to herself.

  100. You are awesome. Please go on rocking that hat like a BOSS!!

  101. I am such a hat person. I look good in them and so do you.

  102. I ordered the book! ???????

  103. I ordered the book! ?

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